Nail Juice Review: Dragon

Dragon. Dragon. DRAGON.

What is NOT to like about this colour? I’M GOING TO START TALKING ALL IN CAPS BECAUSE I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS. No, I’m not, I’m sorry. How rude of me.


DRAGON (by Nail Juice)

This is Dragon “pure” – as in, there is nothing under that apart from a clear base coat and my nail. Dragon is a multichrome flakie which is designed to be worn over other colours… transforming them!

As you can see here with Dragon over black. Just. Look. At. That.

This flakie is purple and green and blue, and shifts from one to the other as you move your fingers around. (See the following video of Dragon over blue in action.)

Dragon's shifting colours in action. Green to blue to purple. @nailjuice 🐉

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There’s not a lot I can say about this polish that isn’t just instant enthusiastic flailing interspersed with DRAGON at irregular intervals. Um.

All right… actual applying details. (Get a grip, Miriam.) There’s no need to hunt for the flakies, they come out in an even spread and go onto the nail with the brush without the brush immediately wiping them off on the second stroke (brilliant).

This “pure” look was achieved with liquid latex around the skin and liberal use of a makeup sponge to sponge the polish on, because otherwise I would have been there forever doing about five layers to get this far. So it’s not designed to be worn on its own (but did that stop me!?).

This is two coats of Dragon brushed on just using the polish brush over a black base.


Trying to show off the different colours at different angles.

Unfortunately a cell phone pic of Dragon over blue because I got lazy.

And some nail art I did using Dragon.

My friend Kay got Dragon over black with silver stamping…

And I did Dragon over blue with silver stamping…

And I also did some stamping over just Dragon by itself…

At some point there will be a post with more pictures of the one above as I do a review of the stamping plate that was used.