High School AU (Azi/Ellie)

Azi and Ellie are characters from the Sanctuary Averra RP group.
All other characters are just us playing around.
Words: 136,213 words and counting
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Violence, sex


Ellie: *sneaks into the library and breathes a sigh of relief* *acknowledges the librarian with a shy smile and heads straight for the stacks* *browses for a bit, selects three titles, finds a deserted corner with an old abandoned wooden classroom chair and puts her bag on the floor* *perches the books on the top of her bag and picks up the top one* *starts reading*

Azi: *Sneakily watching the new person in his library from behind a book shelf* *Doesn’t recognize her so wants to make sure she is someone who will treat the books right or someone he is going to have to give a stern talking to*

Ellie: *is completely unaware of being watched, engrossed in her book* *turns the pages with care*

Ellie: *tucks her legs under the chair and leans back, trying to find a comfortable position* *doesn’t look up from book*

Azi: *Looks as if she is treating the books right but moves behind a closer book shelf to continue his observing*

Ellie: *smiles at something in the book and turns another page* *tries tucking her legs up on the chair with her but there’s not enough room, so shuffles to sitting sideways and leans her side against the backrest*

Azi: *Creeps closer until he is directly behind her* *Peeks over her shoulder to see what she is reading and if he approves of it*

Ellie: *is reading ‘Of Time and Stars’ by Arthur C Clarke* *doesn’t notice the person looming over her shoulder*

Azi: *Nods in approval* *Ends up quietly reading over her shoulder*

Ellie: *becomes aware of someone nearby mostly because of the sound of quiet breathing that isn’t hers* *freezes*

Azi: *Patiently waits for her to turn the page* *Wonders what is taking her so long*

Ellie: *is wondering how close the person is and whether she can get away unseen*

Azi: *Is becoming bored with all this waiting* …..Oh you can’t possibly still be on that page can you?

Ellie: *tries not to jump out of her skin* *whirls around and stares* *decides that school kids are definitely scary and intimidating* *and that it is obviously too late to sneak away unseen* Pardon?

Azi: *Gestures to the book she is holding* The page, judging by the pace you’ve been reading you must have finished that page by this point considering the amount of time that has passed since you started it.

Ellie: *wonders if she’s missed a social convention somewhere* You’ve been watching me read?

Azi: *Nods as if it is the most normal thing in the world* Well… watching and reading a little myself.

Ellie: I… *doesn’t know what to say to this* Why?

Azi: *Blinks* Because I like that book.

Ellie: *is definitely missing some sort of social custom here* *closes the book and hands it up to him* You can read it if you like?

Azi: *Shakes his head and offers her a kind smile* No no, I’ve already read that one before, you go ahead and enjoy it dear.

Ellie: *is really confused* *lowers the book to her lap and stares* Um… *picks up the other two books and her bag and hugs them onto her lap* Sorry, I’ll get out of your way.

Azi: *Confused why the nice girl who offered up the book she was suddenly feels the need to leave* You’re not in my way, why would you think that?

Ellie: I thought maybe… since you were here… that this was your chair?

Azi: *Tilts head* No, this one is a bit too uncomfortable for my taste.

Ellie: Ok… *bites her lip and stares at him, thoroughly lost in this conversation*

Azi: *Stares back at her and waits to see if she was going to say anything else*

Ellie: *slowly gets more and more uncomfortable and starts looking for the exits*

Azi: *School bell goes indicating it was time to get to class* *Blinks at the nice book sharing girl and smiles brightly* It seems its time for us to be off. Have a lovely day dear! *Turns and hurries out of the library and off to class*

Ellie: *blinks in utter bewilderment then hurriedly puts the books back before rushing off to class* *she hadn’t even caught his name* *wasn’t sure if she wanted to?*


Azi: *Lunch time the next day* *Sitting off to the side by himself at his usual table* *Engrossed in a book as he absently munches on his packed lunch*

Ellie: *carefully avoids the louder tables and even manages to extract herself from the girl who intercepts her to try and get her to sit at the ‘barbie’ table* *doesn’t want to sit at an empty table because that’s like laying out an open invitation to join her* *which leaves her with…* Hello? *the awkward boy from the library yesterday reading his book*

Azi: *Is pulled out of his book when he thinks he hears someone speak to him* *Blinks and looks up to see the nice girl from the library* *Smiles* Hello dear, can I help you?

Ellie: *indicates the table rather awkwardly with her tray* May I join you? *shows the book she has clutched under the tray* I have my own entertainment…

Azi: *Nods* Be my guest.

Ellie: *shy smile* *slides into the bench opposite* *places the book carefully off to one side* *this time it’s ‘Fountains of Paradise’ also by Arthur C Clarke* *unwraps her lunch in silence*

Azi: *Watches her curiously for a moment before sticking his nose back in his book* *Munches quietly on his PB&J*

Ellie: *sees the boy go back to his book and eats her own lunch with one hand while holding her book in the other*

Azi: *Spends the lunch period silently reading* *Notices that it is almost to return to class and starts packing up to leave* *Pulls out a small piece of chocolate that he was going to save for later out of his lunch box before putting it away* *Places it on the nice girls tray and then gets up to leave* Thank you for your company dear, enjoy the rest of your day. *Smiles and heads to class*

Ellie: *looks up when the chocolate is placed on her tray and stares after the boy as he goes to leave* Thank you! *small smile* You too.


Ellie: *wonders how long it will take the ‘popular’ crowd to realise she isn’t interested* *retreats into the library before school the next day* *heads towards the same rickety chair she had found last time*

Azi: *Pokes his head out from between the bookshelves when he sees that the nice girl is back*

Ellie: *this time notices and recognises the blond messy curls and offers up a shy smile* *whispers* Thank you for the chocolate.

Azi: *Smiles and pulls out another piece of chocolate from out of nowhere* Would you like another?

Ellie: *eyes widen* *doesn’t want to ask where that came from* Um. No thank you… it’s ok. Thank you. *retreats to ‘her’ chair*

Azi: *Shrugs and pops it into his mouth* *Watches her retreat to her chair before following*

Ellie: *plops her bag on the floor and sits down on the chair* *notices the boy has followed her when she looks up* *freezes, unsure* Um. Hello?

Azi: Hello. *Looks at her curiously* Why do you sit over here? There are some comfy arm chairs on the other side of the library.

Ellie: *swallows* *smiles nervously* Well… I’m new here, and it’s all a bit overwhelming. This looked like a quiet spot.

Azi: *Blinks* This is a library, all the spots are quiet.

Ellie: *stares desperately* One where I wouldn’t be noticed, then? I’m… not used to so many people.

Azi: Why not?

Ellie: *looks carefully to see he isn’t making fun of her* I’ve not been to school before.

Azi: Oh…. why?

Ellie: *feels strange sitting down talking when he’s standing* *feels loomed over* I… my mother taught me, but she can’t any more, so I’m at school now.

Azi: Ah! So you were home schooled, okay then. *Looks over to his usual sitting place on the other side of the library where the comfy chairs are and back to the nice girl* Are you sure you want to stay over here by yourself?

Ellie: *follows his gaze to the other, more comfortable chairs* *they look deserted at the moment* I… I’m fine.

Azi: *Wilts and thinks that he must have miscalculated, the nice girl didn’t want to be his friend* *Stares down at his shoes a little sadly* Oh… okay. Have a nice day then. *Shuffles away to the other side of the library*

Ellie: *stares desperately after the retreating boy* *is mentally kicking herself* *can’t quite bring herself to go after him* *hides away in her book and waits until he leaves before she sneaks out and goes to class*


Azi: *Hiding in his little corner during lunch reading* *Doesn’t bother to look around for the nice girl and has pretty much had the first half of the school day to accept that he hadn’t made a new friend like he had hoped*

Ellie: *looks around during the lunch break and sees the boy at the same table he’d been at the day before* *bites her lip and goes over* (*at least this time no one intercepts her*) *quietly walks up next to him and places a chocolate bar on his tray*

Azi: *Looks up when he notices the chocolate on his tray* *Stares at the nice girl, confused why she was there with him again when she obviously didn’t want to be around him* …What’s this for?

Ellie: *bites her lip again and then tries a hesitant smile* To say sorry? A peace offering.

Azi: *Tilts his head* Sorry for what dear?

Ellie: *wondering if she had done the wrong thing again* You were inviting me to come sit with you, weren’t you? I didn’t mean to be rude. *smiles hopefully as she stands there, holding her tray*

Azi: *Picks up the chocolate and stares at it before offering it back to her with a sad smile* You don’t have to be sorry for not wanting to be around me. It’s fine.

Ellie: *discovering that other kids her age are an enigma to her* Um. *last ditch effort* I’m not avoiding being… uh. I was hoping… that I could… *gestures helplessly at the bench opposite him*… but I can go if you’d rather I went?

Azi: *Is completely confused as to why she would want to sit there if she didn’t want to be around him but gestures for her to go ahead and sit* It’s fine dear…. I can sit somewhere else from now on if you like this table. *Figures that this is the only logical reason why she would want to sit here*

Ellie: *feels like she keeps missing vital clues in the conversation* What? No! I meant sit here with you, but if you don’t want to sit with me, I… guess I understand and I’m sorry to have intruded on you… *starts to turn away, trying not to look too downcast*

Azi: *Wonders if he will ever understand this girl* Why in heavens name would you want to sit with me when you don’t like me?

Ellie: *turns around again and blinks at him* Who said I don’t like you?

Azi: *Shrugs* I thought it was obvious. Most people don’t.

Ellie: *flops down into the bench in defeat* What? No… *puts her tray down, again carefully making sure her book was clear of the food* We’ve started this all wrong. *takes a breath and smiles at the boy* My name is Ellie, I’m new here, and I’m not used to making friends. I don’t dislike you. I don’t know you. But you seem nice, and if it’s ok with you I’d like to get to know you? *heart thudding with nervousness*

Azi: *Blinks a few times and smiles when he realized he miscalculated again… only this time he didn’t feel like he had made a complete fool of himself* Hello Ellie dear, my name is Aziraphale and I would be quite okay with us getting to know each other.

Ellie: *sags in relief* *smile loses its tension* Nice to meet you, Aziraphale. *looks down at her tray* I like your name.

Azi: *Cheeks take on a slight pinkish tint* *Stares down at his own tray* Thank you… I know it can be a mouthful so you could just call me Azi if you would like.

Ellie: *looks up again* Try Elisheva Farishta for a name, and you’ll know why I prefer Ellie. *smiles and opens her sandwiches*

Azi: *Starts nibbling on his own food and glances up at her* Elisheva sounds lovely. It suits you.

Ellie: *makes a face and bites into her sandwich* *picks up her book and wonders if it’s considered bad manners to keep reading at this point* *decides it probably is and puts the book away in her bag* *attacks her food because she has exhausted her conversational skills*

Azi: *Quietly eats his own food and glances at her every once in a while, wondering if he said something wrong or if she just didn’t want to talk to him*

Ellie: *realises the silence is dragging out uncomfortably, unlike the other day when they were reading…* So… what were you reading?

Azi: *Looks up at her and then back to his book sitting next to himself* …Paradise Lost.

Ellie: *nods and nibbles on the last of her food for a bit* *wonders what else to add* Good?

Azi: *Stares at her in disbelief* Have you never read it before?

Ellie: *blushes and looks down at her tray* *wishes for the floor to swallow her* *shakes her head*

Azi: *Holds the book out to her and smiles* Would you like to?

Ellie: *looks up and sees him offering the book* *face is still red* Aren’t you reading it?

Azi: *Grins* I was just rereading it, I don’t mind if you would like to borrow it.

Ellie: *tentatively reaches out and takes the book* *small smile* Thank you. *holds the book and traces a careful finger over the cover, turns it over briefly to read the back, then looks at the cover again*

Azi: *Watches her with interest and absently finishes his food*

Ellie: *opens to the first page and starts reading before realising that she was in company and probably shouldn’t* *closes it and looks up again* Sorry, I’ll read it later… Didn’t mean to be rude again… *trails off into silence again*

Azi: *Shakes his head* It’s fine, you weren’t being rude to me at all dear. Go ahead and read if you would like.

Ellie: *cocks her head to one side in unconscious imitation of him* Why do you keep calling me dear? *picks up the book and cradles it to her*

Azi: *Feels his cheeks turn pink a little and gives her a small shrug* Force of habit I suppose.

Ellie: Ah. Ok. *smiles* I was just curious if it was one of those current high school phrases I wasn’t aware of.

Azi: *His cheeks turn a shade redder* No, as far as I know I’m the only one who does this…

Ellie: *smiles kindly* Well, it’s sweet.

Azi: *Blinks* You think so?

Ellie: *nods* Makes you much more unique than those Barbie or Ken dolls. *indicates the tables of said students with the flick of her chin and a tiny smirk*

Azi: *Slowly smiles at her* …I was right about you dear.

Ellie: *smiles back, shy again* Right about me?

Azi: *Beaming at her* Yup, you’re a pretty nice person.

Ellie: *blushes but smiles back* I like to think so… And you seem like a pretty nice person, too.

Azi: *Can’t seem to stop smiling* Thank you dear. *Looks up when the end-of-launch bell goes off*

Ellie: *tries not to look as disappointed as she feels* Oh… *looks down at the book* You sure I can borrow this? I’ll get it back to you tomorrow. Only I have… I can’t hang around after school, you see… And it’s class now…

Azi: *Nods and gathers up his things for class* It’s fine dear, hang on to it as long as you like.

Ellie: *smiles and picks up her bag* Thanks! I’ll catch up with you soon! *runs off in the direction of her class, book still clutched tight to her chest*

Azi: *Watches her leave and does a little mental happy dance because yay! He made a new friend!* *Heads off to class*


Ellie: *next time she sees Azi it’s because she’s gone looking for him, before school in the library* *looking tired but happy* *stage whispers from the comfy seats to the apparently empty library* Aziraphale? Azi?

Azi: *Makes his usual appearance viva by popping out from behind a bookshelf* *Smiles when he sees her* Hello Ellie dear.

Ellie: *grins* Do you live here? I bet you have a bed on top of one of these stacks, don’t you?

Azi: *Pretends to act surprised* How did you know?!

Ellie: *laughs* *produces his copy of Paradise Lost and holds it out to him* Thank you for lending this to me, I really enjoyed reading it.

Azi: *Takes it from her a little surprised* Finished already? *A little impressed*

Ellie: *looks a tad embarrassed and even more tired* May not have slept much last night?

Azi: *Smiling* Well I’m glad you enjoyed it… but perhaps next time you should take a break and get some sleep. Excuse me for saying this but you look dead on your feet dear. *Leads her over to one of the comfy chairs to sit down*

Ellie: *laughs a little at being bundled into one of the comfy chairs* I’m fine. Just maybe wait a few days before recommending another book to me? *teasing*

Azi: *Makes sure she is settled in before plopping down in his own seat* I’ll be sure that you are well rested before offering you another book next time.

Ellie: *chuckle* In the meantime, I have some Arthur C Clarke to get through. A lot of his stuff is shorter, so it doesn’t keep me up quite so late. *pause* We don’t share any classes, do we?

Azi: *Shakes his head* None that I’ve noticed, why do you ask?

Ellie: *shrugs* I hadn’t noticed you, and I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t overlooking you in some far corner. Also, would be nice to have a friendly, intelligent face. Other than the teacher.

Azi: *Grins shyly* Intelligent?

Ellie: Well, you read for enjoyment. And not just picture books. So that puts you well ahead of a lot of people who’ve tried to make friends with me so far…

Azi: *Laughs* Well reading for pleasure doesn’t necessarily make you intelligent but I’ll take the compliment anyway. Thank you dear.

Ellie: *pokes her tongue out* You know what I meant.

Azi: *Notices that their time before class is running out* *Frowns because he doesn’t want to leave Ellie yet* I wish we had some classes together, then I wouldn’t have to wait till lunch to talk to you again.

Ellie: *smiles because the sentiment is sweet* Good night, good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow, that I shall say good night till it be morrow. *grins* Except replace ‘morrow’ with ‘lunchtime’ and it looks better already.

Azi: *Grinning and is about to respond when the bell goes off* *Sighs and gets up to leave* See you at our usual place?

Ellie: *grins because it’s funny that they already have a ‘usual’ place* Sure. See you then! *has more of a spring in her step when they part at the door than she had going in*


Azi: *Sitting at his usual spot like any other day, only difference being that instead of reading he is now looking for someone*

Ellie: *hurries in, grabs her tray and rushes over to the table where Azi is waiting* Sorry! Sorry, got kept behind by my history teacher. *smiles and slides into her seat* *places the tray on the table, this time there’s no book to go with it*

Azi: *Smiles when she rushes in and joins him* Don’t worry about it, I didn’t wait long.

Ellie: *is relieved* *hates to be tardy* *starts tucking into her lunch like she’s starving* She just wanted to make sure I had everything I needed to finish my assignment. The teachers here seem really helpful.

Azi: I’m happy to hear that you are enjoying your classes here. *Noms on his own lunch*

Ellie: So what else is there to do around here other than hanging out in the library that doesn’t involve strutting about trying to impress our peers or gossiping about them? *grins and bites into her apple*

Azi: *Thinks it over* There are plenty of clubs you could join… Most of them sports but there are others besides those if you’re not interested in sports.

Ellie: *frowns* A lot of sports would have after school practices wouldn’t they? *bites her lip*

Azi: I would think so, why do you ask?

Ellie: *shakes her head* It’s nothing. So we have nearly an hour for lunch. Do you like to read outside? Like… under a tree?

Azi: *Nods* When the weather is nice enough, yes I do.

Ellie: *smiles* Good. I guess in the colder months the library is as good a place as any. *looks over at what she has termed the ‘Barbie’ crowd in time to see several of them look away from her and lean in towards each other, talking and laughing* *rolls her eyes and grins at Azi* So glad I’m not over there.

Azi: *Glances over at the crowd of teens she had indicated* Why, were they unkind to you?

Ellie: *snorts* No, they were very kind to me. Wanted me to join their little clique. But I wouldn’t have fit in. It took me only a few minutes to work that out. *leans back and grins at him* You’re more my sort of crowd. *laughs* A crowd of one.

Azi: *Laughs a bit* Well lucky for me that I’m the sort of crowd you were looking for.

Ellie: *smiles and shoves a whole biscuit in her mouth, chewing happily* *eventually swallows* So… um… *tries to figure out a way to word this tactfully*… why is someone as nice as you sitting by himself at lunch?

Azi: *Blinks and shrugs* I just don’t have many friends that go to this school.

Ellie: *smiles* ‘This school’? You have friends at other schools?

Azi: *Grins happily* Yup! My best friend goes to a different school a little far off from here. I don’t see him as much as I did when we were little but we still keep in touch. Him and our darling little sister.

Ellie: *looks confused* That makes it sound like your best friend is your brother? Why is your brother going to a school far away?

Azi: *Giggles* Sorry sorry, my mistake. She’s really his little sister but when we were little we always treated her like she was both of ours little sister. We were both always a little over protective of her…

Ellie: *smiles again* Ohhhh, I see. Oh, that’s sweet.

Ellie: *quietly* You must miss them a lot.

Azi: *Smiles softens* I do actually…. but it’s okay because I can still talk to them every day!

Ellie: Oh, that’s lovely. It must be nice to have friends like that.

Azi: *Shakes head* It is! But enough about me, what about yourself dear?

Ellie: *shrinks back a little* What about me?

Azi: Anything. Who or what has your life been like up to this point?

Ellie: *smiles* Well, you know I was home schooled. And now I’ve moved here and I come to this school. I haven’t had a chance to get to know anybody here and… I never really made any lasting friends before moving here so…

Azi: Really? Why not, if you don’t mind me asking…. I mean I just find it hard to imagine that you don’t have any other friends but myself at this point.

Ellie: *shrugs* I preferred to stay at home, really. *avoids his eyes* I’d go out lots of places with my mother, like the museum and art gallery and things. She tried to get me to socialise more…

Azi: She sounds lovely, you think she’ll be proud that you are socializing with me?

Ellie: *takes a deep breath* Possibly? I’ll never know. *looks at him and is proud of herself for being completely dry-eyed* She’s… not around any more. Which is why I’m in school. I live with my uncle.

Azi: *Smile is suddenly gone and and then replaced with a look of sympathy* Oh I’m so sorry dear… do you want me to leave this subject alone?

Ellie: *waves a hand, unable to figure out words for a few seconds* Look, it’s ok. I don’t need sympathy, and if you start looking at me like I’m something fragile then I /will/ start throwing things. But yeah. I didn’t make friends. I kept to myself. This is a whole new start, and I’m making an effort, and even though my mother isn’t here to be proud of me for that I know that my uncle is glad that I am.

Azi: *Just wants to climb over the table and hug the daylights out of this sweet brave soul but manages to restrain himself* *Smiles a little sadly and searchs for some sort of subject change* ….Can I ask you something?

Ellie: *slightly bitter laugh* Sure. Go for it. *smiles to try and take the sting out of that* *softer* Sorry. Yes. Ask me something.

Azi: *Nervously picks at the last of his food* Would you…. well, would you be willing to hang out after school sometime?

Ellie: *sags* My uncle… he worries. And he’s very protective. He wants me straight home from school. I… could ask? But I don’t know…

Azi: *Wilts a little* Oh… okay. Don’t worry about it if you’re not allowed then.

Ellie: *sees her new friend wilting* I will ask! I want to hang out with you. *shy smile*

Azi: *Looks up at her with hope in his eyes* Really?

Ellie: *smile widens a bit* Of course! And I will ask tonight. I just… don’t want you to be too disappointed if he says no. He’s quite strict. *perks up* But even if we can’t… we could… *shyly*… Skype?

Azi: *Brightens* Sure! I have one of those! Crowley showed me how to use it and everything!

Ellie: *smiles brilliantly* Excellent! I take it Crowley is the friend you were talking about earlier?

Azi: *Nods* Yes! I Skype with him and our little Bentley all the time!

Ellie: *chuckles* Bentley?

Azi: Dear, with names like ours are we really ones to judge?

Ellie: *laughs* Touche.

Azi: *Lunch bell goes off* Oh dear, time already?

Ellie: *tries not to sag* I guess so. I’ll talk to my uncle tonight, I promise. I’ll let you know what he says tomorrow! Library before school?

Azi: Sounds good! *Packs up for class* See you tomorrow dear! *Leaves in a hurry so as to not be late*


Ellie: *slips into the library and looks around* Azi, don’t make me go looking for where you’ve stashed your bed and show yourself…

Azi: *Is suddenly next to her* You would never find it.

Ellie: *jumps slightly and laughs nervously* Goodness… do I ask where you came from?

Azi: *Smirks* You could but why ruin the mystery of it?

Ellie: *shakes her head, amused* Well… I asked my uncle, like I said… What do you want first, the good news or the bad news?

Azi: *Sighs* Best to start with the bad.

Ellie: *looks sad* He said no.

Azi: *Slight kicked puppy look*

Ellie: I’m sorry. *looks just as dejected*

Azi: …And the good news?

Ellie: *smiles a little* I have my own laptop and access to excellent wifi. *puts out her hand and opens it, palm-up* *inside is a folded piece of paper* *(written on the paper is ‘isuckatmakingusernames_bunnies’)*

Azi: *Reads the user name and giggles* *Gives Ellie a questioning look*

Ellie: *shrugs, self-conscious* Well, I do suck at making usernames…

Ellie: Everything I wanted was taken.

Azi: *Still giggling* It’s cute.

Azi: *Puts the paper safely into his pocket*

Ellie: *rolls her eyes* Yeah yeah. I just never got around to changing it or coming up with something better. Anyway, there are like three people total who I have on my contacts list.

Ellie: *grins* And I think one of them is the test call thing.

Azi: I’ll add you to mine when I get home and then you can have four people!

Ellie: *smiles brightly* Sounds good! *slightly less brightly* I hope that I can start hanging out after school sometime, though. Would be nice to, now that I have someone to hang out /with/.

Azi: I’m sure we will see each other outside of school soon enough my dear. *Smiling*

Ellie: *smiling back* *is upset by the sound of the bell* I think I’m growing to hate that bell…

Azi: *Sighs* I am with you on that one. *Reluctantly grabs his stuff* See you later?

Ellie: *lop-sided grin* Yeah. Usual place. *has not put her bag down so is ready to go* *mutters some more about the bell on her way out*


-ParadiseLost_WineFound Has Logged In-

ParadiseLost_WineFound: Ellie?

Ellie: *hears the distinctive sound of Skype notifications and quickly puts down her text book on the bed and goes to her open laptop on the desk* *sits down in the chair and smiles at the message that has appeared on her screen*

isuckatmakingusernames_bunnies: Hello Azi. Nice username. : D

ParadiseLost_WineFound: Thank you dear! How was your day?

isuckatmakingusernames_bunnies: It was ok. Better now. Still can’t believe my uncle said no. : (

ParadiseLost_WineFound: I know. That was really a let down. But at least we can talk this way : )

isuckatmakingusernames_bunnies: Yeah. I feel sneaky. : D You’re a bad influence on me.

ParadiseLost_WineFound: Haha That’s the first time I have heard that one : P

isuckatmakingusernames_bunnies: Sure sure. You’re a real bad boy at heart, aren’t you?

ParadiseLost_WineFound: Oh you caught me. I can’t deny it anymore. I plan to kidnap and corrupt you one of these days.

ParadiseLost_WineFound: : P

Ellie: *blinks at the screen for a moment, fingers hesitating on the keys, before the smiley appeared*

isuckatmakingusernames_bunnies: For such a nice guy, your level of creepy is sometimes astonishing.

isuckatmakingusernames_bunnies: Yet somehow still cute?

isuckatmakingusernames_bunnies: I think there is something seriously wrong with me. : p

ParadiseLost_WineFound: Oh Ellie darling, I’m afraid there must be something wrong with you if you are finding /me/ cute

isuckatmakingusernames_bunnies: Cute like a poodle. You have the hair for it. : p

ParadiseLost_WineFound: My hair is not like a poodle >: P

isuckatmakingusernames_bunnies: If you say so. /Dear/. : D

ParadiseLost_WineFound: If anyone is cute here it’s you with your pretty green eyes and adorable bunny URL

isuckatmakingusernames_bunnies: According to Anya from Buffy bunnies are evil. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

ParadiseLost_WineFound: Whatever you say dear…

ParadiseLost_WineFound: So out of curiosity, what part of town do you live in?

isuckatmakingusernames_bunnies: Near the cemetery, why?

ParadiseLost_WineFound: I’ve lived in this town my whole life, just wanted to know where to keep an eye out for you if I’m ever in the area

isuckatmakingusernames_bunnies: Right. Normally lurk around cemeteries, do you?

ParadiseLost_WineFound: On the occasion. People tend to avoid them so it is easier to get away with a thing or two around them.

isuckatmakingusernames_bunnies: … do I want to know what sort of things you’re getting away with in cemeteries…

ParadiseLost_WineFound: Smoking

isuckatmakingusernames_bunnies: You surprise me. Surely that’s a bit of a fire hazard for the books that perpetually follow you around?

ParadiseLost_WineFound: Trust me, my books are completely safe.

isuckatmakingusernames_bunnies: : D

isuckatmakingusernames_bunnies: Why do I feel like, speaking in this medium, I should be asking questions like ‘so what are you wearing?’ Haha.

ParadiseLost_WineFound: Well if you must know I’m wearing tartan pajamas and duckling slippers.

isuckatmakingusernames_bunnies: …………. it was a joke……….

isuckatmakingusernames_bunnies: ….. but…. duckling slippers?

ParadiseLost_WineFound: …….What’s wrong with ducklings?

isuckatmakingusernames_bunnies: Oh, there’s nothing wrong with ducklings!

ParadiseLost_WineFound: What sort of slippers do you own?

isuckatmakingusernames_bunnies: So what’s your homework load like? I’m trying to catch up on my history, but YAWN.

ParadiseLost_WineFound: ….You have bunny slippers don’t you?

isuckatmakingusernames_bunnies: I mean, who wants to learn about a whole bunch of stuff that happened in the past, right?

Ellie: *tucks her feet – with bunny slippers – under her chair*

ParadiseLost_WineFound: I’m right aren’t I : D

ParadiseLost_WineFound: Haha

isuckatmakingusernames_bunnies: But it’s the essay that’s really killing me. Do you have an essay to write for history? Do you take history?

ParadiseLost_WineFound: Yes I do.

isuckatmakingusernames_bunnies: I bet you’re good at history.

ParadiseLost_WineFound: I do well enough in all my classes

isuckatmakingusernames_bunnies: Wish I could say the same. : )

ParadiseLost_WineFound: I would be happy to help you

isuckatmakingusernames_bunnies: Really? That would be great, because I really do struggle with history.

isuckatmakingusernames_bunnies: : ( Oh. Except… I don’t know when?

ParadiseLost_WineFound: I can tutor you over Skype

isuckatmakingusernames_bunnies: Sounds awkward.

ParadiseLost_WineFound: Better than nothing

isuckatmakingusernames_bunnies: Yeah, I suppose : ( Better than nothing. Better… get back to it for now then, huh?

ParadiseLost_WineFound: Oh dear I would hate to cut this short but Crowley seems to be trying to get my attention in another Skype window and he sounds excited about something

ParadiseLost_WineFound: Talk to you tomorrow okay?

isuckatmakingusernames_bunnies: : ) It’s fine. I should be studying. See you tomorrow!

ParadiseLost_WineFound: Night dear!

isuckatmakingusernames_bunnies: Night!


Ellie: *arrived at school just in time for the starting bell and so doesn’t get to look for Azi until lunchtime* *arrives at the table with a chocolate bar as apology* *wordlessly puts it on Azi’s tray and sits down opposite him*

Azi: *Snaps bar and gives her a half* Where were you this morning dear? I was worried.

Ellie: *rolls her eyes* Ugh, I got the third degree about why I was asking questions about staying after school the other day over breakfast and only just made it here on time.

Ellie: *starts in on her lunch*

Azi: *Frowns* Oh I’m sorry. I hope everything is okay at home.

Ellie: *waves a hand* Yeah, it’s fine. He just thinks that because I’ve started school I’m going to suddenly fall in with the wrong crowd and start tearing up the streets after school or something. *snorts*

Azi: I see… I suppose I /am/ a rather horrible crowd to fall in with. *Starts on his food*

Ellie: *laughs* Yeah, the worst. *takes a few bites of her food before remembering something* Last night – you said Crowley sounded excited about something?

Azi: *Brightens* I wish you could have heard it. After I got done chatting with you I got to listen to Crowley positively /gush/ over his new boyfriend Leo. I swear I have never heard him so absolutely head over heels in love with someone in my entire life! Quite frankly it was adorable.

Ellie: *smiles and leans her chin on one hand* Oh, that’s lovely. I don’t know him, but he’s your friend so he must be ok. I wish him all the best with that.

Azi: *Sighs* It is just so nice to know that he has someone who makes him that happy…

Ellie: *smiles and continues to chew slowly, unsure what else to say*

Azi: *Blinks out of his happy daze for his friend* …So Ellie, I’m still curious. There aren’t a lot of small houses nearly the cemetery, am I right to assume you live in one of those big three stories ones with just you and your uncle?

Ellie: I… *blinks and reminds herself that friends probably know their friends addresses and this isn’t as creepy as it sounds*… would it be easier if I just gave you my address?

Azi: *Smiles* Yes it would actually. Would you like mine?

Ellie: *smiles back* Sure. *fishes around in her bag and produces a crumpled receipt* *writes her address on the back and hands it over* There, you don’t have to give me yours now, you can Skype it, but there’s mine anyway.

Azi: *Nods and looks at the address* My goodness you weren’t kidding when you said you lived near the cemetery.

Ellie: *laughs* Yeah, you should see the view from my bedroom window… *stops, realising how that sounds*

Azi: ….Are you cursed with one of those rooms that are on the top floor and directly facing the cemetery giving you a lovely view of the dead every night?

Ellie: That’d be the one. Gave me nightmares the first few weeks, actually.

Azi: *Giggles* Dear I hope you like horror movies because you would be one of the main characters in one if the dead were to raise.

Ellie: *blanches slightly* Please don’t.

Azi: *Wills his giggles under control* Not a fan of horror?

Ellie: *shakes head* No. Not a fan.

Azi: What sort of movies do you prefer?

Ellie: *smiles again* Comedy? Action? I love science fiction, but some of those can get a bit much, too. I don’t mind psychological thrillers, but when there’s blood and violent death involved, I tend to hide behind pillows. *chuckles* I take it you’re a horror fan?

Azi: *Shrugs* Not a fan of hardcore scary or gore but I like to laugh at the cheesy stuff and I can’t help but appreciate the old school classics.

Azi: I’d rather watch a clever comedy any day though.

Ellie: Oh excellent, so if I’m ever released from house arrest, and we go to see a movie, neither of us has to take a blindfold and earplugs just to get through. *laughs*

Azi: *Smiles* Sounds good to me dear. *Here’s the bell and sighs* You know I really have come to despise that sound…

Ellie: *grimaces and picks up her things* It always means the end of our time.

Azi: Sadly yes. *Picks up his own stuff and is ready to leave for class* I’ll Skype you like. Enjoy the rest of your day dear. *Pecks her on the cheek and hurries off to class*

Ellie: *blushes and puts her hand to her cheek* *glares evil daggers at the popular girls tittering at her*


-ParadiseLost_WineFound Has Logged In-

Ellie: *is sitting at her computer this time, should be studying but has gotten caught up in researching angel lore instead* *notices that Azi logs in* *is unsure whether to initiate conversation or not*

isuckatmakingusernames_bunnies: Hello?

ParadiseLost_WineFound: Hello dear, how was your day?

isuckatmakingusernames_bunnies: Usual. Yours? Anything new to report?

ParadiseLost_WineFound: Nothing much. What are you up to?

isuckatmakingusernames_bunnies: Procrastinating : D

ParadiseLost_WineFound: Haha What are you procrastinating from doing then? : )

isuckatmakingusernames_bunnies: Homework. Hey… what was that stunt you pulled at the end of lunch about?

ParadiseLost_WineFound: What stunt?

isuckatmakingusernames_bunnies: … never mind.

isuckatmakingusernames_bunnies: What are you up to anyway?

ParadiseLost_WineFound: Things I’m not supposed to be up to : D

isuckatmakingusernames_bunnies: Oh…? Do tell!

ParadiseLost_WineFound: Brothers were getting a little too much to handle so I may or may not have snuck out. Did you know that there is this lovely app that allows you to Skype from your phone?

isuckatmakingusernames_bunnies: Um, yes I did. Where are you, then? Got a treehouse to hide in or something?

ParadiseLost_WineFound: Haha no but that would be convenient. I’m just out walking.

isuckatmakingusernames_bunnies: Anywhere in particular? Or just wandering aimlessly?

ParadiseLost_WineFound: Oh a little of both. So if you’re not doing homework than what /are/ you doing?

isuckatmakingusernames_bunnies: Mostly just mucking around on the internet. The book you leant me got me interested in angel/demon lore, so I just sort of started looking from there.

ParadiseLost_WineFound: Oh? What have you found out?

isuckatmakingusernames_bunnies: Did you know that the bible never specifically mentions that angels have wings?

ParadiseLost_WineFound: Really? Then where did that lore come from?

isuckatmakingusernames_bunnies: Not sure. Just thought I’d throw that interesting bit out there. Read an article about it, and even though he invited people to prove him wrong in the comments no one could. Not concretely. I’m mostly just trawling from one article to the next on wikipedia, though.

isuckatmakingusernames_bunnies: So. You still didn’t say where you were?

ParadiseLost_WineFound: No I didn’t and that is an excellent question my dear. What is your uncle up to this Friday night?

isuckatmakingusernames_bunnies: Don’t know. Probably working in his office downstairs. …… why?

ParadiseLost_WineFound: Oh you know, just curious if someone was guarding the princess in the tower.

ParadiseLost_WineFound: : P

isuckatmakingusernames_bunnies: Haha are you suggesting I sneak out? I told you that you were a bad influence on me.

isuckatmakingusernames_bunnies: Don’t think my life would be worth living if I was found out, though, so no thanks.

ParadiseLost_WineFound: Well guess that just leaves plan B : D

isuckatmakingusernames_bunnies: … what is plan B?

*Knocking sound from her window*

Ellie: *actually jumps out of her chair and looks wide-eyed at the window*

Azi: *Waves at her from her window ledge where he is perched, his phone in his hand*

Ellie: *gets over her shock and runs to the window* *unlatches it* *thanks whoever that it’s a slide-up one not an open-out one* *opens it as wide as it will go* Oh my god, Azi, come in you’ll kill yourself! *looks out quickly, though she knows the view by heart* There’s not even much of a ledge, or any trees, or… how the hell did you get up here?

Azi: *Grinning from ear to ear* Well I was going to say that I was an angel and that I flew up here but now that I know angels might not have wings I guess I will have to come up with some other excuse, wont I?

Azi: *Climbs inside*

Ellie: *laughs and helps him in* You’re absolutely impossible. *says it fondly, though*

Azi: *Still grinning* Thank you! If I wasn’t I don’t know how I would have gotten up here.

Ellie: *shakes her head in disbelief* If my uncle finds you here… *looks at her door, which is standing ajar, and goes over to close it* If I hear him coming I will throw you out that window and you’d better hope you /do/ have wings. *grins*

Azi: Aww, I knew you cared.

Ellie: Yeah, about my own skin. *still giggling slightly* *flops down on the edge of her bed* So… what are you doing here? I have to say that your level of creepy is reaching new highs. *grins to show she’s teasing*

Azi: *Smiles and plops down next to her* I came to kidnap and corrupt the princess locked away in the tower of course!

Ellie: *giving him a dubious look* Oh?

Azi: Well, that and I wanted to see your bunny slippers. *Grins and gestures to her feet*

Ellie: *looks down at her feet and blushes* *tries to tuck her feet under the bed even though it’s too late to hide them*

Azi: *Quiet laughter* Don’t worry dear, I think they’re cute.

Ellie: *still red* *rolls her eyes* They’re warm, ok? *looks at him sideways and smiles a little* I’ve never had a boy sneak into my room before.

Azi: *Shy smile* Are you okay with this?

Ellie: *leans back on the bed, propped on her elbows* *laughs* Me? Yeah. My uncle? Probably not so much.

Azi: *Glances at the door* Then I guess we will just have to be extra careful now wont we?

Ellie: *raises an eyebrow* So now that you’re here, what did you have in mind to… how did you put it… kidnap and corrupt… me? Because I have to say, part of that sounds a little bit kinky. *grins*

Azi: *Chuckles* Since it seems kidnapping is out of the question here unless I want you to get in trouble with your uncle, it looks like I am going to have to settle with simply corrupting you for now…

Ellie: *both eyebrows shoot up* See, that’s the part that sounded kinky. There’s a boy, in my bedroom, who wants to corrupt me in secret. Tell me what part of that doesn’t sound suggestive?

Ellie: *is trying not to laugh*

Azi: *Considers what she said* ….I can’t, the way you put it this all sounds rather suggestive.

Ellie: *gives in and laughs*

Azi: *Laughs with her*

Ellie: So what /were/ you meaning, if you’re not here with designs on my virtue? *winks*

Azi: *Considers his answer* Who said I wasn’t? *Smirks*

Ellie: *looks stunned for a second then laughs harder* *flops back so that she’s lying on the bed and covers her face with her hands* *sound of giggling from behind them* *eventually parts a couple of fingers to peer at him with one eye* You’re terrible. *still grinning widely*

Azi: *Bites back his own fit of giggles because he doesn’t want her uncle to hear him* *Instead watches her giggle fit with amusement* And you love me for it.

Ellie: *lifts the heel of her hand enough so that she can poke her tongue out at him* I admit nothing.

Azi: Oh really now? *Gently tickles her side*

Ellie: *squeals and wriggles away* *claps a hand over her mouth, eyes dancing with laughter* Sshhhhhhh. *giggling* Don’t do that!

Azi: *Smiles mischievously* Don’t do what my dear? *Leans over and tickles both of her sides*

Ellie: *giggles helplessly and squirms away, right off the edge of the bed, landing with a bit of a thud on the floor* *laughing and frantically trying to shush Azi, even though she’s making all the noise* *her phone chimes on the table* I’ve got to get that. *still giggling softly she edges around the bed trying to keep her distance, heading for her phone*

Azi: *Covers his mouth from giggling when Ellie falls off the bed* *Was going to help her up when he heard her phone go off and instead sat back so that she could answer it*

Ellie: *picks up her phone, still trying to keep Azi in view* *sees a text message notification*

[Uncle Luke to Ellie: You ok up there? Thought I heard something.]

Ellie: *stifles some more giggles and quickly types a reply*

Azi: *Watches her curiously*

[Ellie to Uncle Luke: Fine. Just fell off my chair. Was leaning back too far. Won’t do it again. Sorry for disturbing you.]

Ellie: *chucks phone back on the desk and faces Azi, grinning* You’re lucky he’s two floors away or he’d have come in person to see what the noise was. *waves at her phone*

Azi: *Giggles and hops off her bed* Well at least we know as long as we’re quiet enough we’ll get a warning before he walks in on us.

Ellie: *smirks* Don’t bet on it. His bedroom is on this floor. At the moment he’s still in his office, or maybe the living room. Later we won’t be so lucky. *waves her finger at him and backs away slightly, putting the corner of the bed between them* No more tickling.

Azi: *Sighs goodnaturedly* Fine fine, ruin my fun. *Walks around bed corner* So if tickling is out of the question, what would you like to do?

Ellie: *grins wickedly* You’re asking a teenaged girl what she’d like to do with a teenaged boy in her bedroom at night? *on the verge of laughter*

Azi: *Grins* Why yes I believe I am. So tell me my dear teenage girl, what would you like to do with this teenager boy now that he has snuck into your room this evening?

Ellie: *steps closer and whispers* Do you play cards?

Azi: *Mock gasps* Oh but Ellie my dear, are you sure we are ready to take that next step in our relationship like that?

Ellie: *giggles and turns away, opening her wardrobe* *the inside is, thankfully, not as sparse as her bedroom but it /is/ very tidy* *opens a drawer and takes out a pack of cards* *holds them up triumphantly* Why, Azi, are you scared?

Ellie: Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle. *grin*

Azi: *Grins back* How thoughtful of you.

Ellie: As you can see, I have only the one chair, so we’ll have to use the bed. *giggles softly*

Azi: *Raises his eyebrow* Should I be worried that this is just a clever ploy to get me into bed with you?

Ellie: *pouts* I need clever ploys to get you into bed with me? *sits down on the bed and takes the cards out, shuffling them with some degree of expertise*

Azi: *Shrugs and smiles a little* No, you could just ask nicely. *Sits down across from her as she shuffles the cards* I would just like to know when someone is planning to take advantage of me that’s all.

Ellie: *snorts* The only advantage I’ll be taking is by beating you at cards. *grins and continues shuffling* So, what do you know?

Azi: Card game wise? The usual games I guess.

Ellie: *starts dealing out cards* Rummy?

Azi: Sounds good to me.

Ellie: *picks up her cards and shuffles the order around a little* So what really made you come here? Because I know my uncle is being a bit strict right now, but I’m sure after a few more weeks at school and no sign of me turning into a drug addict, he’ll start relaxing his rules a little and let me hang out with friends. Especially if he gets to meet them…?

Azi: *Shrugs* My brothers were getting to me and I was bored…. *Shy smile* I may or may not have missed you a little too. I hardly ever get to see you at school after all.

Ellie: *looks up from her cards* Yeah, I know. Me too. *smiles back* Maybe next term we’ll have some classes together? Would be nice. *looks at her cards again* *plays one* And as I said, once my uncle relaxes a little I should be able to stay later.

Azi: *Plays his own card* Does that mean I won’t have to sneak through your window again? Because I quite enjoyed that.

Ellie: *laughs* I guess if you feel like doing whatever mysterious acrobatics got you to my window, then go ahead. Just /don’t/ get caught by my uncle. He would /not/ be amused.

Azi: *Grinning* And now you just gave me permission to sneak into your room again. Wonderful!

Ellie: *laughs again* What can I say? Maybe I want you in my bed again. *grins and winks* *plays a card*

Azi: *Smiles* Let me guess, to play more card games? *Goes over his cards and plays one*

Ellie: *wide-eyed innocence* Of course! What else could I have meant?

Ellie: *grins and plays a card*

Azi: *Shakes head and giggles to himself* I have no idea dear…

Ellie: Though… won’t you be missed at some point? *glances at her watch*

Ellie: *hastily* Not that I want you to go!

Azi: *Shrugs* I’m a big boy, my brothers know I can take care of myself and if they worry they can always call me.

Ellie: *sits up a bit straighter and regards him with a serious expression* What about your parents?

Azi: Never knew my father and mom is working overseas, so it is just my brothers and I…. well and my sister I guess, but she has her own place and only stops in when she isn’t working.

Ellie: Oh! *smiles a little* Is it bad of me to find it reassuring that your family situation isn’t the whole ‘mum, dad, two-and-a-half kids’ thing as well? Makes mine feel a little less weird.

Azi: *Laughs* If you want weirder I’m pretty sure that the only two that have the same father was my oldest bother and sister… and that’s just because they are twins.

Ellie: *grins* Hah. Ok then. *looks down and realises it’s her turn* *plays a card* Well, sounds like you have a fair bit more freedom than I do. Mum… mum was always basically pushing me out the door, trying to get me to make friends and socialise. Uncle Luke is the opposite. Not that he doesn’t want me to make friends, but… well, he lost mum too. I think he’s just trying to keep me safe.

Azi: *Stares at her for a moment before setting his cards down and leaning over to give her a hug* I’m sorry.

Ellie: *stiffens in surprise at the sudden hug* *after a moment smiles and relaxes* It’s ok, I’m ok. *pats him awkwardly on the shoulder*

Azi: *Pulls back with a nervous smile* Sorry, I can get a little touchy feely sometimes.

Ellie: It’s ok, I don’t mind. *smiles reassuringly*

Azi: *Watches her with a shy smile for a moment before going back to the card game*

Ellie: *also looks back at her cards and plays her turn in silence*

Azi: *Continues to play for a little while as it slowly grows later and later until he finally notice the time and how he really should start getting home or else the brothers might worry and try to call him* Dear oh dear, it seems I may have stayed a little longer than I should have.

Ellie: *bites her lip* Oh, I’m sorry! *looks at time* Oh yes… um… look… do you want me to see if we can sneak you out through the house?

Azi: *Smiles and hops off the bed* No need! I’ll just leave the same way I came in. *Starts to head towards the window*

Ellie: *laughs* I still don’t know how you managed to get to the ledge outside my window. *walks over to the window with him and opens it again so that he can climb out* *turns to him and smiles* Thanks for coming over.

Azi: *Grins and kisses her cheek again* Thanks for having dear. See you Monday! *Disappears out the window*

Ellie: *giggles at the kiss and watches Azi disappear* *sticks her head out the window to try and see what his secret is*

Azi: ~Disappeared~


Ellie: *considers not going to the library but that would lead to awkward questions at lunch time* *considers not going to lunch, either, but that was just far too mean* *she misses Azi, anyway* *it had been a full, but long weekend* *creeps into the library and hopes that the softer lighting hides the fact that her lip is cut and that she has a bruise forming on her cheekbone* *has already let her hair out from behind her ears to try and form a curtain over the bruise* *sits down in one of the comfy chairs and doesn’t call for Azi*

Azi: *Pops out of behind the comfy chair and notices her cut lip* *Upon closer inspection he is even able to make out the bruised cheek* My goodness dear! What happened?

