Nail art prompt – Anti Valentines Day – 10th February

Well, I very nearly missed this fortnight’s prompt! I got a bit distracted, and then had to hunt through my stamp collection for something suitable. I’m SURE I had some plates put aside with broken hearts and the like, but I couldn’t find them. Thankfully, I did find the one with the mean candy, and some caution tape, and a sort of broken (shattered?) heart, so that would do!

You can just make out “NOT TONIGHT” and “DON’T CALL ME” on the candy. One on the edge that you can’t see says “JUST FRIENDS”, and another says “GO AWAY”. Hehe.

Of course, I had to find an appropriately named polish. The base is Mode “Kiss and Tell”.

For the stamping, I used Jordana’s plain black and white polishes, and my Born Pretty Store clear stamper. I was quite pleased with how clear the white ended up!

I left the pinkie and thumb blank so I could admire the sparkly polish. It’s like ruby slippers!

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