RIP Anne McCaffrey

While I was sitting at my desk at work, I glanced up at twitter and saw the sad news. Anne McCaffrey has passed away.

Hers was the first book I really¬†enjoyed. My friend gave me a copy of Dragonsdawn¬†and told me that I had to read the first 50 pages. If I didn’t like it after that, then I could put it down. Needless to say, I didn’t stop after 50 pages. I didn’t even stop after the first book. I powered my way through the whole Dragons of Pern series (in approximately chronological order) and then moved onto her other books. I owned a whole pile of them, lovingly covered with clear seal. I still own them, and many more since.

Her stories inspired me to write, and to keep reading even when I’d run out of her books. I haven’t really stopped since.

In 1999 I got Internet for the first time as I went to university, and I instantly found the Anne McCaffrey official website and then the forums and the KTL. I spent many hours there, talking with people and, on occasion, Anne herself. I treasure the book where she names many of her fans from the KTL in the dedications, including me.

I spent years doing Pern roleplay by email, even started up and ran Southern Boll Weyr (some of my friends may remember), before my life took me in different directions (but never far from a book).

The story I’m writing now for NaNoWriMo was started, in its original form, back in those teenage years while I was still discovering the joy and imagination of Anne’s novels. While the story and universe is mine, the credit for getting it started, for sparking my imagination and taking me to worlds beyond this one, lies solely with Anne.

Thank you for the gift you never knew you gave me.

Thank you.

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Negative feedback


A little while ago I purchased a decal for my Mac here. When it finally arrived four weeks later I eagerly opened it. I was initially disappointed in the quality, having been under the impression that it was meant to be quality vinyl. I’ve bought decals online before (from TradeMe) and they have been great quality. Two dragons adorn my snowboard and have survived the mountain several times.

But when I packaged this one, I found it was a paper sticker. Still, it was pretty, and it was just going on my computer after all. So I went about correcting (yes, correcting) the poorly aligned cutting, and stuck it on.

Within hours it was marked. Scratch this down to a bad experience.

I have been carefully looking after the sticker, while creating my own version of it on a vector program called Inkscape so I can get it printed myself at the quality I thought I was getting first.


Seller contacts me: Please place positive feedback on the sale.

You have got to be shitting me.

So I placed feedback. You can read it in their profile linked above. Honest feedback.

They have since emailed me twice asking me to change it. Said they’d send me a better quality one if I changed it to positive.

This just pissed me off more.

They should have sent the one advertised in the FIRST place. How many others have they sent sub-standard cheap decals to and ripped off? People too polite to post negative feedback?

If they send me one more email asking me to change my feedback I am reporting then blocking them.

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Procrastination, old friend

Ok, so I have been procrastinating in a very very big way today.

I had a meeting at 10am which I was quite nervous about, so there was no novel writing going on before that. It lasted nearly two hours, after which I felt very braindead.

However, I have had all afternoon, and I still haven’t done any more of my writing for NaNoWriMo. What have I done?

  • Had lunch
  • Put stickers on the back of my Mac (see image at bottom)
  • Redid the URLs of this blog and my art blog
  • Watered plants
  • Replanted some pot plants
  • Did the dishes
  • Mucked about on DeviantART
  • Mucked about on Facebook
  • Paid the ambulance bill
  • Banking
  • Mucked around on Facebook some more
  • Added the social widget to my blogs
  • Found a new word counter as the other one wasn’t working any more
  • Created the NaNoWriMo page on this blog
  • Posted this

I am expert procrastinator. Hear me roar.

By the way, this post is 164 words long.

Snow White eating the Apple logo

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Things have been moving!

Aaaargh no, things have been moving! But it’s ok, you can come out from under the desk now.

My art blog used to be at, which left my writing blog to use a different address ( I didn’t like this, so I have (successfully apparently, and without deleting anything) changed the addresses a bit.

Now we have:

Writing at

Art at

Doesn’t that make a lot more sense? As I said, you can come out from under the desk now. It’s all ok. There there.

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Please let this be my last blog

I have moved from blog to blog… and as this one is hosted on my own domain, I will say – please let this be my last one!

I have two on this domain, and I’m rather annoyed I didn’t name them better. I will investigate updating the URL of the other one.

Scribblings is exactly that – my scribblings. Sometimes rants, sometimes just random stuff, there may be pictures involved, they may be long, they may be brief. (This is now here at blog)

Blog is my artwork. I am going to try and rename that drawings. Or art. Hmm. (This is now here at art)

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