Ellie: *jumps and nearly swears* *purely internal sigh at his words* You’re like some sort of magician. Are you able to turn yourself invisible? Is that what it is?

Azi: *Kneels besides the chair and gently takes her face into his hands, looking her over* Please don’t avoid the question dear.

Ellie: *pulls her face away with a scowl* I just tripped and fell, ok, bit of a klutz. I’ll be ok.

Azi: *Stern look* I don’t appreciate being lied to dear.

Ellie: *doesn’t let up on her scowl* I’m not in the habit of lying.

Azi: *Doesn’t let up his stern look* Then why are you lying now? I’ve done my fair share of falling and those aren’t wounds you would get by accident.

Ellie: Just leave it, ok? *breathes, then softer* Please?

Ellie: *can’t help the slightly satisfied smile* I don’t think it’ll happen again.

Azi: *Face softens* *Gently strokes her uninjured cheek* …..Okay dear,but just this once. I’m your friend and if this ever happens again I want to know, alright?

Ellie: *makes a noncommittal sound in her throat* In other news, I had another talk to my uncle over the weekend and he’s agreed to let me stay an extra hour after school so long as I let him know where I am and what I’m doing and he gets to meet you first…

Azi: *Blinks* So does that mean I get to meet him soon?

Ellie: As soon as you want. He works from home and does any business that needs him out and about while I’m at school, so he’s always around when I get home. All I have to do is text and make sure it’s ok with him whenever you’re ready.

Azi: I’m ready anytime. Should I come over today?

Ellie: *smiles* *winces, licks her lip where it’s split* Maybe not a good idea? He won’t be in a very good mood when he sees the state of me.

Azi: *Frowns* If you won’t tell me who did this to you can you at least inform me as to where this happened?

Ellie: You mean where I tripped and fell? *attempts a smile* Just outside the school grounds, as I was coming through the park.

Azi: *Sighs* Whatever you say dear… *School bell*

Ellie: *stands hastily* Look, I’ll see you at lunch, right? *awkward shoulder pat again* *hurries out of the library*


Ellie: *closes the door with a sigh of relief and turns to the footpath* *it hadn’t been a pleasant evening, though Uncle Luke had at least been proud of her for inflicting more damage on her assailants than she came away with* *he’d also given the school an earful* *she’d barely got away that morning without a full armed escort* *adjusts her bag on her shoulder and waves at Uncle Luke as he watches her out of the living room window* *turns the corner and sags with further relief* *alone at last*

Azi: *Leaning against a fence as she turns the corner with a bright smile* Good morning darling! Lovely day isn’t it?

Ellie: *hitching her bag further up her shoulder again, having been ready to drop it and attack for a fraction of a second* *warily* Hello. What are you doing here? *surreptitiously looks around to see if there is anyone else lurking nearby*

Azi: *Sighs at her suspicion and begins to walk besides her* Can’t a guy get up early and hurry across town just to walk to school with his lovely friend?

Ellie: *looks at him out of the corner of her eye* I know why you’re doing this, and you don’t need to.

Azi: *Blinks innocently* Why ever do you think I am doing this?

Ellie: *smirks* To stop me from tripping and falling again? Don’t worry, the pavement learned its lesson.

Azi: *Smiles* I’m glad it did, but just incase you get a little clumsy and trip again I think I’ll stick around to stop you from falling, okay?

Ellie: *sighs but can’t help the hint of a smile* Like I can stop you. *turns her face away as her smile widens*

Azi: *Nudges her shoulder lightly with his own* So are you feeling any better?

Ellie: *arches an eyebrow at him* I’m fine! Bruised cheek, cut lip. I got off very lightly. Nothing to it. *doesn’t mention the spectacular bruise on her knee because that had been most satisfying to acquire* *the sound of her opponent’s teeth cracking together had been beautiful music*

Azi: *Considers his response* So you /don’t/ need me to kiss it and make it better? *Blinks innocently*

Ellie: *snorts but doesn’t answer that* *picks up the pace* Come on, we’ll never get to school at your speed.

Azi: *Grins and hurries along*


Azi: *Just coming from a rather tense meeting with Ellie’s uncle Luke* *Sits down on her living room sofa with a sigh of relief* Well that went over well….

Ellie: *had been pacing in front of the living room window* *rushes over to Azi, sees her uncle in the doorway* *he smiles at her and vanishes down the hall* *sits down next to Azi* You were in there a while…

Azi: *Sighs again and tiredly leans his head against her shoulder without thinking* Yeah… You weren’t kidding when you said that your uncle was over protective of you.

Ellie: *doesn’t move when he leans on her shoulder, unsure what to do* I’m sorry. He means well. He’s just trying to do the best for me. He’s not used to being a parent. *pauses* I take it from his smile and the fact that you’re here in one piece means that I’m allowed to hang out with you after school once my two weeks of detention is over?

Azi: *Nods against her shoulder* Correct, but he wants to know where you are at all times and I don’t think he would be happy if you came over to my house… Also I’m pretty sure I’m not allowed in your room when I come over here to visit.

Ellie: *tucks her chin down to try and see his face* Why wouldn’t he be happy if I went over to yours? I mean… the rest I can understand…

Azi: *Lifts his head up* Ellie dear, I live in a house with four brothers and no parents…

Ellie: *makes a silent O with her mouth* *blushes*

Ellie: *is speechless*

Azi: I mean Met is almost 30 and Uriel isn’t there a lot but still…

Ellie: *clears her throat and closes her mouth* Yeah, I can see… *sags* Please tell me you didn’t tell him… about… *looks upwards*… your impromptu visit?

Azi: Oh of course I did my dear, I went right up to your legal guardian and told him all about how I sneak into your window at night. That went over swell. *Voice dripping with sarcasm*

Ellie: *shushes him* Not so loud, Jesus Azi.

Ellie: Ok, so that was a stupid question.

Azi: *Grinning* It’s fine dear.

Ellie: *smiles at him* So… how long are you staying tonight?

Azi: *Smiles a little sadly* I’m pretty sure your uncle only wants me over for an hour or two.

Ellie: *wilts a little bit, but it’s more than she’s had before* What would you like to do? That’s time for a game of something, or a movie…? Or we could… *looks around, realising there isn’t really a lot around here for kids to do*… read?

Azi: *Considers their options* …What sort of movies do you own?

Ellie: *leaps up and drags him over to their DVD shelf* This section here has been Uncle Approved for viewing by minors. *grins* Pick one! I like them all.

Azi: *Looks over her DVD collection before selecting one and handing it to her* Will this one work for you?

Ellie: *glances at the cover and smiles* Yep! *pretty much bounces over to the state-of-the-art entertainment system, pushes a few select buttons on various remotes and the screen lights up* *gets the DVD in and playing* *bounces back over to the couch*

Azi: *Smiles at her excitement and quickly joins her on the couch once the movie is in*

~Let’s do the Time Warp agaiiiiiin ~

Ellie: *yawns a little and sits up straight as the movie ends* *at some point she had ended up sagged against his shoulder* *smiles at Azi* I enjoyed that. *looks over her shoulder at the doorway* And Uncle Luke didn’t come along and chase you out halfway through. *grins*

Azi: *Stretches his limbs and yawns himself* Not that I noticed, but judging by the time if I don’t leave soon he will.

Ellie: *pouts a little* Well… I’ll see you at school tomorrow, I guess. *smiles again and stands up, offering him a hand* *out of the corner of her eye she spots her uncle in the doorway* *he gives her a significant Look and then vanishes again* *she gets the hint* Yeah, looks like it’s time for you to go.

Azi: *Takes her hand and stands up, noticing her uncle out of the corner of his eye but not saying anything about it* Wanna walk me to the door? *Smiles hopefully*

Ellie: *gives his hand a squeeze* Of course. Would be rude of me not to. *smiles* *doesn’t let go of his hand as she starts towards the door*

Azi: *Happily holds her hand and doesn’t quite let go once they have reached the door* *Turns to her* May I ask you something Ellie?

Ellie: *looks at Azi curiously* Sure?

