Nail Juice Review: Bird Song

I’ll admit it now, I bought this one largely because of the name. Extra bonus is that I actually like the colour.

Introducing Bird Song by Nail Juice!

I will say now that my camera just didn’t capture the colour quite right. It’s a bit more vibrant than this (for some reason my camera or post processing really struggles to get greens right), but as you can see it’s packed with gold and teal glitters of varying sizes. I didn’t have to go fishing for these, either… they just come right out with the brush!

It took two to three coats to achieve the opacity I wanted, the first coat was a bit streaky but the second coat fixed that right up. Third coat I did just to make sure (and to add another layer of depth to those chunks of glitter because who wouldn’t!).

And I couldn’t just leave it there. That gold glitter was just begging for extra embellishment, so I added some water decals from Born Pretty Store. It gave the whole thing a rather… kiwi feel, don’t you think?