Nail art prompt: Fall Foliage – 18th November

Prompt from the Nail Crazies Unite group this week was “Fall Foliage”. I made several attempts at this manicure, as you can see below.

This is my first attempt, and also my first time doing reverse stamping. That’s where you stamp a pattern outline onto the stamper, and then colour it in before stamping it onto your nail. The colour I used was way too dark and didn’t really look like autumn leaves. When I saw how dark the red was, I stamped a different leaf pattern using just the red and that looked a lot better. Base colour is Dragonlore Lacquer “Guten Tag Gold”.

So then I tried the same thing with paler colours on the other hand (same base colour), some rose gold and bronze stamping polishes I had, and what I got was closer to the mark. Unfortunately, I got interrupted by dinner right as I was stamping them, and so by the time I got around to putting top coat on I’d scraped some of the black outline off and they looked too scruffy to photograph and use as my actual submission for this prompt.

Finally I redid the whole thing with a different approach. I put a base coat of yellow on my nails, then used liquid latex to mask off the skin, and painted a red/yellow gradient on using a fan brush. It gives an interesting streaky sort of affect, which I quite like for this mani. I then did the reverse stamping again, but this time with just individual leaves placed separately, and using the rose gold to colour in. (On a side note, I love how the OPI bottle has a similar gradient going on to the nails – I didn’t notice that until I looked at the pictures!)

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