>>>> ==== SOMETHING MISSING HERE ==== <<<< Azi: *Grins and kisses her cheek* See you tomorrow dear! *Flees out the door incase her uncle saw that* Ellie: *swallows down a giggle and blushes instead* *doesn't turn around until she has both under control* *her uncle is standing, arms folded, leaning against the living room doorway* *doesn't look like he approves* *gives him a brilliant smile and skips past* —— Ellie: *is on her bed, bunny slippers on, head buried in a book* *frowning at something on the page* Azi: *Silently opens up her slightly ajar window and climbs inside* *Peers over her shoulder to see what she is reading* Ellie: *is alerted to someone unexpectedly in her room right behind her* *kicks out with her legs even as she rolls off the bed and comes to her feet, balanced and ready to fight or flee* *is about to call out when she realises who it is* Ellie: *hisses* You idiot! Azi: *Just barely dodges the kick and stands back, folding his hands behind him neatly as he waits for her to realize who it is* Well and hello to you too, dear! Jumpy tonight aren't we? *Grins cheekily* Ellie: *scowls at him as her heart returns from somewhere in her throat back to her chest* I could have hurt you! *walks towards him, concerned* Azi: *Still grinning* Aww, it's so sweet that you are concerned for me dear but I'm fine. Ellie: *punches him in the shoulder, harder than she should* By some sheer luck only. And you'd be jumpy too if some creep was looming over you while you were in bed. In your locked house. *folds her arms and glares at him for a moment longer before relaxing, now that her heart rate is back to normal* *sits back down on the bed* And hello. Azi: *Rubs his shoulder because ow she can hit hard* *Stares at her with a raised eyebrows and a playful smile* ...So you think I am a creep? Ellie: *throws her hands in the air* That's not what I meant. But you scared the daylights out of me. *glares and sulks a little* Azi: Aw Ellie... *Plops down next to her on her bed and hugs her* I promise I won't do it again today. Ellie: *starts to accept the hug and then he finishes the sentence* *purses her lips and gives him a punch in the leg* *hard* Ever! Azi: *Yelps and lets her go* *Rubs his leg where she hit him and attempts to smile* Sorry dear, but I can't make that promise, things would just be less fun that way. Ellie: *nods sagely* Oh well, next time I can't promise to stop attacking when I realise it's you. That seems fair. Ellie: *casually* Did you happen to notice that one of your classmates is wearing a cast? Azi: *Blinks at her* ....Was that your way of threatening me? Ellie: *blinks back in exaggerated imitation* Weren't you threatening me with sneaking up on me and scaring me to death some more? Azi: *Frowns and feels guilty* I didn't mean to scare you, only surprise you… Ellie: *takes a deep breath* *leans ever so slightly towards him* Azi: Um... *Looks at her nervously* If you're still mad at me I can leave if you would like. Ellie: *glares at him* If you scare me and then leave me to have nightmares I will not forgive you. *leans the rest of the way so that she's leaning on him* Azi: *Confused because she looks and sounds angry with him yet she /didn't/ want him to go?* .....So um, what should I do? Ellie: *rolls her eyes, even though he can't see* *leans into him harder* *speaks quietly* A-- A hug wouldn't go amiss about now…? Azi: *Blinks and hesitates* ....Are you just luring me into a trap so that you can hit me again? Ellie: *sighs* *wraps her arms around him instead and puts her head on his shoulder* *in a tone like she's talking to a child* This is how we say: I'm sorry for scaring you, Ellie. Azi: *Hesitates a moment longer before wrapping his arms around her in a tight hug* Ellie: *sighs again, but this time /not/ in exasperation* And I'm sorry for hitting you, Azi. Even though you deserved it. *smirks* Azi: *Quiet tone* ...So you don't hate me? Ellie: *lifts her head to look at him* Of course I don’t? Azi: *Searches her face for any sign of lying* *When he doesn't find any he buries his face against her shoulder* Okay… Ellie: *softly* So are we done scaring, punching, and confusing one another? *rubs his back a little* Azi: *Nods quietly against her shoulder* Azi: I'm sorry… Ellie: *feels awful now* No, it's ok. /I'm/ sorry for yelling and punching. *continues to rub his back in what she hopes is a soothing motion* Azi: *Mumbling against her shoulder* I deserved it, it's okay. Ellie: *squeezes him tight* No, you really didn't. Azi... Aziraphale, look at me. *tries to see his face* Azi: *Does as he is told and reluctantly pulls away enough so that he can look at her* Ellie: *smiles her most reassuring smile* You're my friend. I like you. Sometimes I'll say or do stupid things I don't mean. *unwraps an arm so that she can tweak his nose* Don't give up on us so quickly. *continues to smile* Azi: *Smiles just a little at her reassurance* .....Do you want me to stop sneaking in at night? Ellie: *chuckles* Maybe knock on the window? Or, like, clear your throat or something? Azi: *Smiles a little more now and pulls her back into the hug* Okay. Ellie: *gladly returns to the hug, now that he's looking better* *tells herself to be more careful with her one and only friend in the future* Ellie: I'm glad you came. It's good to see you. Azi: *Pulls back with a shy smile* I'm glad I got to see you too dear. Azi: So... besides holding me in your arms while we are on your bed, what else would you like to do tonight? Ellie: *snorts* What do you mean besides…? Azi: *Shrugs* I'm fine with us remaining like this for a while. Ellie: *laughs* Me too, but perhaps we should be doing something else... *blushes* I mean. Like studying? You said you could help me study history? Azi: *Chuckles* Studying hmm? I see you're full of crazy ideas... Ellie: Yeah, crazy. That's me. *grins, relieved that they're being light-hearted again* Azi: *Smiles and reluctantly lets her go* So... studying? Ellie: *smiles uncertainly* If that's alright with you? Or is there something else you'd rather do? Azi: *Laughs lightly* Oh there are plenty of things I'd rather do, but I would be happy to help you study if you like? Ellie: *grins mischievously, eyes dancing with amusement* *arches an eyebrow* Ohhhh? Like what other things, pray tell? Azi: *Matches her grin with one of his own* Are you sure you want to know the answer to that question, my dear? Ellie: *thinks about it for a moment but now she's genuinely curious* I'm gonna go with yes. *grins* Azi: Well... *Pulls her into his arms once again* For starters I would like to keep my arms around you. *Smiles playfully* Ellie: *smiles and tucks her head down under his chin and wraps her arms tight again* *giggles softly* My uncle would have a fit if he walked in right now. Azi: *Nuzzles her hair* Then I guess we had better hope he doesn't walk in on us. Ellie: *sighs happily* You know... I'm glad you loomed over me in the library that day. Azi: *Giggles against her hair* Sorry about that darling, I just wanted to my sure you weren't one of those students who didn't know how to handle a book properly. Ellie: *smiles* And have I proven myself worthy of handling the books? Azi: If you hadn't I would have probably chased you out of the library. Ellie: *laughs and nuzzles her nose into his collar* What a horrible fate that would have been! Azi: *Smiling* It really would have been. To think if I had chased you out of the library you most likely wouldn't have a boy sneaking into your room at night. Ellie: Hmm yes. Would have made for quieter, but less interesting nights, certainly. Azi: *Nuzzles her shoulder* So do you still want to study? Ellie: Study? What's study? *smiles softly and shifts so that she is as close as she can possibly be without climbing into his lap* *the thought is strangely intriguing, though* Azi: *Smiles* Oh you know, that history you wanted help with.... unless you've changed your mind about studying and you want to do something else? *Holds her a little tighter* Ellie: *noses further into his collar and smiles* Hmmm I vote something else. *one hand travels up his back to tease her fingers through the hair at his nape* Azi: *Sighs happily against her shoulder* *Starts rubbing gentle circles into her back with his thumb* ...And what would that something else be? Ellie: *freezes for a moment and doesn't lift her face out of his collar because it's bright red* *fingers resume playing with his hair* *nervous laughter* I... I'm not sure? But... I enjoy this. *very quietly* A lot. Azi: *Nods softly* Then we can just keep doing this for awhile... Ellie: *sighs and relaxes against him, just enjoying being held and holding him* *can't get enough of his lovely curly hair* *doesn't notice the passage of time, if it's even passing at all* Azi: *Doesn't seem to notice the time passing either until he finds himself slowly drifting to sleep against her shoulder* Ellie... unless you fancy me sleeping here tonight I think I have to go. Ellie: *finds she does fancy the idea of him sleeping over* *sighs and wakes a little from her half-doze as well* Mmmm, suppose. Wouldn't do for you to be here if Uncle comes in to say goodnight, would it? *tries not to feel disappointed* *fails* Azi: *Chuckles* If he did it would probably make it much harder on my part to sneak in again. *Carefully pulls away from her and stands up* Ellie: *doesn't know what to do with her arms now and folds them around herself* *looks up at him, small smile on her face* Nicer sneaking next time? Though you did rather make it up to me. Azi: *Leans down and tilts her head so that he can kiss her cheek, lips lingering on her skin for a moment before pulling away with a shy smile* I promise to sneak nicer next time. See you tomorrow my dear. *Climbs out her window and disappears into the night* Ellie: *raises her hand to her very red cheek* *falls back on the bed and covers her eyes with her other arm* *can't stop grinning* —— Azi: *Sitting outside on the school steps* *Classes had just ended for the day and he is currently waiting for Ellie to show up so that they can spend her first afternoon of freedom since she got detention together* Ellie: *rushing out the front door of the school* *sees Azi and smiles* *bounds over* Hey! Azi: *Stands up when he notices her and smiles* *Pulls her into a quick hug* Hey yourself dear! I take it that the princess is allowed out of her tower today? Ellie: *grins and returns the hug* Yes! So... you've lived here longer than I have. What's a good place to go if you've suddenly been granted freedom? Azi: *Takes her hand and begins to lead her down the school steps as he ponders* Well if I was a princess who has just been granted her freedom... I think I would go out for ice cream. What do you think? Ellie: *moves her hand so she can thread her fingers with his and beams at him* Ice cream sounds lovely. Azi: *Grins* Then allow me to lead the way darling! *Walks with her to where he knows the ice cream parlor is* Ellie: *enjoys the feeling of holding his hand the whole way, and sometimes gives his arm a hug in her enthusiasm about doing some normal teenage stuff* This is the first time I've gone to one of these places with someone my own age. I either went with mother or Uncle Luke. *eyes up the ice cream selections* Azi: Is it now? I used to come here all the time with either Crowley or my brothers. *Grins at her enthusiasm and gives her hand a little squeeze* What would you like dear? Ellie: *smiles and leans her shoulder against his* Something with chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate. Azi: *Laughs* Chocolate it is then! *Speaks with the person running the counter and gives them their order* Ellie: *eagerly accepts her ice cream once it arrives and takes it out into the sun to devour* Azi: *Grabs his own ice cream and follows Ellie* So besides gorging ourselves on sweets, what else would you like to do with your new found freedom? Ellie: *looks at him with exaggerated wide-eyes* You mean I can do other thing with you than stuff myself full of chocolate? *grins* Azi: *Grins a little mischievously* Yup, all sorts of things… Ellie: *finds a nice sunny spot on a bench and sits down* Ooooo, what sort of things? *grins and licks at her ice cream* Azi: *Sits down next to her* Hmm... we could see a movie, visit a park, find a nice secluded spot to snuggle again… Ellie: *feels her heart pick up the pace as she smiles at him and blushes a little* I don't think that last one comes under the category of 'Approved by Uncle', though it's certainly the most tempting. Azi: *Grinning* True, but I'm pretty sure most of the things I do with you aren't 'Uncle Approved'… Ellie: *laughs* Like sneaking into my bedroom at night? Azi: *Giggles and licks his ice cream* /Exactly/ like sneaking into your room at night. Ellie: *sighs at her own conscience* Well, I think we should keep the afternoon's activities to 'Uncle Approved' ones so that I don't have to lie to him about what I was doing. *smiles shyly at him* The cuddles can wait until the times that Uncle doesn't know about? Azi: *Smiling at her* Can I take that as an invitation to cuddle you more often during our 'Not Uncle Approved' meetings? Ellie: *blushes a little, but is smiling* Absolutely. In fact, I encourage it. Azi: *Licks his ice cream and grins* I'll remember that. Ellie: *shuffles a little bit closer to Azi on the bench and happily eats her ice-cream, watching the people around about* Hope you didn't into trouble for being over at mine so late? Azi: *Shrugs and continues to lick his ice cream, causally brushes his knee against hers* Mike tried to give me his usual lecture when he caught me sneaking back in but I'm used to it... Ellie: *turns her head away to hide her smile when their knees brush* So long as you're never caught at my end. *snorts* I can only imagine what my uncle would do. *starts to eat her cone* Azi: *Involuntary shutter* I don't think I want to even /try/ to imagine what would happen if he walked in on us. *Nibbles nervously on the ice cream cone* Ellie: *brushes her fingers reassuringly against his leg* *nudges his shoulder with hers* We'll just have to be careful. And quiet. *grins* So no more tickling or scaring me half to death. Azi: *Smiles a dangerous smile* Oh darling, I can try my best not to scare you when I sneak in at night but there is no way I'm giving up my tickle attacks. Ellie: *wide-eyed* Do you /want/ my uncle to come see what all the squealing is about? Azi: *Pouts and attempts to look innocent* Do /you/ really want to deny me the joy of making you squeal? Ellie: *forcefully drags her mind away from things she shouldn't even be considering* *has gone slightly red* *with as much conviction as she can muster* No tickling! It's totally unfair that you know that weakness. Ellie: I have yet to learn yours. *narrows eyes* Azi: *Sly smile and leans in, whispering playfully in her ear* Would you like to? Ellie: *goes slightly redder but smiles* Of course. Need to even the playing field. Azi: *Chuckles and returns to finishing off this ice cream cone* Well then I wish you luck in figuring it out. Ellie: *gives him a punch in the shoulder, but gently this time* *smiling wide* You tease! Azi: *Giggling* Dear, I haven't even begun to tease you yet. Ellie: *sighs happily as she pops the last of her ice cream cone into her mouth and chews* I'll find your Achilles Heel yet. I'm pretty determined. *grins* Azi: *Smiling, licking of a bit of ice cream for his fingers* Again, I wish you luck. *Stands up and offers her a hand* Ellie: *takes the offered hand and stands up* *checks her watch* We've still got a bit of time before Uncle Luke sends out the police. Where to now? Azi: *Entwines his fingers with hers* Somewhere where the police can't find us? Ellie: *chuckles* I'm not sure whether to find that flattering or frightening. *gives his hand a squeeze* *is beginning to wonder whether the hand holding and hugging meant that they were more than friends* *is too shy to ask* Azi: *Hums thoughtfully* How about a little of both? *Squeezes her hand back, smiling* Ellie: *side-eyes Azi* I'm not going to ask just where you think the police won't find us, because you probably have an answer. *tugs him in the direction of the park* Azi: *Resists telling her that he does, in fact, have an answer* *Allows her to drag him to the park* ...So where are you taking me? Ellie: *smirks at him* Somewhere public so that you behave. *jerks her chin in the direction they're moving* Figure we could find a nice, quiet, reasonably private spot in the park. *blushes* That way I can honestly say we were hanging out in the park. Azi: *Brushes their shoulders together* If we find a reasonably private spot does that mean I'm still going to have to behave? Ellie: *laughs a little nervously* Will you tell me what your weakness is? Azi: And ruin the mystery? I think not. Ellie: Hmmm. Then yes. Behaving it is. *grins* Azi: *Sighs dramatically* Fine... I can always not behave later when I sneak into your room at night. *Smirks and enters the park with her* Ellie: *arches one eyebrow at him* Maybe I'll lock my window and go downstairs to watch TV with my uncle. *lips twitching with a suppressed smile* Azi: *Giggling and muttering quietly* I scale a three story house and you actually think a locked window can stop me? Ellie: *raises both eyebrows now* Remind me /never/ to get on the bad side of you. Azi: *Tugs her hand a little to bring her closer* Darling, I don't think you can /ever/ get on my bad side... *Nuzzles her hair with a shy smile* I like you far too much. Ellie: *melts slightly into him for a moment with a dopey smile, then shakes herself and straightens up again* Are you sweet-talking me so that you can misbehave? *can't help the smile* Azi: *Snaps out of his adoring haze and quickly gives her a not-so-innocent grin* Maybe.... Ellie: *swings around so that she is in front of him, walking backwards and pulling him along* *grins* Flattery and sweet talk will get you everywhere. *winks* *then can't believe she just said that* Azi: *Steps closer and slips his hands around her waist, stopping them* Everywhere huh? *Rests his forehead against hers* Should I ask you to elaborate on that? *Playful grin* Ellie: *grips his arms, suddenly very out of her depth* Um...? *can't look away from his incredibly blue eyes* Azi: *Finds himself getting lost in her green eyes and slowly leaning closer, tightening his hold around her waist* *It takes a little voice of reason screaming at him how making a move this serious, especially with someone as adorably shy as Ellie, could back fire horribly for him to come to his senses and realize fully what he is doing* *Quickly moves away from her lips and instead buries his face against the crook of her neck to hide just how hard he is blushing* Azi: ...You um, didn't answer my question dear. Ellie: *tries not to breathe too harshly right in Azi's ear when he hides his face in her neck, but her heart is hammering so hard she can't tell whether she's successful or not* *she had been /so/ sure, for a moment there, that he was going to kiss her* *closes her eyes and tells herself very firmly to not be stupid* *mind fizzing* *voice a little shaky* I don't remember the question? Azi: *Heart rate slowly returning to normal, breathing softly against her neck and fully aware that this is probably coming off rather creepy but he refuses to allow her to see just how red a little /almost/ kiss made him* *.....Plus maybe he's just enjoying being this close with her* I... I don't think I remember either. Ellie: *heart about a calm as feeling his breath against her neck will allow* *gives his arms a little squeeze* *quietly* Come on, let's find somewhere quiet to sit. Maybe by the lake? Azi: *Nods a little against her neck, shaking ever so slightly* S-Sounds perfect dear. Quiet, private, and a lake to throw myself in. *Laughs softly to himself* Ellie: *surprised laughter* *runs her hands up his arms to drape them around his neck instead* *still can't see his face* Now why would you need a lake to throw yourself into? Azi: *Quiet voice and doesn't dare look her in the eyes yet* ...Because if I don't cool off I'm honestly afraid I may try and jump you again. Ellie: *thinks so much for getting her heart rate and breathing back under control* *hands grip his neck tight* *breathless* Oh! *tries to sort out her scattered thoughts* I... *hugs him tight* *whispers* I wouldn't mind? Azi: *Head shoots up in surprise and feels his face go red again, pretty sure it will never go back to its normal color* *Searches her face for any sign that she is joking* ...Are you sure? Ellie: *has a blush almost to match his* *is grateful for her darker complexion* *shy smile* Quite. Azi: *Gulps nervously and gives her a little nod* Okay then... but um, not here. *Figures if he is going to do this he is going to do it in private* Ellie: *can feel giggles bubbling up and is trying to suppress them* All right. So... do you want to stay here? Or where do you want to go? Azi: Lake. Quiet, private, and close by. *Grabs her hand once again and practically drags her with him to where he knows a private spot by the lake to be* Ellie: *lets herself be dragged* *feels like she needs to fan herself* *is happy and excited and nervous all at once* Azi: *Stops once they have reached the spot by the lake, a little out of breath* *Turns to her a little shyly once he realizes how silly he is acting* Um... sorry, I probably shouldn't have dragged you here like that. Ellie: *just as breathless, and not only because of the rushing* *smiles and takes both his hands* I don't mind. *steps closer and has a quick look around* *looks back at him* It's a nice spot. *another step and their toes are touching* Azi: *Hesitantly wraps his arms around her waist again and pulls her closer against him* I'm glad you like it.... *Rests his forehead against hers and gently placed a hand on her cheek, stroking it with his thumb* So... you're /really/ sure about this? Ellie: *smiling* *tilts her chin up a little to bring their mouths closer together* You're starting to make me worry about what it is I should be unsure about... *snakes her arms back up around his neck* *is bright red, but that's ok because he is, too* So get on with it. Azi: *Manages a grin and leans closer* Aren't you the demanding one? *Allows his eyes to drift shut and closes the distance between their lips* Ellie: *lets her own eyes close when Azi's do* *feels his lips press to hers* *doesn't know what else to do so presses back a little, fingers threading into his hair* Azi: *Smiles against her lips when he feels her play with his hair* *Tilts his head and presses a little into the kiss, bringing both of his hands up to frame her face* Ellie: *feels his smile and her own lips curve up in response* *heart racing, feeling a little light-headed* *presses in as close as she can to him* *giddy thoughts going in all directions* Azi: *Pulse goes wild as she presses closer and forces himself to pull back* *Rests his forehead against hers, breathing heavily and seriously considering jumping into that lake* Ellie: *makes a little mew of disappointment when he pulls away, but her breathing is just as erratic* Well... *grinning from ear to ear* *dealing with a bunch of new sensations, all of which feel very good* *wonders whether dragging him to the ground would be considered too forward* *decides it probably would be* Azi: *Takes every once of his self control not to pounce when he hears the little sound she made* *Eyes flutter open and matches her grin, legs feeling just a little wobbly* ....Mind if we sit down? Ellie: *drags downward on his neck and shoulders and nearly collapses to the ground herself* Not at all. *already sitting on the ground, feeling a little steadier for it* Azi: *Falls to the ground besides her and pulls her back into his arms* Thank you darling. *Kisses her cheek... and then her jaw... and then down her neck* Ellie: *makes an involuntary little whining sound as he kisses down her neck, fingers clutching at his shoulder* Azi... *isn't sure what she was going to say, but she doesn't want him to stop* Azi: *Feels a pleasant warmth shoot through his very core when he hears her say his name* *Pulls her closer, onto his lap and threads his fingers through her hair* *Begins to lick and nip at the curve of her neck as he tries desperately to remember exactly /why/ he should be taking things slow* *...Comes up empty* Ellie: *breath coming in little pants and gasps now as she tries to process this new information and sensations* Azi... *pleading, but not sure what for* Azi: *Moan starts in the back of his throat as Ellie’s pleading does things to him that really shouldn't be done in a public park in the middle of the day* *Realizes just how much he wants to taste those lips pleading his name again and does just that, definitely going for a deeper kiss than before* Ellie: *all thoughts grind to a halt as Azi moans and kisses her again, but different this time* *doesn't need thoughts* *thoughts are definitely overrated* *what isn't overrated is his hands in her hair and his lips on hers* *responds with enthusiasm, if a lack of experience and finesse* Azi: *He wasn't entirely sure where either of them were going with all this, or even how far, but he was sure that Ellie’s lips felt fantastic against his own... and he adored the feeling of her silky hair tangled around his fingers.... and how comfortable she felt in his lap... and how nice it felt to gently slide his free hand from her knee and slowly up her thigh-* *'Oh shit'* *His eyes shoot open and he pulls his hands off of her as if they were burned* *Sits back a little (as far as he can get with her still in his lap) and stares at her, mentally scolding himself for even /considering/ going that far with her* Ellie: *eyes fly open as Azi's hands and mouth are suddenly gone, and she is left grasping at air herself* What...? *bites her lips and hastily slides off his lap to kneel next to him, carefully not touching because she has no idea what she did wrong* W-- was... it something I did? Azi: *Frantically shakes his head back and forth* No! You didn't do anything wrong at all, I just... I think I may have to jump in that lake now. Ellie: *still looking worried, and a little confused* *just about has her breath back again* I... *blushes with embarrassment now because the guy she was kissing pretty much flung himself away from her* I'm sorry... I don't know... I won't... *waves her hand around, unable to articulate what she means* Are you ok? Azi: *Notices that he could have probably handled his reaction better instead of confusing Ellie terribly* I'm fine dear, it's just that... *It's just he wants to hold her close again and kiss her deeply and feel her skin hot against his own and...* Will you excuse me for a moment darling? I'll be right back... *Proceeds to stand up, kicks off his shoes and socks, pull off his sweater, and promptly dunks himself in the lake* Ellie: *watches Azi in extreme confusion as he removes his shoes, socks, and sweater* *this turns to shock - and amusement - as he throws himself into the lake* *only thing stopping her from joining him is that there would be a lot of awkward questions from one over-protective uncle if she came home dripping wet* *sits back and slowly relaxes, then smiles again, as she watches Azi* Azi: *Pops out of the water as slowly returns to her side once he is sure he won't be doing scandalous things to her in the middle of the park, picking up his discarded clothing items and shivering along the way* ...Sorry about that. Ellie: *covers her mouth with her hand* Was it really all that bad you had to wash me off immediately? *winks to show she's teasing* Azi: *Manages to smile back as he began to redress himself* No, it was fantastic... so fantastic in fact, that I needed a whole lake of freezing cold water to cool myself off enough so that I didn't deflower you right here in the middle of a public place. Ellie: *feels her face heat* *laughs and wants to hide away now* *falls back on practical concerns to hide the fact that she is suddenly very, /very/ flustered* Y--You'll catch your death of cold! We need to get somewhere warm, or get you home into some dry clothes! Azi: *Shivering and pulls his sweater on after removing his wet shirt* I'll be fine darling. What's a little hypothermia amongst friends trying to stop themselves from having a little too much fun with other friends? Ellie: *cocks her head and smiles up at him, still in dripping wet pants* Your legs are going to freeze off. *coughs to cover a laugh* Not to mention other things. *grins mischievously* Can't have that. I may have use for those one day. *goes bright red, but the joke is worth it* Azi: *Goes equally red and grins at her joke* Ellie, unless you want me to pounce on you and warm up in the most enjoyable way possible, I'm going to have to take another dip in that lake if you keep saying things like that. Ellie: *laughs again* Alright, alright. *holds up her hands as if in surrender* *still grinning* I'll be good! Azi: *Cuddles up to her for warmth* I'm sorry I confused you earlier dear, but as you know now I was having some... trouble. Ellie: *amused tone* Some trouble, huh. *wraps her arms around Azi, rubbing firmly at his arms* *trying not to get herself wet against his soaking and cold pants* You're freezing! If you get sick you won't be able to do whatever it is you do to scale up three storeys to climb in my window. And then I'd miss you. So you see it's entirely selfish reasons I have for getting you warm and dry again. *grins and kisses his wet hair* Azi: *Turns and catch her lips in a quick kiss* It would take a lot more than a mere sickness to stop me from scaling your walls.... especially since I know now that I'm allowed to do things like this. *Kisses her again and allows his lips to linger on hers* Ellie: *reminds herself that breathing is a thing she should be doing and takes in a big shuddering breath against his lips* Yes. This and cuddling are definitely on the approved list. The Ellie Approved list, not the Uncle Approved list. *grins and kisses him again, little gentle nips with smiles in between* Azi: *Exchanges a short series of kisses with Ellie before pulling away from her* *Self control. If he doesn't want to get killed by her uncle he needs to have self control... for now* Speaking of Uncle Approved, if we don't get you home soon he might start hunting us down... Ellie: *checks her watch and then her phone* *thankfully there isn't a message there* I suspect a few more minutes and there will be a message. *sighs* Suppose I should let him know I'm on my way before he has to message me. Show I'm responsible and can be trusted and all that. *grins at him even as she's composing a quick text to her uncle letting him know that they were on the way home from the park now* Azi: *Looks himself over* ...It would probably be best if your uncle didn't see me like this. Ellie: *chuckles as she looks him over, too* You do have a good point there. *leans over and brushes some wet hair away from his face* I am perfectly capable of getting myself home. You better get home and warm. *smiles* Azi: I guess you're right. *Sighs sadly and wills himself to get up, offering her a hand* Ellie: *takes his hand and pulls herself up* *quickly leans in for a kiss as part of the same movement, pulling away again with a pleased grin* So you'll go and get warm and dry right away? Azi: I'll go home and get dry, but I think I'll save the 'getting warm' part for when I visit later. *Winks* *Reminds himself that pinning her against a nearby tree to kiss her senseless right now would be counter productive* So please remember to keep your window unlocked, okay dear? Ellie: *pleasant warm sensation in her stomach* *grinning* I thought you said locked windows were no barrier for you? *can still feel his lips on hers even though they have at least a foot of space separating them* Azi: *Smirks* They aren't, but I just figured you would want me to spend less time on the lock and more time on you. *Shrugs casually* Ellie: *shivers pleasantly and smiles* When you put it like that... How can a girl resist? *laughs* Get on home now. I'd better make a move before my uncle wonders what sort of detour I've taken from the park. Azi: *Smiles* See you tonight darling. *Kisses her cheek as per usual and hurries home to change because he really was freezing* Ellie: *smiles as he kisses her cheek and hurries off* *watches him for a moment before turning and heading in a different direction* —— [From Luke to Azi: Where are you two? You should have been back ages ago. There better be a good explanation.] [From Azi to Luke: What are you talking about sir? Ellie and I parted ways over half an hour ago. Is she not home yet?!] [From Luke to Azi: See if you can contact her. She's not answering me.] [From Luke to Azi: She's back.] [From Azi to Luke: Oh thank goodness. Is she okay?] (Cue silence from Luke's end) —— Azi: *Worried about the texts he got from Ellies uncle and quickly hurries over once night has fallen* *Makes his way to his normal spot outside her window before quietly knocking on it to make his presence known* Ellie: *has been expecting the visit and swinging between anticipation/excitement and dread* *lying on her side on the bed, facing the window* *pyjamas on, bunny slippers not quite hiding the strapped up ankle* *bruise on her jaw impossible to hide* *the window is ajar so calls out softly* Come in! Azi: *Feels relieved when he hears her voice, taking it as a sign that she is okay before opening the window and climbing inside* *Is about to give her a cheerful hello when he notices the bruised jaw and quickly forgets the greeting* *Instead he is by her side in seconds inspecting her injury* ....What happened? And this time please don't avoid the question. Ellie: *trying not to wince away from his inspection* Would you believe that I tripped and fell on the pavement again? *attempts a smile* Azi: *Not buying it* Ellie, /please/ tell me what happened to you once we separated in the park. Ellie: *reaches out to take Azi's hand* Not a lot that needs telling. *cringes* Three of them, one of me. About halfway back. *bitter laugh* I didn't manage to break any of the bastards' bones this time, though. *gives his hand a squeeze* Azi: *Squeezes her hand back and attempts to swallow his anger for the people who did this to her* ...Do they just /wait/ for you in the park? Ellie: *shrugs and sits up with a bit of a wince as other, unseen injuries make themselves known* Sorry. I thought I'd sorted it first time. Didn't think anyone else would be stupid enough. Azi: *Speaks softly* I shouldn't have left you in the park, not when I knew that you've gotten attacked there before. Ellie: *reaches out to touch Azi's face* *smiles sadly* It's not your fault. I'm fine. A bit bruised around the edges, but fine. *scoots closer to him, hurt leg stretched carefully towards the edge of the bed* *hooks her arm around Azi's neck and places her head against his shoulder* Azi: *Crawls into bed next to her and gently, very gently wraps his arms around her* You shouldn't have gotten hurt... *Strokes her hair* Ellie: *sags into his embrace and allows herself to be held* *hides her wince in his shoulder as his leg connects with her hip* You think I'm hurt? You should see the others. *slight over-exaggeration as there had been three of them* Azi: *Smiles a small smile and places a kiss against her temple* Want to tell me where else you are hurt that way I'll where and where not to snuggle tonight? Ellie: *sighs* I wish you could stay here, but with what happened today it's quite likely my uncle will check on me. *clings tightly to him in counterpoint to her words* And as to where it hurts... ankle, thigh, hip, ribs, neck, jaw, and my brain is having a good go of trying to pound its way out of my skull. *smiles* Azi: *Curls around her not liking the idea that he wouldn't be able to stay for the night* .....If your uncle came in I could always just hide. Ellie: *snorts* And where would you hide? Shall I stuff you in the closet? Smuggle you under the bed? *rubs her nose against his cheek* Azi: *Grins and pecks her lips* Those ideas might work, but I'm sure we can get more creative than that. Ellie: *laughs softly, then winces because it makes her ribs hurt* Like what? In case you hadn't noticed, there are very few places to hide in this room. Azi: There are plenty of places. *Wishes he could take her pain away* *Gently nuzzles her cheek with a sad little smile* Ellie: *looks more vulnerable than she ever has* You really would stay? Azi: *Locks eyes with her as his sad smile turns into a fond one* Of course darling. Ellie: *brushes her lips against his* Thank you. *tucks her head down and snuggles close* *anger in her voice* They were cowards. None of them would have stood a chance in a fair fight. Azi: Well in their defense I would be pretty scared to face you down alone as well. *Playful tone* Ellie: *is strangely pacified by this* *smiles a little* I see you managed to get dry and warm again. Azi: *Laughs quietly* Dry yes, but I wasn't very warm until I got here darling. Ellie: *wraps one arm around his waist and bunches the other hand in the front of his shirt* *feels the position stretching sore muscles, but doesn't care* You're nice and warm now. Azi: So are you dear... *Smiles fondly, careful nuzzling the top of her head as he allows his eyes to drift close* Ellie: *can't see his eyes closing* *cuddles against him, staring at nothing in particular, enjoying the comforting silence* *is too wired to fall asleep* Azi: *His breathing evens out after he has hit a deeper sleep, unconsciously snuggling the warm body in his arms as of she were his own personal teddy bear* Ellie: *hears Azi's breathing settle into a sleep rhythm and smiles* *she will let him sleep just for a little while, then he has to go...* *... a little while later, Ellie breathes deeply, closes her eyes - just for a few seconds! - and drifts into sleep feeling safe and warm* —— Ellie: *movement and a stirring of air wakes her* *becomes aware of two things: Azi is gone, and Luke's footsteps are approaching down the hallway* *soft knock on the door before it opens slowly* *looks around frantically but can't see Azi* *disappointed /and/ relieved* Luke: *approaching her bed, eyes worried* Hey pet, you ok? *sits down and pulls the oddly bunched blankets back into place and smoothes them down* Ellie: *nods* Yeah. Tired, I guess. Was asleep. *yawns for emphasis* Luke: *nods* *strokes her hair* I'll let you get back to it. You need anything you just call out, ok? Ellie: *nods* Luke: *bends over and kisses her forehead* Sleep well. *gets up and quietly leaves, turning the light off on the way and closing the door, leaving it slightly ajar* Ellie: *looks back towards the window, also slightly ajar, and sighs* *can still feel the warmth where Azi had been* Azi: *As quietly as possible pushes open the slightly ajar window and climbs back inside after all but throwing himself out it when he woke up and could hear her uncle heading towards Ellie's room* Ellie: *whispers* Azi! *props up on her elbow and reaches out to him with her free hand* *welcoming smile* Azi: *Smiles and goes to her, although he made one little detour to stop and close her ajar door silently* Hey darling, miss me? Ellie: *does her best to pull him back into the bed as quickly as possible* Of course. I was worried you'd gone home. Azi: *Takes his place in bed next to her, arms snug around her smaller frame* Nope, but I did have to step out for a moment. It was either that or have your uncle throw me out. Ellie: *resumes her earlier position with one arm around him and the other hand bunched into the front of his shirt* Yeah, I was a bit worried when I heard him coming down the hall. *smiles and nuzzles* Thank you for coming back. We should set an alarm for early, before my uncle checks in on me. You got a phone handy? *thumb stroking his back idly, trying to subtly shift herself into a less painful position* Azi: *Nods and places a hand over the one she is gripping his shirt with, gently stroking* I've already taken care of that part. If I'm going to be sneaking into girls rooms to spend the night I have to come prepared. *Tries to adjust her so that she is leaning more against him and not on her injuries* Ellie: *finds a comfortable position and settles down* Girls' rooms, huh? There's more than one? *smiles and kisses his chin* Have you warned them that I'm the vicious type? Azi: Vicious? Now there's something I would have /never/ have been able to guess. *Teasing smile* Don't worry dear, your room is the only one I'm sneaking into. Ellie: *smiles and brushes her lips very lightly against his* Glad to hear it. Azi: *Smiles softly as she brushes their lips together and goes to return the gentle kiss* So should I assume you're skipping school tomorrow? Ellie: *heart races a little as he returns the kiss, but is otherwise too tired and sore to do anything about it* You can be assured that there is no way Uncle Luke is letting me go to school tomorrow. Azi: *Rubs his nose together with hers* School is definitely going to be less enjoyable without you around. Ellie: *lets her eyes close* I think if you came around after school the /normal/ way, you know, knocking on the front door... Uncle Luke would let you in to see me. I'll make sure I'm down in the living room at that time. *lips twitch with a smile* I'll make such a pain of myself tomorrow that he'll be begging me to go to school the day after. Azi: *Giggles and nuzzles her cheek, allowing his own eyes to flutter shut as well* I'll be sure to stop in after school then. Ellie: *tightens her arm for a moment* *sighs with contentment* Night. *makes her body relax the rest of the way* Azi: Good night, darling. *Lets himself drift off with Ellie safely in his arms* —— Azi: *Arrives at Ellie's front door after school and after a little "discussion" he had with her bullies in the park a few minutes ago before arriving here* *His is covered in bruises and has a very bad scrape on his cheek where his face may have made contact with the pavement* *He also has some incredibly sore knuckles from where his fist may have made contact with a few of his attackers jaws* *Wearing a satisfied smile and on wobbly legs he knocks on the door* Luke: *hears the door and goes to answer it, checking that Ellie is still in the living room watching TV* *is surprised by what he sees when he opens the door* *considers his options for a moment* *waves the boy in* I suppose you'd better come inside. Ellie's in the living room. *sterner* And this time I'm going to get a full, unabridged explanation of what is really going on here. Azi: *Smiles a grateful smile and stumbles to the living room* Ellie: *hears Luke answer the door and decides it's best to wait where she is* *is a bit worried by his tone, and even more worried when she sees the state of Azi* *leaps to her feet, remembers that her ankle is sprained and winces a little* *stumbles forward a little herself to close the gap* Azi! What happened? *hands hesitate to hug him because who knows where else he has bruises* Luke: *from the doorway, arms crossed* That I'd like to know as well. Azi: *Hurries forward and carefully takes Ellie into his arms, rather having her leaning against his injuries than her own* *Can't help but smile a little cheekily* Would you believe I tripped over and fell? Ellie: *resists the urge to punch him because by the looks of it someone - or several someones - beat her to it* *wraps her arms carefully around his waist and nuzzles into his shoulder* *doesn't care that Luke is watching* You think you're so funny. Come sit down... *turns slightly towards the couch* Azi: I'm hilarious and sitting sounds fantastic right about now. *Tries his best not to wince too much as he moves to rest himself on the couch* ....So how was your day dear? Feeling better? Ellie: *glares daggers at him* Luke: *sitting down on the armchair* I take it these injuries are in some way related to Ellie's? *pause* Do you need an ice pack? *another pause and an appraising look* Or ten? Azi: *Waves him off* I'll be fine, as long as I don't try to move much I can handle it. Azi: And yes... I got into a fight with the same people Ellie did. Ellie: You... did? Why? /How/? *slight accusing look* Azi: *Grins* Well on my way over here I happened across them in the park and decided to have a word with them.... needless to say they weren't very interested in talking. Ellie: *carefully touches Azi's face by the scrape* We should get you cleaned up. *gives her uncle a Look* Luke: *feels like grumbling* Fine. *stands up and heads towards the door* But when I get back, I'm going to need your parents' contact details, Aziraphale. I can't lay a complaint on your behalf, but I'm sure they'll want to. *vanishes out the room before anyone can respond* Ellie: *quietly and with a worried look* Why did you have to go looking for them? *strokes a part of his face that looks like it escaped damage* Azi: *Holds back a wince when her hand gets too close to his cheek* Because they hurt you and I wanted to see if I could reason with them to stop. Sadly it turns out I couldn't.... but I was still able to hold my own. Azi: *Carefully steals a kiss while her uncle isn't looking* I'm fine darling. Ellie: *steals a second kiss because she can* *frowns* I don't like to see you hurt. *moves her hand to his hair instead, figuring that was reasonably safe territory* *expression softens a little bit* Hope you at least left them hurting, too. Azi: *Decides not to mention the bruise forming on the back of his head where her hand is currently playing with his hair* Of course, but I have to give you some credit for that. They were still hurting from what you did to them yesterday. Ellie: I-- Luke: *rushes back in, takes one look at their poses and sees what's going on - he wasn't born yesterday - and decides to leave that topic for another day* *dumps three ice packs wrapped in dish towels on the couch by the boy* *hands over some damp and dry towelettes to Ellie* *very serious with an undertone of barely suppressed anger* Contact details. *hands him a pen and paper* Ellie: *figuring it's too late to not be seen stroking Azi's hair, she continues* Azi: *Visibly shrinks away from the ticked off overly protective uncle who obviously suspects Azi and Ellie may be a little more than friends* *Takes the pen and paper and scribbles down Met's phone number and place of work (Radio station) since he guesses he would have to count as his legal guardian* *Wordlessly hands the paper back to Luke and begins placing the ice packs against himself where they are most needed* Ellie: *watches the exchange in silence and carefully holds one of the ice packs where Azi placed it when it starts to slide* Luke: *glances over the paper, gets out his phone, and takes it off to the far side of the room to conduct a low-voiced conversation with whoever he got at the other end* Ellie: *quietly again* Don't worry about my uncle. He's protective, but he's not mean. *wants to kiss away all of Azi's hurt* What a pair we are. Azi: *Offers her a tired smile and speaks just as quietly* That we are darling. We both get into a fight with the same group of people and we both have guardians who may want to kill me after all this. Ellie: *eyes wide* What? Luke? No. *smiles* I can't speak for Met, but this one here *jerks her head in the direction of her uncle, still in the corner speaking on the phone* is a big softie under it all. He just wants me safe, and you've demonstrated the willingness to fight for my honour. *winks* Azi: *Slumps against her shoulder* I sincerely hope you're right darling. It would be nice not to have to worry about what your uncle is going to do to me on top of what I'm going to have to deal with when I get home. Luke: *returning from the far corner of the room, having finished his conversation* *not looking impressed* Right, well Met, your /brother/, is going to send one of your other /brothers/ over to get you. We had an interesting chat. *sits down on the armchair again and gives Ellie a displeased look* Ellie: *stares right back and refuses to move away from Azi, as that appears to be the intention of the look* Luke: *returns his gaze to Azi* They'll make sure you're ok, and it's now in Met's hands whether to follow this up with any sort of formal complaint. As for you... *considers*... I'm not so cruel as to stop you seeing my niece. She's obviously fond of you and would make my life a living Hell. *levels a stern look at Ellie, then back at Azi* But any visits are to be fully supervised. I would prefer them to be here *points down at the floor* but I can arrange to act as chaperone if you wish to go out anywhere. /Neither/ of you should be walking alone. *turns to Ellie again* /You/ will not be walking anywhere alone. Ellie: *sags but at least she hasn't been denied Azi so doesn't argue* Azi: *Cringes away at Luke's obvious dislike of both himself and his family situation. There was a reason why he didn't mention his lack of parents before hand...* *As he goes on Azi realises his life with Ellie just got a whole lot more complicated if her uncle really was planning to shadow them everywhere* *This was definitely going to make dating (They were dating right?) awkward* Azi: *Nods a little sadly (and just a touched annoyed because he was honestly not used to an adult insisting on getting this involved) to Luke's terms* Whatever you say sir. *At least he still was allowed to see Ellie* Ellie: *sees that Azi is not happy and turns to her uncle* Luke, please-- Luke: *interrupting in a stern voice* Elisheva. These are my terms. *face softens a little* However, I'm not so old yet that I don't remember what it's like. *stands* If you're under my roof, you'll be allowed at least a modicum of privacy in this room. I'll be in my office. I suggest you let /me/ answer the door when it rings. *with that he once again leaves the room* Ellie: *focusing back on Azi again* *picking up the damp towelette to dab as gently as she can at the scrape on his face, trying to get some of the dirt out* Who's going to pick you up? Are you really going to be in a lot of trouble? Azi: *Winces as she assists him in cleaning his wounds but is still grateful for her efforts* With any luck it won't be Mike picking me up. They are all going to have a lot of questions anyway without him drilling me for information. Ellie: *winces nearly as much as him every time* I'm sorry. Both for the cloth and for the trouble you'll be in because of me. *grabs a clean cloth and dabs at the scrape on his face some more* *it's looking cleaner now, but is leaking a bit* I don't want to make things difficult for you at school. Azi: *Reachs over and takes her free hand into his as he forces himself to stop wincing so much* Trust me darling, you're worth every bit of trouble I get into over this. *Smiles reassuringly* Ellie: *can't help smiling at his words* *leans forward and places a quick kiss on his lips* Thank you. *puts the cloth down and turns his head slightly with gentle fingers on his chin so that she can look at her work* It'll probably be fine if you keep it clean. Azi: *Leans in closer to steal another kiss* Thank /you/ for your help dear. Mind if I do something until my ride gets here? Ellie: *smiles at him* Do what? Azi: *Shifts around and carefully lays down with his head in her lap* *Allows his eyes to drift close* This… Ellie: *smiles wider* *very carefully and gently cards her fingers through his hair, other hand resting lightly on his shoulder* Of course. *watches him breathing and trying not to fret about their problems* *has faith that Uncle Luke will be able to help, somehow* Azi: *Drifts off to sleep in her lap until someone comes to pick him up* —— Ellie: *jumps up when the doorbell rings and rushes to answer it before Luke can, only limping a little* *passes Luke in the hallway and exchanges an embarrassed smile with him* *neither of them are particularly comfortable after yesterday's Talk* *flings the door open with a broad smile* Hello! Azi: *Standing on her doorstep with a broad smile and a bandage over his injured cheek* Hello darling! How are you feeling? Ellie: /I'm/ feeling just fine. *reaches for him* How are /you/? Come in, come in. Luke: *leaning against the hallway wall just beyond the living room door, watching* Azi: I'm alright, no worse off than yesterday. *Takes her hand and enters the house* *Notices Luke and gives him a little nervous wave* Luke: *nods in acknowledgement but otherwise doesn't move* Good afternoon, Aziraphale. Ellie: *gives Azi's hand a reassuring squeeze* *to Luke* We'll be in here, then, uncle. *drags Azi into the living room* Luke: *watches them go then returns to his office* *turns his music off so that he can tell, from the murmur of voices, that they remain in that room* Azi: *Is incredibly grateful when they reach the living room and are out of Luke's sight* *Tugs on Ellie's hand and pulls her closer against himself for a kiss* Ellie: *melts immediately into the kiss, wrapping her arms oh-so-carefully around his waist* *is so happy that he is here and in one piece with no further injuries* *wants to ask a lot of questions but doesn't want to stop kissing him* Azi: *Wants nothing more than to drag her onto the nearest soft surface and continue this little kissing session but reminds himself that pining her to the couch with her uncle just in the other may be a tad too risky a move to pull* *Sadly brakes the kiss and settles with just holding her in his arms for now* Ellie: *lets him hold her for a bit, loving the still-novel feel of being wrapped in a hug like this* *after a few minutes she nudges him towards the couch so they can sit down* So tell me, how badly did this really go down at your place? Be honest, please. Is Met very upset? Did Mike give you a lecture? Have they called the school? Azi: *Sighs and sits down* Met and Mike /and/ Remy were all able to get along long enough to give me a lecture about how I shouldn't sneak out all night and that I shouldn't have fought those kids because I got myself hurt and how they didn't like that it took a call from someone they didn't even know for them to learn what was going on... *Leans back against the couch cushions* Met made a complaint to the school whether I liked it or not and they said that they would look into it. Ellie: *sits down right next to him, and when he sags back she nestles into him, making soft sympathetic sounds about his plight* Sounds awful. All I got was a bit of a questioning about my attack the other day, squeezing the last details out of me, and a Talk. The Talk. *makes a face* He's definitely noticed that you're not /just/ my friend and asked whether I'd had the whole Birds and Bees talk. I don't know who was more relieved when I said yes, because neither of us want to have that particular talk thank you. *nuzzles* I think he's been reading 'how to parent a teenager' books or something because he sounded more like he was following a formula. Azi: *Giggles a little out of the thought of how that little embarrassing discussion went* I'm sorry you had to have the Talk with your uncle because of me... but that does bring me to a question I've been meaning to ask lately. *Slips both of his arms around her and snuggles her close* What, pray tell, /are/ we exactly? Relationship wise? Ellie: *grins cheekily and kisses his jaw* Why, you're my little Toy Boy, Azi, didn't you know that? Azi: *Snickers* Oh really? What does that title mean for me? Ellie: *peppers little kisses along his jaw* It means that you're mine to snuggle and kiss and... er hem... anything else *wink* whenever I want. Azi: *Grins and raises an eyebrow* What's the 'anything else’? Ellie: *tucks her nose into the bit where his jaw and ear meet* *trying not to giggle* You'll just have to wait and see. Azi: *Hums happily from having her so close to him* Now that just makes me even more curious for what you have planned for me… Ellie: *sighs and leans the side of her head against his* First we both have to get better. Then not get into any more fights. Though I appear to have less choice in this matter than I would like. *grimaces* Well, at least Uncle Luke is letting me still see you. *sits up as something occurs to her* *levels him with an accusing look* Hold up. If you got such a lecture and telling off... why are you here? On your own, no less? Azi: *Innocent smile* I'm here because I wanted to see you darling. Ellie: *eyes narrow* You're not supposed to be here, are you? Azi: I'm grounded. *Still smiling* Ellie: *raises an eyebrow* Could have fooled me. Azi: I'm rather good at sneaking around. Ellie: *frowns* If my uncle finds out that you're here when you're actually grounded... *bites her lip* *searching his face* Azi... *hugs him as tightly as she dares, given their injuries* Azi: *Hugs her tightly in return* I'll be fine darling. Ellie: So apart from grounding, which is obviously working a treat for you, do you have any other consequences that I should know about? Azi: *Shrugs* Nope. There really wasn't anything else they could really do to me. Ellie: *eyes wide* What? No weekend chores to keep you busy and out of trouble? Scrubbing pots, mopping floors, weeding gardens, that sort of thing? Azi: I already do my fair share of chores voluntarily and if they attempted to give me more it would probably result in me not doing them unless I think that they were justified punishments. Ellie: *blinks at him because this level of defiance against adults is not something she associates with 'good' kids, and if not a 'good' kid then what is Azi?* *weakly* Oh. Ok. *though she really should have suspected with the sneaking into her room at night thing...* *buries her face in his neck and breathes in, then kisses the skin directly beneath her lips* *whatever he was, he was hers* Azi: *Suddenly worried that he may have said something wrong by her quiet response* *Opens him mouth to ask her when he suddenly finds her lips on his neck and he reasons no, he probably didn't do anything wrong because there is no way he would be rewarded this sort of pleasure if he had* *With a quiet whimper because wow he had never realized how sensitive that spot could be he tilts his head up to give her better access to his neck* Ellie: *snaps out of her thoughts when Azi whimpers, but by the stretching of his neck she reckons it's a good sound* *smiling a little, she kisses him there again, then moves around to his throat* *the angle is all wrong, so she swings her leg up and over his so that she is sitting side-on, a bit closer to facing him* *goes for a kiss on the throat again and finds it easier this time* *her hands have travelled up into his hair again* Azi: *Pulse jumps when she throws her leg over his* *Lips against his throat are soft and warm and making little sounds he didn't know he could make escape him* Ellie... *Reasons for why they shouldn't be doing this seem lost to him as he holds her closer* *One hand securely around her waist as the other travels slowly up and along her spine* Ellie: *shivering pleasantly at the hand travelling up her back* *shifts her weight ever so slightly so that she is more in his lap than beside it now* *trails kisses up the side of his neck, along his jaw, until she finally reaches his mouth* *captures it in an enthusiastic kiss, a little keening sound starting at the back of her throat* *fingers buried in his hair* Azi: *Pants and whimpers little sounds as her lips do wonders on him until she reaches his mouth, effectively smothering most of the needy gasps escaping him* *The hand that had been traveling up her spine has now reached the nape of her neck and he uses it to pull her closer and deepen the kiss, scraping at her bottom lip gently with his teeth* Ellie: *the teeth send a shot of pleasure right through her and she gasps and then presses in more, inexpertly exploring his mouth with her tongue* Luke: *coughs and chuckles* *standing in the doorway, leaning against it, arms crossed, sardonic smile on his face* I would say unhand my niece, but it appears to be the other way around. Ellie: *stops kissing Azi and looks up, shocked, to see her uncle* *goes bright red* Luke: *snorts at Ellie's expression* I'm not thrilled, but I'm not surprised. Just... *begins to turn away*... remember where you are, please. Ellie: *burning face sinks to Azi's shoulder as soft giggles take over* Azi: *Pretty sure his heart stopped* *It had been beating wildly when Ellie decided to get a thorough taste of his mouth but everything you had stopped when they noticed her uncle in the doorway, including his heart* *Was certain that Ellie’s overprotective uncle was going to kill him, but to his surprise he seemed okay with what was going on in his living room* *Stares at said uncle in complete shock and confusion as he turns to leave him alone with his niece once more* Ellie: *looks at Azi and her giggles start up again at his expression* Did you think he was going to throw you out? *strokes Azi's face* *kindly* I told you we had The Talk. Even before seeing this, he had a fairly good idea of where this is going if it wasn't there already. *nibbles on Azi's ear* In amongst the other embarrassing things, you know what he also said? *kisses the side of his neck* That if I /was/ going to do this (though he would prefer if I didn't)... *scrapes her teeth against his throat like she's going to bite, then kisses instead*... that he would rather it happen here. And he would rather not know about it, thank you very much. *giggles and kisses up under his chin* So you see... *kisses his chin*... he's not all that bad. Azi: *Tries to register everything Ellie is saying but her actions are making it rather difficult* *He got the gist of it though. 