Double stamping

I went over to my friend’s place to show her how to do some stamping. I’d given her a few plates that I had double-ups of, and some of my Jordana polishes that are good for stamping (now that I have the Mundo de Uñas I don’t really need anything else!), and the very first stamper that I ever used. We had a lot of fun, applying liquid latex and playing with different stamps.

Mundo de Unas green and gold over some Sinful Colors polishes:

I thought I’d try double stamping again. I did it a little while ago and the results weren’t that great because the colour that I used for stamping over the top wasn’t opaque enough. This time I thought I’d try the gold (since I knew it was very opaque) over the green.

I also chose a flower that was quite solid, hence the rose. A more delicate design would get lost in the background green stamp.

Sinful Colors “Cinderella” and “Bring it Sheer”:

The base colours were Sinful Colors “Cinderella” and “Bring it Sheer”. I actually ruined the thumb of one finger and found that Revlon “Blue Lagoon” is almost the exact same shade – with the same glitter and everything – as the Sinful Colours “Cinderella”, which my friend had on hand, so I was able to repair it and with the stamping over the top you really can’t tell the difference. I also have that Revlon colour at home… Hehe, oops?  Looks like I need to check my Snupps app before buying new polish!

My friend Yvonne’s first attempt at stamping, which was mostly just trying out all her polishes to see which ones worked best:

My earlier attempt at double stamping. I tried stamping over the pink with white and then with pink again but it didn’t really help:

Feature image (and one last look at the original stamping):