Nail art prompt – Holiday Movie – 2nd December

I struggled with the prompt for holiday movie, I’ll admit. I just couldn’t think what to do. I didn’t want to do the cheesy Santa or elves movies, or those romantic comedies about families at Christmas (and what would you do for those anyway that was recognisable?).

Then a couple of days ago it occurred to me what I could do… The Nightmare Before Christmas! It’s got a recognisable sort of look to it, and it’ll be different from the usual Christmas themed stuff that had been floating through my head!


So here it is, The Nightmare Before Christmas! Complete with spider web-like snowflake on the pinkie.

I used black Jordana and OPI “Cosmo With a Twist” for the gradient in the background, then painted the big moons with Jordana white and Revlon “Buttercup”. All other details were done with a fine brush and black or white acrylic paint.



And a little extra… I added some glow in the dark top coat just for fun!