'Uncle doesn't approve but with tolerate as long as they don't go too far and remain somewhere not completely private'* *He found he respected her uncle a little more for this sort of understanding attitude and would have told Ellie about this is it wasn't for the fact that he suddenly found his lips too busy feverishly kissing her once again* (How The Talk would have gone: Luke: So, you're seeing a boy then? Ellie: *nods* Luke: Uh. Do I need to have a talk with you about sex? Ellie: Oh god please no. Luke: So... you know all about-- Ellie: Yes! I know all about! Luke: *relaxes* Oh good. Ellie: *nods* Luke: Uh... what about protection? Ellie: Please, we're not having this conversation. Luke: *sternly* It's important to know these things. Ellie: I know about protection! What do you think it even /is/ that Azi and I are doing?! Luke: I really don't want to answer that. Ellie: *uncomfortable silence* Luke: If you were to... Ellie: Oh my god, no, not going there, not talking about this with you! Luke: Elisheva, listen. You're sixteen, I vaguely remember what that's like. It's not always planned. Ellie: Nope! Nopenope. Luke: But if you /were/.... Ellie: NOPE! Luke: ... then let it be here, but God help the boy if I find out. Ellie: *gapes* Luke: *shrugs* ) Ellie: *figures her explanation was enough to put him at ease because she's being kissed to within an inch of her life* *making her own desperate little sounds and pressing so close it's like she's trying to merge her body with his* *is not taking any care at all about bruises by now* Azi: *Equally not paying mind to either of their injuries and pulling her as close to himself as he could* *Moans softly into their shared kiss and nips at her bottom lip, coaxing her mouth to open more so that he could have farther access* Ellie: *fingers running frantically through his hair, loving the feel of the soft curls* *happy to give him whatever he needs or wants right now* *has fully climbed into his lap, knees either side of his hips* *one hand trails down to sneak inside the collar of his sweater and under whatever he's wearing under that, to the skin of his shoulder* Azi: *Pulse goes wild at the skin on skin contact and realizes he desperately wants some more* *Using the hand gripping her waist he gently slips it under the back of her shirt, carefully stroking the skin on the small of her back* *His other hand tangled in her hair as he continues to nip and kiss her lips* Ellie: *feels his hand directly against the skin of her back and moans into his mouth and arches into the touch* *her other hand travels down and into the back of his collar* Azi: *Gasps and starts making those little needy sounds again* *Starts slowly gliding his hand higher up her back and-* ~Doorbell~ Azi: *Pulls away from her lips as the sound startles him and begins to pray desperately that it's not one of the people he thinks it is* Ellie: *also pulls away and stares wide-eyed at Azi* *whispers* Oh shit? Luke: *walks past the doorway, backs up and looks in at them* You two may wish to get into a more decent position, if it's someone to come inside. *raises an eyebrow and walks towards the door again* Ellie: *slides off Azi's lap, red-faced, to sit next to him instead* Luke: *opens the door and looks at the stranger politely* Hello? Met: *Standing at the door try to hide his annoyance and appear polite and pleasant* Hello yes, would you happen to be Luke? I believe we spoke over the phone yesterday. Azi: *Silently buries his face into his hands once he hears Mets voice coming from the front door because oh dear, they've found him* *Glances at the living room window and contemplates how far he could get if he climbed out it right now* Luke: Ah, yes, hello. Please come in. I take it you're here for Aziraphale. *stands back to let Met in the door* Ellie: *sees where Azi's glance goes and holds onto his hand tight* Please don't run? Azi: *Sighs sadly and squeezes her hand with a small smile* Okay darling. Met: Ah so the little run away is here after all. Wonderful. *Steps inside and begins to look around for his brother* Luke: Run away? *raises his eyebrows* I see. Through here, then. *indicates the living room door* *gives Ellie and Azi an unimpressed look when he enters* Ellie: *has the grace to look ashamed* *stands to meet Azi's oldest brother, trying to subtly coax Azi up by the hand* Met: *Follows Luke into the living room and levels his brother with an annoyed glare* Hello Aziraphale. Azi: *Stands up to meet his brother and give him a brilliant grin* Hi there Met! Come to pick me up bro? *Chipper tone* Met: *Sighs and rubs him temple* Aziraphale, grounded means you stay home until I say you're allowed to visit people. Grounded doesn't mean you sneak out the bathroom window, again, and go visit people anyway. Luke: *levels Azi with a calculating look* *is trying to work out whether he should be concerned about Ellie's welfare after all* *but then... the boy had merely sneaked out to spend a /supervised/ visit at his girlfriend's house, how bad could that be?* *wants to rub his own temple* Ellie: *mouths 'bathroom window?' at Azi and tries not to smile* *takes a deep breath and steps forward, holding her hand out to Met* It's nice to meet you, sir. I'm sorry about the circumstances. *attempts a smile and it comes out a little shaky* Azi: *Grins at Ellie and gives her a little shrug at the 'bathroom window' comments* *Watches her introduce herself to his brother and finds himself a little nervous on how well they will get along* Met: *Seems to just now notice Ellie once he is no longer glaring at his brother and trying to come up with a way to keep him in the house and not sneak out again* *Smiles warmly at the girl his little brother snuck out to meet and shakes her hand* You must be Ellie, the pleasure is all mine. And don't worry about the circumstances odds are I would have been coming over here at some point in time to drag him home after sneaking out /again/. At least this time he didn't jump out of another window. Azi: *Mutters* If it had been Mike picking me up I would have.... Met: *Nods at Azi's muttering* And I wouldn't have blamed you. There's a reason why I came here and not dear little Mikey. Ellie: *is relieved when Met shakes her hand and is kind and her smile becomes something more natural, less tremulous* *steps back to Azi in time to hear his muttering* Luke: *isn't overly pleased that sneaking out was something the boy did on a regular basis* If I'd known he wasn't here with your permission *gives Azi a warning glance* I would have called, of course. *sighs* As these two seem determined not to be parted, perhaps we can come to some sort of arrangement that minimises the amount of sneaking needed? I am always home and happy to supervise them for homework. *pauses and looks at the two young ones* /Homework/. *back at Met* before returning Aziraphale to you after? Ellie: *looks at Met hopefully* *gives Azi's hand a squeeze* Azi: *Casually wraps his arms around Ellie once she is next to him again and uses her to shield himself for Luke's glare* Met: *Sighs again* I would be happy to come to an arrangement if it meant that at least /someone/ was keeping an eye on him and I actually know where he when he is out.... though I don't think this arrangement would force him to cut down on his late night adventures he seems to love to take. Luke: *this time the glare he sends the boy's way is a little more heartfelt* *sharply* Late night adventures? *glares suspiciously at Ellie* What do you know of these? *is trying not to be prematurely disappointed in his niece* Ellie: *frozen in Luke's glare* I... um... *going bright red* Azi: *Realizes that they're pretty much as good as caught and stares down at his shoes, unable to look at Luke lest his glare kills him on the spot* Met: *Looks at the three of them and makes a little 'Oh' motion with his mouth once he puts two and two together, it just now dawning on him what his little brother might have been up to at night* *Wants to laugh because aww little Azi really is growing up and the others are going to go nuts when they hear about this... but laughing over the fact that Azi has been sneaking into a girls room might not go over so well with said girls uncle* Met: ....So I'm guessing this is where you were when you didn't come home the other night? Azi: *Wonders how much the others would miss him if he were to strangle Met right now* Ellie: *can see the respect just leaching right out of Luke's expression and desperately tries to explain* *is shaking slightly in Azi's arms* Uncle... I had been hurt. He was worried with the messages you sent him and then you just stopped replying, he was just making sure I was ok. And I was pretty shaken up and I didn't want him to go. Nothing happened, nothing at all! We just slept. Please, Uncle... Luke: *looks at Ellie and breathes scarily evenly* *on the one hand he wants to eviscerate the boy for sneaking into his nieces's bedroom - /how/ he even managed that was another question entirely* *on the other hand he had a grudging respect for the boy's dedication* *didn't sign up for this* *in a low, very even voice* Until I've had some time to process this, now might be a good time to take your hands off my niece. Azi: Can I politely decline, sir? *Oh dear lord, what is he doing?* Met: *Wants to slap a hand over Azi's mouth before he gets himself killed for his smart assume remark* Aziraphale... *Tired, warning tone* Azi: What? She's telling the truth. I was worried that something had happened to her and when I saw the state she was in I couldn't bring myself to leave her like that. *Hugs her a little tighter because he really didn't want to be told he couldn't* All we did was sleep and then in the morning I left for school. Ellie: *closes her eyes because she doesn't want to see the spark of respect vanish completely* *surely this whole thing couldn't have gone any worse* Luke: *strangles down a surge of fury at the open defiance* *tells himself that the boy was raised in a household that, by the looks of it, could do with a firmer hand* *breathes until he's calm* Aziraphale. I understand that you don't know how things work in this household. Elisheva is a minor, I am her guardian. We're working this out as we go along because we communicate. That communication has broken down since you came on the scene. I need some time with my niece to work this out. So, again, I /respectfully/ ask you to let go of my niece, and go home. I am not going to harm her. I won't even yell. But with you here, neither of us can think straight for vastly different reasons. *lets some of the anger show through again* And I suggest that tonight, you stay home. Met: *Suddenly /incredibly/ worried for his brother's safety and goes to his side, prepared to pry him away from Ellie if he has to* Aziraphale, we have to leave now. She'll be fine here but I'm not sure you will. What would mom think if she knew you weren't listening? Azi: *Openly glares at his brother* I wouldn't know. *Looks between Luke's furious gaze and Ellie's despair and slowly, very slowly, let's her go* *Gives her a look that clearly says 'I'm sorry’* Ellie: *feeling quite defeated, she holds onto Azi's hand for as long as she can until even that has to be let go* *goes to stand by her uncle, still not looking at him* *watches Azi* Luke: *realises he may have frightened his niece in the process* *puts an arm around her and places a kiss on her head* *whispers* Sorry, love. It's ok, we'll talk. Ellie: *nods, somewhat reassured* *eyes still on Azi* *quietly* Can I at least see them to the door? Luke: *who can now feel that Ellie is shaking* *heart softens* Yes. To the door. I think... I'll wait here. *looks at Met* We will no doubt meet again. Ellie: *slides out from under her uncle's arm and approaches Azi again, taking his hand* *quietly* Come on. Azi: *Squeezes her hand and follows her to the door* *Doesn't bother with looking at either Met or Luke and instead keeps his focus on Ellie* Met: *Allows Azi and his girlfriend to have a moment alone and waits until they are out of sight before speaking to Luke* Sorry about all this. He's a good kid but he can be pretty stubborn once he has gotten attached to someone... *Rubs his temple again* It's going to be a pain to keep him away from here from now on. Ellie: *the moment they're out of sight of the other two she throws herself into his arms and holds on* I'll talk to him. He's reasonable, he just needs time to think and calm down. Luke: *sighs and sags against the back of the couch* *puts his face in his hand for a moment, wondering just how he got from a relatively care-free, dependent-free existence to /this/* *except he does know, and now isn’t the time to be missing his sister* *raises his head again, hand moving to the back of his neck to try and release the tension that has built up there* I really hope you're right about him, because Elisheva has been hurt enough recently. I'm going to do my damnedest to keep her safe and happy, and I know I've failed at least once already. I'll keep Aziraphale's stubbornness and determination in mind when I speak with my niece. *dredges up a smile from somewhere* We /will/ be in touch. I don't want to keep them apart if at all possible. I think that would be counter-productive to their cooperation. Azi: *Buries his face against her shoulder and holds onto her as if this my be the last time time he ever gets the chance* I hope you're right darling... Met: *Smiles a little warily back and offers Luke his hand* Thank you, for both your hospitality and for not murdering my little brother. For a minute there I honestly thought I was going to have to plan a funeral. *Tired chuckle* You have my number for when you want to discuss this arrangement of yours with me. Until then I'll try to control him. Ellie: *rubs Azi's back and echoes his pose, burying her face in his shoulder, too* It'll be fine. I'll see you at school tomorrow. And I'll let you know how the negotiations go. *smiles a little* Luke: *gives Met a wry smile back and shakes his hand* *likes Aziraphale's oldest brother* Don't worry, I won't keep you or them waiting. And it's not just my decision. If Elisheva isn't happy with the arrangement, it won't work. If Aziraphale isn't happy with the arrangement, it won't work. If you're not happy with the arrangement... you get the picture. *snorts* Parenting - doesn't exactly come with a fail-safe instruction manual, does it? Azi: *Mirrors her little smile* *Strokes her hair gently and hopes that Met and Luke take their time talking* Alright dear... Met: *Laughs a little* That it doesn't. Including Azi there I've had to take care of three other brothers. You'd think after them I would know how to handle the youngest by now? Ellie: *doesn't want Azi to leave all worried* *leans in and presses her lips to his* Luke: *smile is a bit more genuine* At least you got some practice first. Azi: *Sighs against her lips and gently kisses her in return* Met: *Also smiling, happy that some of the tension has left the room* I'm not sure I would call it 'practice'... my sister was always better with handling them than I was. *Begins to leave the living room* *Sees what Azi and Ellie are up to* *Quietly backs up back into the living room* Ellie: *pulls away just enough so that she can keep it to little kisses, presses of the lips, quick exploration of tongue* *what they don't need is to get carried away right now* Luke: *watches Met back up into the living room shortly after leaving it and smiles to himself, pretty sure what it is the two young ones are doing in the hallway* *calls out* Ellie, unhand that young man so his brother can take him home! Ellie: *blushes and laughs* *takes a hasty step away from Azi, still smiling* Azi: *Really didn't want to stop but can't help but laugh when Luke calls out to them* *Keeps a hold of her hand until he has to let it go* Met: *Gives Luke a grateful smile and returns to the hallway* *Grabs Azi's arm once he has reached him and gently drags him out the door* Come on lover boy, no sleep overs tonight. Azi: *Allows Met to drag him away but ignores his words* See you tomorrow darling! Ellie: *chuckles at Met dragging Azi away, and Azi's cheerful parting* *blows a kiss after him* Tomorrow! *watches until they're out of sight then closes the door and turns back towards the living room* *takes a bracing breath* *straightens her shoulders* *walks into the living room* Luke: *waits patiently for Ellie to return* *when she does she looks so tense and uncertain* *he opens his arms and smiles and hopes she takes the hint* Ellie: *gratefully flies into Luke's arms* I'm sorry! Luke: *hugging her tight* Shhh. Let's have some dinner, then we can discuss this. Sound like a plan? Ellie: *nods into his shoulder* Sounds like a plan. —— Conversation between Ellie and Luke: *later that evening, cuddled together on the couch watching one of Luke’s favourite films* Luke: So… Ellie: *sighs* Yeah. Luke: You understand why I’m disappointed? Ellie: *quietly* Yeah. Luke: Why, Ellie? Was I too strict? Are you rebelling? Ellie: No! Luke: Talk to me. We could always talk, you and I. Ellie: We still can. Luke: But you haven’t been. Ellie: … Luke: Ellie, I thought you were a smart girl. Ellie: I’m sorry. Luke: So what are we going to do about the situation with you and the boy? Ellie: His name is Azi. Luke: Aziraphale then. I can’t say I’m thrilled to hear that he’s sneaking into your room at night. Ellie: Yeah, I know. I’m sorry. Luke: How is he doing that? Are you sneaking him in by the side door or something? Ellie: I honestly have no idea. He shows up on my window ledge. Luke: … Ellie: Yeah, I know. Luke: And this doesn’t strike you as a little… creepy? Ellie: I know he can come across like that, but he’s really not. He’s sweet, and funny, and smart, and really nice. I like him. A lot. Luke: *sighs* I’m not ready for you to start liking boys. Especially boys who can get into third storey windows. Ellie: It’s part of his mysterious charm. Luke: Elisheva, I’m not done being mad and disappointed at you. It’s not joking time. Ellie: Sorry, Luke. Luke: … I’m not sure I want to know the answer to this, but I’m going to ask. Have you…? Ellie: Have I…? Oh! Oh, uh… no! No. Luke: *weakly* Oh good. Please don’t. Ever. Ellie: Ever? That’s a little strict. Luke: *firmly* Ever. You’re my sweet, innocent little angel. Ellie: I won’t be forever you know. Luke: Shhhh, no. Let me have my denial a little longer. So what are we going to do about Aziraphale? Ellie: Do? Luke: *sighs* Sneaking in. Running away from his home to come here. Ellie: Are you still willing to have him over after school? Luke: Considering the alternatives, yes. But he needs to come to some sort of agreement about appropriate visiting hours. Ellie: I don’t think he’ll like that. Luke: *harshly* Elisheva, you’re sixteen. He’d better bloody well like it. Ellie: *shrinks away a little* Luke: *breathes* Sorry. Ellie: No, it’s ok. Luke: All right, how’s this… He walks with you home from school and you two hang out here. I’m around, so there’s an adult nearby. It’s a safe environment. You get the run of the lounge, garden, kitchen, rumpus. Stay out of the second and third floors. I expect homework to be done at some point, but I won’t be hanging over your shoulder. Ellie: Ok… Luke: Friday night you’re allowed a ‘date night’. Go to the movies, the arcade, whatever. But I drop you off and pick you up. No walking the streets at night. Back at your respective homes and in your respective beds by midnight. Ellie: *perks up* Ok. Um… what about weekends? Luke: Pushing it. Ellie: Couldn’t he join us when we go out and do things? Luke: *hugging her tight* I thought those were our things? Our quality uncle-niece time. Ellie: … Luke: Don’t tell me you’ve gotten to the age where you don’t want to hang out with your uncle any more? Ellie: Well… Luke: There’s only so many times in one day you’re allowed to break my heart, love. Ellie: *hugs him* Sorry. Luke: *sighs* Ellie, you need to promise me you won’t do anything stupid. Drugs, alcohol, all that sort of stuff. Don’t pick fights. Ellie: Hey! I don’t— Luke: I know. You didn’t pick that one. Ellie: I don’t pick /any/ fights. Luke: *hugs* Just be careful. Be smart. Don’t let that boy teach you bad habits. Ellie: He doesn’t— Luke: *exasperated* Stop arguing with me. Since he’s been around you’ve started keeping things from me, lying to me— Ellie: I’ve never actu— Luke: Ellie! Ellie: *huddles down* I promise. Luke: *quietly* Just keep talking to me. If something happens… /anything/… talk to me. Ellie: *nods* Luke: I love you. Ellie: Love you, too. —— Azi: *Lunch time* *Sitting at his usual table waiting for Ellie to arrive* *Because of Met's insisting on driving him to school that morning he hadn't had enough time to visit the library before class and talk to her* *Shifting nervously in his seat he continues to search the lunch room for her, anxious to both see her and find out what her uncle said after he left yesterday* Ellie: *had tried sneaking through the halls unnoticed but has not been very successful* *is late to lunch because some students stopped her to give her a hard time, and some to give her sympathy* *does not understand High School social dynamics* *is relieved to finally make it into the lunch room and heads straight for Azi's table* *trips and stumbles slightly on the way but upon looking around can't see anyone who may have been responsible* *makes it to the table* *slides onto the bench opposite Azi* *subdued* Hey. Azi: *Brightens once he notices Ellie approaching him and smiles when she greets him* Hello darling, how have things been going? Ellie: *quietly* Ok. You? *gets out her lunch and starts to nibble* Azi: *Frowns a little when he notices Ellie isn't exactly in the happiest of moods* Besides being driven to school late my day has been fine up until now. What's wrong dear? Ellie: *shakes her head* *still in a rather subdued voice* Nothing. Just really want to get home. I miss being home schooled. I don't think I like school. Azi: *Frown increases and answers back in his own little subdued voice* ...Why not? Ellie: *sighs* Kids are nasty. I miss when it was just myself and mother. Azi: Oh... I'm sorry. *Looks a little sad and reaches across the table to take her hand into his* Is there anything I can do for you? Ellie: *grips his hand* *shakes herself* Sorry, ignore me. There's good news on the Luke front... Azi: *Smiles softly* I think it's impossible for me to ignore you darling. What's the good news? Ellie: Well, he hasn't completely banned me from seeing you. *smiles a little* He's still willing to do the after school thing, and every day is fine with him. He will let me go out unsupervised with you on a Friday night, but he drops off and picks up, and must know where we are, and we're back by midnight. I'm working on weekend things. But there are conditions... Azi: *Sighs with relief that he will still be allowed to see Ellie and even go on proper dates with her* What sort of conditions? Ellie: *looks at him seriously* No more unauthorised visits to my bedroom. Azi: *Pouts* ....Fine. Ellie: *gives his hand another squeeze* *smiles* Give it time, we'll wear him down slowly. First homework sessions in the afternoon. We'll move onto dinners. Then we'll work on long evening snuggles on the couch. *chuckles* Azi: *Sighs but smiles at her* Long evening snuggles sound lovely. Ellie: I'm sorry you got in trouble. Azi: *Shakes his head at her* Don't be, it was my own fault. Ellie: *quietly* I will look forward to our afternoon sessions... *a thought suddenly occurs to her* *he'd never actually agreed to the afternoon visits* If... you want to, that is? Azi: *Looks at her with surprise* Of course I do! Why would I ever pass up the chance to see you, my dear? Ellie: *smiles in relief* Oh good. *continues to eat, feeling a lot better now than when she walked in* Azi: *Eats in pleasant silence with her until he remembers a question he wanted to ask* ...So um, when am I allowed to actually come over again? Ellie: Whenever you can check with Met that it's ok, I guess? Azi: *Shrugs* I'm not grounded anymore so I don't see it being a problem with him. Ellie: *bites her lip* I think... Luke might ask whether Met knows where you are... Azi: *Sighs again* Okay okay I can ask him.... Ellie: *smiles gratefully* Thank you. I'm just trying to make sure to do this right. Luke's forgiven me, and I don't want to risk that. Azi: *Smiles a little back* I'm glad to hear you two are on good terms again, I would have hated to have messed that up for you. Azi: *Picks at his food* Your uncle... he doesn't like me very much, does he? Ellie: He doesn't know you. I'm sure if he got to know you he would warm to you. Azi: *Mutters* Either that or he would come to dislike me even more so than he does now... Ellie: *rubs her thumb over his knuckles* That's impossible. I like you, and he and I have very similar taste in people. *grins* If you show him the side of you that isn't the rebellious little runaway, that is. Azi: Aw, but I like my rebellious little runaway self. I like to think of it as one of my best qualities. *Grinning* Ellie: *giggles softly* Oh dear. Ellie: Well, we're definitely in trouble then. *grins* Azi: Don't worry darling, I'll try to act less like a delinquent around him if it means seeing you more often. Ellie: *lets go of his hand with a last squeeze so she can grab her sandwiches in both hands and take a bite, chewing happily* *things were looking better with Azi around* —— Ellie: *doesn't like waiting outside the school any more and lurks in the shadows outside of the class that she knows is Azi's last one that day* Azi: *Exits his last class of the day when the final bell goes off and is happily surprised to see Ellie outside the door waiting for him* Hello darling. Ellie: *moves forward to walk beside Azi* *shy smile* Hey. Still coming over to my place? Azi: *Takes her hand and entwines their fingers together* I wouldn't dream of missing out on a chance to visit you my dear. Ellie: *relieved smile* Alright then. *practically drags him out of school* Azi: *Happily allows her to drag him and stops to kiss her once they are far enough away from school grounds* Ellie: *eyes flutter closed and leans into the kiss* *hand automatically goes up to bury itself in his hair* Azi: *Momentarily deepens the kiss before remembering that they were supposed to be heading to her house and not kissing on a street corner* *Pulls away and smiles a little sheepishly* We should probably get you home before your uncle gets upset with me for delaying you. Ellie: *eyes open slowly* *soft smile* Yes. And when we're at my house, we'll be alone again, and as long as we get our homework done... *tightens her grip on his hand and starts walking again... briskly* Azi: *Matches her pace and ends up at her house in no time* Ellie: *opens the door and calls out cheerfully* Uncle! We're home! Luke: *pops his head out of his office* *smiles* Afternoon. Don't forget to eat something. I'll check in on you in about an hour. I expect to see some homework done. Azi: *Instinctively shys away from her uncle when he appears* I um... finished my homework during my study period. Luke: *stares thoughtfully at Azi, trying to see whether he is lying* Well I know Ellie is struggling with history, so at least make yourself useful, Aziraphale. Ellie: *drags on Azi's hand, pulling him towards the kitchen and some after-school snacks* He will. He's promised to help me with my history. *smiles at her uncle* Azi: *Is grateful to no longer being stared down by Luke* *Smiles at Ellie once they have reached the kitchen* So besides history, what else will you be needing help with? Ellie: *rummages around in one of the cupboards and produces some crackers, a range of toppings, and wheat biscuits* It's mainly history, really. Did you really finish your homework in your study period? *pops a whole wheat biscuit in her mouth* *runs herself a glass of water and looks questioningly at Azi, holding up her glass* Azi: *Shakes his head at her indicating he wasn't thirsty* That I did. Homework usually isn't very challenging for me so I get it done pretty quickly. Ellie: *swallows her biscuit and gives him a jealous look* Well then, you can help me with /all/ of my homework. If anyone can make me understand history... *gulps down some water* *considers their snack options, bundles the whole lot into her arms, and dumps it on the kitchen table* *dumps her bag there, too* *starts getting out her text books* Azi: *Smiles and sits down at the kitchen table, idly looking through her school books to see what sort of homework she would be working on today* I am always happy to help my dear. Ellie: *grabs his hand now that he's close again and smiles at him* The quicker we get this done, the more time we have for other things. Azi: *Smiles and brings her hand to his lips* Right. Other things… Ellie: *feels a bit breathless* Homework. First. *taps the books* {time warp} Ellie: *throws down her pencil just as Luke walks in* Luke: *raises an eyebrow* Not going well? Ellie: The opposite! Done! *beams* Azi: *Munching on a biscuit as Ellie finishes the last of her work* *Smiles proudly once she is done and is about to comment on how they can now get to those 'other things' when her uncle walks in* *Wisely shuts his mouth and avoids eye contact* Luke: *looks briefly at Azi then back at his niece* *decides the pride looks genuine enough and doesn't ask to see proof* Excellent. You kids have a couple of hours to kill before we take Aziraphale home. Remember - first floor and garden. Ellie: *smiles and nods* Sure thing! *leaving her homework things all over the table - time to clear them later - she grabs Azi's hand again* Where would you like to go? Azi: *Glances at Luke hesitantly before returning his attention back to Ellie* Anywhere I suppose. *'As long as your uncle isn't there silently judging me'* Your house dear. What place do you favour? Ellie: *tugs at his hand* The lounge is nice and we have a choice of things to do in there. *turns her head away from Luke to wink at Azi, unseen by her uncle* Azi: *Smiles and nods at her* Lounge it is then! Luke: *amusement in his voice as the two young things leave* Don't think I don't know what 'things' means! Ellie: *giggles softly as she drags Azi down the hall and into the lounge* Azi: *Sighs in relief once the are once again out of Luke's sight and allows himself to be dragged into the lounge* Ellie: *doesn't waste any time getting Azi over to the bay window which is liberally padded with cushions* *throws herself down into the nest and smiles at Azi* Come on in, the cushions are soft. Azi: *Grins playfully and crawls into her little pillow nest* Ellie if I didn't know better I'd say you were up to something… Ellie: *wraps her arms around his neck the moment he is close enough* *looking entirely too pleased with herself* I've been so good since we got home, I've earned a little 'something' I think… Azi: *Leans in closer and braces his hands on either side of her* And what exactly is this little 'something' you think you've earned? Ellie: *grins, even though she's going slightly red* Come closer and I'll show you. Azi: *Moves closer until he is only a hairs breath away* Show me. Ellie: *slides the fingers of both hands into his hair and closes the last space between their lips* *has been thinking of this every time she'd looked at him for the last hour* Azi: *Sighs happily against her lips and gently kisses her back* *Puts an arm around her waist and begins to pull her closer* Ellie: *shifts so that she is flush against Azi* *hums with pleasure* *pulls away only enough so that she can grin at him* So, had I earned that? Azi: *Grinning and pecks her lips* I suppose… Ellie: You /suppose/? What do I need to do to earn such a wonderful reward, then? *matching his grin* Azi: *Brushes her nose against his* You could start by asking nicely… Ellie: *chuckles* Oh Azi, my dearest sweetheart, please may I ravish you to within an inch of your life, pretty please? Azi: *Pretends to ponder* Ellie my dearest darling, I would be happy to allow such a reward! Ellie: *overly dramatic* Oh, kind Aziraphale, how very generous of you! I am forever indebted to you for your kindness, and cannot think how to repay you for such— Azi: *Places a hand on the nape of her neck and pulls her into another kiss* Ellie: *smiles into the kiss* *stroking his jaw with her thumb* *happiest she has been all day* Azi: *Nibbles at her bottom lip a little* *Tugs her closer and gently uses the thumb of the hand currently clutching her waist to message her lower back* Ellie: *makes a needy little sound when he nibbles her lower lip* *arches against him* *her hand travels down his neck and over his chest* Azi... *has a formless need and no way to express it except by pressing herself as close as possible and devouring him hungrily with her lips* Azi: *Feels a delightful shiver run through him when she says his name like that* *Breaks away from her lips and begins to bite and lick gently at the curve of her neck as the hand he is using to massage her back slips underneath her shirt* Ellie: *moans and her heart rate kicks up a notch when she feels his hand against her bare skin* *lets her head roll back as he starts on her neck* * her own hand is seeking skin, the other still with fingers threaded through his curls, encouraging his exploration of her neck* Luke: *goes to check that the youngsters have everything they need and finds them locked in a passionate embrace* *hastily retreats again and wonders whether he should interrupt and call them to task* *figures they're in the bay window, in probably the most public part of the house, and Ellie wouldn't let anything get too far there* *hopes he's right, and resolves to check on them again in a few minutes* Azi: *His own heart rate jumps when he hears her moan* *Scrapes his teeth along her throat and gently tugs at the neck line of her shirt to allow his lips access to more of her skin* *The hand on her lower back slowly, very slowly starts to travel up her spine* Ellie: Oh god... *has started panting and can't reach nearly enough of him from her position* *back arches as his hand moves, pressing the exposed part of her upper chest closer to him* *moves her hand to clutch at the sheets only to realise that they're in a bay window, not a bed* Azi... wait... *attempts to gain back some control* Luke: *had hesitated leaving when he'd heard the 'oh god' and turned back towards the room* *walks back in in time to hear 'wait'* *clears his throat, looking carefully at the book shelf and not at them* *sardonic tone* I'd rather not have to actually chaperone you two. Ellie: *freezes, realising where Azi's hands are, and hoping that the one up the back of her shirt is at least hidden by some cushions* Azi: *Doesn't seem to remember they are in a window through his passion induced haze and is therefore confused why she wanted him to stop* *Lifts his head away from her neck to inquire what was wrong when suddenly her uncles voice clears his throat* *Stops cold everything he was doing because 'Oh God her uncle was there and he currently had his hand up her shirt and Luke wasn't exactly his biggest fan in the first place and he /really/ didn't want to give him another reason to hate him'* *Has his hands off of Ellie in about three seconds of hearing Luke's voice and sheepishly tucks them neatly in his lap* *Face turned scarlet* Ellie: *also sits up and goes a little red, but is smiling giddily* *leans against Azi's shoulder as she tries to at least /appear/ like she's not panting* Um.... no, that won't be necessary. Luke: *raises an eyebrow but doesn't dispute her comment* *was he /ever/ this impulsive as a teenager?* *knows that he was, but is hoping that Ellie is more sensible than him* *can't speak for the boy, however* *decides Azi looks suitably embarrassed* And this, kids, is the reason I don't want you alone in a bedroom together, ok? Ellie: *blushes a bit more because she knows that if they'd been in a bedroom she wouldn't have asked Azi to stop* *Luke looks as though he suspects this as well* Azi: *Stares down at his hands, too embarrassed to look up* *Nods a little shakingly and prays that Luke isn't going to restrict their visits anymore than he already had* Yes sir. Luke: *stares at Azi for a moment longer but the boy isn't looking up at him* *satisfied that he's going to behave with his niece, he turns his gaze to her* Elisheva, you behave too. Ellie: *grins at him* Yes, uncle. Luke: *gives her a hard look for a second longer then, resigned, leaves the room again* Ellie: *sags against Azi with soft giggles* Oh my god. Azi: *Looks up and manages to give her a half hearted glare* I'm afraid I fail to see the humor in this darling. I thought your uncle was going to throw me out and lock the door behind me. Ellie: *can't stop the giggles* I'm sorry! I know it's not funny but... *giggles a bit more then makes a super effort to get control of herself* *a bit more seriously* I really am sorry. I started that one. *drapes her arm around Azi's neck and gazes at him adoringly* Can't seem to help myself. And don't worry about Luke. Azi: *Resists the urge to capture those lovely lips with his own* Why shouldn't I worry? It seems to me that there is plenty to worry about… Ellie: *finding herself watching Azi's lips* *makes herself look back into his eyes* *smiles* Because what he really wants is my happiness. And you make me very happy. Everything else will work itself out. Azi: *Nuzzles her nose and smiles gently* So darling, besides the obvious what would you like to do now? Ellie: *nuzzles back* Perhaps if we had something else to do, other than just touch each other, we might be better off? There are games in the cabinet, though they're vastly in need of updating, books, movies... I don't care which. *strokes his cheek* Azi: *Leans into the cheek stroking and tries remind himself not to get carried away away again* *Attempts to think of a distraction that will keep his hands occupied* .....You wouldn't happen to have any nail polish would you? Ellie: *blinks at him several times, trying to process what he could possibly want to do with nail polish* Um. Yes? *blinks again, thumb stroking his cheek absently now* Why? Azi: *Smiles at her confusion* Can you go get it for me? Ellie: Uh... sure? *returns his smile somewhat hesitantly* I'll go now. *ducks in to kiss his nose before sliding out of the bay window, out the lounge, and rushing up the stairs* Luke: *poking his head out of his office* Hey! Not upstairs! Ellie: *calling down* It's just me! Getting something from my room! Luke: *waits until she returns and then goes back into his office* Ellie: *bounces back into the room carrying a shoebox-sized wooden box and places it down in front of Azi, burning with curiosity and smiling* Azi: *Grins and pecks her cheek once she has returned* Thank you dear. *Eagerly begins to rummage through the box* *Pulls out a small white bottle and sets it off to the side for now as he continues his search* What's your favorite color darling? Ellie: *watches Azi's movements with interest* Green. Are you going to paint my nails? Azi: *Pulls out an emerald green vial and smiles* How ever did you guess? U figured if our hands are busy with this activity they won't get busy with another. Ellie: *shivers slightly with the thought of the other things their hands could get busy with and smiles at Azi* You've done nails before? *is wondering what sort of mess this is going to end up as* Azi: *Nods and unscrews the vial, taking her hand and lying it flat it front of him so that he can begin painting* Yup! Mostly just my own but I usually don't have a problem when it comes to doing it for other people. Ellie: *perks up and grins at learning something new about him* *something /interesting/ and new* You do your own nails? What do you do? I hadn't noticed any colour... *tries to peer closer at his nails* Azi: *Laughs a little at her curiosity and is delighted that she doesn't find this little hobby of his weird* I paint my nails on the occasion but lately I've been neglecting them. *Carefully adds a little coat of green on each one of her fingers* I'll probably do my own again once I've finished with yours. Ellie: *does her best to not move her hand as he paints her nails* Can I do yours? Azi: *Blinks at her request and smirks* I don't know, how good are your painting skills? *Teasingly* Ellie: *pokes her tongue out at him* You'll just have to trust me, I guess. Azi: *Dramatic sigh* I guess I have no other choice... *Starts on her next hand* Ellie: *admires the job he's done on the nails of the first hand* You're very talented with your hands. *grins* Azi: *Matches her grin* Darling, if it wasn't for the fact that your uncle keeps walking in on us I'd show you /exactly/ how skilled my hands can be. Ellie: *breath hitches pleasantly and she /really/ wants to kiss him right now, but her nails are drying and Uncle Luke /is/ in the next room* Oh my god, Azi, do you have any idea how much I want to jump you right now? Azi: *Cheeks burn a little red* Probably about as much as I /want/ you to jump me? *Smiles at her a little shyly* Ellie: *takes a deep breath and stares at Azi* Do you reckon it's normal to not be able to think when I'm around you? No matter what I do, my mind keeps going back to how your lips feel against mine, and how your hand felt sliding up the back of my shirt, and those little sounds you make when we're kissing… Azi: *Sharp intake of breath because damn it, just her /describing/ some of the things he would like to be doing with her right now was making it difficult to focus on anything else other than how much he adored to kiss her or how she says his name when his lips are on her neck or how fantastic it would feel to have her bare skin pressed up against his own-* *'Focus! Focus Aziraphale! Get your mind on something else before you have a real problem on your hands and no lake to throw yourself into this time!'* ....E-Ellie, darling I adore what you are saying, I really do, b-but unless you fancy your uncle killing me for pinning you against these cushions and... a-and well doing some things that both of us would /defiantly/ enjoy doing right now, I'm going to have to ask you stop with your seduction techniques o-okay? Ellie: *honestly considers carrying on talking because the thought of being pinned to the cushions and having Azi kiss and touch her...* *takes a deep, somewhat shaky breath* *closes her eyes and then realises the mistake of that because the mental images are so much more vivid that way* *opens her eyes and looks down at her nails, a smile still playing at her lips* I'll be good. *looks at him through her lashes* For now. *smirks* Azi: *Shaky sigh of relief* Trust me dear, if we ever get a moment where there isn't a chance of your uncle checking in on us.... well I think you get where I'm going with this. *Smiles at her and finishes her other hand* *Puts the green away and reaches for the white he set aside earlier, taking the hand that he had started with a carefully begins to paint a little shape on it* Ellie: *feels another rush of excitement at the thought of being alone, with no chance of interruption* *wonders whether they can manage something on a Friday night, though even the cinema isn't all that private* *is suddenly distracted by the application of the white polish* What are you doing now? Azi: *Blinks at her* Painting your nails, why? Ellie: *rolls her eyes at him but grins* I mean with the white. What are you painting? Azi: Oh! *Looks down at her nails and back at her* *Smiles* You'll just have to wait and see darling. *Starts Painting the same little white blob on the rest of her nails* Ellie: *is fascinated* Do you do this sort of thing on your own nails? Make patterns? *watching carefully to try and work out what this will become* Azi: *Grins but keeps focus on his task* All the time. Pictures and patterns sort of liven things up in my opinion. *Starts making the same white blobs on her other hand* Ellie: And are you making a picture or a pattern? Azi: *Pecks her lips* It's a surprise. *Smirks and finishes her other hand* Ellie: *tries to chase his lips but he moves too far and her hands are occupied* *fondly* You're such a tease. Azi: *Chuckles and puts the white away* You're one to talk... *Finds some black polish and begins putting on the final details* Ellie: *grins at him* *then looks down at her hands again as things start to take shape* Azi: *Applies the proper details to turn the white blob into a rabbit and then starts to do the same to the rest of her fingers* Ellie: *can now see what the picture is and lets out a squeal of delight* Oh, that's so cute! *watches avidly as each little bunny takes shape now* Luke: *knocks on the doorframe* *is standing in the hallway and /not/ looking in* Still behaving ourselves? Ellie: Luke! Come look at this! *wants to share* Luke: *walks in and pauses for a second at the scene* *eyebrows raise ever so slightly and he carries on until he's by Ellie's side, looking over her shoulder* *eyebrows raise a little more* Not quite what I expected you two to be up to, but pleasantly surprised. *is impressed by the skill* Azi: *Keeps his focus on creating the rabbits but smiles ever so slightly at Ellie's delight* I'll take it you like them my dear? Ellie: *smiling brightly* I love them! They're perfect. *looks up at her uncle* Don't you think? Luke: *smiles indulgently down at her and strokes her silky hair back from her face* He's done a very good job. *ruffles her hair back up again, earning him a playful glare* Leave you kids to it. *leaves again* Azi: *Feels tension he hadn't even known was there relax once Luke leaves once again* I'm glad I can at least do /one/ thing he approves of... *Finishes the bunny rabbits and puts the black polish away* Ellie: *can't hug him because she definitely doesn't want to ruin her awesome new nails* I've said before, he just doesn't know you yet. Give him a chance to learn what a wonderful, funny, smart person you are. *smiles and waves her hands around trying to dry them quickly* *indicates her nail polish collection with a flick of her chin* Pick a colour you like. Azi: *Smiles at both her flattery and her reassurances* Okay darling. *Pulls out a light blue color and hands it to her* Ellie: *takes the polish, careful not to ruin her own, and gives it a shake* *awkwardly unscrews the lid as she tries to avoid scraping her nails* *shifts and crosses her legs in front of her then smirks at Azi* Put your hand on my knee so I can put this on you. Azi: *Raises an eyebrow questionably but happily obliges, placing his hand on top of her knee* You wouldn't happen to have some sort of alternative motive behind this hand placement, would you? Ellie: *is getting better at her wide-eyed look* No? I can reach your fingernails better this way, see? *puts her head down to hide her smile and starts to paint the nails on that hand with sure, steady strokes* Azi: *Smiles and shakes his head, not believing her for a second* Whatever you say, darling. Ellie: *finishes that hand* Other hand, other knee, please. *grins* Azi: *Submits his other hand to her and admires the paint job she did on the first one* Ellie: *does the second hand just as quickly and then reaches for her nail polish box again* *carefully picks through them to find the one she is looking for* *takes out a lovely dark blue in a tall skinny bottle with a thin brush* I hope you don't mind patterns instead of pictures. *smiles at him* Azi: *Perks up and looks at the polish curiously* Not at all! What sort of patterns are you going to do? Ellie: *taps him on the nose while she gives the dark blue a little shake* You'll just have to wait and see! *unscrews the top and starts to draw straight lines on each of the nails of the first hand* Azi: *Watches her intensity as he tries to figure out what she was making* Ellie: *finishes both hands and then goes back to the first one with the white and does more lines, both vertical and horizontal* Working it out yet? Azi: *Grins because he has a pretty good idea* You're doing a little Tartan pattern aren't you? Ellie: *grins* I'm not done yet, but yes. *is very careful on the second hand because the angle is more awkward* *breathes out when she is done* *reaches for the dark blue again* Nearly there. Azi: *Admiring his nails* They're looking splendid dear. Ellie: *carefully picks up his first hand and blows on the nails to try and dry the white, which still appeared to be tacky* *kisses his knuckles, puts down the hand and repeats the process with the other one* *smiles at him then unscrews the dark blue* *does the horizontal lines in the dark blue so they overlay the white lines, completing the pattern* Azi: *Totally doesn't blush from the tender little knuckle kisses, nope! Not him! Why would something so simple and sweet affect him like that? He must be imagining to heat in his cheeks. Yup! Just his imagination…* Ellie: All done! *satisfied smile as she puts the nail polish back into the box* *looks up and sees Azi blushing* *blushes a little herself in response and doesn't know why* Do you like it? Azi: *Inspects his nails and smiles a satisfied smile* They look wonderful dear. Ellie: *beams at him* Glad you think so. I would never have thought to suggest doing this, but it's fun. Azi: *Leans over and pecks her lips* I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. Ellie: *carefully closes the lid of her box* *places it to one side* *shuffles over so that she's sitting against Azi's side and leans her head against his* *carefully arranges their hands so that their nails can continue to dry and she can admire them* *smiles sappily* The bunnies are very cute. I'm going to be sad when they start chipping. Azi: *Smiles as she leans her head against his* *Brushes his thumb over her hand and is mindful of their still drying nails* If they do start chipping I will happily fix them for you. *Sneaks a quick kiss on her cheek and nuzzles her fondly* So now that our nails are done, what else would you like to- ~Doorbell~ Azi: *Stops and looks towards the direction of the door curiously* Ellie: *also looks in the direction of the door* Luke: *walks past the lounge entrance, peering in as he goes* *sees them sitting in the bay window* Good to see I don't have to pry you apart. Expecting anyone? Ellie: *shakes her head* Luke: *shrugs and carries on to the door* *opens it* *smiles at the stranger* Hello? Mike: *Doesn't smile back* *Instead wears a very annoyed and slightly angry look* Sorry to disturb you. Is Aziraphale present? Azi: *Hears Mike's voice and feels his heart stop* *'Oh this isn't a good sign’* Luke: *frowns and tenses up, not making a move to invite this man inside* *keeps his tone polite, but it's not friendly any more* And who is asking? Ellie: *feels Azi go still and looks up at him* *whispers* What's wrong? Who is it? Azi: *Looks at Ellie a little sadly and whispers back* Mike, my second oldest bother. Mike: His brother. *Stares at Luke and just barely holds back his annoyance* He was /supposed/ to be grounded but I have been informed that he was at this location rather than at home like he should be. Azi: *Looks annoyed up towards the direction he knows Mike is and calls out* Met ungrounded me and gave me permission to be here! Mike: *Starts scanning what he could see of the inside of the house once he hears his brother* *Calls back* Well then I'm regrounding you and taking you home! Luke: *raises his eyebrows at the exchange* *places a hand casually against the doorframe, blocking any entry should this young man try and barge past* *silently curses Aziraphale for calling out and making things worse* *tone still mild, but only just* Aziraphale is here with Met's permission, and is under my supervision. If you have a problem with that, I suggest you take it up with your eldest brother. *the kid is, so far, playing by Luke's rules and he sees no reason to change things yet* Ellie: Oh! *has heard enough about Mike to know that this could be a problem* Can he really do that? Azi: *Nods soberly* *Stands up and peeks around the corner and into the hallway* Mike: *Glares daggers at the man keeping him from his brother* *Tries to keep his tone neutral* I plan on taking up with him once we get home, but for now I would feel much better if Aziraphale was at home where he is supposed to be as opposed to spending the day at a house where I am unfamiliar with its occupants. Ellie: *follows Azi to peek around the corner with him* *can mostly see Luke's back, and half the person standing beyond, still on the doorstep* Luke: *doesn't move his arm* *voice gets a harder edge* I'm sorry, but at the moment I don't have any proof that you even are who you say you are. How irresponsible a supervisor would I be to allow a stranger into my house, demanding to see one of the kids I am looking after? *has no idea why he is so keen to protect the boy when he's still not sure he even likes him, except that this young man - who he still doesn't even know the name of - is rubbing him the wrong way* Mike: *Seriously considering pushing this man aside for withholding his brother from him* What proof do you need? Aziraphale has already addressed me, is that not enough? *Who ever this man in front of him was, he could already tell that they weren't going to get along well* And how irresponsible a brother would I be if I just allowed my youngest to run off with a bunch of strangers when he is supposed to be- ... Aziraphale! I see you hiding back there! Come over here this second so that we can end this foolishness! Azi: *Ducks his head and silently scolds himself for being sighted* *Turns to Ellie with an apologetic look and begins to head down the hallway* Ellie: *follows Azi, grabbing onto his hand* *tries to step in front of Azi, putting herself between him and his brother* No, this isn't fair. He's allowed to be here, he has permission! Luke: *lowers his arm and turns his head to look at the two youngsters* *warningly* Ellie, enough of that. Ellie: *closes her mouth, but is still ready to fight whoever she needs to so she can keep Azi here* Luke: *gives her a final warning look and then looks at the young man on the doorstep again* Aziraphale does appear to know you, yes. Met, Elisheva, Aziraphale and I had an arrangement that we felt would work. If you feel that your heavy-handedness will work better for keeping him at home rather than driving him away, then I wish you all the best of luck with it. *shoots an apologetic look at Azi, but steps back and leaves the doorway clear* Ellie: *gives her uncle a betrayed look* Azi: *Squeezes Ellie's hand and gives her a grateful smile for at least trying* Mike: *Is pleased to see that Aziraphale was going to cooperate this time and not jump out a window again but shoots the man who was keeping him away an annoyed look* *No, he did not like this man* It is not heavy-handedness, it is simply discipline. Aziraphale must learn that misbehaving comes with actions, and those actions do not include running of to wherever he wants whenever he wants to. *Looks at his brother and motions for him to follow* Come Aziraphale, we can discuss your punishment over tea when we get home. I will even allow you to assist me in making it if you would like? Azi: *Doesn't bother to hide the tired annoyance in his voice* That sounds lovely Mike. *Turns and places a small kiss on Ellie's cheek* I'll see you later darling, I promise. *Smiles warmly, trying his best to reassure her that he would be fine before sadly following his brother out the door* Ellie: *kisses his cheek back with a bit more pressure* I'll see you... Luke: *bites down on trying to explain that this form of 'discipline' would have the opposite desired effect on a kid like Aziraphale* *because if Mike doesn't know it by now, he'd never learn it* *tries to put a comforting arm around Ellie's shoulders but she slides away from him* *tries not to feel sad about that* Ellie: *quietly* Why didn't you stop him? Luke: *shuts the door and sighs* I can't legally keep him from his own family, love. Ellie: *glares* He was /allowed/ to be here! Luke: *nods* I know. But they'll work it out. Or if they don't, no doubt the boy will be back. Seems they can't hold him, anyway. *may be a note of grudging respect there* Ellie: *continues to glare* Luke: *softly* Why don't we have a hot chocolate? Ellie: *sulkily* I don't want to talk to you right now. *stalks off into the living room to retrieve her nail pollsh box and takes it upstairs to her room without another word to her uncle* —— Azi: *Kneeling in front of a grave with a cigarette clutched tightly between his lips as he goes about cleaning up the old neglected burial site* *Pulls out a couple of weeds that he had almost missed before placing a few flowers in front of the grave in their place* *Looks up briefly towards the house he knows Ellie to live in before taking a drag of his cigarette and moving on to clean up the next neglected grave site* Luke: *is taking a shortcut through the graveyard back to his place after walking Ellie to her swimming class* *hands in his pockets he's mostly lost in his own thoughts, when movement catches his eye* *sees that it's the boy - Aziraphale - doing something to a grave, his back to where Luke is* *is about to call out when he sees a hand appear to drop some weeds off to the side* *quietly* Hah. *sees the other hand reach up to his face and sees some smoke appear from behind Aziraphale's head* Hmm. *approaches* *neutral tone* Hello there. Azi: *Jumps when he hears someone speak to him and whips around to see who it was only to come face to face with Ellie's uncle Luke* *Is about to respond when he notices he is still holding his cigarette... in front of his girlfriend's uncle... who already doesn't like him very much...