Gold lace on red

I picked up this gorgeous OPI red “Underneath the Mistletoe” from the bargain bin in a pharmacy in Downtown Mall, Auckland. I saw it and fell instantly in love with the gorgeous microglitter floating in a stunning red.

OPI “Underneath the Mistletoe”:

I went over to Kay’s place and did her nails (slight side track, but she was quite thrilled with the result so I just have to post it here)…

Kay’s hands. Base is a custom colour I mixed, glitter topper is Mode, and stamps are Mundo de Unas polish:

And I couldn’t resist adding something to mine. I got out the gold Mundo de Uñas nail polish and trawled through my stamping plates. I wanted to find something that wouldn’t cover the whole nail, but also not just something that would sit right in the middle. I finally stumbled upon the following pattern…

My left hand normally turns out a lot better than my right, since I’m right-handed. But this time my left hand turned out all wonky, and the right hand was the one where I got the stamps straight. I think it’s because I just held the stamper with my left hand and lined everything up with my right hand, just pressing down onto the stamper rather than trying to press the stamper onto my nail. If that makes sense.

I liked the colour combination (but then, red and gold right, that’s a no-brainer) and the fact that you can still see plenty of the beautiful OPI red near the tip of the nail.

Last picture! Look at that fluffy accent… makes me think of Christmas: