BYS thermal blue tartan

At the start of May my husband and I drove down to Palmerston North (about a 7 hour drive) to attend the Manawatu Scottish Country Dance Club 60th anniversary dance. Fifteen years ago we used to dance at that club, we were on the committee and on the demonstration team, so we decided that we would make the effort to attend. The event itself was great, and I did nails to match.

When we arrived in Palmerston North we met up with my husband’s parents and did a spot of shopping. In KMart I found these BYS polishes that are thermal! I was so happy to see some thermal polishes for $6 each, so I bought the three colours that I had.

That evening, before the dance, I did my mother-in-law’s nails with the pink/purple colour, and stamped it with some floral patterns in white to match her outfit. I did mine in blue with white tartan stamping to match my sash on my dress.

By now a lot of people in the dancing community know that I do nails (I did a tonne of them at the last summer school) so I did have a few queries and some admiration. Mostly I do my nails for myself, but it’s nice too if others notice and comment on them. Especially if they then say “Oh, can you do my nails next time?” to which the answer is pretty much always “Yes!” because I love having more canvases to work on.