* *Sighs in defeat* *He just couldn't win* ...Hello sir. Luke: Doing a bit of grave maintenance? *indicates the freshly weeded grave* Anyone you know? *looks pointedly at the cigarette but doesn't actually say anything* Azi: *Glances at the grave* No, just fixing up the neglected ones. *Considers putting out his cigarette before giving a little mental shrug and continues smoking it* *He's already been caught, might as well enjoy it* Luke: *internal sigh as the boy obviously wasn't going to take the hint and stub out the cigarette* You at least got one of those for me so I'm not just breathing in your smoke? Azi: *Looks surprised but quickly offers him a cigarette and a lighter* I didn't know you smoked sir, Ellie never mentioned it. Luke: *takes the offered items and quickly lights up* *takes a drag and half-closes his eyes in pleasure* *breathes out* Tried quitting for her sake when... her mother died. But it's hard. *looks up at the house* Doesn't mean you can smoke up there, though, understood? Azi: *Shakes his head* I wouldn't dream of it. I'd hate myself if I accidentally got Ellie into smoking, she's already second on my list of people to avoid influence into smoking. *Takes another drag* It's a terrible habit. Luke: *stares at his cigarette and considers stubbing it out* *puts it to his mouth instead and pulls on it* Second? Who's first? Azi: My little sister Bentley of course. *Blinks at him as if the answer was obvious* Luke: *wryly* Of course. *considering he hadn't heard a little sister mentioned in any conversations* *had been given the impression by Met that Azi was the youngest* Well, an admirable goal. Wouldn't it be easier if you gave it up yourself? Azi: *Shrugs* I've tried but I also seem to fall back into it whenever I'm here or a little overly stressed. *Thinks for a moment* Or when my dear friend Crowley is in town. We sort of picked up the habit together. Luke: *nods, understanding how hard it is to give up, especially when stressed* Haven't heard anything from Met about the after-school arrangements. *takes a drag of the cigarette* Azi: *Sighs* Him and Mike are still butting heads over that. Met is all for it but Mike can be rather stubborn and overprotective when it comes to his family... and it certainly doesn't help that I'm the youngest. Luke: *pauses* How can you be the youngest and have a little sister? Azi: *Blinks at him again* Bentley is my little sister in bond but technically Crowley's little sister in blood. I've known her since she was only two years old. Luke: *nods, at least understanding that part of it* *takes a deep pull from his cigarette and lets it out slowly* Aziraphale, you seem to be a young man who appreciates a bit of honesty, wouldn't you say? Azi: ....Yes. *Stares at him suspiciously and wonders where he is going with this* Luke: *looks at Azi as he taps the ash off the end of the cigarette, making sure it doesn't fall onto a grave directly* Well then - quite honestly, I'm not sure if I like you or if you're even any good for my Ellie. *lets that sink in for a moment* However... she seems hellbent on being with you, god help me. Me liking you is not a requirement for that. Despite the delinquency, your heart seems to be in the right place, and I've not seen you be anything other than gentle with her. You respond to reason. Met and Ellie both insist that you're a good kid. *gives Azi a calculating look* I hope they're right. Azi: *Shrinks away from Luke when he starts saying what he had already suspected* *Luke didn't like him all that much, thought he was a delinquent (which he knew he sort of acted like one but that didn't mean he liked it when adults called him one), and he wasn't sure if he liked the idea of him being with Ellie* *Only positive part of that speech was that Luke didn't have any plans to break him and Ellie up, and he guessed that was all he could ask for from the overprotective uncle* ...Thank you for your honesty sir. *Studs out his cigarette, not exactly feeling like finishing it anymore* Luke: *stubs out his own cigarette with some regret because he'd been guiltily enjoying it* *tries to ignore the boy's slight kicked-puppy look* *sighs* Look... *rubs his face with his hand* I want you to know that you're welcome at our house any time... *smiles a little when he realises how open that invitation was*... within reason. I... *embarrassed cough*... did a fair amount of sneaking out as a teen myself. I had a place I could go, no matter when or for what reason. I don't know if you have such a place already, but know that no matter what time of day or night, if you /knock on our door/ *raises an eyebrow and fixes him with a firm look*, you won't be turned away. Azi: *Stares at Luke and searches his face for even the slightest hint of dishonesty* ...That's very generous of you sir, opening your home to me like that and I am grateful for it, but may I ask you something? Luke: *raises both eyebrows and does his best to stop looking threatening* Go for it. Azi: *Looks at him seriously* If it wasn't for my relationship with Ellie, would you still bother making that sort of offer to a delinquent like myself? *Does his best to keep the hurt of being considered a delinquent out of his voice* Luke: *takes his time to seriously consider the question so that he can give an honest answer* If it weren't for Ellie, I wouldn't necessarily have any interaction with anyone your age. Which, I admit, is no one's fault but my own. *thinks a little more, looking at Azi* I was quite the delinquent myself, so I would like to think that I generally have an open mind and more forgiving attitude, but none of us is infallible. *sighs and spreads his hands* I guess the answer is - I don't know. But I'm opening my home now and hoping for the best. Everything I do now is to keep her safe and happy. I'm flying blind. Azi: *Shoulders slump a little because he was really hoping for something other than an 'I don't know' but figures it could have been worse* I understand, you're just looking out for what is best for your niece and I can respect that. I guess all I can hope for is to not do anything more to make you think less of me and give you cause to believe I'm not good for her. Luke: *claps Azi on the shoulder in what he hopes is an encouraging manner* I think my problem is that I see too much of myself in you. *gives Azi a wry smile* I know the sort of things I got up to, the sort of trouble I got myself and my friends into, and it's the opposite of what I want for Ellie. *snorts* How about I try not to project too much of my past onto you, huh? Shall we try starting again? Clean slate? Azi: *Tries not to tense up too when Luke claps him on the shoulder* *Idly wonders exactly what sort of trouble he got up to before shaking off the thought and putting it away for another day* *Smiles a little shyly at Luke's offer* Okay sir, clean slate. Luke: *grins a little with relief and holds his hand out for Azi to shake* Hello there, I'm Luke, Ellie's stubborn, over-protective, workaholic uncle. Nice to meet you. Azi: *Laughs a little and shakes his hand* Hello Luke. I'm Aziraphale, but please call me Azi. I'm Ellie's boyfriend with five siblings, none of which I listen to, and a mother who I haven't seen since I was three but still pays for my housing. It's nice to meet you too. Luke: *laughs* Well, that clears up the family situation a little. *waves a hand towards the house* I will assume since last I heard you were grounded again that you're not meant to be here. Would you like to come in for some refreshments anyway? I'm picking Ellie up in *checks watch* about an hour and a half if you want to come with. Azi: *Nods* I'd love to sir, but can I finish cleaning up the graves first? I'm almost done. Luke: By all means. *regards him with a bit more respect* Would you like a hand? Azi: *Sits a few flowers by Luke* These are for the graves once we are done cleaning them up. *Returns to his work at the burial site with far too many weeds* Luke: *stares at the flowers then at Azi, where he's working on another grave* *decides he definitely judged too quickly* *shakes his head and snorts a little at his own folly* *wonders how many adults he'd been judged too quickly by when he was younger - probably a lot* *attacks the weeds* This is a very kind thing to do, Azira-- Azi. Azi: *Smiles to himself, pleased that their new start is going well* I just don't want the people here to feel neglected... it's not a fun feeling. Luke: *places a flower carefully on the grave and reads the inscription* No, I don't suppose it is. *starts on the next neglected grave* *sighs* Would you like me to see if I can talk with Met and Mike? Or would it be best if I stay out of it? Azi: *Shrugs and finishes pulling the weeds out of the grave site* They've been like that for as long as I can remember. I love them both dearly but their constant difference in opinions can get rather hectic at times, kinda made listening to them difficult growing up. *Smiles once he's finished fixing up the grave and after placing a flower in front of it moves on to the last one* But don't worry, they'll be fine once they've had time to cool off. Until then I think I'll just stick to hanging out with the people here, *Indicates the graveyard* they're much quieter. Luke: *snorts* That they are. Well, when it comes to your own household situation, you know best. *finishes off the grave he's on and places a flower on it* *the graveyard is looking a lot tidier and more cheerful now* But if you ever need me to, I'm happy to have a talk with your family. Perhaps we should invite them over for dinner so they can meet us properly? Azi: *Freezes and looks at Luke as if he was insane* ...No offense sir, but I think it would be best if we keep the meetings individual for now. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about bringing all the chaos of my family into your household all at once. Luke: *startled into laughter* Alright then. Well would they be amenable to coming over for dinner... one by one? It may help put minds at ease that we're not luring you into a den of iniquity or some such thing. *straightens up and stretches out his back* And I think we can let go of the 'sir' thing as well. I'm Luke. Azi: *Perks up at the sudden permission to use Luke's name* One by one sounds fine... Luke. *Smiles and puts the finishing touches on the last grave* Though I /do/ worry how you and Mike will get along. You two didn't seem to like each other all that much when you met the other day. Luke: *sardonically* I'm not allowed to dislike a bully who changes the terms of my agreement for no good reason other than that he wants to punish you? *shrugs with one shoulder* I'll play nice if he does. Azi: You know it's so nice to know that the adults in my life are going to get along for a change... *Finishes cleaning the grave and places a flower in front of it before standing up and stretching* And I know Mike can be a little stubborn but he only wants to help raise me the best he can, so I can't exactly hate him for it. Luke: *grins* Mature words for a sixteen year old. Most kids your age would be screaming hate at their brother for acting like Mike did. *knows /he/ would have been, which is another point in favour of Azi* *moves over to where Azi is and claps him on the shoulder again* Come on, let me feed you. Teenagers are always hungry, right? Then we'll go get Ellie from swimming. *smiles at Azi* She'll be happy to see you. Azi: I could never hate my brothers. They may drive me out of the house at times but they still did their best to raise me despite still being kids themselves at the time, and I love them for that. *Doesn't tense up so much when Luke claps him on the shoulder again* And yes, we teenagers are always foraging through cabinets and refrigerators searching for food to satisfy our never ending hunger. *Grins* Luke: Excellent. Let's forage! *leads the way back to the house, feeling like something has really been achieved* Azi: *Happily follows Luke back to the house, only feeling a little weird about spending time with him when Ellie wasn't around* Luke: *heads straight for the kitchen and starts tossing a few things on the bench to make sandwiches with* *has soon assembled all the required ingredients* It's build-your-own around here, so put in it what you like. *assembles his own sandwich and sits down at one of the bar stools* Azi: *Goes to the sink to wash the graveyard dirt off his hands before assessing a sandwich of his own* *Puts the food items away once he is done using them and begins to nom on his sandwich* Thank you Luke dear. *Happily munching* Luke: *stops chewing to regard Azi with surprise* I know I said you don't have to call me 'sir', Azi, but if we can keep away from the 'dear' I would much appreciate it. Azi: *Blinks once he notices what he did wrong and lowers his head, focusing instead on his sandwich than the adult he just embarrassed himself in front of because of his silly little speech habit* ....Sorry. Luke: *sighs internally at the boy pulling in on himself again* *as cheerfully as he can manage* So how did you meet my niece? Do you share a class? Azi: *Nibbles on his sandwich still not looking at him* We don't have any classes together this semester. We met when she came into the school library before class one day. *Wisely leaves out the part where he sort of creeped around and spied on her first* I'm usually in there helping the librarian put away books since I know where they all go. Luke: Well, that's encouraging. Ellie's a bit of a book worm. I sometimes have to check that she's actually remembered to go to sleep and isn't still reading. *smiles, takes a gulp of juice and then keeps chewing on his sandwich* Azi: *Smiles* Yeah, I remember I lent her my copy of 'Paradise Lost' and she read it all in one night. She looked pretty tired when she came to school the next morning. Luke: *chuckles* Ohhhh, so /you/ were the one responsible for her coming home one day and being asleep on the couch ten minutes later. Azi: *Shrugs and laughs a little* I didn't force her to read it all in one night, I was just loaning out a book to try and make a friend. Luke: Little did you know what sort of closet book worm you were lending it to. It's ok, I found it more amusing than anything. I'd been too busy with work and didn't check on her that night. *grins* So you bonded over books? Azi: *Shakes his head* Correct. We bonded over books and pieces of exchanged chocolate. *Finishes sandwich* Luke: Exchanged chocolate. That doesn't surprise me in the least. How did you work out that that would be the quickest way to her heart? *grins and finds that he's warming to the boy, who may not be quite as bad for Ellie as he'd feared* Azi: *Smiles as he remembers their little chocolate exchanges* Luck I guess. Really I just wanted to thank her for willingly sitting with me at lunch when we first met. Your niece is a very kind person. Luke: *smiles proudly* Yes, she is. Not that I can claim much influence there. Her mother was just the same. She was my safe haven when I was a teenager. Any time, day or night, I could go to her. Ten years difference between us, so she had her own place, her own life, but still made time for me. Azi: She sounds like she must have been lovely. Luke: *smiles sadly* She was just the best. You know, Ellie was born when I was about your age. Azi: *Tilts his head curiously* You're not that much older than Met then. Luke: Possibly not. I try and tell myself that thirty two isn't all that old, and then I become parent to a sixteen year old and I feel a lot older all of a sudden. Azi: Well at least you didn't didn't become a parent at sixteen to a three year old. I honestly feel pretty sorry for my brother a sister for having that sort of responsibility thrown on them like that. Luke: *closes his lips on commenting on that, because his opinion on a parent who would go absent on a three-year-old leaving siblings who were themselves still minors to raise him was /not/ kind* Met seems to have his head screwed on right, and despite the sneaking out *grins because that was so like Luke himself at that age* you seem to be quite well-adjusted so they've done something right. Azi: *Grins because he loves his brothers and is grateful for all they've done for him despite the chaos they cause* Thank you Luke, they did their best. Luke: That's all any of us can hope to do. *munches the last of his sandwich* So apart from books, chocolate, and sneaking into my niece's bedroom at night *raises an eyebrow but is still smiling*, what else do you enjoy? Azi: Well I guess I also enjoy hanging out in graveyards, fighting bullies, and taking walks through the park to feed the ducks. *Cheeky grin* Luke: *chuckles* Hmmm, if I didn't know your fascination with graveyards involves unpaid maintenance, I might be more worried by that. Well, I guess it's down to me to ask... just what are your intentions with regards to my niece? Azi: *'Oh lovely, the question that every boyfriend loves to hear asked by his girlfriend's guardians. Let's see how fast I mess /this/ up.'* *Cleared his throat and looking at Luke a little nervously* ....I guess my intentions are to just spend as much time as I can with her while she still wants to be with me. Luke: *stares at him for a few long moments, trying to work out whether he was just saying what he thought Luke wanted to hear, or being entirely honest* And if she ever doesn’t? Azi: *Frowns a little* I'd probably be pretty upset and miss her horribly, but if she ever really didn't want me around then I'm not going to try and force my presence on someone who doesn't want me there. Luke: *relaxes* *is glad he's not dealing with a dramatic 'oh my god my life would be over' situation* Good man. *sympathetic smile* Though I don't wish that fate on you. Or her. Azi: *Smiles* Neither do I. Even if we don't stay a couple I hope that we can still always remained friends. Luke: That's a good attitude, Azi. *lounges against the bench top, picking up the last crumbs off his plate with the tip of his finger* If you don't mind, I would like to address the night-time visits. Azi: *Sighs because he should have known that this conversation was coming up and he would really rather not have it* ....Okay. Luke: *still looking down at his plate and keeping his voice low and soft* Ellie's my little girl, and I'm not ready for her to have a person she is romantically interested in in her room. Alone. *sighs* I know that legally she's old enough for all of this, but that doesn't mean I have to like it. So while she's here, and I'm her guardian... I would prefer to at least pretend she's still my sweet, innocent little angel. But... *and now he looks up at Azi* I know teenaged boys, and teenaged girls... *looks like it pains him to say this*... but if you /do/... and you better bloody well not... but if you do... first, I don't want to know about it. Second, you'd better be careful. Third, if something does go wrong, I want to be the /first/ to know about it. Got it? *wishes he never had to say any of that* Azi: *Sits there quietly for a moment as his brain tries to catch up with the fact that Luke just gave him a Talk and that he is weirdly okay if he and Ellie.... well, /do/ anything as long as he never /ever/ finds out* *Attempts to snap out of the shock and embarrassment of that little speech in order to respond* ...G-Got it. Ellie will remain a pure perfect little angel as long as we are together but if something were to happen that effects her health wise we abandon the whole 'Ignorance is bliss' way of thinking and let you know what's wrong. *Face is totally heating up but he knows Luke has to hear this if he is going to be trusting him with his niece* Trust me, Met and Sunny might have done a good job with me but I don't fancy raising a child at only sixteen. We'll be responsible. Luke: *is immensely glad that is over with* Right! Well... *gathers up his plate and glass and strides over to the dishwasher* We're on the same page. Good. *puts the things in* *stares out the kitchen window* *looks at his watch* *drums his fingers* Azi: *Clears his throat a little and looks glances away a little sheepishly* I-If it makes you feel any better we... w-well we haven't.... when I snuck into her room at night everything remained pretty PG and family friendly... i-if you get what I'm saying. *'Oh god his face was on fire, why was he telling him this?’* Luke: *clears his own throat and shoots Azi a look* What was my first condition, Azi? Azi: *Ducks his head and focuses his attention on the floor rather than Luke* S-Sorry.... just wanted to reassure you that.... I'll just shut up now. Luke: *gives Azi a smile, though he can't see it looking at the floor* Normally, it would be reassuring. But let's just say that I would dread the day when you /stop/ reassuring me that nothing has happened. Azi: *Nods* I understand. So um... want to ask me something else so that we can move on from this horribly embarrassing subject? Luke: Please! Azi: Good, ask anything that you've been curious about as long as it less embarrassing than your last question. Luke: *chuckles* I'd say it would be hard to get any more embarrassing than that. Alright then. Vices. May as well hit me with all the bad news now. I know you smoke. Please say you don't do drugs…? Azi: No! No of course not. I don't even like that I smoke so there is no way I'm getting into anything much worse than that! ....But, *Scratches his cheek and glances away nervously* well you see when my friend Crowley comes to visit we may... drink a little…. Azi: Please don't tell my brothers! They don't know about that or the smoking and I would like to keep it that way. Luke: *decides it could be worse* Don't worry, they won't hear it from me. *sighs* I take it you do it quietly and don't go making a public pest of yourselves afterwards? Azi: *Shakes his head* Nope, with the number of family members and friends they have crawling around town between the two of us we couldn't risk any of them recognize us anyway. Luke: *grins* I know what that's like. *realises he shouldn't be encouraging the boy and neutralises his expression* And that's the worst of what I need to know? Not in the habit of getting into trouble at school? The fighting isn't a regular occurrence? Azi: *Shrugs because he really can't think of anything else that Luke didn't already know* The only fights I get into are with Crowley and those were always friendly ones. Luke: *relaxes again and grins* If that's the worst, then I'm relieved. Azi: You already know my habit of sneaking out and climbing where I'm probably not supposed to climb. Luke: *huffs out a quick laugh* Yeah, obviously I can appeal to your better nature and ask you to not climb into Ellie's room, but barring nailing her window shut, there doesn't appear to be a lot I can do to actually stop you. And now that subject is closed. *smiles to show he has no hard feelings* So... any less creepy talents? Azi: *Hums thoughtfully* Does nail painting count as a less creepy talent? Luke: *smiles* Unusual I would think for most boys your age, but not creepy. In fact, you're quite talented. Ellie is most taken with those little rabbits you drew on her nails. Keeps looking at them. Azi: I have to admit she did a lovely job on my nails too. *Shows Luke the little patterns on his nails* Luke: *raises his eyebrows and looks* That she did. *smiles at this unusual, though to all appearances kind, boy his niece brought home* She used to do her nails all the time. Hasn't done since her mother passed away, I don't think. Thank you for that. Azi: *Looks at Luke sympathetically* .....May I ask what happened to her, or do you not feel comfortable telling me? Luke: *looks at Azi silently for a while* *stands up and puts the kettle on* *stares out of the kitchen window again* Ellie doesn't really remember any of it, she got a bit of a knock to the head. I'm really not looking forward to the time when she starts to remember - the doctors said it was a possibility. *sighs* It was a car accident, though no one quite knows what really happened. Azi: *Stands up up uncertainty and hesitates for a moment before awkwardly patting his shoulder in what he hopes is a comforting gesture* ...I'm so sorry for yours and Ellie's loss. Luke: *shrugs* Thank you for the sentiment. You asked what happened, that's what happened. *pours himself a cup of coffee and pokes the hot chocolate powder in Azi's direction* *goes and sits down again* So we've covered vices and talents. I'm not sure I have that many more questions for you. Azi: *Goes about making himself some hot chocolate* Then how about I ask you some questions? I'm sure we could fit a few in before it is time to pick up Ellie. Luke: *sips at his coffee* Sure, go for it. What would you like to know? Azi: *Grins* What sort of trouble did you get into when you were my age? Luke: *laughs* How did I know you were going to ask that? Now, I don't want to be giving you any ideas, so if you'll excuse me I'll stick to the general details. *grins* Azi: Fine fine, general details it is. Luke: Hmm, well, you already have the sneaking out down pat, so I don't feel bad about telling you that. As to the rest... *considers how to word this*... I /did/ make a public nuisance of myself on more than one occasion. Landed in the cells overnight... on more than one occasion. Got into far too many fights. Just made a general pain in the ass of myself. Azi: *Sips his cocoa and looks at him curiously* So I guess you were a bit of a trouble maker too, huh? Luke: Yeah, not just a bit, though. *gives Azi a lopsided smile* I'd invest in a shotgun and rocking chair before I'd let Ellie date a boy like the one I was. Azi: *Snorts and burst into giggles* Then for my own health I'll be sure not to become a boy like that. Luke: *grins* You make sure you don't and you'll be just fine. So apart from my past shenanigans, was there anything else you wanted to know? Azi: Hmm... why do you work from home? Have you always done that or was that just when you got Ellie? Luke: Nah, I went through a bunch of dead-end jobs for a while. Wasn't until I discovered a talent for understanding code that working from home became a reality. I don't play well with others, so working by myself is good. I make software - other people design it, and I make it happen. It pays well enough. Been doing that for the past eight years. Azi: *Nods thoughtfully* Is it difficult paying for both yours and Ellie's living expenses? Luke: *shrugs* I can't just throw money around like I used to, but it's not too difficult. Azi: So you two are okay financially? Luke: *puts his coffee down and leans on his elbow, watching Azi carefully* Is there something bothering you? Azi: *Shakes his head* No, just wanted to make sure neither of you were having money troubles. Luke: *wonders if money troubles were something they worried about a lot in Azi's family* I can assure you that I'm much more financially secure than her mother ever was. The mortgage is nearly paid off on this house, and despite only having Ellie for a few months she already has enough in her college fund to get her through the first few years. We're fine. Azi: *Smiles* Alright then. Sorry if I confused you, money troubles was sort of the reason my friend Crowley had to move away. His family is doing much better now but I still miss them. Luke: *nods because that makes much more sense now* *smiles reassuringly* I'm sorry to hear that your friend had to move away. Ellie and I have no intention of moving. Azi: Perfect, if you two were to move it would make visiting a little difficult. *Grins and sips some more of his cocoa* Luke: *grins* Might curtail those nighttime activities, though. *checks his watch* Hmm, if we leave now, we can catch the end of the swimming practice. Ellie's quite something to watch in the water. Azi: *Suddenly imagines Ellie swimming... in water... in a swim suit* *Tries not to jump up too eagerly* Sounds good! Ready to go or do you need anything first? Luke: *turns away to hide his smile and return his cup to the sink* *has a pretty good idea what prompted Azi's eagerness* I'm ready to go. It's about a fifteen minute walk, or we could drive and then we get to watch a bit longer...? *tries not to smirk* Azi: *Tries to act casual* Well I've never seen her practice before... but we can walk if you don't feel like driving. Luke: *chuckles* Come on, we'll drive. *grabs his car keys from the hook in the hallway* *heads towards the front door* Azi: *Practically skips out the door as they leave to pick up Ellie from her swimming practice* {fuzzy time} Ellie: *poised on the edge of the pool, ready to go* *body clad in a one-piece black swimsuit with green side panels, matching green swim cap containing her long black hair, which was nevertheless still trying to escape* *watches her teammate speed towards her, and all she needs is that touch on the concrete directly below her feet, the moment those fingers...* *she dives, feels the water rush past, and surfaces, immediately sliding into a distance-eating freestyle* *the other end of the pool comes far too quickly* *she touches, looks up at the board to get her time, and scowls in irritation because it's not her best* *the scowl turns to a smile when she sees Luke - and Azi! - sitting in the bleachers* *drags herself out of the pool and trots around to where they are, just the waist-high fence separating them* Hey there! *beams at Azi* Azi: *Watches Ellie move through the water with ease and can't help but feel impressed* *He has been swimming himself before in the past but he knows for a fact he has never been /that/ good in the water* *Her swimming practice obviously paid off for her* *When she drags herself out of the water he hops to his feet and quickly goes to meet her* Hello darling! Surprised to see me? Ellie: *leans across the barrier and places a peck on his lips* *smiles* Surprised to see you /with my uncle/, yes. *suddenly concerned* Uh... nothing's wrong, is it? Azi: *Shakes his head and leans in to press his lips against hers in return* Everything's fine dear, we've actually been getting along swimmingly! *Chuckles at his terrible joke* But... he did have a Talk with me and trust me when I say that it was embarrassing for the both of us. Ellie: *voice drops* Oh god, he /didn't/! *looks horrified* *turns when her coach calls her and waves to indicate she'll be right over* I've got to go, got a few more minutes and chances to improve my time. *grins* Maybe you'll be my lucky charm! *skips off back to her coach before she needs to be called again* Luke: *sits back and smiles at their interaction* *is not listening to their words, even the ones he could hear, but watching their body language* *doesn't think he needs to worry about their feelings being entirely mutual* Azi: *Does his best not to openly ogle Ellie as she leaves because damn it, he is a creature of intellectual thought not some teenage boy who's completely controlled by hormones and wow black and green were good colors on her...* *Pries his eyes away from Ellie and goes back to sitting with Luke, trying his best to act like he /hadn't/ been staring at his niece* Luke: *trying his best to now show that he /noticed/ Azi ogling his niece* She didn't beat her best time that last run, which is why she looked annoyed. She's best at freestyle, but they're required to be good at all the strokes, so she may not get a chance to freestyle again until the warm down. Have you done much swimming, Azi? Azi: *Watches Ellie get ready for her next swim* A little during the summer but I can already say with certainty that I'm not /nearly/ as good as your nieces at this. Luke: *smiles proudly* She was /always/ in the water as a kid. It used to be my job to take her to the pool, and she soon outstripped my swimming abilities. Do you play any sort of sport? Ellie: *does a couple of laps of butterfly and waves at them when she's done and once again waiting her turn* Azi: No, sports aren't exactly my strongest point. *Waves at Ellie* Luke: *wryly* Ellie may read like a fiend, but you may have noticed that academia is not exactly her strong point. Give her some water and she's like a fish. *grins* *waves at his niece* *checks his watch* She should be done in about ten minutes. Azi: *Nods* And then back to your place? Or would you rather I headed home after this? Luke: It's up to you and Ellie, really. I'm already complicit in your truancy, so I don't see how keeping you longer at this point will make things too much worse. *grins* I suspect I know what Ellie's answer will be. Azi: *Smiles* Then I suppose I'll be sticking around for a while afterwards. Luke: *smiles and sits back to watch Ellie's last few laps and the warm down* *is proud of his niece* Ellie: *vanishes into the changing rooms and emerges a few minutes later, dry and dressed, and makes her way straight to where Luke and Azi are waiting* *bounds up to Azi and throws her arms around him* Azi: *Stands up to meet her hug once she returns from the changing room* *Snuggles her close for a moment before pulling away a little to kiss her cheek (they /were/ standing right next to her uncle after all)* Ellie: This is a lovely surprise, by the way. *smiles at Azi, then at Luke* Is he coming back home with us? Luke: *gives his niece a smile in return* Ask him yourself. Ellie: *grins at Azi, suspecting the answer* So /are/ you coming home with us? Did Met and Mike agree to let you visit again? How long are you staying? Azi: *Internally winces when she asked about Met and Mike because even though Met was all for him visiting he had still /technically/ snuck out again* My brothers were still... discussing the subject of my visiting when I left home today, but according to Met I'm still free to come over when I like. As for how long I'm staying, that depends on how long you are planning on keeping me darling? Ellie: *squeezes him hard and laughs* Forever! I'm keeping you for all eternity. Luke: *rolls his eyes but smiles* Come on then, lovebirds. Car's outside. Azi: *Squeezes her back with a grin and follows Luke out to the car* Ellie: *drags Azi into the back of the car and straps herself into the middle belt so that she can cuddle* Luke: *finds himself amused by his niece's antics and drives them home* Azi: *Arrives back at Ellie's place after a short drive and offers his hand to assist her out of the vehicle* Ellie: *grabs the hand and uses it to lever herself in close* *nose to nose with Azi* Hi. *grins* Luke: *snorts and walks to the front door, unlocking it and leaving it open behind him as he vanishes inside* Ellie: Suppose we should go in, then. *hoists her swimming bag to her shoulder, grabs Azi's hand* Azi: *Smiles and pecks her on the nose* If we must. Did you enjoy your day of swimming? Ellie: *nods and walks him inside and into the lounge* I did. Luke convinced me to start up swimming again a few weeks ago. It's been slow going but I'm getting close to my usual times again. *places her hands on his chest and walks him backwards towards the bay window again* *smiles* Azi: *Finds himself pushed back in a position that he really didn't mind being in* *Grins and places his hands on her waist* Gee, I wonder what you're up to dear. Ellie: *grins as she backs him right into the bay window then keeps going so he's forced to sit down or fall down* Azi: *Decides he doesn't fancy falling and hitting his head on something* *Sits instead and gazes up at Ellie* Ellie: *climbs into his lap, looking very pleased with herself, and places her forehead against his* Hi again. *smiles* Azi: *Smiles back and places a quick kiss on her lips* Hi yourself. *Tightens his hold on her waist* Ellie: *sighs and sags into his arms, burying her face into his shoulder* I really do wish you could stay forever. Azi: *Snuggles her closer and gently rubs her back* I don't think I would mind remaining in your arms forever…. Ellie: *speaking into his shoulder, relaxed* So you and Luke got to have a talk? /The/ Talk? Azi: *Sighs* Yup... it was pretty awkward for the both of us. Ellie: *isn't sure she wants the answer, but...* What did he say? Azi: *Smiles a little* That you are his perfect little angel and if that were to ever change then he does /not/ want to know... unless of course something goes wrong. Ellie: *groans* Oh god, you too. I'm so sorry. Azi: *Shakes his head* Don't worry about it darling, I think him having that little discussion with me may have made him feel better about us being together. Ellie: *lifts her head to look at him* I'd wondered about the sudden friendliness between you. And Luke seems to suddenly... approve of you? Ellie: What did you /do/? *grins* Azi: *Shrugs* Luke wanted to start over and give me a second chance I guess. We spent most of our time before picking you up asking questions and getting to know each other. Ellie: *places her forehead against his again and smiles at him* I'm glad. It's so nice to have the men in my life getting along. Azi: *Nuzzles his nose against hers* And it's so nice to know that my girlfriend's guardian doesn't want me killed or to tear me apart every time I'm with her. Ellie: *nuzzles back and brushes her lips against his* I like that. Girlfriend. It feels strange, but nice. *another quick kiss* Azi: Well you /are/ my girlfriend, right? *Smiles against her lips and pushes in for a firmer kiss* Ellie: *melts into his kiss, fingers going straight for his hair again* *his gorgeous, soft, blonde, wavy hair* *pulls away, smiling giddily* Yes, I am. Azi: *Grins* And I'm your boyfriend? *Starts peppering kisses along her jaw line, hands rubbing gentle circles into her back* Ellie: *laughs and tilts her head up to give him better access* *half closes her eyes with pleasure* It naturally follows that if I'm your girlfriend then you're my boyfriend, yes. Azi: *Smiles against her jaw and starts to slowly trail his lips up her jaw* Just clarifying things. It would be a little awkward if we weren't together and I was still putting my hands all over you. *Nips at her ear* Ellie: *breath hitches and heart thuds louder* *grabs his hair harder and looks at him, pupils blown wide* *is suddenly too self-conscious to verbalise what she wants, because what she wants they can't do - not here, not now* *instead she forces herself to breathe slowly and smiles at him* I think Luke is right about something… Azi: *Stares at her in confusion for a moment as his brain processes just what sort of effects that little ear nibble had on her* *Smiles slowly when he puts two and two together, making a note to /definitely/ try that again* ...What was he right about darling? Ellie: *blushes a little* About staying out of my room. *smiles and noses against his cheek* At this point I think if I had you alone... *doesn't finish the sentence because the mental images are more than enough* *bites at the soft skin under his jaw* *eventually finds words again* Your virtue would most definitely not be safe with me. *chuckles against his neck* Azi: *Sharp intake of breath as her teeth sink into the flesh under his jaw and his hands clench the fabric at the back of her shirt* ...Darling, it's sentences like that that makes it /extremely/ difficult not to sneak into your room and willingly give my virtue to you. Ellie: Quite frankly... *kisses her way up to his jaw again*... at this point... *the side of his mouth, then his lips very briefly*... that sounds wonderful. *kisses him deeply, hands carding through his hair* Azi: *Makes a little whining sound against her lips and pulls her flush against himself* *Scraps his teeth against her lip and already finds his hands playing with the bottom of her shirt* Ellie: *brain short-circuits as she is pressed right up against him* Oh god... Azi... I want... *a small part of her brain knows that they're in the front room and her uncle could walk in any moment* *that part of the brain is being drowned out by want and need and sensation* Azi: I-I know... *Slips both of his hands under her shirt and begins to slowly glide them up her back*Ellie I-I... *Pulls away from her lips starts to trail a series of kisses under her ear* *Voice shaky and full of need* I-I want you t-too. *Bites down on her ear lobe* Ellie: *feels her hips start to move in reaction to his bite /and/ his hands and suddenly realises how far they're letting this get* *hunches down, buries her face in his shoulder and hugs him very, very tight* *is trembling slightly* Oh god Azi... please... please sneak into my room... soon. I can't stand this. *blushing furiously, eyes squeezed tight* Azi: *Mind temporarily shuts down when her hips move against his and before he realizes it his hands are already trying to unhook her bra* *Lucky for him he's never encountered one of those in his life and isn't able to get it undone before he hears Ellie's trembling pleads* *Hands freeze and his face goes red as his senses come back to him and he realizes just how he is about to do with her in front of a window, with her uncle only rooms away* E-Ellie I... *'Deep breath Aziraphale, deep breath'* I m-made a p-promise I wouldn't.... *Hugs her tightly, hands still underneath her shirt* Ellie: *breathes heavily against his shoulder and goes even redder as he answers her* *can't respond with the embarrassment of being the one begging for more when Azi is trying to be the responsible one* *can only think how Luke would be so disappointed in her right now* Azi: *Realizes his response sounded an awful lot like a rejection, goes to try and clarify things between them* B-But... *Holds her back enough so that he can rest his forehead against hers, eyes closed shut and breathing heavily as he tries to slow down his heart rate* I-I want to... oh dear god I-I want t-to. *Silently scolds his hands for exploring the skin up and down her sides but really doesn't have the will to to stop them* ...O-On one of o-our dates, w-we can... we can find someplace p-private... *Opens his eyes to look into hers* I-I promise. Ellie: *involuntarily moves in time with his hands* *looks into Azi's eyes* Yes. A thousand times yes. *breathing has almost evened out again but her face is still flushed red* *grins* Azi: Perfect. *Smiles and feels his hands start gliding towards her front* *Ducks his head into the crook of her neck, placing lazy kisses on it* So um... I guess we... do you want to stop for now or…? Ellie: *sighs happily and arches a bit into his hands* I think... *can't really think, not with his hands skimming her ribs like that*... I think... *what did she think?*... we probably should. Because... *gathers her scattering thoughts*... if your hands are going where I think they are, I'm going to make... *breathes*... some noises that will bring a certain uncle's wrath down on us. Azi: *Kissing the part of her neck where it meets her jaw* Y-You have a point but... *Hands rubbing gentle at her abdomen as he finds himself pushing closer* But I-I would /love/ to hear you m-make those noises. *Nibbles on the soft skin underneath her ear* Ellie: *makes a little noise in the back of her throat* Azi... *one hand slides from his hair to his chest, wishing that there wasn't a layer of fabric between her hand and his skin* I... we're... going to need to find somewhere /very/ private on our date night. *smiles and pushes into his hands again, desperately wanting them to move up, but also trembling with nervousness at the same time* Private and sound proof. Azi: R-Right... private. *Shallow breaths as his brain starts to shut down and conveniently forget where they are at the moment, instead focusing on the sensations he was currently experiencing* E-Ellie I... *Only vaguely aware that his hips have started to move against hers and that one of his hands have moved instead to wrap around her waist and hold her tightly against himself* T-Telling me t-to... *Starts sucking on her ear lobe and tries to figure out exactly what he is pleading for* Ellie: *instinct and sensation take over for a moment, and her hips move with his* *it feels so incredibly good but...* Oh god, Azi. We... *tries to stop but can't*... need more privacy and less clothes... *growls and pushes against his chest, straightening her arm and putting as much space between them as their positions allow* *takes a deep, very shaky breath* When? Azi: *A whimper escapes his lips, both from her body responding to his in what had to be the ideal way, and from her /stopping/ and pushing as far away from him as she could without actually removing herself from his lap* *Takes a moment to get his wits about him and actually attempt to answer her* A-As soon as b-bloody possible… Ellie: *tries to breathe and mostly just gasps like a fish out of water* Good. *really wants to resume moving her hips because damn that felt good, but knows that it would be a bad idea* *carefully climbs off his lap and flops down on the cushions next to him instead, grabbing one and burying her face in it* *curls herself tightly around the cushion* *voice muffled* Because if I have to wait too long, I may just jump you in public. *peeks at him with one eye, grin hidden* Azi: *Can't help but feel disappointed when she climbs off his lap but fully understands that if she hadn't he probably wouldn't have stopped* *Leans back against his own cushion with his eyes shut and focuses on calming down certain parts of his body, only peeking at Ellie when he hears her muffled voice and smiles* You can jump me any time you'd like, darling. Ellie: *chuckles into her cushion* Yeah, because that's worked so well for us so far. *sneaks a hand out from under her cushion to seek out his fingers and tangle them together* Date night. Provided you're not being held prisoner by Mike. Azi: *Chuckles and uses their intertwined hands to pull her closer again, missing the contact they had before and overall wanting to hold her* Mike couldn't stop me today, and there is no way I would ever let him stop me from seeing you. Ellie: *helps by shuffling closer and abandoning her cushion in favour of hugging him and pressing her face into the front of his shirt instead* This week is going to be difficult. And we have to decide where to go. *frowns* I don't like deceiving Luke. Azi: *Strokes her hair as he finally feels his heart rate return to normal* I know darling, and we don't have to try anything until you want to… Ellie: *snorts* I want to do /everything/. And that's not what I meant... Luke practically demanded that we lie to him about /that/. I meant deceiving him about where we go. *snuggles in closer and relaxes* Azi: *Pulls his mind away from the fact that Ellie wanted to do /everything/* *No need to go getting himself worked up again just when he was actually starting to calm down* ...To be honest I don't exactly fancy lying to you uncle either. He seems like a pleasant enough person. Ellie: *sighs* We'll think of something. Azi: *Hugs her tightly* If we don't then I guess we can just remain sexually frustrated forever. *Smiles playfully* Ellie: *glares at him* That's not funny. *mock growls and nips his chin with her teeth* Azi: *Chuckles* It's a little funny. *Pecks her lips* Ellie: *growls again and lays her head back down against his chest* *smiling* Friday is a long time away, isn't it? Azi: *Returns to stroking her hair* That it is. Why do you ask? Eager to jump me I take it? *Smirks* Ellie: *bites her lip* How... How is your place situated for privacy? Azi: *Blinks, pretty sure where she was going with this but didn't want to jump to horny teenage boy conclusions* ....It depends on the time and day I guess. Uriel is usually on campus at his college so he isn't around as much whereas Met is often out for work and Mike will either be working or he will be at his night classes... I'm not entirely sure what Remy does all day but he comes and goes as he pleases. Ellie: *soft voice* Luke goes to bed around midnight. At that point it's easy enough to get out the front door if I'm quiet... *tilts her chin up so she can look at him* Azi: *Blinks again, this time certain that she is implying what he thinks she is implying* You... you want to do... well you want to sneak over to my house? Ellie: *goes a little red and nods* If... that's going to work? Azi: *Feels his own face heat up* I... yes! Yes, we can do that! But um... when? Ellie: It's your place. When would be the best night? *can't believe she's scheduling a booty call* Azi: *Face goes in little redder but he pays no mind to it as he tries to remember his brothers schedules* Well if we are going to be... up that late I suppose we should take the week days out of the equation and just stick to the weekends. Sunday's are the days almost everyone is home so that's out.... I want to say a Friday night would be best since Met works late and will usually be out with his friends afterwards, Mike has his last night of classes for the week, and Uriel doesn't come home from college until Saturday... can't tell you what Remy will be up to though… Ellie: *sighs again* So we're back to waiting for Friday. And we'll be out at our date night until after eleven. Luke will drop you home and bring me back here. By the time he settles down to bed it'll probably be about twelve thirty... *bites her lip* Azi: *Smiles sympathetically* I feel your pain darling, but to be perfectly honest I like the idea of taking you out on a date first before, well.... /taking/ you. *Scolds himself for blushing again* Besides... we'll have all night. Ellie: *smiles even though her heart has started to hammer again* How very proper of you. *kisses his chin* Alright. I'll resist the urge to tear your clothes off you until after our date night. *grins at him* Azi: *Nuzzles and smirks against her cheek* And I'll resist the urge to put my hands all over you until then as well. Ellie: Awww. *is grinning* But I /like/ your hands all over me. *winks and kisses his cheek* *is feeling all shivery with anticipation for Friday night* *also starting to make practical plans for the things she would need to take with her* Azi: *Grins mischievously and gets a playful twinkle in his eye* Oh you do? *Starts tickling her sides without mercy* Ellie: *squeals and laughs, squirming to get away but the cushions are thwarting her attempts* Azi: *Giggles with delight and tickles her senseless before she can find an escape* Ellie: *laughing helplessly* No! *giggling* Stop! *trying to tickle back but mostly failing* Luke, help! *laughing more* Luke: *pops his head around the doorway and grins when he sees what's going on* *had been concerned for a moment* Sorry, Azi did you need some help? *innocent face* Azi: *Smiles pleasantly back at Luke* I've got everything under control here, but if you would like to help I wouldn't mind in the least. Ellie: *wails* Noooo! *tears of laughter* That's not fair! *takes the opportunity to attack Azi while he's distracted* Luke: *folds his arms and leans against the doorframe, watching with a lop-sided smile on his face* Azi: *Yelps as he is caught off guard and falls back into a fit of giggles* Ellie: *makes the most of having the upper hand for the moment and tickles mercilessly* *crows* Victory! Luke: *actually rolls his eyes* Azi: Not for...! *Breathless giggling and attempts to get the upper hand back* Not for long! *Hands start tickling her wherever they can reach* Ellie: *predictably loses the ability to tickle as she is tickled* *laughs and squirms again* I will... *attempts to wriggle around but it just gives Azi better access to her sides* I will get you back! *can't stop giggling and can't see for the tears now* Luke help! Luke: Oh no, you kids have fun. This is far too amusing to watch. *smirks* By the way, her feet are particularly sensitive. Ellie: Luke!! *can't believe he told Azi that* *immediately tries to protect her feet* Azi: *Evil grin* Thank you for the information Luke! *Immediately attacks her tickle sensitive feet* Say you give up darling and this can all stop. Ellie: *shouts* Neverrrrr! *laughs and tries to kick him off her, squirming around enough that she can reach his sides* *tickles, but it's uncoordinated because she's too helpless from having her feet tickled* Luke: You're welcome. *grins* Ellie: Traitor! Azi: *Laughing hysterically at both from Ellies reaction to being tickled and to just simply being tickled himself* *Ends up falling onto the floor* Ellie: *puts her hands on the edge of the bay window and looks down at Azi, grinning* Told you... Victory is mine! Luke: I thought I'd taken charge of a sixteen year old, not a six year old. My mistake. *winks* Azi: *Trying to scramble away from her hands* Help! *Giggling* Ellie: *sits back, sprawling across as much of the bay window as she can take up by herself, smiling triumphantly* Luke: *chuckles* You're on your own, Azi. Just remember: you chose this, you live with the consequences. Ellie: *looks immensely proud of herself* Azi: *Takes a moment to catch his breath* Well... *Smiles at Ellie* The consequences are pretty cute, so I think I can deal living with them... Ellie: *tries to look offended* I'm not cute! I'm the Queen of Tickles! Victor of the Bay Window! Defender of the Cushions! Luke: Spinner of Bullcrap, more like. Ellie: *pokes her tongue out at Luke* Azi: *Laughing* Whatever the title, you're still adorable darling. *Hops back up onto the cushions and snuggles her* Luke: *decides that now is a good time to retreat again* Half hour until afternoon tea, lovebirds. Ellie: *nods and sinks back into Azi's arms, content* Snuggler of Cute Bookish Boys. *grins* Azi: *Smooches her cheek* Kisser of Adorable Swimming Girls. Ellie: Have you ever considered that we might be just a little bit sickening? *smiles, looking not at all ashamed* *nuzzles his nose* Azi: Sickening? Us? No, never. We just love to complement each other in overly sweet and sappy ways. There's nothing sickening about that. *Nuzzles back* Ellie: *giggles softly and cuddles him tight* No wonder Luke beat a hasty retreat. Must have been like trying to breathe syrup. Azi: *Shrugs* I guess he just doesn't share the same sweet tooth we have. Ellie: *looks up* Wait. Didn't you say that Mike still thinks you're grounded? Will we have another annoyed brother dragging you home soon? Azi: *Shakes his head* Technically Mike is trying to convince Met that I /should/ be grounded but Met doesn't agree. Ellie: *makes an O shape with her mouth* Well, that's good I suppose. Does that mean Mike won't be storming around here demanding you come home? *hand travels up into the hair at the back of his head* And does that mean you could stay for dinner? Azi: Well... *Relaxes against her hand* I guess I could but... *Glances towards the hallway* I wouldn't want to intrude on you and Luke. I'm not entirely sure how much your uncle is still willing to put up with me today. Ellie: *massages the back of his head* *sighs and pouts a little* I suppose you're right. Normally we do a lot of stuff together on the weekends. He works hard the rest of the week so that the weekends are for us. *small smile* I'm quite lucky, I guess. Azi: Always having someone there who will always make time to spend with you... *Smiles and strokes her cheek* Yes dear, you are very lucky. Ellie: *wonders whether, with four brothers and his tendency to run off, he has someone like that* I will always make time for you. *turns her head and kisses his hand* Azi: *Wraps his arms snugly around her* And I'll always have time for you my dearest. Ellie: *settles in against him and closes her eyes* Mmm, wake me when afternoon tea is ready. *grins* This is too comfortable. Azi: *Leans back and closes his own eyes with a small smile* If I'm still awake myself, of course darling. Luke: *comes back in a half hours time to find them both snoring softly in the bay window and sneaks out again after leaving some snacks for them on the coffee table* —— It started out with small things. On Monday Ellie misplaced her favourite pen, and there was a sticky smear of something across her locker. On Tuesday she found something in her bag that most definitely belonged to the teacher and, dutifully, she handed it back with an apology and an explanation that she really didn’t know how it got there. Wednesday came and went with nothing, or so she thought, until she got nearly home and found that the straps of her backpack had been cut and they finally gave, spilling the contents of her bag across the path. Ellie: *grumbling and picking up her things* Azi: *Kneels down to assist her* ...Should I bother with asking how this happened or should I just assume it's those jerks again? Ellie: *frowns and shrugs, not looking at Azi but stuffing things back into her bag* *presses her lips into a tight line, not wanting to say anything because she is pretty pissed off right now* Azi: *Sighs at her silence and grabs the last few things off the ground for her* I'm sorry you have to put up with them darling. Ellie: *makes an effort to speak, because Azi doesn't deserve the silent treatment* They're not worth my time. If I don't give them the satisfaction of reacting, they'll get bored. Right? Azi: With any luck they should. *Smiles hopefully but still doubts that this is just going to stop* Ellie: *stuffs the last rogue pencil into her backpack and closes it as best she can* *gathers it into her arms and stands up* Here's hoping. *doesn't have all that much hope herself* *keeps walking* Luke's not going to like this. Azi: *Shakes his head* I'd imagine not. *Stands up and brushes a little dirt off of his trousers* Would you like help carrying that? Ellie: *being stubborn because she's still annoyed* No, I've got it. *puts her head down and keeps walking* Problem is I don't know who it actually is. It could be the same people we both had the run-in with, or it could be someone else. *sighs* It's hard to confront an unknown assailant, so ignoring is all I've got. Azi: *Sighs again because he really wants to help make this better for her but without actually /knowing/ who's doing this he can't take any action to stop it* Maybe they'll find a new target to harass... although I wouldn't purposely will bullying on anyone. Ellie: Maybe. *shrugs* Nearly home. What are the chances of Luke not noticing that my bag is ruined? Azi: I think those chances depend entirely on how fast you can hide your bag. Ellie: *sighs* And how much I can hide my bag every morning and every evening from now on? Best to just get it over with, I guess. *looks at the straps, which look beyond repair* Azi: *Puts an arm around her* It's not your fault that some kids are jerks darling. I'm sure Luke will understand that. Ellie: *nods* Oh, he won't be mad at me. But he might put more restrictions on my movements again in an effort to keep me safe. Except that this stuff is happening /during/ school hours now. Azi: *Shrugs* Who knows, maybe he'll start sending you to school with a guard dog. This could be the perfect excuse to ask for a puppy. *Smiles* Ellie: *finds herself smiling back* *cuddles in as close as she can under his arm while they walk without losing her grip on her bag* Thanks. *climbs the front steps* Azi: For what? *Grins and follows her up the steps* I was serious. There's an animal shelter not to far for here. We could go there and pick you out a killer puppy- no wait! You like rabbits. We can go to the pet store and pick out an attack bunny! A bunny would be a lot easier to sneak into school and no one would expect it! Ellie: *laughs and turns on the top step to give him a peck on the mouth, still holding her bag in her arms* You could help by opening the door? My hands are rather occupied. Azi: *Smiles and pushes open the door for her, glad to see that she's cheered up a bit after hearing his nonsense* As you wish my dear. Ellie: *walks in and straight to the kitchen where she can dump the contents of her bag all over the table* Luke: *walks in and to the fridge* New way of doing your homework? Dump everything out first? Ellie: I wish. *sighs and sags, holding the ruined bag in one hand* Azi: *Follows her to the kitchen and places his bag down on one of the chairs* She hasn't been having the greatest week… Luke: *pauses with the juice in one hand and an empty glass in the other* *looks from one to the other* Oh? Ellie: *holds out her bag* Luke: *puts the juice down and takes the bag to inspect it* This appears... deliberate? *gives Ellie a 'tell me now' look* Ellie: *sags into one of the chairs* I don't know. Azi: *Sits down next to her and takes one of her hands* Some kids have been messing around and pulling these little attacks on her all week. We don't have any proof but we suspect the kids pulling these pranks are the same ones who attacked us in the park. Ellie: *smiles at Azi when he takes her hand* *turns to face Luke again* Look, it's just stupid little things. If I ignore them... Luke: *looking murderous* You shouldn't /have/ to ignore them. I should never have put you in that school. Ellie: *looks at Azi, biting her lip* *if she hadn't gone to that school she would probably not have met him* Luke: There must be something the school can do. *gets out his phone* Ellie: No! It's just little things. *grabs tightly to Azi's hand* Azi: *Squeezes Ellie's hand tightly before hopping up and going over to her uncle* Luke, we have no proof that the jerks from the park are the ones causing this grief and if the school were to question them they would know that Ellie spoke up and just deny everything before doubling their efforts to making her life Hell. Please think about the consequences that this would have for your niece if you were to call right now… Luke: *regards Azi with a neutral expression for a few seconds, then looks at Ellie* Alright. *puts the phone back into his pocket* It's still tempting to just pull you out of school. I'm pretty sure I could work out the home-schooling thing, and I could work later in the... Ellie: *shakes her head* I don't want you to do that. Luke: What they're doing is harassment, they can't be allowed to get away with it. Ellie: As Azi said, we don't know for sure who's doing it. They're being sneaky about it now. *stands and walks over to Azi, moving in close to him and slipping an arm around his waist* Please leave it, Luke. Luke: *rubs his face with one hand* Azi: *Slips his own arm around her waist when she moves in close enough* *Regards Luke with a serious expression* Try not to worry yourself too much. If things really do start getting out of hand you can trust that neither Ellie nor I are just going to sit back and let them get away with this. *Smiles reassuringly* And we'll be sure to consult you if things really do get that bad, okay? Luke: *incredulous* You'll /consult/ me? *bites his tongue again* *reminds himself that a lot of teenagers wouldn't even do that much* *turns and pours himself that glass of orange juice* Fine, I appreciate it, I really do. *sips and looks at Ellie* But if you come back looking like you've gone three rounds with a bear again, I'll have to do /something/. Ellie: *nods and huddles into Azi* Luke: *already missing the times when she used to turn to him for comfort* Azi: *Shrinks back away from Luke when it appears he may have stated that wrong* *Hugs Ellie* We won't allow it to get that far again si- Luke. The last thing I want to see is your niece hurt again... I'll figure out a way to get them to stop targeting her, I promise. Luke: *sighs* You'll need a new bag, Ellie. I think I have a spare one floating around somewhere which you can use for the rest of the week, and we'll go shopping on Saturday after swimming. *looks at Azi* I'm trusting you to keep an eye on her. Ellie: *rolls her eyes* Like I can't take care of myself. Thanks for that vote of confidence. Luke: You know I didn't mean it like that. But if there's two of you looking out… Azi: Strength in numbers darling. They could barely handle us individually, I doubt that they would be able to jump us when we're together. Luke: Exactly! Thank you, Azi. *smiles at the boy* *looks at his niece again and reaches out to tweak her nose* You stick with him. Ellie: *wrinkles her nose and grins* *little does Luke know just how close she was going to stick to Azi* Will do. Azi: *Kisses her cheek* Like I would ever leave your side. *Grins* Luke: *snorts* *returns the juice to the fridge* I'll go find that bag, then. I'll probably be about ten minutes. *smirks over his shoulder as he leaves* Ellie: *turns to Azi and slips her other arm around him, too* You'll figure out a way to get them to stop targeting me, will you? Don't think to include me in the brainstorming session? *smiles and nuzzles his neck* Azi: *Raises an eyebrow and smiles because he highly doubts it takes ten minutes for someone to find a bag* *Decides to not waste the time Luke's given them and hugs Ellie closer* I'll include you when I actually have an idea you'll agree with, because so far I've got nothing. Ellie: *sighs and hugs back* Well, since my idea right now is to ignore them until they go away... *kisses his neck* There's nothing I can do about them right now, though... *nips his jaw* But what I can do right now... *nuzzles his nose and grins at him*... is enjoy your company. Azi: *Grins and nuzzles her in return* I like this plan. *Pecks her lips* Especially considering... *Nibbles at her jaw* Your uncle... *Kisses her where her jaw meets her neck* Just gave us... *Bites her ear and combs a hand through her hair* Ten minutes alone together. Ellie: *shivers and feels her heart start to race* *loves the feel of his hands in her hair and his lips against her neck* Two days... Azi: *Scraps his teeth down from her ear to the curve of her neck, nipping and placing small kisses there* Two long, agonizing days... Ellie: *shudders and clutches tightly at his shoulder with one hand and his hair with the other* *eyes half closed and head tilted back* *grinning* I think I'm going to really enjoy our Friday nights. Azi: *Smiles against her neck* I hope so darling... *Kisses under her jaw* Trust me when I say I'll be sure to try my hardest to ensure that you enjoy every moment of our time together that night. Ellie: I always enjoy every moment of our time together. *turns her head to kiss his jaw in return* I just have two more days at school to get through, and I don't get to spend nearly enough of my time there with you. Azi: *Sighs happily* Next semester dear, we'll hope that we get some classes together then. *Tilts his head and captures her lips* Ellie: *leans into the kiss, hand moving to comb through his hair, body pressing forward* *breaks away enough to grin at him and catch her breath* If you do a lot more of that on Friday, that'll be most enjoyable. Azi: *Pecks her lips again and nuzzles her cheek* Speaking of Friday, as much as I am looking forward to our secret meeting, what are we going to do on our /actual/ date? Ellie: Dinner and a movie? *peppers a few kisses against his cheek* Not that I'll be able to concentrate on a movie, but the theatre is dark and we can snuggle as best the seats allow. Azi: *Turns his head and catches a few of the peppered kisses with his own lips* With you next to me darling, I don't think I'll be able to focus on the movie either. *Grins* Ellie: *grins back, lips still brushing his as she speaks* Then we'll just have to keep our ticket stubs as proof we went. *laughs* Because if I'm asked what it was about, I think I'd be hard pressed to answer. Azi: *Nips at her bottom lip* I doubt it will be all that interesting anyway. Ellie: *closes her eyes and presses hard into a kiss, both hands tangled in his hair now* *when she backs off again she's panting slightly and her heart is racing* Two more days. *kisses him again, though not as desperately* Two more sleeps, and then I get to do the things that have been plaguing my dreams and daydreams. *smiles at him, blushing* Azi: *Blushes a little himself* Should I ask exactly what was going on in these daydreams you've been having of me? Ellie: *nuzzles* I'll show you on Friday. *grins and goes slightly redder* Azi: *Presses closer and gently nibbles her ear* I really wish you could show me now. Ellie: *breath leaves her in a rush when he nibbles her ear and says /that/* Me too. *hands tighten in his hair* Luke will be back any minute. *disappointed* Azi: *Pulls away a little before he gets his heart rate going again* Then I guess we'll just have to continue this Friday, huh? Ellie: *presses her forehead to his and lets her eyes drift shut and her breathing even out again* Yes. Friday. *sighs* In the meantime, my homework is spread all over the kitchen table. I should get on with it. *reluctant to let him go and hasn't moved* Azi: *Smiles and pecks her lips* Come on, the sooner you get done the sooner we can snuggle on the couch. *Takes her hand and leads her to the table* I'll help you with your history. —— Azi: *Checks his watch, notes it's been only twenty seconds since the last time he checked it* *Reminds himself to have patience and to stop acting nervous* *He hadn't even been waiting outside the cinema for ten minutes yet he was behaving as if Ellie was late or planning not to show... which she will. Why wouldn't she?* *Shakes to ride himself of his paranoia and distractes himself by playing with one of the buttons on the nicer shirt he wore for their date tonight... which Ellie /wasn't/ planning on skipping, nope, of course not* *...Checks his watch again* Ellie: We're going to be late! *fidgets in the passenger seat and checks her watch* Luke: *tries not to roll his eyes* We're not going to be that late. It's called fashionably late. Ellie: *tells herself that sniping at her uncle for faffing around when she had been ready to leave ages ago was not a good idea* *picks at the hem of her top, which she'd chosen specifically because it exactly matched her eyes* Luke: Look, we're there, and I'll pick you up at-- Ellie: *is already out the car door* Yes, eleven, I know! Thank you! See you! *closes the door and rushes over to Azi, who is looking like he made an effort tonight, too* Hi! *smiles, suddenly nervous, because they were on an actual /date/* Azi: *Brightens when he sees Ellie and Luke pull up* *Takes a few steps forward to meet Ellie and grin widely, pulling her into his arms* Hello darling, you look beautiful tonight. Ellie: *hugs him tight* So do you! *laughs nervously, realising what she'd said* Handsome, I mean... Luke: *calling out the window* You kids have fun. See you at eleven. Ellie: *turns her head to smile at Luke* *waves* Luke: *drives off, feeling a little strange that he'd just dropped his little girl off for her first date* Azi: *Waves Luke goodbye* *Takes Ellie's hand and kisses her briefly* I'm glad we got to do this tonight. Ellie: *smiles* Me too. Come on, we'd better go get tickets. *drags him inside* Azi: *Is dragged inside and gets there tickets* Do you want anything before the movie starts? *Gestures towards the many snacks the cinema had to offer* Ellie: *lights up* Chocolate? Azi: *Smiles* Chocolate it is then! *Goes to retrieve their treat for the evening* Ellie: *clutches their tickets and tries not to get too nervous* *or was that excited?* *doesn't know which one it is* *watches Azi and smiles at him* Thanks. *moves in closer to him* Azi: You're welcome dear. *Hands her her treat and slips an arm around her waist, blushing slightly because this was the first time they were doing something like this in public rather than at her home* Shall we go? Ellie: *leans into him for a moment and smiles wider* *quietly* Yes, let's go to the dark room where everyone else will be concentrating on something else. Azi: *Grins myschevieously* You read my mind. *Quickly leads her to said dark room where everyone else will be concentrating on the screen rather than the two teenagers sitting in the back* Ellie: *settles into her seat and is slightly disappointed to find that the arm rests separating them were wide enough to accommodate two people's arms* *reaches over to take Azi's hand* Azi: *Is also disappointed by the arm rest separating them but happily takes Ellie's hand* Looks like snuggling is going to be a little difficult. Ellie: *looks around at her own seat* Well... *grins at him* The seats are big enough, and neither of us is huge… Azi: *Notices they are the only ones in their row* You have a point darling, and once the lights are out no one is going to be paying any mind as to how many people are in a seat. Ellie: *smiles and threads their fingers together* *murmurs* I guess I'm just looking for excuses to climb into your lap. Azi: *Lights start to dim* *Moves forward to mumble against her lips* I don't exactly mind… Ellie: *smiles and presses her lips to his briefly* Well then, if you're sure you don't mind... *notes that the lights have dimmed and slides out of her seat and into his lap, sitting sideways across it* *loops an arm around his neck* Azi: *Puts his arms snugly around her waist* *Nuzzles her cheek* Nope, I think I might even enjoy this. Ellie: *cuddles in close and turns her head so she can watch the screen, resting it almost against his shoulder* /Might/ enjoy? *smiles* Azi: *Shrugs and snuggles her closer* You never know, I might have a terrible time... well, as terrible a time that can be had with a gorgeous girl sitting on my lap in a dark theater where no one is paying us any attention. *Grins* Ellie: Oh, well, if you think you'll have a terrible time then maybe I should move back to my own seat... *is grinning widely* *nuzzles behind his ear* Azi: *Hums happily and turns his head to catch her lips* I'm not letting you go anywhere… Ellie: *immediately gets lost in the kiss, fingers running through his hair* *shifts a little in his lap to get a better angle* *heart is thudding* Azi: *Makes a little noise at her shifting on his lap* *Places a hand on her shoulder and brings her closer, scraping his teeth against her bottom lip and deepening the kiss* Ellie: *is actually still aware of the fact they are in a movie theatre and there are other people around so keeps any noises to a minimum* *slides her tongue against his and lets one hand trail down from his hair to the side of his neck* Azi: *Is becoming less and less aware that there are other people around but still manages to keep his moaning to a minimum* *Places one hand on the small of her back and uses the other to tilt her head back so that he can pull away and start nibbling at her ear* Ellie: *feeling a little light-headed* *whispers* Azi... *her hand on his neck is encouraging his explorations* Movie… Azi: *Manages to pull his mouth off her, panting slightly, and look at her* Do you really want to watch it or... *Hand threading through her hair* Would you rather continue what we're doing? Ellie: *finds that her eyes are captivated by his* *smiles a bit shyly* I /would/ rather continue... but... we're in a theatre. There are other people here. *whispers and leans in close, going red* It's... rather public, even though it's dark… Azi: *Looks around and notes that even though no one is paying attention to them there still are quite a few people* *Sighs and buries his face against her neck* ....I can't wait for tonight. Ellie: *breath hitches and heart thuds hard for a few beats* *presses her lips to his hair* *blushing furiously* I... it's... *unable to articulate her combination of nervousness and excitement* Yes. Azi: *Smiles at her adorable flusteredness and kisses her neck* Just a few more hours and then I get you all to myself for the rest of the night… Ellie: *is glad of the dark theatre so he can't see just how bright red she is* *voice still only just audible right in his ear* I... have stuff. Ready. *presses her flushed face into his shoulder* *barely a whisper* For later. Azi: *Feels his heart rate quicken as he imagines just what /stuff/ she is referring to* *Face goes a little red* I um... I-I have a few things for later too… Ellie: *tightens her arms* Good. *turns her head to the side to press her lips against the side of his neck* I can't believe... *bites and then soothes with kisses*... we're going to... *laughs softly* Azi: *Grips the back of her shirt and tilts his head up to give her better access* ...N-Neither can I. *Rubs gentle circles into her back with his thumb* I-I... I'm /really/ looking forward t-to... well, being with y-you. Ellie: *continues to trail kisses up his neck* *is trying to ignore how nervous she is and focus on how good it feels to be in his arms, even if they are still in a theatre* I... yes, me too. I just... I've never... *presses a kiss hard under his jaw* I... I've read stuff. Azi: *Blushes, both from her actions and from her words* I-I'm... I'm new at t-this too b-but... *Sighs as her lips travel across his jaw* I-I've done s-some research m-myself. *Slips his hands under her shirt and begins to slowly massage her soft skin* ...I-I want t-to make this night as e-enjoyable for you as p-possible Ellie: *makes a tiny, involuntary sound as his hands find her skin* *breath goes uneven against his neck* I... I don't see how it could be anything other... other than enjoyable, Azi. *trembling slightly with want* *her own hands are seeking skin but it's harder from her angle* Azi: *Fingers glide across her ribs, his own breath nothing more than shallow pants as he shifts in his seat a little to make it easier for her to put her hands on him* ......G-God Ellie... t-tonight can not come s-soon enough. Ellie: *gets her hands under his shirt and splays her fingers out across his back, moving in little up-and-down motions* Yes. *catches his mouth in another kiss* *presses as close as she can considering she's sitting sideways across his lap* Azi: *Arches his back and moans in delight from her touch* *Desperately wishes he they both had a lot less clothes on because wow it was getting warm that theater* *Settles for simply deepening the kiss and allowing his hands to explore every inch of her under her shirt* Ellie: *drags her nails gently down his back and smiles at his moan* *wants to be at his house /now/ not later* *breaks away from the kiss to slump against his shoulder* *panting a bit* Azi... I... Later. Cannot come fast enough, as you said. *nibbles his ear gently* *goes bright red and whispers* I want you. Azi: *Hands flat on her back, holding her flush against himself yet still not /nearly/ close enough* E-Ellie you're... *Smiles shyly and buries his face into the crook of her neck, breathing uneven and pulse going wild* Y-You're not m-making waiting easy.... Ellie: *feeling his heart rate as erratic as hers* Sorry. *doesn't move, just holds him, waiting for her breathing to even out again though it wasn't showing any signs of doing so* Azi: D-Don't be.... *Lifts his head and presses his forehead against hers, smiling* I-I'm not exactly m-making this easy on y-you either. Ellie: *smiling back at him* It's ok. *snuggles down as best she can, hand still against his back* Azi: *Wraps his arms snugly around her, still under her shirt but no longer roaming over every inch of skin he can find* ....Want to actually attempt to watch this movie? Ellie: *smiles* May as well since we obviously can't behave otherwise. Azi: *Grins* Okay darling. *Kisses her cheek and snuggles closely, definitely paying more attention to her rather than the movie* Ellie: *holding Azi's hand as they wait outside the cinema* I probably would have enjoyed that movie. Will have to watch it again sometime. *grins at Azi* *has spotted Luke's approaching car* Azi: *Laughs a little* Sure, maybe next time we can actually /watch/ it. *Squeezes Ellie's hand and waves when he sees Luke's car* Luke: *pulls up to the curb, smiling to see the two of them waiting as promised* Hop on in! Ellie: *smiles at her uncle* Thanks, Uncle Luke. *drags Azi into the back seat of the car* *settles herself back into the middle seatbelt* Luke: Have fun? *grinning at them in the rear view mirror, fully suspecting that they didn't see a minute of that movie* Ellie: *trying hard not to blush* *not looking at Azi* Yes, thanks. Azi: *Hides his own blush by resting his forehead against Ellie's shoulder* It was fun... *Doesn't have the will to look up at Luke* Luke: *looks at the road as he pulls out from the curb and smirks* *remembers going to the movies with his own love interests* *knows pretty much what went on by the reactions from the back seat* -- time warp to pulling up outside Azi's place -- Ellie: *reminding herself that she'll see Azi again very soon and she doesn't need to cling* Azi: *Hugs Ellie tightly and pecks her lips* See you later darling. *Hops out of the car and waves goodbye to both her and Luke* Thank you for the ride. Ellie: *slumps back in the seat and tries to look suitably upset about having to say goodbye* Bye Azi... Luke: Sure thing. Say hi to Met from me. *waves and pulls away* *looks in rear view mirror* Don't worry, love, you'll see him again before you know it. Ellie: *thinking 'before /you/ know it' but just nods morosely and stares out the window* —— Ellie: *has waited until after midnight when Luke is in bed, grabbed the bag that she has prepared for this night, and sneaks down the stairs* *knows which ones to avoid because they squeak* *slips out the back door, carefully locking it behind herself* *looks around* Azi: *Smiles when he sees her and quietly sneaks out of his hiding space, joining her at her side* Hey darling. Ellie: *heart leaps with excitement when she sees Azi* *whispers, though she doesn't need to* Hi! *reaches for him* Azi: *Takes her hand and light pecks her on the cheek* Ready to sneak out after curfew and act like a couple of rule breaking teenagers? *Grinning madly* Ellie: *grins back* Already started, may as well continue! *squeezes his hand* I seem to recall you'd promised to kidnap and corrupt me quite early on in our friendship. Well... *laughs* Lead on! Azi: *Chuckles* As you wish. *Squeezes her hand and quickly shows her the fastest path to get to his house* Ellie: *wide-eyed* I did not know you could get here this way! I would have gone a much longer way. *laughs a little nervously now that they're actually there* Azi: *Leads her to the back door and stops for a moment* *Turning towards her and giving her a serious but gentle expression* ....Are you sure you want to do this? We can take you home if you start having second thoughts. Ellie: *leans forward and drags him into a kiss by his shirt front* I'm sure! Azi: *Happily goes with the kiss and grins when she pulls away* Then let's go. *Opens up the back door and quietly sneaks her into his home* Ellie: *treads as lightly as she can, trying hard not to giggle with all the nervous tension* *whispers* I've never done /anything/ this naughty. *smothers a giggle behind her free hand* Azi: *Giggles catch on* *Whispers back as they make their way up the stairs to his room* I guess that means I really have corrupted you? Ellie: *nods, eyes dancing with laughter, but doesn't talk so as to not get them caught* *places her feet as close to where Azi was so as to avoid squeaky spots* Azi: *Makes it up to the second floor and turns, bringing them to the very last room down the hallway and quickly leads her inside* *Shuts the door silently behind them* Ellie: *heart is beating fit to break out of her chest when the door shuts* *alone now, unsupervised, with a bag containing things that would make Luke lock her into a nunnery* *drops the bag carefully and looks at Azi, biting her lip* *mental images of skin and limbs and kissing, but she's frozen to the spot now* Azi: *Turns away from the door once he is sure no one heard them and stops to stare at Ellie* *This was it, the moment they've been planning for all week... and he had no idea what to do now that the moment was here* *Actually... that was wrong, he had /plenty/ of ideas as to what he should do... he was just too nervous to actually bring himself to /do/ any of those things* *Hesitantly, he reaches out and ever so gently strokes her cheek with his thumb* ....Here we are then. Ellie: *the small movement by Azi is enough to unfreeze her* *moves forward and closes the space between them, hands immediately snaking around his neck and into his hair, bringing their faces close* *eyes fixed on his mouth* Here we are then. Azi: *Eyes half lidded* *His free arm immediately snaking around her waist as he continues to lightly brush her cheek with his thumb* Should we um... should we sit down? *Blushes as he gestures to his neatly well made bed* Ellie: *looks at the bed and then back at Azi* *gets a mischievous grin on her face* *using the hands behind his neck as leverage she walks backwards towards the bed and sits down, trying to drag Azi down on top of her* *heart thudding the whole time and body has started to shake a little, betraying her nervousness and uncertainty* Azi: *Is both excited and worried about that grin of hers but doesn't fight her attempt to lead him to the bed... or her attempt to drag him on top of her* *Pulse racing as he gently lays her back on the bed and leans over her, hands shaking with uncertainty just as much as Ellie was* Ellie: *smiles shakily up at him* Hey there. *mentally kicks herself* *drags him closer for a kiss that instantly becomes hungry, because that'll stop her from talking* *hands clench in his hair and body arches up to meet his* Azi: *Opens his mouth to respond only to happily find his lips occupied with an incredibly heated kiss* *Bites back a moan (and her lip) when she presses closer to him* *One hand exploring the soft skin on her sides as the other props himself up over her* Ellie: *one hand travels down over his chest and straight up under his shirt, pushing it up a little so that she has full access to the skin beneath* *wriggles upwards so that she isn't dangling her legs over the edge of the bed, pulling at Azi to come with her* Azi... Azi: *Hooks a hand around her waist to help move them up onto the bed* *Pushes her shirt up so that the skin below her chest was exposed* *Casually starts to nibble on the soft skin below her ear as he lets his hands roam over her* Ellie: *has started panting ever so slightly* *pushes his shirt up and arches against him so that the skin of their stomachs brushes together* *tries to work his shirt over his shoulders, hands skimming against his skin* Azi: *Gasps at the skin contact a decides he /really/ wants more* *Pulls back just enough so that he can pull off his shirt and toss it aside before attacking her lips again* *Hips moving slightly against hers as he pushes her shirt farther up and tries to get it off* Ellie: *brain stops functioning properly as his hips start to move* *helps by wriggling out of her shirt, trying to keep kissing him while undressing* *puts her hands and lips all over every part of him she can reach once her shirt is out of the way* Azi: *His mind starts to become a haze as he presses himself flush against her body, getting as much skin on skin contact as he could* *Nips playfully at her lips and leaves a trail of kisses along her jaw and down her neck, biting and licking along the way* Ellie: *wraps her legs around his hips to encourage the small movements because damn they feel good* *tilts her head back against the pillows and arches her neck and chest towards him* Azi... Please... *isn't sure what she's asking for except more of what is happening* *hands splayed across his back, pulling him down, even though he is already as close as he could get* Azi: *Feeling her legs around him and hearing her say his name like that was all the encouragement he needed to push his hips harder against hers* *His own hands are skimming across her back as they try to work off the last article of clothing covering up her chest* Ellie: *smiles against his lips as she feels him fiddling with the clasp of her bra* Here, let me. *when did her voice become so husky?* *arches her back slightly so that she can get her hands behind there with his, gently pushes his out of the way and quickly undoes the clasp* *doesn't take the bra off, suddenly self-conscious* Azi: *Finds himself blushing when she takes over and undoes the bra herself (not that he would have been able to do it himself anyway)* *Gently starts to take it off her person while slowly kissing her down her neck and to her chest, shaking with nervous anticipation* Ellie: *heart hammering wildly and blushing bright red* *runs her hands over his neck and shoulders to distract herself but is still quivering with nerves* *would be feeling very exposed if not for the fact that Azi is basically covering her* *makes a little whimpering sound as he kisses towards her chest and wraps her legs tighter around his hips* Azi: *Makes a little whining noise against her skin and rolls his hips down to meet hers* E-Ellie... *Nibbles and kisses her soothingly down her chest once a certain article of clothing has been tossed aside to who knows where* *Face is bright red and hands shaking as they grip her hips but not caring about any of that in the least, far to focused on the gorgeous girl beneath him* Ellie: *almost has enough time to feel panic as the last barrier shielding her chest has vanished but then his hips move again and her thoughts switch to removing the rest* *fumbles clumsily at his belt, both through sheer nervousness and inexperience* Azi: *Heart beat going wild as she attempts to remove his belt* *Manages to pull himself away from her and sit back on his heels as he quickly removes the belt* *Is about to lean back down for another kiss but hesitates, instead taking a moment to drink in the image of her laying on his bed* Ellie: *feels herself going redder, if that's even possible* *decides that her own belt is probably not needed at this point and undoes it, and the button of her jeans, but leaves the rest, unsure* *puts out a hand to Azi, beckoning* Come back here. Azi: *Realizes he's staring and that he really should be doing something else besides just looking at Ellie when she was on his bed asking for him* *Takes her hand and intertwines their fingers, pinning her gently against the sheets as he captures her lips* *Free hand exploring her chest and hips once again moving with hers* Ellie: *lets herself settle into a rhythm, moving with him and against him* *has given up trying to actively process all the sensations - his lips, teeth and hands against her - and relaxes and enjoys* *trembling slowly subsiding in favour of little moans and more deliberate writhing movements* *gasps and pants whenever her mouth is free, only to then nibble and kiss at whatever part of Azi is nearby* *somewhere in the back of her mind knows that there are still some clothes in the way, but doesn't know how to go about removing them without embarrassment* Azi: *Responses to moaning with needy sounds of his own* *Loving the sensation of her skin against his own and desperately trying to feel as much of her beneath him as he can* *Slides a hand between them and undoes his trousers, not exactly sure if he should remove them yet because his nervous shaking has hardly stopped but god did he want to feel more of her* *Instead grips her waist and focuses on simply grinding their hips together for now* Ellie: *pushes impatiently at his trousers once she realises they're undone, fingers grazing at his hips and tracing around to the curve of his ass* Azi. Azi... *is trying to form a sentence but isn't sure where it's going, just that it's important* Azi. Azi: *Kicks off his trousers the rest of the way, his body on fire as he starts to tug down her jeans* *Dimly aware that he was going to have to stop soon to grab the bag that Ellie brought with her but not wanting to slow down* Ellie: *helps by wriggling out of her jeans* Azi... *wraps her arms and legs around him, feeling so much bare skin against bare skin* My things. *kisses his shoulder and digs her fingers into his back* Azi… Azi: *Gasps, nearly not hearing her request as his senses go into overload* R-Right... *Pries himself away from her long enough to snatch the bag and toss it on the bed before climbing back on top of her* Ellie: *resists the urge to just wrap herself around him when he returns to covering her and fumbles in her bag with one hand, the other roaming up and down his spine* Damn it. *can't find what she wants, thwarted by the spare clothes she inconveniently placed on top of everything else* Azi: *Isn't exactly helping as he nibbles against her ear and lets one of his hands roam up her thigh* Ellie: *starts blindly pulling things out of the bag and strewing them over the bed, too busy kissing Azi to look* *hand closes over something vaguely bottle-shaped and she tosses that onto the bed by the pillow* *briefly brings the hand up to cup Azi's face as she kisses along his jaw* *hand then returns to the bag until something box-shaped comes out* I hope... *kiss*... you know... *shaky breath*... how to use... *buries her face in his shoulder and can't say it* *whispers* Because I don’t. Azi: *Finds her hand and takes the item from her, blushing when he glances and it is in fact exactly what he suspected it was* I-I um... *Distracts himself by kissing her neck* I-I've never used... b-but... *Nibbles on her collarbone* I-It's pretty s-straight forward... *Hand playing with the edge of her underwear, shaking with nervous anticipation for what they are about to do* Ellie: *is shaking again, faced with Azi's own obvious nervousness* *runs a by-now trembling hand back down his spine to the waistband of his last remaining item of clothing and pauses* I... *wants this desperately and at the same time is somewhat terrified by the unknown* *returns her hands up to cup his face, whole body shaking faintly* I'm... *can't tell if he's shaking too or if it's just her* I want you. Closer. Azi: *Breath hitches, brings his own hands up to frame her face and claim her lips* *Kisses her passionately before breaking away* Oh Ellie... *Fingers travel down from her cheek, over her chest and ribs, and hooks into the front of her underwear* *Moves his mouth to her ear and whispers breathlessly, voice trembling with want* I /need/ you. Ellie: *wraps her arms back around him and clutches him tight, pressing against him* Yes. *tugs at his ear with her teeth while her hips make helpless little movements against his hand* Please. Azi: *Has all the motivation he needs and tugs away the last bit of clothing covering her* *Hands gripping gently at her thighs as he moves against her, only a thin layer of fabric keeping them apart* *Biting and moaning into her neck* Ellie: *notices what little there is separating them now and pushes impatiently at his waistband, fingers exploring underneath at the little dips of the inside of his hips and around to the back* *finds that they're catching as she tries to push them down* Sorry... sorry. *hands travel back up his sides then around to his shoulder blades* *presses her lips to his hair* Azi: *Can't seem to find the words to reassure her that he was fine because suddenly the thin barrier that was keeping them apart was gone and he could /feel/ her now* *Nothing but her skin against his as he rolls his hips down to meet hers over and over again* *Gasping desperately into her neck as his hands frantically attempts to open the small box that Ellie brought with her, containing the only thing stopping him from taking her then and there* Ellie: *though not in much better condition than him, at least has her hands mostly free and not supporting herself, so she takes the box out of his hands and opens it with her own shaking ones* *drags out a packet, tears it free, and hands it over, trying not to look as lost as she feels* Azi: *Takes the package from her gratefully and makes quick work of putting the item on* *Feels weird but not horribly unpleasant* *Grips her thighs and comes to his senses enough to give her a serious, yet lust filled look* ...L-Last chance t-to back out, I-I wont be upset if y-you want t-to change your m-mind. Ellie: *looks back at him, pupils wide, still panting* *smiles in what she hopes is a reassuring way and drags his head down for a hungry kiss* *can't stop her legs from shaking but wants this as badly as he does* Yes, Azi... *another kiss, hands skimming his sides* Yes, I want this. *bites his neck* I want you. Please. *pushes her hips up towards him* Azi: *Smiles fondly and places a gentle kiss to her lips* As you wish darling... *Wraps his arms around her and presses close, body shivering as he finally goes about doing what he's been dreaming of all week and before that* *Breath hot against her cheek and a low moan escaping him* ~ fade to black and time warp ~ Ellie: *sweat cooling on skin* *breathing heavily* *heart only just starting to slow* *lying sprawled half across Azi and smiling giddily* *fingers on his shoulder stroking gently* That was... *shifts and stretches slightly because she is a little sore*... wonderful. Azi: *Arm wrapped around her* *Breath trying to even itself out* *Presses a kiss against her temple* We should... *Pulse still going wild with her laying across him like this but is able to keep it under control for the moment* We should do that more often. Ellie: *grins into his chest* I wouldn't be adverse… Azi: *Senses coming back to him* Are you.... did I hurt you in any way while we were doing that? Ellie: *places a kiss against the underside of his chin* No, I'm pretty sure it's normal to feel some discomfort the first time. Not everyone does, but... *nuzzles him*... it's ok. *chuckles* We will get better with practice. *another chuckle* /Plenty/ of practice, ok? Azi: *Blushes and rubs gentle circles into her lower back* Glad to see it was good enough that you want to do it again. Ellie: *snorts* Azi... of course I want to do it again. *lifts her head to look at him* Again and again and again. With you. *smiles* But first… Azi: *Blushes gets redder with every 'again' uttered* But first what? Ellie: *grimaces* I need the toilet. *laughs softly* Not very glamorous, I know. Any chance you could point me in the right direction? *looks around for her underwear and the clothes she'd pulled out of her bag* Azi: The bathroom is just the next room over... *Sits up a little* You can use one of my sweaters until you're... well um, cleaned up before putting your normal clothes back on. Ellie: *smiles, sits up, and places a quick kiss on Azi's lips* That would be good, thank you. *stands up and stretches* Azi: *Shamelessly ogles her stretching* Ellie: *smiles a little shyly at him* Sweater? Azi: *Blinks* Right right... *Scrambles out of bed and grabs one his sweaters from the closest* *Sweater may or may not have little ducklings on it* Ellie: *smiles at the pattern on the sweater, pulls it on over herself* *it comes to mid-thigh, which is about right to cover her thankfully* *places another quick kiss on Azi's lips before heading out, carefully checking that the hallway is clear first* *sneaks into the bathroom* *is in there for a couple of minutes, debates whether the flushing would be too loud at this time of the night but can't bring herself not to* *is quietly closing the bathroom door after exiting back into the hallway, having not properly checked that it's clear first* Remy: *Was in the middle of sneaking a plate full of brownies from the kitchen and into his room with he spots someone coming out of the bathroom* *Ducks into a dark corner, fully expecting one of his brothers who would take the chocolate treats from him* *Instead sees a young girl wander out of the bathroom in what was undoubtedly one of Aziraphale's sweaters* *Curiosity gets the best of him and he sneaks up to the girl* ....Hello there. Ellie: *nearly jumps out of her skin and turns to face whoever this was* *deer-in-headlights look* Uh... *blushes bright red* Remy: *Blinks and takes in the sight before him* *Pretty high school girl wandering around his house in the middle of the night in nothing more than one of his youngest brother's sweaters* *It was obvious what was going on and he knew he as a big brother he had to do something about this* *Holds out the plate of goodies to her* .....Brownie? Ellie: *blinks at him* *looks at the plate* *looks back at the young man* You must be... Remy? *heart thudding hard for a completely different reason to a few minutes ago* Remy: *Nods and absently munches on a brownie* And I'm willing to bet you're little Azi's girlfriend, Ellie right? Ellie: *swallows* Um. Yes. *looks nervously towards Azi's room* I'm... um... *helpless look* Remy: *Smiles as if he just came across a juicy secret.... which he sort of did* ....Could you fetch my brother for me? Ellie: *edges over towards Azi's door, keeping her eyes on Remy, and knocks quietly on it* *hisses* Azi! Azi, come out here… Azi: *Pokes his head out* What is it darling- *Notices Remy* *Color drains from his face* ....Oh bugger. Remy: *Waves pleasantly* Hi little bro, I didn't know you were having guests over this evening? Ellie: *considers fleeing through the door to hide from Azi's brother, but wouldn't want to leave Azi to face him alone* *moves closer to Azi instead, eyes flicking between the two of them* I'm sorry. He caught me coming out of the bathroom… Azi: *Takes her hand and intertwines their fingers* Don't worry about it love... *Eyes watching his brother, unsure what he is going to do now that he's caught them* Remy: *Looks between them and can't help but smile* So... I'm going to take a shot in the dark and guess she isn't supposed to be here. Ellie: *bites her lip and looks down at the floor* Not exactly. Remy: *Nods* And I'm also willing to guess that she didn't just stop in for a quick little sleep over either... Azi: No... she didn't. *Blushes and can't bring himself to make eye contact anymore because oh god his brother pretty much caught him and Ellie having sex and that's mortifying* Ellie: *her blush is saying everything* *refuses to apologise for what she and Azi have done because she doesn't regret it and is not sorry* *quiet and somewhat resigned voice* So what are you going to do? Remy: *Noms on his treat thoughtfully* ....I'm not sure. Answer me this question first, are you two being careful? Azi: *Face on fire but nods* Remy: *Grins* Then I suppose I'll just keep this little run in to myself. Ellie: *sags in relief and looks at Azi* *looks back at Remy* Thank you. Remy: *Smiles at Ellie* No problem dear, as long as I'm not going to suddenly have a bunch of little nibblings running around who am I to ruin your fun? Azi: *Glomps his brother* You're the best Remy! Remy: *Pats his head* I know I am. Ellie: *feels slightly sick at the thought of pregnancy, but is pretty sure they took all the correct precautions* *then smiles at the obvious affection between the two brothers* *leans against the doorframe because she's exhausted* *quietly* We'd better get out of sight before Mike wanders by… Remy: *Laughs* Good call. If he would kill me just for stealing a few chocolate treats I can't even imagine what he would do to you two.... speaking of which, Azi would you mind not telling him were the brownies went? Azi: *Smiles and steals two treats off of the plate* Of course. Remy: Excellent! Alright then, enjoy the rest of your night kids! *Waves them off and sneaks off to his room* Ellie: *blinks at Azi, so confused as to what just happened* *steals a brownie out of his hand while she thinks* *slips back into his room and onto his bed* *cuddles into Azi's duck sweater and nibbles on her stolen treat* Azi: *Closes the door silently behind them and joins her on the bed, nibbles on his own treat* You okay? Ellie: *shuffles over to lean against him* Yeah, now that my heart is no longer in my throat. *smiles and nuzzles his jaw* You? Azi: Despite the minor panic attack? *Giggles and presses his lips to her cheek* I'm fine darling. Ellie: *pops the last of her brownie in her mouth* *turns her head to nuzzle his nose with hers* You know, now that I've had some time to rest and some sustenance... *runs her hand over his chest with a questioning, somewhat hopeful expression* Azi: *Finishes his treat in no time flat and, with a mischievous grin, attacks her lips and pins her against the bed* ~ fade to black ~ Ellie: *sneaks into the back door of the house, closing the door as quietly as possible, as the sun is rising* *stashes bag in a room that is so dusty she knows Luke never goes in there* *saunters into the kitchen and makes herself breakfast* *is already dressed ready for swimming lessons* Luke: *walks in ten minutes later, yawning and still in his pyjamas* *looks at Ellie with surprise* You're up early. Ellie: Yup! *shoves more cereal in her mouth* Luke: *looking at her with amusement* Had a good time last night then? Ellie: *blushes* *tells herself Luke is talking about the date night and not what came after* I did. Luke: *gets himself some coffee* Glad to hear it. *sips* I must have been really out of it this morning. I didn't hear you moving around. Ellie: *looks at her cereal* I was trying to be extra quiet. Luke: *nods* All ready for swimming, I see. Ellie: Yup! *beams* Luke: *looks at her suspiciously* Ellie: *continues to beam* Luke: Hmm. Ellie: *finishes her cereal* *puts bowl in dishwasher* *goes to give Luke a hug* Luke: *surprised* *puts an arm around her shoulder and hugs back* You sure you're ok? Ellie: Yup! Luke: *blinks at his niece* Well, I'm glad you're happy at least. Ellie: Yup! *kisses Luke on the cheek and bounces out of the room* Luke: *thoughtfully drinks his coffee, but is smiling* ---- [From Luke to Met: Hey, was wondering if you wanted to get together sometime over coffee to discuss our little brats?] Luke: *facepalms when he re-reads the message he just sent* *considers sending a follow-up message but reckons that'll just make it worse* Ellie: *peering over Luke's shoulder* Are you asking Met on a date? And hey, I'm not a brat. Luke: *sighs* No. And yes you are. Ellie: Because you and Met dating would be weird. Luke: I did NOT ask him on a date. Ellie: Sure sure. [From Met to Luke: Sure, but next time you ask me out try to pick a more romantic line than that.] Met: *Laughs maniacally and is beginning to see why Remy loves to mess with people* Azi: *Walks by and ignores Met's evil laughter* Met: *Notices him and grins* Hey Azi guess what! Azi: *Stops and sighs to himself* *Knows he's going to regret this* ...What? Met: *Holds up phone and is grinning madly* Your girlfriend's uncle just asked me out! He's going to be your new brother in law! Azi: *Blinks at him* *Turns and walks away while muttering things about nightmares and brain bleach* Met: *Cackles maniacally again* Ellie: *giggles* See! I told you it was a date. Luke: *rubs his eyes and prays for patience* Don't you have somewhere else to be? Like, anywhere else? Ellie: And spoil this fun? Oh no. No chance. Luke: *tries to hide his phone from Ellie's view* [From Luke to Met: Yeah, that came out sounding a lot different in my head. Already getting crap from one brat about it, don't make me add you to that category. When are you free?] [From Met to Luke: I'm not a brat and I'm afraid you must suffer for your mistake like everyone else. Mornings are good for me.] [From Luke to Met: Tomorrow morning? 9.30, cafe near the park?] Ellie: That's totally a date. Luke: Get out of here brat. Ellie: *pokes her tongue out at Luke and prances out of the room* [From Met to Luke: Works for me. See you there darling <3] Luke: *glares at phone and doesn't respond* Met: *Still cackling and goes to see whether or not Remy stole the brownies again* ---- Luke: *is waiting outside the cafe from 9.25* *feels a bit self-conscious being early* Met: *Sneaks up next to Luke with a grin* Hi darling! Aww, you're early for our date. I knew you cared! Luke: *rolls his eyes and grins* You know full well it's not a date, but if you persist I'll play along and then you'll be in trouble. *opens the door for Met like a gentleman* Met: *Smiles and walks inside* Go ahead, I'm pretty sure I can out last you in this game of chicken. Luke: *mutters* That's what my last boyfriend thought. *louder* So, order what you like. My shout, I asked you after all. Met: *Pretends to melt* Oh Luke my darling, you really /are/ after my heart. *Giggles* Also, boyfriend? Well that just made this game a whole lot more interesting. *He orders a cocoa and a brownie* *Turns out Remy /had/ stolen them all.... again* Luke: *orders a coffee and cinnamon bun* *waves Met towards a table by the window and sits down* *ignores all comments* So has Aziraphale been sneaking out as much? Haven't seen any signs that he's over at ours without permission... Met: *Sits down* *Sips his cocoa* Nothing more than the usual. Sometimes he's there, sometimes he's not. Luke: *sips and nods* Their date night seemed to go well. Ellie was glowing the next day. Though I'm not sure I'm ready for her to be dating at all... Met: Little Azi had a bit of a spring in his step when I saw him the next morning too. I wish I could say I sympathise but god was kind enough to only grace me with little brothers rather than sisters. Luke: *wry grin* Young love, eh? I'm not that much older, but seeing the two of them bounce around makes me feel ancient. *pauses* Hope you don't mind me commenting... but you don't seem overly concerned that you don't know where Aziraphale is sometimes? Met: *Shrugs* He's been sneaking out since he was four and I didn't even notice until he was seven. If I were to worry too much about it I would be having a heart attack before I even reached the rip old age of thirty. Luke: *snorts* Ripe old age of thirty? Gee, thanks. *ponders* I guess it's different for you. You've had... *does some quick math*... twelve years to get used to being a parent, I suppose. Met: *Smiles and sips his cocoa* Thirteen years actually. He was good about staying indoors for the first year we had him but as soon as he made friends in preschool he was gone. *Noms brownie* Luke: *picks at his cinnamon roll* Has he had problems with bullies before? Just... I wasn't expecting that to turn up for Ellie, certainly not as quickly as it did. Met: *Shook his head* I... I don't think so. I know he's had trouble making friends before but for the most part Azi tries to get along with everyone. Him coming home from that fight a few weeks ago actually came as a big shock to all of us. Luke: *sighs and nibbles on a bit of roll before taking a sip* It's worrying. I didn't want her first experience of school to be so... violent. She's such a sweet, likeable girl, I just don't understand why she's having this trouble. They insist that me doing anything will make it worse but I don't know... *looks at Met* I never had this sort of trouble. Met: *Smiles sympathetically* You remember what it was like in high school? Some kids are just jerks for the hell of it and having an adult fight your battles isn't exactly the ideal way for them to deal with this. *Reaches over and puts a hand on Luke's shoulder* Ellie seems like a lovely girl, I'm sure she will make plenty of friends who will be willing to stand by her side given time. Luke: *nods* I guess. Only she doesn't seem interested in making any friends other than your Azi at the moment. *sips* I agreed to give them a while to sort it out, but if Ellie... or Azi, for that matter... comes home beaten up again... *scowls, remembering the bruises on Ellie* Met: I hate the idea of either but I'm coming home hurt again as much as you do, but closing them off from the outside world won't do them any good in the long run. Luke: *snorts* Are you sure? I know of a good little convent I could send Ellie off to... *grins to show he's joking* Met: *Chuckles* For my sake please don't. The last thing I need is to be dragging Azi home from one of those. And if you don't believe he would ever go to such a length to see her then remind me to tell you about the time our entire house went into a panic because he crossed state lines by himself when he was barely fourteen. Luke: *raises and eyebrow* He crossed state lines? Whatever for? *sips at his coffee* Met: He decided to visit his best friend for a week after he had moved away and didn't tell us. Luke: *hiding his grin behind his coffee cup* Adventurous young soul, isn't he? Met: *Glares* It's not funny. It took us four days to notice he was gone and three more panic induced days to find him, and that's only because he came home on his own. *Takes a bite of his brownie* Long story short that's how he got his first cell phone. Luke: Four... days! How can it take... *bites back his comment by literally biting on his cinnamon roll* Met: *Looks a little sheepish* Well.... we're all not usually home at the same time so it's not uncommon for us to not catch each other around the house for a day or two. Luke: *blinks at Met and continues chewing* *tries to imagine raising a child in that situation* *keeps repeating to himself FOUR DAYS* *sips* Well. *clears throat* I can see why you were happy enough with the after school arrangement. At least it means someone is consistently seeing him every day during the week. Met: *He smiled a little sadly* ...You don't have to act polite or anything like that. I know I make a terrible parent. Luke: *sighs* Look, no... I didn't mean it like that. Azi's a good kid, so you've done some things really right by him. I just... I'm erring on the side of over-protective. Ellie might even say ogre at times. Met: Well to be fair from what I understand neither of us really had a choice or a proper chance to get used to this whole parenting business. Luke: I had a choice. I could have left her to the state. In fact, I had to fight a little to be allowed to adopt her. Only living relative is one gay uncle with a bit of a juvenile delinquency record? I wasn't exactly high on their list of preferred parents, and my sister hadn't left behind any instructions as to what should happen to Ellie. But yes, not a lot of preparation time. Met: *He gave him a curious smile* Juvenile delinquency record? Azi didn't tell me that one of the people he was hanging around with used to be a teenage bad boy. Should I be concerned? Luke: *smiles back* Reassured, maybe? I know the sorts of things teenaged bad boys get up to and recognise that while Azi seems to like pushing the boundaries, he doesn't seem to be doing anything harmful, or anything that'll land him in trouble with the law. Met: That's good to hear. Mike would probably kill the poor kid if he found him in a cell. Luke: *munches on the last of his cinnamon roll* Mike... I haven't had much of a chance to get to know him. He seems quite... heavy handed? Met: He's very rule oriented and we don't always see eye to eye but he's still a good brother. Luke: Just trying to get it straight as to who I need to be talking to when it comes to asking about permission for Azi... Because there was some confusion when Mike came to drag Azi home from our place that one time. Met: Come to me if you have any questions. We all take care of the younger ones in our family but Mike can be rather harsh. *Finishes his cocoa* Besides I think you rubbed him the wrong way when you tried to keep Azi from him, not that I blame you. Luke: *looks at Met mildly* I wasn't trying to keep Azi from him, I was merely keeping him out of my house. Azi was free to go any time. Met: *Smirks* Of course you weren't... Just like how you /didn't/ ask me on a date. Luke: *grins back* If this was a date I'd be rather disappointed in it, actually. Met: *Frowns and looks at him curiously* Oh? And why's that? Luke: *grin widens a little* We've spent the whole time talking about our kids and you haven't once tried to play footsies with me under the table. Met: *Laughs* Well it's only our first time out together. You didn't think I'd jump in the sack with you right off the bat now did you? Luke: *laughs too* Just as well, that. Been so long I'm not sure I'd remember what goes where, anyway. *puts down his empty mug* *a little more seriously* And with Ellie around, being the sole parent... well. *wry grin* Met: *Smiles* I understand, don't need any distraction when you've got to keep an eye on your teenage niece and her wall scaling boyfriend. *Finished off the brownie* But hey, if you ever need a refresher on what goes where well... you've got my number. *Grinning playfully at this point* Luke: *grins widely* How kind of you. *sits back* Met: I thought you might appreciate the offer. *Leans back and starts casually brushing his foot against Luke's underneath the table* Luke: *snorts and pulls his foot back* You play for keeps, don't you? This poor old man is way too out of practice. You win. Met: *Let's out a little cheer* Yes! Even though I missed out on the real prize winning works too. Luke: *laughs at his antics* The real prize? I'm not sure I should be asking... Met: Well then I'm not sure if I should be telling you the answer. *Chuckling* Luke: *looks at Met, thinking* Right then. I think I'll remain blissfully ignorant. Met: *Childishly sticks his tongue out at him* Fine then, ruin my fun. Luke: *grins because he's reminded of Ellie* That's my job, yes. Official Fun Ruiner. Met: Oh official huh? I'm impressed. You've got a title and everything. Luke: And a badge. But I've misplaced it. Met: A title and a badge ...Kinda kinky when you think about it. Luke: I would say that I also have cuffs and a rubber baton, but you'd definitely take that the wrong way. *smile tugging at his lips* Met: *Snickering* You know you really must stop flirting with me, I might start getting ideas. Luke: *chuckling* Me? You're the one who started it. Met: *Looks shocked* I most certainly did not. /You're/ the one who asked me out. Luke: *lets out an exasperated sound* I did /not/ ask you out. Not like that. Met: Well why not? Don't you like me? *Blinks innocently while holding back a smile* Luke: *raises one eyebrow and folds his arms* *doesn't say anything but can't quite stop the tiny twitch of one corner of his mouth* Met: *Watch Luke struggle with his self control* *Bites his own lip to stop himself from laughing* Luke: *gives in and laughs* God you're awful, you know that. Met: *Joins in the laughter* I may have been told once or twice... Luke: *lets his laughter die down* One more thing I wanted to quickly run by you. Ellie seems to want to be able to visit Azi at his home. She understands why I'm a bit hesitant... Would it be possible for me to meet the other brothers? I can skip a second meeting with Mike, if that's all the same to you, but I believe there are two more? Met: That sounds fine with me but I'll have to check in with the other two before I can say yes. How about I'll call you when I know for sure okay? Luke: *waves his hand* Sure thing. Individually or collectively works for me. I'm sure they're fine young men, it would just put my mind at rest to know that I've met and spoken to them, is all. Met: I understand. I'll set up some meeting dates as soon as possible. Luke: *one corner of his mouth lifting in a smile* And hey, it's also a good excuse to get you to call me. Met: *Grinned dazzlingly* Like I need an excuse. Maybe one of those meetings can be just between us again? Luke: *bemused smile* *wonders how much of the flirting /was/ actually fake* Ok...? Met: *Grin somehow gets even brighter* Lovely! Since you paid for this date I'll be sure to pay for the next one. Luke: *blinks* Right. Ok. Uh... Met: *Tilts his head curiously* *Still smiling* You alright? Luke: I'm... uh... yeah. *rubs his eyes and looks at Met again* Did you just ask me on a date? Met: Well that depends, if I say I did will you cancel it? Luke: I'd never hear the end of it... *manages a grin* But no, I wouldn't. Met: *Looks impossibly happy* Then I guess I did ask you out on a date. Luke: *breathless laugh* Great. Met: So... *Takes on a teasing tone* Is this the part where you start playing footsies under the table with me or should we be parting ways? Luke: *had already been considering moving his foot forward again so blushes* I don't have anywhere to be. *shy smile* *recalculating the whole conversation thus far* Met: *Grins and leans forward on his elbows* *Rests his chin in his hands* Then how about we both order something else that way we'll have an excuse to sit here and flirt some more for a while? Luke: *moves his foot forward until the toe of his shoe is pressing against Met's* Go easy on me. I really am out of practice. *waves his hand for the waitress* ---- [From Met to Azi: Guess who just convinced a certain someone's girlfriend's uncle to go out on another date with him?!] [From Azi to Met: Oh please merciful lord don't tell me it was you!] [From Met to Azi: It was me :D] [From Azi to Met: ....Why do you do this to me?] [From Met to Azi: Because I love you and think you need a nice, responsible, damn attractive man for a step brother.] [From Azi to Met: ....Please stop. For my sanity's sake.] [From Met to Azi: Oh you'll get used to it. Especially considering I'll be spending just as much time at Luke's place as you will. Only difference will be that I'll actually be allowed on the upper floors :P] [From Azi to Met: ...I loathe you.] [From Met to Azi: Love you too little brother! Have a nice rest of the day at school!] [From Azi to Met: With this little nightmare on my mind? I won't.] ---- Azi: *Opens the door of Ellie's house for her* *Has had the school day to get used to the idea of Luke and Met dating* *Wonders how Ellie is going to take it* Ellie: *walks in, smiling at Azi* *calls out* Luke! We're home! *starts to walk towards the kitchen* Luke: *pops his head out of his office* Hey kiddo! How was your day? Ellie: *shrugs* Was school. Usual. *sly grin* How was your date? Luke: *actually blushes* Uh... *eyes skid to Azi and back to Ellie* Fine! Ellie: *looks suspiciously at Luke* Azi: *Blinks* *Suddenly realises that even if the idea of Luke and Met dating is strange to him he can still have fun with it* *Grins* Well it must have been a little more than fine considering you two are going out again. Ellie: You're going out again? Wait... you're...? Luke: *gives Azi a slight glare* Yes, we're going to meet again. Ellie: *slowly grinning* So it /was/ a date! Luke: No! *hesitates* Well... I didn't /mean/ for it to be a date... Ellie: *looks at Azi* I'm not sure how I feel about your brother and my uncle dating. *is grinning* Luke: We're... not... um. Azi: *Pipes in* If Met starts to come over here on your dates does that mean he'll be banned from the upstairs too? Are we going to need to set down some ground rules? Ellie: Oh yes! You two will need to remain in areas that are fully supervised, no sneaking him in at night. We'll let you have a date night, though. Luke: *folds his arms and glares at the two of them* You two kids think you're so amusing. Met and I are /adults/, and when you're both adults then my restrictions can be lifted. Ellie: So you /are/ dating! *beams* Luke: *sighs* I honestly don't know. Azi: Well Met seems to think you are. Or if not he definitely /wants/ to. I believe his exact words were that you were my new 'nice, responsible, damn attractive brother in law'. *Shudders a little* Luke: *raises an eyebrow* *blushes a little at the 'damn attractive' bit* Brother in law? Got wedding bells in mind already, does he? Damn, he moves fast. *grins* Ellie: Wait, so... You... and Met... *tries to apply mind bleach* I just don't want to think about that too much. Azi: *Places a hand on her shoulder* I feel your pain darling. Luke: *rolls his eyes* Yeah yeah, it's ok when it's you two, right, but the moment your poor overworked, under appreciated uncle starts getting some it's disgusting. Ellie: Ew... you're already getting some? That's way too much information... Luke: *laughs* Not yet. *goes back into his office with a smirk* *shuts the door* Ellie: *quietly* Oh ew. Azi: *Calls out loudly so that Luke can hear* I'm going to tell Met that you're expecting to get him in the sack! *Chuckles* Luke: *muffled, indistinguishable something issues from behind the office door* Ellie: *cuddles into Azi* This is just going to complicate things, isn't it? Azi: *Smiles and snuggles back* Probably, but at least we can make fun of them. ---- Ellie: *sliding onto the bench next to Azi with her lunch tray* *moans* Oh my god, I've got even more history homework! I swear this history teacher wants to make sure we have no social lives. Azi: *Smiles and pecks her on the cheek* Then I guess we better stop their devious plan by socializing even more huh? Ellie: *grins at him* For such a straight A student you're such a bad influence. *gives him puppy dog eyes* Will you help me with my history homework? Azi: If it means I get to spend more time with you, than of /course/ I'll help you. Ellie: You're the best. *smiles* Azi: *Grins* Yes, yes I am. Ellie: *laughs* And so modest, too. Azi: So besides your history homework how's your day been going? Jerks still messing with you? Ellie: *pauses to think* Actually... now that you mention it... *looks puzzled* I don't think so? Unless they've gotten so subtle I'm missing it. Azi: *Smiles brightly* That's terrific darling! Sounds like they've finally got bored of playing those petty pranks on you. Ellie: *hesitantly* Yeah, I guess. Or they’re saving up for something really horrid. Azi: *Frowns* Well I certainly hope that's not the case. Ellie: Me, too. It's a bit worrying, though, isn't it? That they've just stopped like that? Azi: *Takes her hand and squeezes it* Maybe they've just had a change in focus. But at least you're being left alone now, and that's good isn't it? Ellie: *squeezes back and munches on her sandwich with the other hand* I suppose. *snaps out of her thoughts and smiles at him* How has your day been, anyway? Azi: Fine, but it's gotten a whole lot better now that I've gotten to see you. *Grins* Ellie: *chuckles* You're just saying charming things to get me into bed, aren't you? *winks* Azi: *Nuzzles against her neck* *Completely forgotten that they are in the lunch room* I'm saying charming things because you deserve to be charmed... getting you in bed is just a /fantastic/ plus. Ellie: *blushing because she /hasn't/ forgotten they're in a lunch room* *laughs* I see. Uh, Azi... perhaps this can wait until after school? *smiles* Azi: *Blushes a little but is still grinning* Sorry... but to be fair we're not doing anything bad compared to what some of the /other/ kids get up to in the hallways. Ellie: No, that's true. *chuckles* Still, I think I prefer less of an audience when I ravage you. Azi: Speaking of ravaging... *Rests his head on her shoulder* You still coming over this Friday for our after date 'date'? Ellie: *rests her head against his* That's the plan. Azi: Perfect! I'll be sure to snag you a brownie before Remy steals them all. Ellie: *laughs nervously* Am I likely to accidentally run into any of your other brothers on bathroom trips? Because that was embarrassing... Azi: *Giggles* Not unless it's Remy again and I think after that first run in he's gotten the idea to stay away from that area in the middle of the night. Ellie: *grins* Oh good. Azi: *Lunch bell goes off* *Sighs and pulls away from Ellie* And there's the bell... Ellie: *smiles and ducks in for a quick kiss* See you after school. *skips off* Azi: *Watches her leave happily* *Scoops up his backpack and ties the broken straps back together before heading to class* ---- Met: *Practically skips up the steps to Luke's house* *Rings the door bell and waits gleefully* Luke: *has made a bit more effort with his appearance* *is /not/ waiting nervously for Met to arrive* *does /not/ rush to the door to answer* Hi! *tentative smile* Met: *Smiles brightly back* Hi! Ready to go on our date? Luke: *laughs nervously* Yeah. *closes the door behind him and wonders whether he should take Met's arm or not* *shoves his hands in his pockets instead* Met: Perfect! Then let's be off. *Slips his hand through Luke's arm and starts walking him to their date destination* Luke: *smiles as Met's hand rests on his arm* *puts his other hand over Met's briefly* I've been... looking forward to this. Met: *Soft smile* I'm glad to hear that. I've been looking forward to taking you on a real date too. Luke: *laughs* I thought our last one ended up being a real date? Met: It was, you just weren't completely aware that you asked me out before. This time we're both on the same page. Luke: *grinning* Oh are we? So then what's this about you calling me Azi's brother-in-law? You got the wedding invitations all sent out already? Met: Oh that was just me having some fun messing with little Azi.... But if you've already fallen for me that fast then I suppose we could start discussing the guest list that way we can get those invitations sent out. *Smirks* Luke: *laughs* How about we see how this date goes first, we can look at guest seating arrangements later? *winks* Met: *Chuckles* Works for me darling. *Approaches a semi romantic restaurant* *Holds the door open for Luke* Luke: *eyes up the restaurant and walks inside* *turns to Met, eyebrows raised* Nice. Met: *Smiles proudly* Thought you might like it. *Waiter comes and guides them to a table* Luke: *sits down and picks up the menu* *is a little pleased that the arrangement of the table legs allows for easy foot play* *grins as he peruses the menu* Met: *Picks up the menu and takes a moment to make his choice* *Sets it down and casually brushes his foot with Luke's* ....See anything you like? Luke: *raises his eyes from the menu to look at Met and smiles* Yes. And on the menu, too. *presses his foot back* Met: *Chuckles* Corny old flirt. *Continues to play footsie* Luke: *snorts* Watch who you're calling old. Though the other two I'll readily admit. Met: Sorry, but as long as you're still older than me I don't think I'll ever get tired of the fact that I'm dating an older man. *Winks* Luke: There's not a lot I can say to that that won't end up sounding creepy. *laughs* *waves the waiter over so they can put in their orders* *waits until he's gone again and leans his elbows on the table* So I don't know a lot about you, except that you're the oldest of the brothers, you've been raising them, you work at a radio station, and for some incomprehensible reason you're interested in me. Met: *Mimics Luke and leans his elbows on the table* Well I'm interested in you because you seem like a reasonable person, Azi seems to approve of you, the way you're protective of Ellie is kinda adorable, and I find you to be incredibly attractive. *Smirks at his own shameless flirting* Luke: *smiles in surprise* Me? Have you /looked/ in a mirror recently? Met: *Blushes a little* I think I'm more interested in looking at you. Luke: *grins* Just as well, since walking around with a hand mirror to stare at yourself all day can be hazardous to your health. *traces the line of Met's calf with his foot* Met: *Smiles mischievously and slowly rubs his calf against Luke's* ...So you were saying something before about getting to know more about me? Luke: Yeah. So what is it you actually do at the radio station, for starters? *tries not to smile too wide at what's going on below the table* Met: *Grins* I run an evening radio show. I'm a DJ. Luke: *cocks his head and smiles* Perhaps I should tune in sometime. Met: I'd like that. *Waiter returns with their food and sets it down before leaving to help another couple* Luke: *looks at the food, decides it looks delicious* Bon apetit. *grins and takes a bite* Oh, this is good. Definitely a good choice coming here. Met: Glad I made a good call by bringing you here. *Starts on his food with a proud smile on his face* Luke: *after a few more bites* I'll admit I'm not much good at this getting-to-know-you-before-snogging-you business. *grins and blushes* Is there anything else about yourself you'd like to share? Met: *Blushes a little at the snogging comment* Well.... did I tell you I have a twin sister? Luke: I believe it may have been mentioned by someone at one point. But she doesn't live with you, right? *thinks the blush looks good on Met* Met: No, Sunny left to get her nurses degree when she turned eighteen and now only stops in when she's not busy. Luke: *nods and nibbles on his food* Leaving you to raise the brood. Met: *Shrugs* She still did her part. Practically raised Uriel all on her own. Luke: *smiles* I wasn't having a go. I think, considering the circumstances, you've done remarkably well. Met: *Shy smile* Thank you, you seem to be doing pretty well with your charge too. Luke: *his turn to shrug* Helps that she's been raised well until this point. *nudges his foot and smirks* I didn't come here to talk about our kids, though. Met: *Laughs* Right right, sorry. Why don't you pick a more romantic topic for us to discuss? Luke: *chuckles* A romantic topic, huh? Hmm, not sure if this is romantic or not, but I'm curious. When not running around after delinquent sixteen year olds or serenading the masses via the radio waves, what does Met like to do? *grins and leans his chin on one hand* Met: Running around and handle the rest of my lovely delinquent family. *Chuckles* I don't find myself doing much that doesn't involve them or my job. Luke: *snorts* I know the feeling. *smiles* But if you /did/ have time, what would you like to do? Met: *Leans forward on his elbows* *Sly smile* Would it be inappropriate if I said you? Luke: *feels his face heating but is grinning* I'll keep that in mind for our next date. Maybe I'll just invite you around and be waiting for you with a big bow on and nothing else. Met: *Sly smile still in place but turns a little red* Keep talking like that and we might just have to cut this date short and skip to the next one. *Slowly runs his foot up Luke's ankle* Luke: *breathless laughter* *reminds himself that there's food in front of him and he's not a teenager* *enjoys the feeling of Met's foot playing with his as he takes another bite* And here was me taking the piss out of the kids for how they were behaving. Met: *Laughs and starts back on his food* So in all honesty to your previous question, I think I'd just like time to walk around and take advantage of whatever excitement the world has to offer. What about yourself? Luke: *pretends to pout* Oh, so me on a platter wasn't the actual honest answer to that question? *grins again* Usually I just become a slob and watch some movies, but I'd like to have dogs, I think. I used to work at a pound... well, I say work, they called it community service *cheeky smile*... and I really enjoyed that. Met: A bad boy dog person who's offering up himself to me on a platter. What'd I do to get so lucky? *Foot travels up a little past his ankle* Luke: *smile widens as Met's foot is on the move* I'm feeling rather like the lucky one, I think. Met: Well... maybe we're both getting lucky tonight. *Mischievous glint in his eye* Luke: *raises his eyebrow even as his heart starts racing* Oh really? You think I'm that easy, do you? Maybe I'm a man with standards. Old-fashioned. Maybe I want to be wooed a little more. *is struggling to keep a straight face* Met: Or maybe I already have plans to woo you and am extremely confident in my ability to come off as irresistible? *Innocent smile* Luke: *gives in and laughs* God you already are. Met: *Cheeks tint a little red* Much like yourself. Luke: *gives Met a lop-sided grin* Your offer the other day, which I presume was made in jest... *clears his throat and grins down at his plate for a moment before looking back up at Met* To... uh... help remind me what goes where... *raises both eyebrows* Met: Yes... What about it? *Feels his face start to get even redder* *Watches Luke intensely* Luke: *as serious as he can be with his cheeks going red and a nervous smile* How much of that was you joking around? Met: *Heart beats a tad bit faster* Well that depends... *Shy grin and face going scarlet* How much of that do you want to take seriously? Luke: *is finding his flushed face far too adorable* I'm taking this /all/ very seriously. Met: *Lets out a slightly nervous breath but doesn't lose his smile* Then so will I. Luke: *in a low voice, watching Met* So if I say I'd like to take you up on that offer...? Met: *Mischievous grin graces his lips again* Then I'd have to ask... your place or mine? Luke: *matches the grin* *heart racing because oh god, this wasn't a dream* Mine has fewer people coming and going at odd hours, wouldn't you say? *reaches out to brush his fingers against Met's* Met: *Laughs a little* *Curls his fingers around Luke's* Makes sense, although wherever we go one of the kids are bound to find out. Luke: *watching all the little movements in Met's face, especially his mouth* Cross that bridge when we come to it, yeah? *smiles* Met: *Nods* *Bites his lip, unsure of what else he should say besides offering to clear off the table and take him now* Luke: *eyelids lower a little as Met bites his lip* *wants to bite that lip* *strokes a thumb across Met's knuckles* Shall we skip dessert? Met: *Lets out a bit of a breathless chuckle* Normally I'm all for the sweets but... *Squeezes his hand a gently slides his foot up Luke's inner calf* I'm not sure if either of us would make it that long. Luke: *breath stutters and huffs out a laugh* Better sort out the bill then. I... I think I need some fresh air. Met: I believe it's my turn to treat you... and not just to dinner. *Waves the waiter over and hands him a card to pay for both the check and tip* *Waiter leaves* Luke: *sits back with his arms folded, legs stretched under the table, and a grin on his face* Thank you for the lovely dinner. I'm sure I can find something sweet at home for you. *grin widens* Met: Oh I have a pretty good idea of what I'll eat at your house. *Chuckles* *Waiter returns with his card and wishes them both a goodnight* Luke: *stands and holds his hand out for Met* Shall we? Met: *Takes his hand and stands up* *Entwines their fingers* Lets go darling, before I jump you on the way home. Luke: *breath catches* *grins at him* *basically drags him out the door* Met: *Happily Lets Luke drag him out the door* *Walks in silent companionship with him until they come across a shadowy corner of a building* *Without much warning shoves Luke against the wall and begins snogging him senseless* Luke: Wha-- *rest is cut off* *finds his arms and mouth full of enthusiastic Met* *finds that he likes it very much* *not long until he's whining and trying to get his hands under Met's clothes* Met: *Buries his hands in Luke's hair* *Presses his body flat against him, thus trapping him between himself and a wall* *Bites and licks soothingly at Luke's lips* Luke: *has his hands up the back of Met's shirt, fingers splayed across his shoulders* *biting and kissing back* *groans when he feels Met's entire body pressed against his* God, Met... take me home. Met: *Pulls him lips off of him with a shortness of breath and a playful smile* Oh I will, trust me on that. But... *Slowly gives Luke's hips one good hard grind with his own* I just thought I would tease you a little first. Luke: *growls a little but is smiling* *thrusts his hips back* *may be panting just a bit* *digs his nails into Met's back and thrusts against him again* Ok... *bites at Met's neck* I'm all for a bit of teasing. *one hand travels down to grab his ass* Met: *Lets out a needy moan and realizes it must not have been /that/ long since Luke's done this considering Met was already more turned on than what was socially acceptable in public* *Also considering he was already removing Luke's belt* This is far from a /little/ tease. Luke: *grinning wickedly* *pulls Met tighter against him for one last little hip thrust* *lets go with a quick kiss* *laughs a little as he realises the state of his belt and does it up again* You started it. Now home? Met: God yes... *Takes Luke's hand and drags them both back to where Luke's home was* Luke: *can't resist giving Met another quick kiss when they arrive back* Go around the other side, I'll let you in by the back door. *pauses* That's not a euphemism. *grins* Though it could be... *laughs silently* Anyway, I've got to make sure Ellie's not going to see me sneaking you in. Met: *Chuckles and presses closer to Luke* *Teasingly run a finger down his chest* Don't want her to find out that her uncle will actually be getting some tonight? Luke: *grins and leaves a peck on Met's nose* Don't want her knowing her uncle is getting some after a mere two dates. Gotta set a good example nowadays, and I've never been very good at that. Met: *Laughs quietly and pulls away* Alright, I'll meet you around back. But don't keep me waiting. *Winks and disappears around the other side of the house* Luke: *grins and watches him go, then heads in the front door* *sees light on in the living room* *Ellie is watching a movie* Hi love. Ellie: *turns and smiles* Hey! How was your date? Luke: *smiles back* Good actually! Look, I'm going turn in, muck around on the computer for a bit. Trusting you to not stay up too late, right? *leans down to kiss her on the forehead* Ellie: *waving him off, already looking back at screen* Night! This doesn't have too long left to go anyway. Luke: *smiles in relief* Night love. *walks out and quietly to back door* *opens it and places a finger to his lips to motion Met to be quiet* Met: *Grinning like a child because oh god when was the last time he actually had to sneak into his dates house before* *Nods to Luke and quietly follows him into the house* Luke: *leading him up two flights of dimly lit stairs and down a hall to his room* *turns on the light and closes the door behind Met* *turns to him with a somewhat nervous smile* So... Welcome to my house... Met: More like welcome to your room. We flew up those stairs so fast that I didn't exactly get to see much of the house. *Chuckles and steps forward into Luke's space* *Loops his arms around his neck* Not that I'm complaining. Luke: *soft laughter* *slides his arms around Met's waist and pulls him closer* I'll give you a tour another day. *leans in, looking straight into Met's eyes* Now, where were we? Met: *Grins and presses closer* I believe we were right about here. *Captures his lips* ---- Ellie: *getting out of the car at the address Azi had given, smiling when she sees it's a restaurant* *while Azi gets out, she leans into drivers window and kisses Luke on the cheek* What time? Luke: Ten from here, but you two can hang out at the house for a while after if you want. Ellie: *nods and turns to Azi with a smile* Azi: *Takes Ellie's hand and nods at Luke* We understand. Thanks for the ride Luke! Have fun on your date with Met that you two undoubtedly have tonight! *Waves him off* Luke: *laughs, caught* Can't get anything by you two. *waves and pulls away* Ellie: *clings to Azi's arm with her other hand because she's going to a restaurant like a proper grown-up date and is excited* This is lovely! No wonder you said dress nice. *looks down at her knee-length green dress and back up at Azi, smiling* *trying not to bounce like a child* Azi: *Smiles brightly and is happy Ellie seems to approve of the restaurant* Uriel recommend the place to me. *Pecks her cheeks and takes a moment to look her over before they head inside* ...You look beautiful. Ellie: *smiles and blushes a little at the compliment* *is happy to be led inside and to their table* *has been to restaurants before but always with an adult* *is feeling very grown up* I'd be happy going anywhere with you. *beaming* Azi: *Chuckles and pulls her seat out for her before sitting down himself* *Totally feels like a proper gentleman* The feeling's mutual darling. Waiter: *puts the napkin on their laps, pours water, hands drinks menu to Azi* Non alcoholics only of course sir. *retreats* Ellie: *trying not to laugh* I'll have a Cola when he gets back. *picks up menu* *all looks nice* Azi: *Giggles because wow was this place proper* *Leans forward and whispers* I don't know about you, but this place does a good job of making me feel like a child and an adult at the same time. *Smiles nervously* Ellie: *grins at Azi* Yeah. But I'm loving it. We're out, just us, having dinner at a nice place. I just... *grin widens* it's lovely. *looks back at menu* Azi: *Bites back the ridiculous corny line 'Not as lovely as yourself' and instead focuses and picking something small from the menu* *A rather nasty bruise on his stomach has been making eating just a tad bit painful but it's had time to heal throughout the week so it's not too bad* Ellie: *decides what she wants and spends the rest of the time waiting for the waiter by looking at Azi, who has also scrubbed up a bit* *watching him with a small smile* Waiter: *Comes* *Takes their orders* *Tells them it will be a few minutes but he'll get their drinks right away* *Leaves again* Azi: *Waits until the waiter is gone before speaking with Ellie again* So... *Gently brushes his foot with hers under the table* What are you thinking about? *Small smile* Ellie: *blushing a little* You. Azi: *Also blushes* ....You're adorable. Ellie: *flustered, despite the things they've done, looks down at her plate* *plays with his foot under the table* Azi: *Giggles a little shyly* *Rubs his foot along her calf* ...What was it about me that you were thinking about? Ellie: *looks up at him, cheeks red* About how nice you look. And... about later. Azi: *Feels a little flustered* You look gorgeous tonight yourself and.... and I'm looking forward to later. Waiter: *returns with their drinks and disappears again* Ellie: *takes a grateful sip* So do you have any plans for the weekend? Azi: *Sips his own drink* Not really, why? You want to kidnap me again? *Grins* Ellie: I might. Luke muttered something about Met so I have a feeling I'll be left to my own devices for at least part of the weekend. *grins* Azi: *Smiles* Well then we'll just have to take advantage of that fact now won't we? Ellie: *laughing quietly* Yeah, I wasn't sure about Luke and Met dating at first, but it could work to our advantage. Azi: True.... And it's kinda sweet that those two are getting along so well. Ellie: *rolls her eyes* A bit too well. Azi: Has.... has Met been spending some nights with Luke over at your place? I've kinda been only catch him in the mornings lately. Ellie: Not as far as I know... *hesitates* Though... I did hear /something/ odd the other night... *grimaces* I'd rather not know, thanks. I understand why Luke didn't want to know if we were... Azi: Should.... should I ask /what/ you heard the other night, or should we leave that subject alone for our own sanity? Ellie: I'd rather not revisit it, thanks. *takes a sip of her drink* *nudges her foot against his* This is really nice, though. *cheeky grin* And it gives us a chance to build up some energy... Azi: *Chuckles and returns the foot nudge* How we make it through the weeks without jumping each other I'll never know. Ellie: *smiles* I know that I have Fridays to look forward to now, that's how. Waiter: *Returns with their food and then leaves once it is properly set in front of them* Azi: *Waits until the waiter is out of earshot* Speaking of our Friday night activities, do you mind if.... if we.... *Starts to go scarlet* *Looks pointedly down at his food* Ellie: *looks confused but keeps smiling* If we what, Azi? *heart is racing wondering what he is going to suggest* Azi: Um... s-switch roles? *Face is completely red* W-With you on top a-and me.... *Can't finish the sentence but trusts Ellie to understand what he's suggesting* Ellie: *goes bright red and gives him a shy smile* Sure. *looks down at her food and picks nervously at it* *trying not to get overwhelmed by the mental images* Azi: G-Great! I-I mean... I-I look forward t-to it... *Laughs nervously and shoves a mouth full of food past his lips to stop himself from talking* Ellie: *eating her food silently, alternating between stealing smiling glances at him and blushing as she imagines being on top of him...* Azi: *Can't help but steal a glance or two of the girl in front of him himself* *Only eats about half his meal because the bruise on his stomach is making it a little painful* Ellie: *looks at Azi's plate once she's wolfed down her whole meal* Something wrong with yours? Azi: *Blinks and smiles up at her* It was fine, just don't feel like finishing it... Ellie: *frowns because she's seen Azi pack away food like any other teenage boy* Are you feeling ok? Azi: Fine darling! Though... *Shy smile* I am feeling a little nervous for tonight. We never.... switched places before. Ellie: *blushes again as she smiles back* Yeah, I'm nervous too. Azi: I.... I got everything we might need for tonight at home so... so you don't have to worry about bringing a bag or anything like that. Ellie: *brushes his foot* Thanks. I'll still bring my bag. It's useful being dressed in my swimming gear already so I don't have to go up to my room. Less chance of getting caught sneaking back in if it looks like I'm just an early riser. Azi: *Traces her calf with the toe of his shoe* Alright then... I'd hate to see what would happen if Luke ever caught on to us. Ellie: *bites her lip but is enjoying the way his foot is moving over her leg* He will one day, you know. Chances are. Azi: And hopefully that day is far /far/ away from now. *He grinned* Ellie: *looks at his meal again and bites her lip* We've still got a while before we're picked up. Are you wanting dessert? Azi: *Figures maybe some ice cream might help sooth his stomach* Dessert sounds lovely. What are you planning on getting? Ellie: *grinning* Something with a lot of chocolate! Azi: *Smiles* How about some chocolate ice cream drenched in chocolate sauce? Ellie: *grinning* Oooooo keep talking dirty to me. *laughs* Azi: Just getting ready for tonight darling. *Winks* Ellie: *blushes and smiles* *tries to get the waiters attention* ~time warp~ Azi: *Quietly closes the door of his room once Ellie has been safely snuck inside once again* *Turns and gives her a shy smile, still nervous even through they've done this a couple time already* ....Hey darling. Ellie: *moves in close to Azi* *also nervous again* Hey. *smiles and snakes her arms around his middle, pressing close to nuzzle his neck* Azi: *Sighs happily* *Slips his arms around her waist* I'm glad that we get to do this again. Ellie: *starts nibbling gently on his jaw* Me too. For the next two years it'll be sneaking around. Then freedom. *nibbles his ear* Azi: *Lets out a small gasp when her teeth find his ear* Two years of this.... I'm already looking forward to it. *Grins playfully and starts to guide them to his bed* Ellie: *grinning as she realises where Azi is taking them* *hands already sneaking under his shirt to brush at his skin while her lips taste his neck* Azi: *Can't get to the bed fast enough with her lips on his neck and her hands already roaming across his skin* *Sit down on the edge of his bed and gently pulls Ellie into his lap* Ellie: *grins down at him and pushes her hips forward... to get more securely on his lap of course* *cups his face with her hands and kisses him* Azi: *Groans into the kiss and tilts his head back to give her better access* *Fingers start pulling up the hem of her shirt to get to the soft skin beneath* Ellie: *wriggles and lifts her arms to help him get her shirt off* *the cooler air against her skin feels good* *wraps her arms around his neck and kisses him hungrily once her shirt is off* *manages to gasp* Yours... Azi: *Hands hesitate from their exploring of her skin* *Covers up his pause by quickly yanking his own shirt off and pulling Ellie flush against himself* *One hand securely around her waist, the other buried in her hair as he kisses and nips at her neck* Ellie: *doesn't notice anything especially with her skin against his now and his lips on her neck* This time... This time I'll let you undo my bra. *amused tone* You could do with the practice and I won't distract you too much... *is already moving her hips in slow, grinding motions* Azi: *Moans and rocks his hips up to meet hers* O-Okay.... *Tries to keep his head clear as he carefully starts fiddling with the hooks of her bra* *'How do girls get these things off and on all the time?'* Ellie: *grins and lets her hands explore Azi's back and shoulders* *keeps rocking her hips because it feels good /and/ because it is doing a brilliant job of distracting him* Doing well, keep trying. *teasing* Azi: *Panting slightly* *Managed to get a hook undone (how he may never know, but it's undone) and is now working on the others* *Decides two can play at this game and bites her ear lobe* Ellie: *gasps and grins* More... *drags her nails around from his back to his front, pressing against the skin of his stomach with her hands* Azi: *Gasps at both the pain and pleasure of Ellie's hands on his stomach* *Shivers and through sheer luck unhooks her bra* Ellie: *slides her arms out of the now undone bra and pushes against his chest to get him to lie down, grinning* Well done. What shall be your prize? Azi: *Grins and drinks in the image of her* *Scoots back with her in his lap and lays back* Surprise me? Ellie: *is about to lean down when she spots the healing bruise on his stomach* *frowns and touches it gently with her fingertips* Something you want to tell me, Azi? Azi: *Keeps his face as straight as possible* ....That the sight of you half naked straddling my waist is even more of a turn on than I could have ever dreamed? Ellie: *glares at him* Azi... The bruise. You know I was talking about the bruise... Azi: And I'm talking about the gorgeous girl who I'm currently at the mercy of. *Smiles and sits up enough to kiss her* It's nothing darling, I just wasn't being careful and got myself a little hurt. I'll be fine. Ellie: *chases his mouth back down for another kiss and presses against him, pinning him to the bed* *hips moving again* *distracted momentarily by all the bare skin and his mouth* *pulls away just enough to breathe and look him in the eyes* It's them isn't it? They haven't gotten bored and stopped, have they? Azi: *Doesn't want to lie to her but also desperately doesn't want her to worry* *Buries his face into her neck and gently moves his hips up to meet her* It's fine darling, just wrong place at the wrong time.... can we just focus on what's going on here and now, between us? Ellie: Ok, but I'm coming back to this later. *grins now* *leaves a kiss under his chin, on his neck, and starts trailing them down to his chest, since he's so nicely spread out below her* Azi: *Sighs with relief now that Ellie was going to leave the subject alone for now* *Grips her hips and lays back completely, submitting to her will* Ellie: *shifts down so that she can keep kissing further down his chest to his stomach, focusing on the bruise there and leaving gentle little kisses all over it* *hands already at his belt, slowly undoing it* Azi: *Breath catches as her lips reach his stomach* *Carefully lifts up his hips to make it easier for her to remove his belt* Ellie: *gets his belt off and starts working on his trousers* *nuzzles into his belly button* *lifts her head to smile at him as she undoes the zip* I think... *smile turns shy and she stops again, working his trousers down over his hips* Azi: *Heart racing and his face beet red, both nervous yet excited for whatever Ellie has planned for him* *Helps her wiggle his trousers off of his hips* What um... w-what do you th-think? Ellie: *looks at Azi, now only in his underwear* *still has her jeans on* *smiles and places a kiss on his hip* I think I like it this way. *bright red face* *hands trailing down and up his legs* Azi: *Little needy sounds pass his lips* *Both absolute loving and hating the anticipation she was putting him through* ...I-I like it th-this way t-too. Ellie: *crawls back up so that she's face-to-face with him and smiles* Hi. I... um... would you like to... *little laugh* help with my belt? Or shall I? Azi: *Focuses on Ellie and presses his lips against hers, hands already on her belt* I-I'll help.... *Starts to undo it* Ellie: *presses into the kiss* *manages to hold herself up with one hand so she can carry on touching him, letting her hand skim close to his last item of clothing* *smiles as she teases* *is not making it easy for him to concentrate on her jeans* Azi: *Tosses her belt carelessly to the side* *Whining and moaning into her lips as he starts to undo her jeans* *Rocking his hips up to meet hers* Ellie: *with a wicked grin presses her hand down against his hip, attempting to keep it pinned* *mumbles against his lips* Patience, love. Azi: *Glares playfully* *Wiggles around in her grasp, not exactly minding her pinning him down* *Pushes her jeans off her hips and gently starts rubbing the skin that lays beneath* Ellie: *as gracefully as possible wriggles and kicks out of her jeans* *straddles his hips again and sits up, hands braced on his chest and moving her hips so that their remaining clothed parts come together in a way that makes her gasp and buck her hips again* Azi: *Head thrown back as the sensation of Ellie moving like this on top of his hips overtakes him* *Fingers gripping her waist as he grinds his against hers* E-Ellie.... I... I h-have... i-in my nightstand I-I have.... Ellie: *sags forward with a little groan* *stops moving and breathes as she tries to process the words* *nightstand?* Oh! *right, nightstand* *carefully crawls off him and peeks in the drawer* *gets out what they need and looks at Azi as she sits next to him* I guess we need to get rid of the last bits first, huh? *smiles shyly* Azi: *Already misses the warmth that came with having Ellie on his lap* *Props himself up on his elbows, giving her a look that is both shy yet full of lust and need* W-Would you... you l-like to... t-to remove them?... I-It's.... you're i-in charge here a-after all.... Ellie: *blushes but nods* *crawls closer again and puts her hands on his chest, running them down until they get to the waistband of his underwear* *this time she carefully coaxes the waistband down over everything without catching* *goes slightly redder but is enjoying having all the control* *slides them all the way off him and discards them with the rest of his clothes* *hesitantly runs her hand up his leg* Would you like... like me to... *redder still as she picks up the foil packet*. I found a book at school. *embarrassed smile* It had diagrams? Azi: *Blushes scarlet when he realizes what she was suggesting* *Heart hammering out of his chest when he starts to imagine Ellie putting her hands on certain sensitive areas* *Swallows nervously but is definitely not regretting having Ellie in control here* I-I would... I mean.... i-if you want t-to that is.... Ellie: *smiles in relief that it was the right thing to suggest* Yes, I... I would like to try. Maybe... Maybe you could... watch and make sure I... do it right?" *Can feel the lightest touch of panic because a) she hasn't really touched him there before... with her hands... and b) if she gets this wrong they're both in a lot of trouble* *hands shaking as she tries to undo the packet* Azi: *Nods, feels himself buzzing with anticipation* S-Sure. *Pulse racing as Ellie starts to open the small packet* Ellie: *biting her lip in concentration and too nervous to really enjoy herself, follows the instructions in the book as best she can* *seems a lot more difficult in real life* Azi: *Despite his lust filled haze can still see that Ellie's having a bit of trouble* *Reaches up and takes her hands into his* Want me to... t-to help? Ellie: *bites her lip and nods* *tries not to feel like a failure* I'm sorry. I just wanted... wanted to... Azi: *Smiles and calms down enough to think straight* I-It's fine love.... w-we're both still new a-at this.... *Gently guides her hands on to him* *Tries not too get lost in the sensation of Ellie's hands on him* Ellie: *continues to bite her lip and uses his guidance to get it right* *heart hammering more out of nervousness than excitement now* *stalls for time by wriggling out of her own underwear* *plasters herself against the side of Azi and buries her face in his shoulder, fingers gently stroking the other one* Azi: *Gently rubs her back, confused why she stopped but not going to push her if she isn't exactly ready* *Instead decides to stick with foreplay and kiss under her chin and down her neck lazily, trying to take it slow even though a certain part of him is screaming for attention* Ellie: *scolding herself for being so timid* *Azi's gentle hands and lips slowly relaxing her again* *trying to work up the courage to get back into the same position as before* *hands start roaming* *tilts her chin up to give Azi more access to her neck* Azi: *Leaves a trail of open mouth kisses from her neck down to her soft chest, where his kisses start to include playful bites and soothing licks* *Shifts around a little because a certain part of him is feeling rather neglected and uncomfortable* Ellie: *has worked up her courage again and gently pushes at Azi's shoulders to lie him completely flat again before lifting her leg over and sliding back onto his lap* *smiles with uncertainty* I... I'll try this again? *hands already trailing back down from his shoulders towards his waist* Azi: *Swallows and giggles nervously* Okay.... *Places his hands on her hips but doesn't do anything else* *Letting her have complete control and set their pace* Ellie: *gently takes his hands and brings them up to her chest* *smiles and arches into them, pressing down against him at the same time* *runs her own hands down his arms, then his sides, until they're resting on his hips* *breathes deeply and looks at his face* *shifts her hips forward so that she's covering him* *moves experimentally, watching him* Azi: *Breath catches and his head falls back as a low grown leaves his lips* *Enjoys the feeling of fondling the soft skin beneath his hands* *Starts moving his hips with Ellie's, moving slow all the while seeing if he can't get certain parts to fit properly* Ellie: *can feel that everything is ready... they're both ready* *lifts her hips and reaches a hand down to guide him in* *lowers herself very, very slowly* *biting her lip to keep from panting* Azi: *Feels his tense, mouth hanging open as a silent gasp escapes him* *Decides he really /really/ likes having Ellie on top but is struggling not to take over and start moving until she starts to set the pace* Ellie: *pauses, eyes closed and breathing carefully, once she's all the way down* *waits until she feels like she's adjusted and then moves, just a little* *opens her eyes and groans a little* Yes... Azi: *Returns her groan with one of his own* D-Definitely yes... *Already feels himself sweating and shifts just a little* Ellie: *starts to move her hips in a slow rhythm* *hands trailing over his chest* Azi... I want... Azi: A-Anything.... *Breathing heavily, his own hands caressing her chest* W-Whatever it is i-it's yours.... Ellie: *reaches behind herself with one hand to grab his upper thigh, the other resting just below his belly button* Move... *gasps as she finds a good angle and tries to find it again* I want... want you to move. Please. Azi: *Smiles and quickly sets about obliging to her request* *Rolls his hip slowly up into hers* *Repeats this process again and again and again.... little pleasant gasps passing through his lips because Ellie just feels so warm and tight and absolutely.... /fantastic/ around himself* Ellie: *making helpless little sounds as sometimes his thrust hits just the right spot* *is learning where those spots are and adjusting her own position to better ones* *never wants this to end and still wants more* *leans down to briefly dig her teeth into his neck then cover his mouth with hers* *keeps moving her hips* Azi: *Mouth captured by Ellie's lips, kisses her hungrily and moans into her lips* *Shifts his thrusts to the points that seem to be causing Ellie the most pleasure and thrusts deeper* *Hands still teasing the sensitive skin of her chest* Ellie: *breaks her lips from his because she needs air* *panting against his cheek* *whispering his name and "oh yes" and any number of other encouragements as the sensations build inside her* Azi: *Feels something warm and tight in the pit of his stomach as Ellie's voice encourages him along* *Head fallen back and eyes fluttered close as he quickens their pace* *Gasping her name* Ellie: *feels... something building* *moves her own hand to apply extra pressure where she needs it and is soon gasping and tensing* Azi: *Follows her hand with his and gently strokes and presses where her body wants him to* *Panting hotly into the crook of her neck as his thrusts become more frantic and need of a release* Ellie: *when Azi's fingers are doing what she wants... what she /needs/, she buries her fingers in his hair instead* *is shaking with the unreleased tension* *it's building and building* *breathing heavily into his sweat-damp hair* Azi... *just a few more, just...* Azi: *Her voice, just her saying his name like that, so full of /want/ and /need/ for a release that they are both working towards is almost enough to send him over the edge* *Body shivering and he thrusts deeper and keeps hitting the spots he knows Ellie loves* *His fingers doing quick work on her sweat damp skin* Ellie: *a quiet keening sound starts in the back of her throat* *bursts of pleasure as very specific pressure points are pressed and thrust against* *finds herself begging without specifics, asking 'please' and saying his name* *gripping his hair tight* *other hand with fingers digging into his chest* *legs tensing and shaking* Azi: *His heart was racing and the warm tight pressure was building in the pit of his stomach* *Oh god Ellie felt so.... so /good/, the way she was shaking above him and how tense and ready she felt in his hands just encouraged him to go faster and deeper and keep making those sounds of hers and...* *A cry of pure delight leaves him, body tensing as he feels the warm pressure leave himself and be replaced with nothing but pure bliss* Ellie: *feels Azi tense with his release and presses harder and faster against his fingers until she finds her own* *trembles and shakes, gasping with pleasure* *back arching as her body shudders with ecstacy* *own thrusts slowing as she rides the wave of euphoria down* *eventually collapsing, boneless, against him* *sweat cooling on skin* *softly* Azi... Azi: *Breath heavy and just now slowing down as her wraps his arms lazily around the very worn out girl laying on top of him* ....Yes Ellie? Ellie: *smiles when she feels his arms go around her* *nuzzles into his neck* I love you. Azi: *Freezes when he hears thoses words* *Has to wonder whether or not she means it or if it's just the after sex glow talking* ....Really? Ellie: *tenses again* *wonders if that was wrong* *wonders if he doesn't feel the same way* I'm sorry, you don't... have to... I'm not expecting... I mean just because we've slept together doesn't mean you have to... I just... *goes red and hides her face* *wonders if sneaking off now would be too conspicuous* Azi: *Sits up and gently tilts her chin, forcing her to look at him* Don't be sorry, just.... did you mean it? It's not just the sex talking? Ellie: *swallows nervously and looks him in the eyes* *nods slowly* Been wanting to say it for a while... *bites her lip, waiting for his verdict* *shifts slightly so that he slides free of her* Azi: *Stares into her eyes, sees the honest in them, than presses his lips forward to meet hers* Me too! I mean.... *Smiles bashfully* I-I love you too darling. Ellie: *feels a heavy weight shift off her chest* *wraps her arms around his neck and kisses him back* *is incredibly happy* ---- Ellie: *puffing as she pushes the last of the home stretch of her run* *cursing her swimming teacher the whole way* *gets to the entrance to her street and slows down for the walk, checking her phone* *better time than yesterday* *almost doesn't spot Met as she turns into her driveway* *presses stop on her app* *waves at Met* Met: *Looks up from his watch and waves back at Ellie* Fancy meeting you here! Ellie: *trying not to breathe too heavily* *nothing she can do about being red and sweaty* Hey! You looking for Luke? Met: No, I just thought I'd lurk around your house and try to figure out why Azi likes doing it so much. *Grins to show that he's kidding* You're uncle home? Ellie: *shakes her head* He went out to do a few things while I was on my run. Should be back sometime soon? *indicates up the short drive* Would you like to come in? Met: Please! Maybe I could put on a bow and be a little surprise for him when he gets back? *Chuckles* Ellie: *looks at him, confused* I... suppose? *walks him to the door and unlocks it* *is still pondering the odd suggestion* Met: *Chuckles again because Ellie obviously didn't get it* *Follows the young lady into the house* Ellie: *leads straight to the kitchen and pours herself a large glass of water* *quickly downs half of it before turning to Met* Can I get you something to drink? *wipes her brow* Met: *Shakes his head* No need, I'm fine for the moment. Ellie: *nods and leans on the bench, quickly finishing off the rest and pouring herself another* My swimming teacher suggested running. I rely too much on the strength of my arms and not enough on my legs. *grimaces and drinks some more, slowly cooling down* Met: *Makes a sound of acknowledgment and searches for a subject of conversation to continue with his sort of boyfriend's niece while he was out* ....Do you enjoy your swimming classes? Ellie: *is just about done drinking her weight in water and puts the glass down* I do. Well, I enjoy swimming. Sometimes the lessons are a bit tedious. *cocks her head at him* *a small smirk appears on her lips* So... what are your intentions with regards to my uncle, then? Met: *Bursts out laughing* Oh sweet innocent little Ellie, if I told you my intentions with your uncle he might stop seeing me for the mental scarring I'd give you. Ellie: *blushes scarlet* *thankfully it can't be seen past the flush from her run* *goes over to the pantry and starts rummaging around to hide her embarrassment* Met: *Cackling* I'm sorry, but that was an opportunity just to go to pass up... in all honesty I'm not entirely sure what I have planned for him. I didn't even plan on us dating. Ellie: *has found a snack and composed herself* *turns around to Met with a shy smile* It's nice to see him with someone. *takes a bite of her snack* Actually, he's been less of a bear recently. Met: *Smiles* Luke really is a fun guy once he gets a chance to relax and loosen up a little. *Muses over a few nights where he got to find out just how "fun" he could be* Ellie: *grinning* He used to get into a /lot/ of trouble when I was little. *leans back against the kitchen bench* Met: *Nods* He told me a bit about that but he's straightened up since then, especially since you came into his care... Though I have to admit I like the idea that I'm dating a former bad boy. *Grinning* Ellie: *smiles shyly* I do see the attraction of dating someone who doesn't always follow the rules. Met: *Raises an eyebrow* Should I be questioning what you and little Azi have been getting up to? Ellie: *laughs softly* Well, you already know his tendency to sneak out when he shouldn't. Met: *Grinning and chuckles a little* Unfortunately. Ellie: *blushes* I probably shouldn't say more. *smiles and bites some more of her snack* Met: No you shouldn't. The less I know about Azi's dating the better. Ellie: *fishes around desperately for something other than dating habits* Are you sure I can't offer you anything? Met: *Shakes his head politely* I'm sure. Ellie: *lets the awkward silence drag on while she finishes her snack* Met: *Decides to break said awkward silence* So... to be entirely too noisy but I'm curious so I'll ask anyway, what has Luke been saying about the dates we've been going on latest? Like, is he absolutely adoring being around me or am I just sort of pleasant? Ellie: *blinks at the question and then smiles at Met* He talks about you incessantly, and is always smiling when he does so, so I'm going to take a stab and say he's leaning more towards the adoring than just pleasant. Met: *Smiles and makes a little "yes!" motion* *Recomposes himself* That's um.... well quite frankly that's fantastic to hear. Ellie: *pins Met with a calculating look* And you? Are you adoring being with him, or is it just sort of pleasant? Met: *Smiles fondly* Adoring. /Definitely/ adoring. And feel free to tell him I said that! Making your uncle all flustered has become sort of a past time of mine lately. Ellie: *can't help but smile at the fond look on Met's face* *wonders if her own looks like that when she thinks of Azi* You know, you two are adorable. Met: *Sticks his tongue out at her playfully* Well the same can be said for you and my little Azi. Ellie: *laughs* Well, I'll admit that I find /him/ rather adorable. *blushes* You... he's lucky that he has you. And... well, so is Luke. *rolls her eyes because she's trying to be nice and it's just becoming awkward again* Met: *Chuckles because this girl is obviously making herself flustered* How about we just agree that we're all adorable and we're all lucky to have each other? Ellie: *clears her throat* *wonders where Luke is* So... Um. How are you? *tries not to wince at her own awkwardness* Met: I'm fine, although I am feeling a little impatient with your uncle for taking so long and keeping himself from me. *Grins* What about yourself? Ellie: Fine, thanks. Was Luke expecting you? Met: *Cheeky smile* Nope! I was just planning on surprising him. We really haven't been seeing each other on the weekends. Ellie: *shy smile* Yeah, when... when my mother passed away, Luke promised that the weekends would be for us. He wanted to make sure I had as much family time as possible. *cocks her head* But... I don't see why family time can't include you and Azi now? Met: *Blinks at her* *Smiles slowly* .....Ellie, would it be inappropriate if I hugged you right now for being such a sweetheart? Ellie: *blinks back* I... no, it's fine...? Met: *Glomps the adorable Ellie for saying such sweet things* Ellie: *squeaks then chuckles quietly* *tentatively hugs him back* I see where Azi gets his hugginess from. Luke: *walks into the kitchen and pauses, greeting dying on his lips* *clears his throat instead, unsure what to think* Met: *Blinks and smiles brightly when he sees Luke's home* Hey there darling! Want to join in? Ellie: *peeks out at Luke and is torn between blushing and laughing* *opens out one arm to beckon him to join, since Met has given the invitation* Luke: *bemused smile* *looks from Met's smiling face to Ellie's beckoning hand and walks forward* *slides an arm around both their waists* *kisses Ellie's head, then Met's lips* So what's the occasion? And hello. Met: *Smiles even brighter when Luke is in their arms and snuggles both him and Ellie* No occasion really. You're niece here was just acting like such a sweetheart that she deserved a hug. Luke: *grins down at Ellie, whose face is now buried against his shoulder and hidden behind a curtain of hair* She's always a sweetheart. Except when she's breaking my heart by growing up so fast. Ellie: *snorts quietly, but otherwise doesn't comment* Luke: *to Met* *quietly* It's a nice surprise to find you here. Met: *Nuzzles under Luke's chin* I thought you might appreciate it. Ellie: *gently trying to extract herself from the hug* I'll leave you two kids to it, shall I? *amused* Luke: *holds her tighter* Oh no, young lady. Weekends is family time. I haven't seen you all morning, you're not getting away from me that easily. Ellie: *remains tucked under Luke's arm* Fine then. Where's Azi? At least he can join us and even things out a bit, then we can all go do something together? Luke: *looks questioningly at Met* Met: *Quizzled look* You know I'm not entirely sure /what/ he gets up to on Saturdays. He always disappears in the morning and doesn't come home until the afternoon or evening. *Smiles at Ellie* But I'm sure whatever he's up to he'll drop it in favor of spending some time with you. Would you like to give him a ring and invite him over or should I? Ellie: *already wiggling out of the hug to go pick up her phone, which she left on the kitchen bench* *vanishes from the room, tapping at the screen* Luke: *looks amused* You didn't have to ask her twice, did you? Met: *Chuckles* Nope! Plus now that she's busy taking care of that.... *Turns so that he is holding Luke flush against himself* *Speaks in a quiet, teasing voice* I no longer have to restrain myself from welcoming you home properly. *Kisses him* Luke: *smiles and holds Met tight, kissing him back* Ellie: *walks back in and makes an exaggerated disgusted sound* Please, get a room. *giggles softly* Met: *Pulls away from the kiss and sticks his tongue out at Ellie* We would but Luke here doesn't want to set a bad example for you. Luke: *flicks Met's tongue when it's out* Mature, Met. *is amused* Ellie: *grinning* Azi said he'd be right over. *shakes her head at her guardian's antics* Met: *Smiles and sticks his tongue out at Luke instead* Well we can't all be old mature adults like you. *Chuckles* And that's wonderful to hear Ellie, we can all be one big sappy family. Luke: *lets the 'old' comment slide* *stores it away for later* Don't you mean one big /happy/ family? Ellie: *smirks* No, I think he had it right. I'm going to go get changed out of my running gear. *starts to leave the room again and then turns back* Don't do anything I wouldn't do. Actually... no. Just don't do anything. *makes a face at them and leaves* Met: *Laughs at Ellie's parting comment* She's a sweet one. *Turns and nuzzles Luke's neck* So did you miss me? Luke: *grips Met's shoulders and hums with pleasure* Always. And if we weren't in the kitchen where Ellie could walk in any moment, I'd show you how much. Met: *Lifts his head up and brushes his nose with Luke's* Care to give me a taste of what I'm missing out on? Luke: *grins and backs Met up against a bench* *grips his thighs and lifts him onto it* If you insist. *one hand around the back of his neck, pulls Met in for an enthusiastic kiss* Met: *Is delightfully surprised by Luke's strength* *Loops his arms lazily around his neck to pull him deeper into the kiss* *His legs wrap snugly around Luke's waist once he is close enough* Luke: *knows he should put the brakes on, but...* *other hand at the small of Met's back, thumb tracing little circles* *let's Met deepen the kiss* *feels his self-control slowly chipping away* Met: *Arches against him and tugs gently at his hair* *Kisses alternate between deep and needy to short and playful* *Uses his legs around Luke's waist to tug his body closer that way they can feel every inch of each other* Luke: *groans when he's pulled flush against Met* *no hiding just how much he's enjoying this now* *remembers why he should be putting on the brakes just as...* Ellie: Ugh, you two are worse than Azi and I. Honestly. I'm gonna go wait in the living room. Just remember we prepare food on that bench... *leaves, grinning* Luke: *presses his forehead against Met's and tries to breathe* *is grinning foolishly* Did I just get chastised by my niece for inappropriate behaviour? Met: *Giggling hysterically because yes! Yes he did* *Manages to nod and pull Luke into a hug* *Hands roaming and rubbing gentle patterns into his back as he attempts to slow his heart rate* ....Think we can sneak upstairs for a few minutes before my little brother arrives? Luke: *laughs and wraps his arms around Met for a tight hug, resting his chin on his shoulder* I like the way you think, but we should probably be setting /good/ examples for the two young ones. And sneaking off for a quickee just because we're feeling a little horny is not a good example. *pulls away, frames Met's face with his hands, and kisses him on the nose* Come on, let's go be the responsible adults we supposedly are and show that we are in control of our baser instincts. Met: *Mock pouts and climbs down off of the bench* But I don't /want/ to be a responsible adult in control of my basic instincts. *Wraps his arms loosely around Luke's waist and nuzzles his shoulder* I'd much rather take you upstairs and ravish for a few hours. Luke: *shaky laugh* You're not making this easy. *slides his hands down Met's shoulders to grip his arms* *quietly into Met's ear* If it was just you and me here, I'd get you back on that bench, minus a few clothes. Not sure if you noticed, but it's the perfect height... *grins and nibbles his ear* Met: *Shivers delightfully and turns his head so that he can leave a trail of open mouth kisses up Luke's neck* Keep talking like that and we may have a few problems that I'll /insist/ on taking care of. *Grips his waist and pulls their hips together so that Luke will understand /exactly/ what he was talking about* Luke: *groans as he is once again pressed up against Met* *it's obvious that they both need to cool down* *a bit breathless* Later, I promise. God, even if I have to sneak over to yours. Later. Met: *Smirks and speaks quietly into his ear* I'll hold you to that, because if not I'm going to look pretty silly laying sprawled out on your bed tonight with nothing covering me but your bedsheets. *Nips his ear playfully* Luke: *brain malfunctions a little at the mental image* *reminds himself that he's /not/ meant to push Met up against the kitchen cupboards right here and now* *remembers to start breathing again* Oh god. *groans and pulls away, putting just a bit of space between them* This amount of attraction isn't normal, right? Because I've never wanted someone quite this badly, so consistently... *breathing is the key, keeps breathing* Met: *Realizes that he may have just broken Luke* *Absolutely loves it* Normal or not it's not a problem. *Grinning and keeps his voice low* Because as long as you ask you can have me /consistently/ over and over and over again..... Luke: *gives Met a pleading look and makes a strangled sound in the back of his throat* Met: *Grins even wider and kisses him briefly* Come on, let's get you into the living room before you jump me and make your niece never want to eat a meal in the kitchen again. Luke: *grins back and just about has his breath back* I... uh... need a moment. *looks sheepish* *runs a hand through his hair* I'll be out in a moment. Met: *Chuckles and pecks his lips again* Take all the time you need. *Turns to head out of the kitchen but pauses for a moment* Oh and call me if you need any help with your little "problem." *Smirks and disappears around the corner* Luke: *growls and slumps at the kitchen bench, trying to breathe and /not/ think about Met's words* ---- [From Met to Luke: Knock knock, you going to leave me out here in the cold all night or are you going to invite me up so that we can act like a couple of horny teenagers ;)] Luke: *looks away from the code on his computer and rubs his eyes* *picks up his phone and glances absently at the notification, then smiles and opens it* [From Luke to Met: Letting you cool your heels a bit sounds quite tempting. 😉 I'll be down in a minute.] Luke: *stretches in his chair and stands up* *closes laptop, checks room for anything out of place, heads downstairs* *opens back door with a grin* Met: *Smiles at the message and slips his phone into his pocket* *Smiles grows even wider when Luke opens the door for him* Hi there. Luke: *pulls Met in by the collar and places a kiss against his lips* *whispers* Shh. I think Ellie's asleep. Ellie: *had been sneaking down the stairs and heard the back door open* *quickly sneaks back up and into her room* *frantically messages Azi* [From Ellie to Azi: I nearly got caught. I think Luke's sneaking Met in. :D] [From Azi to Ellie: I KNEW Met had been staying out all night lately! Those two are as bad as us.] Met: *Nods and quietly shuts the door behind him* *Silently motions for Luke to take him upstairs* [From Ellie to Azi: Gonna wait a few more minutes. See you soon xx] Luke: *grabs Met's hand and takes him up the two flights of stairs* *motions for Met to head to his room* *whispers* Going to check on Ellie before we turn in. *smiles and kisses Met's cheek before heading towards Ellie's room* [From Azi to Ellie: Okay, see you soon love <3] Met: *Smiles and settles down on Luke's bed* *Considers stripping and waiting for him but figures he'll be back quick enough that he won't have enough time* Luke: *peeks into Ellie's room and sees her in bed, out like a light* *smiles and whispers* Sweet dreams. *is still smiling when he enters his own room and sees Met on the bed* Well, what am I going to do with you then? Met: *Smirks when Luke returns* *Leans back on the bed on his elbows* Would "anything you want" be a proper answer? Luke: *grins and folds his arms, leaning back against his door* *enjoys the view of Met stretched out* I think you deserve some punishment. Does that come under the category of anything I want? Met: *Pretends to consider this even though he is all for the idea of some kinky punishment* ....I suppose, if it's what you /really/ want. Luke: *not moving an inch* Oh, I do. *lets his eyes roam* So for the next little while, you're going to do everything I say? *meets his eyes* Met: *Bites his lips as he begins to imagine just what Luke has in store for him* I'm at your mercy. Luke: *grins turns predatory* Excellent. *shifts his shoulder against the door but stays where he is* Take off your shirt. Met: *Smirks* I like where this is going already... *Sits up and pulls his shirt off over his head* Luke: *smirks back* *is liking the view* *fingers itch to touch, but he has other plans* Touch your own chest. Run your hands over it. Met: *Pulse jumps when he begins to get an idea as to where Luke was going with this* *Leans back on one elbow and slowly trails his fingers up and down his chest* Luke: *smiles appreciatively* You have an incredibly nice body. *shifts a little* Now undo your belt and take it off. Met: *Smirks* Flattery will get you everywhere. *Undoes his belt painfully slowly and pulls it off* *Drops it next to him on the bed* Luke: I'm banking on it. *takes a single step towards the bed* Shoes and socks next. I want to see you in just your trousers. Met: As you wish. *Remains leading back as he kicks off his shoes and toes off his socks* *Looks at Luke expectingly, waiting for the next order* Luke: *steps closer and picks up Met's belt, fingering it* *standing over Met, he looks him up and down* *smiling* Undo your button and fly. Leave the trousers on. Met: *Eyes the belt in Luke's hand curiously and slowly, oh so slowly, undoes the button and fly of his trousers* *Is already feeling pretty turned on by all of this* Luke: *smirks* Now... I want you to reach in and stroke yourself. *pauses and smiles wider* Just once. *runs the belt through his fingers* Met: *Stares up at Luke with a mischievous glint in his eye* *Slips his hand inside his trousers and gives himself one good long stroking, moaning just a little but keeping eye contact with Luke as he does* Luke: *trying not to show how the sight of Met touching himself, even though he can't see anything, is affecting his heart rate* Do you want me to touch you? Met: *Resisting the urge to stroke himself again because Luke hasn't given him permission to and wasn't that a kinky thought?* ...Yes. *His voice just a tad bit needy* Luke: *leans down just a tad* You'll have to earn it. *stands straight again with a very pleased smile* Take off the trousers. Met: *Glares at him playfully and stands up in front of him* *Pulls off his trousers in a way that's strip tease worthy before laying back down on the bed invitingly* Luke: *takes a moment to get his own breathing under control because the urge to touch Met is very strong* *but this is better* Very good. Now, I feel like a bit of a show, I think. *folds his arms and leans against the wall behind him* Until I tell you to stop, I want you to touch your own body everywhere except where you're covered by your underwear. Show me how you'd like me to touch you. Met: *Those words alone are enough to turn his on even farther and he both hates/loves Luke for those orders* *Lays back completely and begins his performance* *Starts with trailing him fingers over his chest, playing with himself a little before traveling farther downward, teasing the sensitive skin just above his waist line, little sounds escaping him as he touches every turn on point he could find without going against Luke's rules* Luke: *watching every movement of his fingers, wanting them to be /his/ fingers* *loving the noises that Met is making* Do you think I should let you take your underwear off? Met: *Fingers traveling along his inner thigh and just barely resisting going any higher up* *His body buzzing with anticipation* Yes. Please Luke yes. Luke: *smiles* Since you used the magic word I'm going to let you. Remember, no touching until I give you permission. Met: *Nods and wiggles out of his remaining clothing* *His excitement almost painfully obvious once he is no longer covered* Luke: *only just keeps himself from pouncing* *voice still surprisingly calm and steady* Do you want me to touch you now? Met: *Propped up on one elbow as his free hand plays with the sensitive areas of his chest, needing to do /something/ in order to keep himself from braking* God Luke yes, touch me, do whatever you want with me please! *Voice trembling with need* Luke: *is not done torturing quite yet but is pleased with the begging* Can I bind you? *runs the belt through his fingers again* It's ok to say no, I know we haven't discussed this. Met: *Stares at the belt for a moment as he considers it* *They had only been dating for a short time and this sort of thing had never come up before but.... he liked Luke.... a lot... and he was willing to give it a try* ....Okay. Luke: *leans down and takes Met's hands in a gentle grip* If at any time you're not ok with it, just say so. *loops the belt loosely around one wrist, makes a complex twist, then the other wrist* *strokes his fingers and looks him in the eyes* Still good? Met: *Pulse going wild and feels himself blushing from the first time through all of this* *Smiles a little nervously because this was sort of a big step for them* ...Yeah, still good. *Looks him in the eyes to show that he trusts him* Luke: *smiles back kindly* Good. *kneels on the edge of the bed* *something very arousing about being fully dressed while his lover is naked, bound and looking so debauched on his bed* It means I can do this with one hand... *carefully lifts Met's hands over his head to pin them to the bed*... which leaves me with one hand free. *wriggles his free hand to demonstrate, hovers it just obove Met's body* Where should I start? Met: *His body is already arching up, begging for Luke's touch* Anywhere.... anywhere as long as I get to feel you against me. Luke: Hmm. *keeps his hand hovering clear* We've forgotten our manners? Met: *Sees what he's trying to get out of him and makes a mental note to put Luke through this delicious torture next time he gets a chance* *Looks up at the man hovering above him and stares, pleading with his eyes* Please, oh please Luke touch me. Luke: *grinning* *places his hand on Met's chest and lets it trail down to his belly button* *with a wicked grin he starts to move down, then changes to head for his hip instead* *carefully avoiding the area Met no doubt wants him to touch the most* Met: *Wiggles and moves with Luke's touch* *Pressing into his hand as he desperately tries to get more contact* Luke: *trailing his hand down Met's thigh then up the inside* Where do you want me to touch you? Met: *Swallows dryly because oh god Luke was so close to where he needed him most it was torture* Higher. Please Luke just a little higher. Luke: *takes pity on his lover and finally moves his hand to where he wants* I like this. You naked on my bed, begging me to touch you. I like that you can't touch me back, not yet. Time for that later. *moving his hand gently for now* Met: *Groans low in the back of his throat and shifts his hips up, rocking into Luke's hand* God I'll always beg you to touch me Luke.... You're intoxicating. Luke: *smiles at the compliment* Stay right here, don't move. I'll be right back. *hand gives a little twist before lifting* *stands and walks around the other side where his nightstand is and gets a small bottle out* *turns back to the bed with his prize and sits down again* This will make it all more pleasant, I think. Met: *Whimpers when Luke let's him go and leaves his side, nearly begging for him to come back but wants to maintain at least a little pride* *Lifts his head up enough to see what Luke went to get and grins* ...I'd have to agree with you. *Lifts his hips up, inviting him to resume what he had been doing before he had left* Luke: *with the application of the lubricant his hand slides much smoother over Met* *free hand returns to holding Met's bound hands out of the way* *brushes his thumb against Met's bound wrist* This still ok? Met: *Moaning in pleasure and thrusting his hips up to feel more of Luke around him, lubricant definitely a plus* *Hands tugging just barely at their bonds from his urge to touch* Yes... yes I fine. Luke: Good. *watching Met's face intently as his hand tightens and quickens* Met: *Bites his lip to try and hold back some of the needy noises he knew he was making as Luke hand started to work him closer to the edge* *Cheeks flush and pupil blown eyes half lided, staring up at his lover and desperately wanting more* Luke: *suddenly stops and lifts his hand away* I can see you want something. *teasing* What do you want, Met? Met: *Lets out a sound of frustration, fighting against his bonds so that he can get to Luke and feel him* You, I want you Luke, either on top or underneath or whichever way you want to take me I want /you/. *Wiggling underneath him to try and help relieve the pressure that was starting to build up* .....Please. Luke: *heart hammering at the sincere pleading* *smiles at the tacked on please at the end* Well then. *carefully undoes the belt to free his hands* *places a kiss on each wrist to sooth any rubbing that may have occurred* I think I need less clothes to do what you want. *grins and sits back again* Undress me. Met: *Grins and doesn't need to be told twice* *Sits on and makes quick work of removing Luke's clothing, letting his hands stroke and caress his body as he pushes and pulls off each article of fabric covering him* Luke: *loving the enthusiasm and efficiency of Met stripping him* *soon has a naked and very turned on Met in his lap* *hands massaging his lover's ass* So, what were you saying? *cheeky grin* Met: *Figures he has permission to do some of the things he would like without being told and starts nibbling at his neck* Take me. Take me and do whatever you'd like with me as long as I get to feel you against me in some way. *Wraps his arms around Luke's waist and rolls their hips together* Please Luke, please make me yours. *Breath hot and heavy against Luke's neck* Luke: *reaches for the lubricant where he'd discarded it* *uses it to prepare his lover as gently as possible* *hands shaking slightly with his own arousal* *realising just how much the build up had turned him on as well* *feeling heavy and needy and he's not even inside Met yet* *when he's done as much as he can from that position he lifts Met enough to turn him and get him on his back on the bed* *crawls on top of him, parting his legs* Met: *Gasping as Luke gently prepares him for what they're about to do* *Can't help but continue to rock against him, so full of unsatisfied need that it is almost painful* *Nearly whimpers when Luke forces him to lay back on the bed but is still trembling with anticipation, willingly allowing Luke to spread his legs and settle himself into the proper position* *Lifting his arms up he tightly loops them around Luke's neck to bring him down into a much desired kiss* Luke: *groans into the kiss and turns it desperate* *his hips start grinding into Met's, pressing them together in a way that is mildly satisfying but not quite what he is intending* *pulls his mouth away and gently pushes Met's legs further up, lifting his hips* *moves one hand down to tease and then guide* *pauses and looks Met in the eyes* Ready, lover? Met: *Grinds his hip up to meet Luke's enthusiastically, moaning at the friction it was creating between them and was looking forward to more of it when he felt Luke lift up his hips* *Smiles up at the man hovering above him that called him lover and nod* I've been ready. *Hooks his legs around his waist to anchor himself closer* Luke: *presses in slowly and nearly collapses with the pleasure of it* *moves his trembling arms to support himself and lets his head drop, eyes closed* *pauses to breathe or else he'll disgrace himself* *gasps* God you feel good. Met: *Almost cries out when Luke is inside him* *Hands gripping his shoulders as he takes a moment to get used to the pressure* *Legs tighten around Luke's waist and begins to pull him closer, encouraging him to keep going* ...I'd feel even better if you'd start moving. *Smirks up at him, body trembling* Luke: *opens his eyes and sees Met's smirk* *grins back* *pulls his hips back and then thrusts forward* *has to grit his teeth to keep from shouting something* *groan escapes instead* *another couple of thrusts and he has a rhythm* God Met... *lifts one hand to take him in a firm grip again* Met: *This time he does cry out, rocking his hips with the rhythm that Luke has set* *Finds his fingers tangling themselves in his hair and tugs on it gently* Luke... *Panting heavily and buries himself into the crook of his neck* Luke: Ssshhh. *laughs faintly* *thrusts with his hips and tugs with his hand* *kisses Met to try and keep him quiet but can't keep it up as he's panting a bit himself* *the friction feels /so/ damn good* Met: *Knows he should be quiet and he tries, he really does, but Luke is hitting his sweet spot and not even with their lips locked together can they muffle the noise of pleasure he's making* Luke.... oh god Luke there, right there! *His whole body is tense and he attempts to hold Luke even closer, to pull him even deeper into himself* Luke: *bites down on another groan, which partly escapes anyway* *Met's encouragements are pushing him closer* *the last shreds of caring about noise vanish and he let's out a heartfelt groan as he adjusts his angle to try and get deeper into that tight heat* *his hand on Met stutters a bit as he's pushed closer to his own climax* Met: *Pleasure filled cries leave him as Luke keeps hitting that spot* *It's all too much for him, with Luke working him over with his hand and that wonderful pressure moving inside him like that and the fact that this was /Luke/ causing him this sensation need for a release... he couldn't last* Luke! Luke I'm... *Every part of him tightens around Luke once he feels himself reach the edge, the warm pressure that had been building up in the pit of his stomach finally leaving him with a gasp* *Rides through the orgasm, coaxing Luke to reach the same level of bliss he had reached* Luke: *the moment he feels Met tighten around him that's it* *pleasure explodes from his groin outwards and he pushes in one final thrust and holds as he throbs with his release* *vision goes grey as he cries out Met's name* *comes back to himself and slumps, going down on his elbows, forehead pressed to Met's shoulder* Holy Hell. Met: *Smiles at Luke through half lided eyes and loosens his grip on him a little* *Breathing labored and hot on his cheek when he turns his head* .... And you thought you were rusty at this? Luke: *huffs out a laugh* All I needed was a reminder of what goes where, the rest is like riding a bike. *turns his head to grin at Met, then grimaces because they're wet and sticky and cooling fast* *reaches out for the tshirt he had been wearing and uses it to clean off Met's chest and stomach before working on the mess /he'd/ made* *once again as clean and dry as they're going to get with just a tshirt to use* Here, get under the covers. It'll be cosier. Met: *Breathing mostly back to normal* *Crawls under the covers with Luke and throws his arms around him* *Makes sure that Luke is laying on his back so that he can half lay on top of him, giving the dull but pleasant ache inside of him a chance to relax* So... I'll assume snuggling afterwards is good for you? Luke: Hmm. *nuzzles Met's hair* I'm all for snuggling. In fact... if I set an alarm for stupid-o-clock, will you stay a while? Met: *Nods and kisses his chin* I'll stay all night if you want? Sleeping is so much better when you've got a bed mate. Luke: *tilts his chin down to catch Met's lips in a quick kiss* *smiles at him* I'd like that. I'd like that a lot. Met: *Smiles fondly and nuzzles into the crook of his neck* ....Can I ask you a silly question? Luke: *watches Met through slitted eyes, smile on his face* What silly question? Met: *Fingers tracing lazy patterns into Luke's chest* Are we.... are we just "dating" or are we...? Luke: *threads his fingers through Met's hair* Or are we what, lover? *smile goes soft* Met: *Blushes just a little* Well... or are we... *Let's out a frustrated sigh and peers up at Luke* I'm trying to figure out if I should be calling you my boyfriend or partner or something like that.... Luke: *grins back at Met* *kisses his nose* What would you /like/ to call me? Met: *Smiles and looks away a little shyly* *Buries his face back into Luke's neck and mumbles* .....Mine. Luke: *feels his heart contract a little* *presses his lips to Met's temple and smiles foolishly* Then I'm yours. Met: *Breaths a sigh of relief and tilts his head back up* *Smiles softly* I'm holding you to that. *Presses their lips together* ---- Ellie: *after another wonderful night with Azi is sneaking home at 6am* *bag over her shoulder and pyjamas on under her tracksuit pants and baggy sweater* *quietly eases the back door open, sneaks in, and closes it* *hefts the bag back up on her shoulder and turns around* *freezes* Met: *Had snuck downstairs to leave after a /fantastic/ night with Luke* *Looking a little tired and clothes are obviously wrinkled from spending the night scattered across Luke's bedroom* *Reached for the back door to quietly leave when suddenly Ellie appears through it* *Stares at her in surprise and wait for her to notice him before speaking* ...Hi. Ellie: *heart hammering* *suddenly a very guilty look on her face* *eyes flit off towards the stairs and is reassured to see that Luke isn't there* *looks back at Met, bright red* Um. Hi. *only just now registering his rumpled appearance, remembers seeing him sneak in last night* Um. *thinks she is in a /lot/ of trouble* Met: *Swallows nervously even though he is a grown man and knows he shouldn't have to feel guilty for sneaking around and sleeping with his partner* *Notes the bag Ellie's carrying and the fact that she was obviously sneaking in* *Has a pretty good idea of where she must have been all night and might have even laughed at the irony of the situation if it wasn't so awkward* ...I'll take it I'm not the only one who's been sneaking into their boyfriends room last night? Ellie: *eyes as wide as saucers, puts her finger to her lips and shushes him desperately* *whispers* Please, Luke can't know... Met: *International dilemma* *On one hand Luke would want to know if his niece has been sneaking around at night, he cares and only wants the best for her after all, but on the other kids will be kids and he can still remember what it was like to be a horny teenager who would probably go to any length just to see their sweetheart* *Wonders why life has to insist on being so complicated and sighs* ....Are you two being safe? And I mean that in every sense of the word. Ellie: *swallows* *would normally roll her eyes at the question but this is Luke's boyfriend, who could tell Luke, so she'd better be honest* Yes sir. In every sense of the word. Please, you won't tell Luke? Met: *Bites his lip and knows that this is going to come back to bite him in some way but can't bring himself to bust the sweet girl oh at least being careful* ...Fine, but only this once. I don't like the idea of covering for you and Azi. Ellie: *wants to pass out with relief* Thank you sir. Of course, just this once. Thank you! *smiles gratefully* Met: *Smiles at her even though he can already feel the guilt that is bound to come from this decision* Yeah yeah, now hurry up and get upstairs before your uncle wakes up. He was nodding off again when I left but best not push our luck. Ellie: *nods, eyes still wide, and rushes off, scooting up the stairs quickly and silently* Met: *Watches her go before slipping silently out the back door* Ellie: *closes her bedroom door* *strips out of her track pants and sweater* *slips into bed* *taps frantically at her phone* [From Ellie to Azi: OMG. I just got caught by your brother.] [From Azi to Ellie: WHAT?! What happened?! What'd he say?!?!] [From Ellie to Azi: I don't think he'll tell, but I nearly had a heart attack. He asked if we were being safe. He caught me sneaking in as he was sneaking out. It would be funny if it wasn't TOTALLY NOT.] [From Azi to Ellie: .....It's a little funny.] [From Ellie to Azi: IT WON'T BE FUNNY WHEN I'M SHIPPED OFF TO A CONVENT SOMEWHERE.] [From Azi to Ellie: Calm down darling, if Met said he won't tell then he won't tell.] [From Ellie to Azi: Probably to Nepal. Does Nepal have convents? I'm going to Google it.] [From Azi to Ellie: Dear I know you're concerned about this but quite frankly you're making this funnier.] [From Ellie to Azi: There's a nice range of convents in Nepal, apparently. Buddhist ones. I think Luke would consider that just about far enough away.] [From Azi to Ellie: I'm dying of laughter here darling.] [From Ellie to Azi: Ha friggen ha. You didn't have to face a questioning by your brother while my uncle could walk down the stairs any moment.] [From Azi to Ellie: No, I'm probably going to have to go through a whole series of questions once Met gets home.] [From Ellie to Azi: That makes me feel strangely better.] [From Azi to Ellie: Well I'm happy for you. Now if you'll excuse me I believe I hear Met downstairs so I think it's about time for me to grab my bag and hop out the window.] [From Ellie to Azi: Haha, good luck!] [From Azi to Ellie: Thanks. Love you darling, talk to you later!] [From Ellie to Azi: < 3 Love you.] Ellie: *grins and hugs her phone to her under the covers* ---- A Sunday evening. [From Ellie to Azi: Please come around. Now. Through the window.] Ellie: *hands shaking, wondering if she should write more* *can't think how to explain in a text message* *lying on top of her bed covers* *tucks phone against her stomach and curls around a small, white stick as well* *lip quivering, trying hard not to cry* *watches the window* Azi: *Had already been wandering around town when he got the message* *It seemed urgent so he doesn't waste any time getting to Ellie's house and climbing up to her window* *Knocks softly* Ellie: *has become lost in her thoughts when the knock brings her back* *focuses on the window and sees Azi* *waves him in* *doesn't move from her position on the bed* *can feel the tears stinging her eyes already* Azi: *Climbs inside and immediately notices Ellie's distress* *Crawls next to her on her bed wraps his arms around her, stroking her hair in a comforting manner* What's wrong love? Ellie: *finds that words won't come out and just hands over the pregnancy test, showing one strong blue line - the control line - and one fainter blue line - the test* *the first tears she has been holding back roll out of the corner of her eyes* Azi: *Takes the pregnancy test from her and studies it for a moment, trying to figure out what it is and why it was upsetting Ellie when it clicks in his brain exactly what he was holding* *Freezes, test falling from his fingers and the weight of those two little lines take their toll* *Would probably be telling himself not to panic if he wasn't already panicking* But.... but we were careful..... Ellie: *sniffs but now that the tears have started there's no stopping them* *quiet wail* I know… Azi: *Mouth hanging open, can't figure out what the hell he should be saying in this situation* *Wraps himself tightly around Ellie and absently rubs her back soothingly as his panic starts to overwhelm him* Ellie: *is not equipped to deal with this either* *muffled crying into Azi's shoulder* I... *sniffing and swallowing* I don't know... I don't... *can't speak for a bit as sobs overtake her* I can't be! Azi: *Ellie's cries are the only thing anchoring him from having a full blown panic attack* *If this news was hard on him he couldn't possibly /imagine/ what she was going through* *Does his best to keep his voice calm and leveled* Shhh Ellie... i-it's okay, everything is going t-to be fine. I'm here and w-we're going to figure this out... together. Ellie: *fearful whisper* We're... we'll... have to tell Luke. *sobbing renews* He's... he's gonna... be so... *hiccup*... disappointed. Azi: *Feels that wave of panic hit him again* *Luke. Disappointment from him was a welcome reaction from what he was pretty sure he had in store for him. He had promised him that they would be careful and would avoid this ever happening* *Oh god Luke, this man who Azi was just sort of building a sort of friendship with, was going to absolutely /hate/ him after this* *Dread filled his very being and he found himself hugging Ellie even tighter, not sure if he was either trying to comfort her or himself at this moment* ...It was an accident. We were careful and took all the proper precautions. He would have no reason to be disappointed in you... Concerned, but not disappointed. Ellie: But... but what if it was... when I tried... what if I broke something? Oh god... *breathes deeply and tries to stop herself panicking* *it wasn't helping either of them* I don't want to tell him, but he's going to find out… Azi: *Gulps and really hates himself for what he was about to offer... but Ellie needed him and he wasn't going to abandon her* .....I'll tell him. Ellie: *tells herself to stop being a chicken because if Azi could offer to tell her uncle on her behalf, then she could at least be there with him* *or just tell him herself* *tries hard to pull herself together* That's... that's very kind of you. *whispers* Thank you. But... *realises she is covered in tears and snot* I'll... do it. But... could you be there? Azi: *Wipes her face with his shirt sleeve and gently places a kiss to her forehead* Of course, I'm going to be by your side through every moment of this. Ellie: *crumbles again slightly at his kindness, and the thought of having to face Luke* We need to... tonight. But... not right now? *sniffs and buries her face in his shoulder again* Give me... a chance to stop... crying? *doesn't think she'll stop crying for months if she really is pregnant* Azi: *Holds her close again and prays that everything will turn out alright* Whatever you need love. Ellie: *takes another twenty minutes before she's dry eyed and feeling a little numb* *quietly* I think we should go. He'll be in his office. Azi: *Stroking her hair* ...You're sure you don't just want me to tell him? I really don't mind. *'I'm absolutely terrified of the idea, but for you I don't mind'* Ellie: *looks at him dully* I think I can. But if I can't, if I stop, you might have to take over? *feels disconnected from her own body* Azi: *Kisses her cheek and wishes they could put off telling Luke for both their sakes but knows that this was something they had to do* Okay love. Ellie: *nods and reluctantly gets off the bed* *pauses at the foot with her hand stretched out to Azi* Right. *takes a deep breath* *bends down to grab the pregnancy test off the bed* Better go. *the door seems scary all of a sudden, beyond it lies disappointment and unhappiness* Azi: *Crawls off the bed and takes her hand* Right... *Already dreading this meeting* Ellie: *guides him out the door and down the stairs, hesitating on the last one* *one hand clutched in his* *the other nearly crushing the test* *is shaking* Oh god... *feels like her heart is going to beat its way out of her chest* *breathing short and sharp* Azi: *Sees Ellie starting to panic and stops her from going any farther* *Looks her in the eyes, face full of both concern yet determination* That's it, I want you to sit out here and allow yourself a little more time to calm down while I go speak to Luke, okay? Ellie: *is feeling light-headed and sits down heavily on the bottom step* *sinks her head into her hands and tries to stop hyperventilating* *had thought she was ok, but realises she's not* *faintly* Is... are... alright. Azi: *Rubs her back soothingly and kisses the top of her head* ....I'll be right back in a moment and then we can all figure this out together.... I love you Ellie. *Takes a deep breath and goes to knock on the door of Luke's office* Ellie: *whispers* Love you. Luke: *looks up from his computer and frowns* *calls through the door* Since when do you knock? Come in. Azi: *Deep breath* *Pokes his head in* Um.... hello sir. Luke: *leans back in his chair and smiles* Ah, Azi, hello. Didn't realise you were coming over... not that you're not welcome. Come in! Where's my niece? Can't be too far away. *belatedly notices the 'sir' and hesitant nature* *sits forward again* She is nearby, right? Azi: *Walks in and closes the door behind him, not wanting Ellie to overhear look if he gets a little too angry over what he was about to tell him* ....She's sitting on the stares.... Luk- sir, there's something I.... we have to tell you, but first I'd like you to agree to a few things.... Please. Luke: *sits back in his chair again and folds his arms, watching the boy carefully* *realises he's probably not going to like this* *also realises that the boy is talking to him and not hiding from him so he’ll keep the cooperation flowing* What would you like me to agree to? Azi: *Sighs* I'm.... I'm about to tell you something that you're /definitely/ not going to like but.... but I ask when you here it not to yell. You can say whatever you want but please keep your voice down so that Ellie doesn't overhear you, she's having a hard enough time at the moment as is... I also ask that you please not feel disappointed or angry with her because none of this was her fault and that how you view her means the world to her... it would crush her if you thought anything but positive thoughts towards her.... Luke: *starts feeling something build inside him* *expression doesn't change by a hair* That's a fair bit to ask. I'll try. Go on, I'm listening. *has the sinking sensation that he knows what this is and that he did kind of ask for it* *hopes against hope that he's wrong* Azi: *Takes a deep breath before looking up at Luke* ....Ellie might be pregnant. Luke: *hears the pen in his hand snap* *hadn't even realised he'd picked it up* *vision clouds over red with Azi at the centre of it* *growls, but keeps it quiet* God damn it boy, I thought I told you kids to be careful. *is glaring now* You stupid, careless, reckless, idiotic... *takes a breath and puts the broken pen down* *leans forward and places his elbow on the table, rubbing his eyes with his fingers* What do you mean 'might be'? Azi: *Visibly shrinks away from Luke and takes a step back, every insult like a dagger cutting away whatever bit of friendship and acceptance he had been able to build with Luke up to this point* ....I-I mean she took a test and i-it turned out positive.... the 'might' is just my own optimism that those things aren't always correct. Luke: You. *stands up* You come into her life and it's all bullies and sex and /all the things we tried to shelter her from/... *walks around the table* Whatever happens from here on, you are going to be there supporting her. I won't have what happened to my sister, even though Ellie was a blessing to her. She will /not/ be alone in this. *takes a step closer* But that doesn't mean I have to like you or what you've done. *realises he's being incredibly harsh but can't stop* *needs to vent his anger at someone, and in the absence of Azi he would be shouting at himself* Azi: *Is actually terrified of Luke at the moment* *Wants to run away, take off like he always does when an adult was angry with him or making him feel terrible about himself but knows he can't* *He is doing this for Ellie and it's that thought alone that keeps him there, staring up at the man who he knows was never fond of him and now never will be* *Pushes back some of his sorrow and disappointment over this fact and figures he can dwell on it later once Ellie's calmed down and Luke's been reassured* .....I'm sorry I've messed up your niece's life. I'm a bloody stupid, reckless, idiotic kid who will probably never be good enough for Ellie.... but I never once considered leaving her alone to deal with this by herself and I plan on being there for her even step of the way. Luke: *stares piercingly at Azi for a good while* Well, that's something at least. *doesn't deny his assessment of his character* So where is my niece? Azi: Sitting on the stairs waiting for your reaction to all this. *Deep breath* And.... And I'd s-suggest unless you wish t-to upset her farther that you c-calm down a little before you speak w-with her. Luke: *snaps* I wouldn't offer any opinions if I were you. And I have been dealing with Ellie her whole life, thank you. *glares* *turns to the door and brushes past Azi, exiting* *can't do much about his expression right now* *spots Ellie* Ellie: *stands up when she sees Luke* *swallows nervously when she sees his expression* Luke: *strides towards Ellie* Ellie: *backs off one step, unsure* *heart hammering* Luke: *closes the gap and wraps his arms firmly around his niece* Ellie: *sags into Luke's arms and starts crying again* I'm sorry. I'm so sorry... Luke: Shhhh. *strokes her hair and holds her tight* Shhhh it's ok, I'm here, you're fine. Azi: *Watches their interaction and is relieved when Luke comforts Ellie rather than snap at her like he just did to him* *Pushes away those hurt feelings to be dealt with when he gets home* *Takes a step towards them but stops, unsure of what he should be doing at this point* Ellie: *looks up from Luke's shoulder to see Azi* *reaches out one of her hands towards him, unaware of the animosity Luke harbours towards Azi now* Azi: *Steps forward and takes her hand, rubbing it gently with his thumb but not joining in the hug* *Instead just squeezes her hand and smiles reassuringly* Ellie: *watching Azi with wet eyes* What do I do? Luke: *isn't going to let go of Ellie any time soon* We, love. What will /we/ do. You're not doing any of this alone. Ellie: *squeezes Azi's hand* Thank you. Luke: *still wrapped tightly around Ellie like he can keep all the bad things in the world from her this way* First things first we find out whether you really /are/ pregnant. Azi: *Not entirely sure how to contribute to this* Should um... s-should she take another test o-or is this just a wait a-and see scenario? Luke: *keeping his voice calm and soothing for Ellie's sake* We'll go see a doctor. They can do tests to find out for sure. There's one thing you were right about, Aziraphale, and that is that those home tests /can/ be wrong. *finally pulls away a little so he can look at Ellie's face* *wipes at her tears with his thumb* And if it's not wrong, then we have some decisions to make. /You/ have some decisions to make. Ellie: *nods and looks at Azi* Azi: *Squeezes her hand again* *Attempts the to stop the stuttering in his voice* I-It's.... it's your decision, but whatever you c-choose if it turns out t-that you are.... I-I'll support you. Luke: *swallows down a bitter retort and he makes himself smile at Ellie* See? We're here, love. Ellie: *new tears but they're happier* Thank... Thank you. I love you both. When... when can we see the doctor? Luke: I'm sure we could find an after hours clinic open tonight, though those are usually only for acute cases. Otherwise first thing tomorrow. I'll call you in sick to school. Ellie: *nods* Tomorrow. Tomorrow is fine, right? *looks between the two* *wants to know now but also feels like she needs a few hours to prepare for the worst* Azi: *Wants to hug and kiss her better but knows that Luke would never allow it.... probably for the rest of his life* *Settles for rubbing soothing circles into her hand* Tomorrow's perfect. I know it's scary but we'll be there with you no matter what the results are. Okay? Ellie: *nods and sniffs* I'm so sorr-- Luke: *puts a finger over her lips* Shhhh. You don't need to apologise. *keeps his back to Azi so he doesn't have to look at the boy* *is aware that their hands are joined* We should go to sit down in the living room. Do you need a drink, love? Ellie: *shakes her head and takes her hand from around Luke to slide away from him and hug Azi* Luke: *frowns in disapproval* Azi: *Hugs her tightly and buries his face into her hair so that he doesn't have to see the absolute hatred that he knows are in Luke's eyes right now* *Calmly rubs her back soothingly and keeps on whispering "I love you" over and over again* Luke: *makes himself speak soothingly as well* Come on you two, let's get out of the hallway. Ellie, we have some options we should discuss while Aziraphale is here and then he should go home. *gives Azi a significant look even though the boy isn't looking* Ellie: *nods against Azi's shoulder* *is aware that this hug is probably rubbing Luke the wrong way but she doesn't want to lose any opportunities with Azi before Luke bans him for good* Ok. *pulls away from Azi so she can see him* *softly* Couch? Luke: *strides ahead to the living room so that he has time to sit and look composed before having to face the two of them again* Azi: *Puts on a soft smile for her and nods* Couch. *Leads her into the living room and sits down with her, purposely avoiding Luke's gaze and focusing on Ellie* Ellie: *cuddles into Azi and looks across to the armchair where Luke is* So what /are/ my options? *knows technically what they are but doesn't want to assume* Luke: *tries not to grind his teeth at the way his niece is curling into and clinging to the boy* I know which one I would suggest given your age... But it's your body, love. No one can make you do anything. So this is all I'll say - whatever you decide, I'm behind you one hundred percent. Ellie: *grips Azi tighter because that's a big decision she hopes she doesn't have to make* *whispers* I'm not ready... Azi: *Snuggles and kisses her cheek, wishing he could do more for her now* You don't have to make a decision right away. You've got some time to think everything over before you make your final decision and whatever it is no one will be mad at you for making it. Luke: *wants to go over and take his niece away somewhere far away from all boys, especially Azi right now* *doesn't let any of that show... He hopes* When we go tomorrow, if it's positive, you should be able to ask whatever questions you need about everything. Ellie: *grips Azi's hand* Can Azi be there? Luke: *internal sigh* Whoever you want, love. Azi: *Knows that Luke is probably just hating him more and more right now and just wants to apologized for everything wrong he's done* *Again, pushes these feelings away in favor of hugging and comforting Ellie* ...I'll be there, I swear I will as long as you want me there. Luke: I only have one condition. Ellie: *bites her lip* Luke: If it's negative I want you to go on some sort of contraceptive. Ellie: *sags with relief and nods vigorously* Azi: *Pulls back a little and smiles fondly at Ellie* If there's anything else you need from us love, don't hesitate to ask okay? Ellie: *looks at Azi and offers a small smile back* I will. Thank you. *puts a hand to the side of his face* I love you. Luke: *clears his throat* And I think there concludes Aziraphale's impromptu visit. *voice taking on a slightly harder edge again* And any other impromptu visits. Ellie: *clings to Azi* Azi: *Desperately doesn't want to leave Ellie but knows he's overstayed his welcome.... or any other welcome in the future* *Gently pries Ellie's hands off of him and holds them with his own* *Kisses her cheek* ...I love you too darling, but I should probably be getting home now anyway. I've still got to tell Met about this after all. *Places a hand on her cheek, smiling reassuringly* I've see you tomorrow and you have my number in case you want to reach me. Okay? Ellie: *lip quivers but manages not to cry yet again* See you tomorrow. I... We'll let you know when and... *looks at Luke* come get you? Luke: *thinking oh god Met* *wonders how Met is going to take it* *nods at Ellie absently* Sure. Azi: *Kisses her properly and hugs her tight before getting up* Goodbye for now darling, I love you. *Smiles a little shaken and leaves* Ellie: *curls in on herself with Azi gone* Luke: *watches Azi leave then looks at his niece* *heart breaking for her* *feels it's his fault for not being a good enough parent* *stands up and perches on the couch near her* Ellie? Ellie: *shuffles closer* Luke, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to. Luke: *heart hurting* *shifts more firmly onto the couch and drags her into his arms* I know, love. It's ok, I love you and nothing will change that. Ellie: *cuddles into Luke's arms* ---- [From Met to Luke: I'm waiting at the back door. Let me in, I think we need to talk.] Luke: *considers ignoring it because he's damn tired after comforting Ellie all night then carrying her up two flights of stairs to tuck her into bed* *groans and gets out of bed to traipse downstairs and open the back door* *waves Met in* Met: *Walks in and immediately hugs Luke* *Speaks in a hushed tone* I know what happened and before we get any farther into this discussion I just want to say I'm sorry and that I understand why you have a right to be upset, but there are a few things I need to both tell and ask you. Luke: *holds himself stiffly in the hug for a few seconds before giving in and hugging back* *doesn't trust his voice yet so just nods against Met's shoulder* Met: *Sighs and pulls away enough to look at Luke* *Hates what he is about to admit* ....I knew that Ellie was sneaking over to my house to... spend time with Azi... or at least I knew she did it once. I ran into her while I was sneaking out and she was sneaking in one morning and she asked me not to tell.... I thought it would be okay because they were being careful but it seems I was wrong.... I'm so sorry for keeping that from you. Luke: *is shocked by the news* *can't keep the hurt and a little anger out of his voice* Them I understand. Damn it, I even asked them not to tell me, thinking it'd be better that way but... You knew? You knew and... *shakes his head* Damn it, Met. I thought... Met: I know I know, I messed up. I just.... I figured that there teenagers and there going to do it anyway but at least they were being careful and doing it in a safe place so what was the harm? ...I can obviously see where the harm is now. How's Ellie doing? Luke: *a trifle bitterly* Upset, of course. Scared. Keeps saying sorry which breaks my fucking heart. *slumps* She's in her room. Met: *Sighs* If it makes you feel any better I know exactly how you feel. Azi was practically in tears when he got home this afternoon and was upset to the point that he actually made himself sick. He kept apologizing to me and blaming himself for ruining Ellie's life and my heart absolutely ached for him. I haven't seen him act that upset and clingy to me since he was four.... Luke: *feels guilty* I may have been a little harsh on the boy... Met: *Accusing look as his big brother instincts take over* He did mention something about you hating him and how you were right in between sobs.... what exactly did you say to my little brother? Luke: *does not appreciate the attitude* He'd just informed me that my niece may be pregnant. *note of sarcasm* Sorry if I didn't exactly offer him a cigar in celebration! *anger drains again because he just doesn't have the energy to sustain it* I think I used some words like stupid and foolish and idiotic. Met: *Feels his own anger flare up and keeps his voice dangerously low to keep himself from yelling* ...Luke, I understand that you were upset and that you had every right to be, but what /you/ need to understand is that kids make mistakes and that Ellie isn't the only one scared by this. I've got a sixteen year old boy at home crying and literally making himself sick because of how upset he is over the situation, and I can guaranty that whatever you said to him probably contributed to that. *Tries to take a calmed breath* Luke: You know what, we've both made mistakes. If I'd kept closer tabs on Ellie, if I'd stopped her seeing Azi or anyone, if I'd bloody well continued her home schooling, we may not be in this situation. I fucked up. And yes, I lost my temper a little when Azi told me. But what was I meant to do about him? Put bars on her windows? Because if you'd kept a tighter leash on that little wall-climbing monster of yours we also wouldn't be in this situation so sorry if I just can't quite find it in me right now to be ok about any of this. *takes a breath* I need a drink. *heads towards the kitchen* Met: *Feels like he's been slapped* *Says the hell with keeping his temper in check because no one gets away with calling his brother a monster* *Follows* Dammit Luke! Do you honestly think that keeping Ellie locked up would have been healthy for her? She's a sixteen year old girl, she needs social interaction with someone her own age. Even if that someone is my "little wall-climbing monster" of a brother. *He bites out the words out and rubbed his temple* ...Azi's a good kid who made an honest mistake but at least he's not running away or hiding from it. He does /not/ need to be kept on a leash, he needs adults in his life who he feels he can trust and go to when he makes a mistake or needs help... and up until a few hours ago I think he thought you were one of those adults. *Sighs and starts to ponder whether or not he should even allow Azi to see Luke anymore* Luke: *goes to the cupboard and pours himself a healthy shot of whiskey and downs it in one go* *pours another and stares at it morosely* *very softly speaking into his glass* So did I. Met: *Reaches over and takes the glass from him* *Downs it* *Still feels angry but also tired* ....Then please, try to convince him of that, because the way you reacted today makes me question whether or not it would be healthy for Azi to ever come to you with a problem again.... or even talk to you up to this point. Luke: *rubs his face with his hand and grimaces* God I fucked this whole situation up. *turns out it's pretty crushing to discover you're more like your parents than you'd thought* *voice quiet and tired* Tomorrow we find out what is what. I've told Ellie the decision is hers - and she'll discuss it with Azi, she hasn't come to any decisions yet - if she's pregnant. *feels the weight of the evening slowly crushing him* I'm sorry that Azi is having to cope with my shit on top of his, I really am. If it's ok with you I'll talk with him tomorrow. *gets his glass back and pours another, downs it, then refills* But... *feels his facade crack* She's my little girl. I... She's all I'll ever have and she's hurting and there's not a damn thing I can do to fix this for her. Met: *Feels his anger finally leaving him* *Takes Luke's glass out of his hand and sits it aside in order to wrap his arms around Luke, bringing him into a tight hug* Just be there for her, that's all you can do and that's all that she needs from you.... I'm okay with you talking to Azi tomorrow but I can't guarantee that he'll be willing to listen. Kid tends to shy away from conflict or situations he thinks will be unpleasant. Luke: *immediately sags right into the hug and hugs back* I'm sorry, Met. Met: *Rubs his back and feels so damn tired* ....I'm not the one you need to apologize to, but I forgive you anyway. Luke: *nods into Met's shoulder* *sighs* *would love to invite Met to stay but he has his own kid to look after tonight* Should be getting home and to bed. Azi needs you, by the sounds of it. *makes no move to let him go because he selfishly needs the comfort right now, too* Met: *Doesn't want to let Luke go because despite what he put Azi through he knows it was all out of concern for Ellie and that the man was obviously going through hell too* ....Azi's spending the night in Remy's room. He was always his favorite person to crawl into bed with when he was little so he'll be okay without me... I doubt he'll even notice and I trust the other three to watch over him. *Pulls away enough so that he can look at Luke* ....Do you want me to stay for a little while? Luke: *hugs Met tighter* *nods* Yeah, if you don't mind? Met: *Smiles a tired smile* I don't mind. I'd much rather leave here on good terms with you in the morning rather than leave now when we're both still pretty upset. Luke: *pulls away and looks at Met* I don't know I can face all those stairs. There's a spare room on the second floor we can crash in. *raises a hand to cup Met's jaw* I really am sorry. *hopes he hasn't screwed everything up for good with Azi* Met: *Reaches up and gently takes Luke's hand, pressing it to his lips* Come on, let's get you to the second floor before you decide you can't even make it that far and we end up crashing down here. Luke: *lips tug up at the kiss on his hand* *tiredly leads Met out of the kitchen and up to the second floor guest room* *it's a little neglected-looking, but otherwise clean* *collapses onto the bed* Met: *Closes door behind them* *Kicks his shoes off* *Crawls into bed with Luke and collapses next to him* Luke: *groans as he climbs under the covers and pulls Met close* *nuzzles his hair tiredly* *can't stop thinking about the girl upstairs and how much he'd failed her* *and about the little delinquent boy he'd grown quite fond of and how he'd damaged that relationship with his stupid temper, too* *frowns and sighs* Met: *Curls against Luke* *Slips his hands underneath his shirt and starts rubbing soothing circles into Luke's back in an attempt to get him to relax long enough to get some rest* Luke: *another sigh and playing with the hair at the nape of Met's neck* You available tomorrow morning to go visit the doctor with us? Met: I can make myself available. *Places gently kisses to Luke's forehead and cheek* Luke: *slowly relaxing under Met's ministrations* I'd appreciate that. And I think Azi would, too. *breathes in Met's scent and closes his eyes* God what a day. Met: Try not to think about it right now. *Voice low and calming* Instead focus on relaxing and what's going on here and now. Luke: *smiles a little* You mean how I've got a gorgeous, wonderful, and entirely too forgiving man in my arms and in my bed? *kisses his nose* I think I may just be able to do that. Met: *Matches his smile* If you start flattering me now then that's just going to lead to things that are /definitely/ not relaxing. Luke: *opens one eye to look at Met and grumbles playfully* Fine fine. *takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly, relaxing as he goes, and closing his eye again* I'll take a rain check. Met: *Combs his fingers through his hair* I'll hold you to that. *Smiles and lets his own eyes close* ---- Ellie: *flies out of the consultation room and straight into Luke's arms* Luke: *only just manages to stand up in time to catch Ellie* Ellie: *sobbing and clinging* Luke: *heart somewhere in the region of his feet* *looks at Azi with a somewhat scared and questioning expression* What...? Met: *Startled by Ellie's outburst* *Looks up with a look of concern towards Azi as well* Azi: *Is feeling incredibly relieved* *Smiling a little and looks up at Met* S-She's fine.... it was a f-false positive. Ellie: *sobbing turns into hiccupping, hasn't released her death grip* Luke: *hugs her tight and buries his face in her hair* *is incredibly relieved himself* *lifts his head to tuck her under his chin* You ok, love? Ellie: *nods and unwraps her fingers from the front of Luke's shirt* Yes I... I'm fine. I've... *shows the crumpled piece of paper in her hand and tries to smooth it out a little* got a prescription for... uh... Luke: *nods, relieved that that is also sorted* Ok. We'll get that filled and head home, yeah? *looks again at the other two, but is speaking to Ellie* You want Azi to come? Ellie: *looks pleadingly at Azi* Azi: *Is about to agree and go with them right away but hesitates* *Looks between Ellie and Luke, not entirely sure if he was welcome in their home anymore or if going with them would just cause more problems* Met: *Sees his brothers hesitation and speaks up* I'm sure he would love to go home with Ellie today, but I believe we all have few things to discuss first when we get there, right Luke? *Pointed look* *Not about to let him forget that now that Ellie's okay he has another one to take care of* Azi: *Feels a little worried about what ever they are going to talk to them about* *Wondering if possibly they are going to make him and Ellie stop seeing each other* *Tells himself to calm down and not to panic... yet* Luke: *meets Met's eyes and nods* *smiles at Azi in what he hopes is a reassuring way, since he looks quite worried* It's ok. I have some apologies to make, which I'll do in greater detail when we're home. Ellie: *looks up at Luke* Apologies? *looks between Luke and Azi* Luke: *strokes her hair* I'll explain, it's ok. *looks at Met again* I'll try. Met: *Smiles in approval at Luke and goes to Azi's side* Come on, let's all go home and celebrate with some ice cream or cake or whatever we can sucker Luke into buying us. *Places a gentle hand on his brothers shoulder* Azi: *Jumps a little when Met's hand touches a rather nasty injury on his shoulder* *Tells himself to calm down again and that this was his brother, he wasn't going to hurt him like those jerks keep doing* *Manages a little smile* Okay, that sounds pleasant. Met: *Frowns because Azi never used to jump just from him touching his shoulder before* *Figures it was probably just nerves and starts leading him over to Ellie and Luke so that they can all leave* Azi: *Glances up at Luke nervously for a moment before quickly looking away and at Ellie instead* *Smiles and takes her hand* ....Let's go home love. Luke: *lets Ellie go to Azi because he can see Azi is still wary of him* Ellie: *gently puts her arm around Azi and starts towards the door* *murmurs quiet reassurances as they walk* Luke: *walks towards Met and holds his hand out* *smiles hesitantly* Met: *Smiles and follows the two teens out* *His hand locked with Luke's* ~Later~ Azi: *Leads Ellie inside and immediately heads towards the living room* *Speaking softly to her* ...How are you feeling? Met: *Following just a few paces behind the kids but still out of earshot* *Uses this as a moment to speak with Luke* Before we go in there, I think it would be best that we are both on the same page as to how we should deal with their sneaking around from now on. Ellie's welcome to come over to my house whenever she likes and she can stay the night as long as she lets you know where she is ahead of time. Whether or not you agree with that is entirely up to you, but I'm okay with these two continuing to see each other. Ellie: *drags Azi down onto the couch and burrows into him* So /so/ relieved! I... I can't stop shaking. But I'm relieved. Luke: *pauses just outside the door and takes Met's hand in his* *looks him in the eyes* *takes a good long moment to really think about this rather than jumping straight onto a denial* That's... *deep breath* hard for me to accept. *ploughs on before Met can argue* But that doesn't mean I won't accept it. I get that I can't... and don't /want/ to... keep these two apart. *actually smiles* Apart from this last day, Ellie's been the happiest I've ever seen her. *sighs and rubs his face* This isn't easy for me, but I'm going to try, ok? For her sake, for Azi's sake, because right now we've got two very shaken kids and yes, I get what you said last night. They need adults in their life they can come to. With anything. *puts his free hand on Met's shoulder* I am willing to let Ellie come over for visits on those terms. *grimaces* If I offer to move her to the spare bedroom on the second floor... give them more privacy if Azi wants to stay over that way... would that be a good start? Azi: *Snuggles happily and feeling so much better now that he knows Ellie is okay* So am I love. I'm /so/ grateful that everything turned out alright. Met: *Smiles broadly and glomps Luke* That would be an /excellent/ start! Just the fact that you're still willing to give those two a chance makes me feel so proud of you. *Pulls away a little and pecks him on the lips* You make a good parent.... despite your crazy overprotective ways. *Grins to show that he was teasing* Ellie: *snuggles /carefully/ because she saw him wince when Met touched him on the shoulder and has a fair idea that there's a new bruise or injury there* Now we just wait... *bites her lip* Luke: *wry smile* My crazy overprotective self is still screaming to send her off to some far-away nunnery or something, but I'm smothering the urge right now. *kisses Met's nose* *deep breath* Ok, let's go in. I've got some apologising and damage control to do. *renews his grip on Met's hand and heads inside* *sees the two snuggling on the couch* *thinks Ellie is looking so very vulnerable, Azi not much better* *heads for the armchair* Ellie: *watches her uncle expectantly, thumb gently stroking Azi's side* Azi: *Doesn't even realize he's not so much snuggling Ellie as to holding onto her for dear life when Luke walks in and takes a seat* *Nervously stares at the floor, unwilling to look Luke in the eye in case it will make him even madder at him than he already was* *Prays that him and Met aren't going to suggest that he and Ellie can't see each other anymore* *Is only able to put on some facade of calm because Ellie was anchoring him* Met: *Considers sitting down on the couch but instead finds himself standing next to Luke while he took a seat in his armchair* *....Considers using Luke as a seat while he's in the armchair but shakes his head and tells himself this is not the time for that* Luke: *gives Met a grateful look then leans forward with his elbows braced on his knees* *speaks softly* Firstly, I would like to apologise for my behaviour yesterday. Azi, you did exactly as I asked. You came to me when there was a problem. And I went and exploded at you, for which I'm very sorry. I'll try and do better in the future, if I haven't damaged everything beyond repair. *pauses and looks at his niece* Ellie, I'm also sorry that you felt too nervous to come to me yourself. The fault for that can also only be mine. *nods at the two of them* You both behaved with much more maturity than I did. Ellie: *is trying not to openly gape* *looks at Met to see whether she's hearing right* *looks back at her uncle* Azi: *Glances up briefly at Luke before looking back at the ground* ...Thank you sir, that's kind of you to say. *Although he was pretty sure that if things had turned out wrong Luke probably would never even considered apologizing to him or call him mature. He was right yesterday after all, ever since Ellie met him he's done nothing but corrupt her and put a strain between her and her uncle. He couldn't even protect her properly without getting abused himself. And god did he not handle that well yesterday, he practically reverted back to being four years old with the way he reacted to all this. He hated how weak he felt and he can't afford to cry over hurt feelings when Ellie was the one who was going through the worst of it. No, Luke was obviously lying. There was no way anyone could think that he was mature....* Met: *Smiling reassuringly at all three of them, hoping that everything is getting smoothed over nicely* *Places a hand on Luke's shoulder to encourage him to go on* Luke: *covers Met's hand with his own, grateful for the support* Despite our little scare yesterday, which could have happened to anyone, neither Met nor myself feel the need to keep you two apart. Ellie: *sits up a bit and squeezes Azi's leg* Luke: *smiles at Ellie* Met has agreed to let you stay over with Azi if you like, so long as you let me know that's what you're doing. *takes a breath and smiles kindly at Azi* And Azi? Azi: *Resists the urge to wince when Ellie squeezes his already sore leg, instead simply taking her hand into his own* *Looks at Met when he hears what he was allowing and makes a mental note to thank him profoundly later* *Eyes flicker to Luke when he calls his name and feels himself preparing for the worst* ...Y-Yes sir? Met: *Frowns at the stutter, not liking how it reminded him of yesterday's little breakdown* Luke: *keeping his voice soft like he's talking to a skittish animal* I know I'm not your favourite person right now, but if you ever want to stay here, you and Ellie can use the spare room on the second floor. That way, I'm not in your way. Ellie... *looks at his niece* If you want to move to that room permanently, you can. Ellie: *thumb strokes Azi's hand* I'll think about it. *looks at Azi* Azi: *Blinks* *Luke thought that he wasn't /his/ favorite person? If he remembered correctly Luke stated that he didn't like him and listed off a descent number of reasons why* *He found himself actually looking up at Luke, confusion and weariness written clear across his face as he tried to figure out what he really meant and what he was just saying in order for Ellie to be happy* ....O-Okay? *Looks at Ellie and Met for confirmation that was a good thing to say* Met: *Sighs because his little brother had always been hard to reach once he gets it in his head that he wasn't wanted and shuts himself out* Ellie: *smiles at Azi* *doesn't like to see him so subdued* *his attitude reminds her of that time in the cafeteria when she had to convince him that she didn't dislike him and wanted to spend time with him* *makes a note to talk to Luke later* *tries to be cheerful for Azi* See, something good came of all of this. I'm allowed to come spend the night, and you can come here. *looks to Luke for confirmation* Luke: *doesn't let his reservations of giving his teenage niece permission to sleep with her boyfriend show on his face* *smiles gently at her and the boy* That's right. And you're to take the contraceptive pill /and/ use condoms. Better to be safe than sorry. *wants to go hide now please* Ellie: *blushes at the topic of conversation but nods sagely* Yes, Luke. Azi: *Blushing and /really/ hates the awkward turn this conversation has taken* *Looks up at Met with pleading eyes because he's definitely not about to try and talk to Luke right now* Can.... can Ellie and I go now? We'll stay down here if i-it makes you feel better but I... I would like to leave. Met: *Takes pity on the kids because they've obviously had a rough few days and could use a break* I'm fine if you two want to be alone right now, but it's Luke's house so he holds the final decision. Luke: *nods* That's fine, off you go. Free run of the house. *looks at Ellie* And yes, that's what you think it means. Ellie: *smiles and stands up, dragging Azi out of the room with her and towards the stairs* Upstairs ok? We can go to the spare room or mine? Luke: *sags back in his chair and closes his eyes* Ah shit. Azi: *Sighs with relief when Ellie drags him to the stairs* Your room. It's farther away and I'm familiar with it. Met: *Waits until he hears the kids head upstairs before moving* *Sits side saddle on Luke's lap with his legs draped over an armrest and his hands wrapped loosely around Luke's neck, playing with his hair* ....Not exactly how you were hoping it'd go? Ellie: *smiles and leads Azi to her room* *closes the door when they're there and tucks herself against Azi carefully* *has mostly stopped shaking* Luke: *places his arms around Met's waist to keep him securely on his lap* *doesn't lift his head or open his eyes* *lips twist in a grimace* Not exactly, but I don't blame him. Azi: *Snuggles her close, relieved that it's just the two of them again* ....Want to lay down and let the weight of these last two days finally leave us? Met: *Sighs and closes his eyes, nuzzling under Luke's jaw* You gave it a try at least. He's jumpy around you now but spend a little more time with him in a positive environment and he'll be back to the way he was with you in no time. Ellie: Definitely! I had a really restless night so I'm exhausted. *wants the bed to be right next to them so they can just fall on it* *across the room is so far away* Luke: I hope you're right. *thumb playing idly at Met's hip* Azi: *Sees how tired she is and understands the hell she must have been going through* *Scoops Ellie up into his arms bridal style and carries her over to the bed* *Gently places her down and curls up next to her, using her like a teddy bear* Better? Met: *Kisses his cheek* So do I. Ellie: *hides her face against him because her lip has started quivering again* *his kindness and gallantry is making her feel so loved and therefore emotional* *voice a little shaky* Much better, thanks. Luke: *lifts his head and gives Met a proper kiss* I'll be patient. *smiles* It's not one of my strong suits. Azi: *Rubbing her back and humming softly* You're welcome love. *Curls a little more around her and nuzzles her hair, eyes closed* Met: I believe in you. *Smiles and presses forward for another kiss* Ellie: *curls up as small as she can, tucked tight against Azi* *whispers* I love you. Luke: *is enjoying the kisses but still too worried about Ellie and Azi* *and feeling guilty about how withdrawn Azi has become* I'm glad one of us does. Azi: *Snuggles her and reaches for her blanket in wrapping them both up tightly* I love you too. *Yawns and feels the exhaustion of the day take him* Met: *Peppering kisses across his lips and cheeks* I'll believe in you enough for the both of us. Ellie: *takes a while longer to drop off, fighting off further bouts of tears and worry* *eventually falls into an exhausted sleep* Luke: What did I do to deserve you? *catches one of Met's pecks and turns it into a proper kiss* *slides a hand under Met's shirt to rest his hand against the bare skin of his side and pull him closer* Met: Absolutely nothing. I'm fantastic and deserve to be ravished by you right here in this very chair. *Grins to show he's joking* *Nips playfully at Luke's lips* Luke: *laughs* Well, then, I'd better not keep you waiting. *ravishes Met* ---- Azi: *Feeling incredibly warm and cozy and safe* *Doesn't want to wake up yet but him mind isn't listening to him and he slowly blinks himself awake* *Sees that he was in Ellie's room and still curled around her from the day before and has a moment of panic before he remembers that he has permission to sleep over now* *Relaxes a little and sits up to stretch some of the kinks out of his back* *Dimly aware that there are more blankets on them than when they fell asleep* *Sits back against the headboard and absently plays with Ellie's hair, unwilling to go downstairs and face Luke without her* Ellie: *has been drifting in and out of sleep all night, always relaxing and sleeping again when she realises that Azi is right there* *this time when she wakes, he's sitting up* *mumbling groggily* Good morning. *nuzzles into his side* Azi: *Rubs some of the sleepiness from his eyes and smiles down at her* Morning darling. It seems we slept longer than I expected. Ellie: Hmmmm. *is not fully awake yet* I guess we're not going to school today or someone will have kicked us out. Azi: *Shutters at the idea of being kicked out because he still believes that that is still an honest possibility with Luke around* R-Right.... *Well, at least now he's away from those jerks for a day* Ellie: *looks up at Azi and makes herself wake up fully* *frowns because there's that stutter again* Something wrong? Azi: *Blinks and puts on a smile for her* Isn't nothing dear. You want to go downstairs and get some breakfast? Ellie: *looks at Azi suspiciously for a moment, but she's still too groggy for proper thought* *yawns* Ok. *reluctantly pulls herself away from Azi* *notices the extra blankets* When did these appear? Azi: *Shrugs* No idea, I've been unconscious since yesterday. *Crawls out of bed* Ellie: *smiles fondly* Must have been one of the others. *follows Azi out of bed* *is still in yesterday's clothes* *shrugs and heads for the door* *fresh clothes could wait* *holds her hand out to Azi* Azi: *Makes an attempt to un wrinkle his own clothes* *Realize it's a lost cause and simply takes Ellie's offered hand* *Heads out the door looking very sleep worn* Luke: *is just getting himself a coffee when two sleepy teenagers come wandering in* *smiles at them both* You two look like you need this more than I do. Ellie: *smiles at his joke and strokes her thumb across Azi's knuckles* Good morning. Luke: *a little more seriously* How are you feeling, love? Ellie: *shrugs* Fine. Still a bit tired, but fine. We've come in search of breakfast. Luke: Well, you've come to the right place. Azi: *Tells himself not to jump when he sees Luke in the kitchen* *Manages to take a calming breath and let's the fact that Ellie was there relax him* G-Good morning sir. *Let's his eyes wander everywhere but where Luke was standing* ...Is m-my brother still here? Luke: *doesn't correct Azi's 'sir' not because he wants to be called that but because Met advised him to just take it slowly* *smiles at Azi* He's still asleep, the lazy sod. We decided that you kids could do with an extra day off school. It's been a stressful couple of days. Just relax, do what you like, I'd advise you not to go out because you don't want to be caught by a truancy officer, but you have full run of the house. *wanders towards them with his coffee* I'll be in my room or office. Ellie: *gives him a grateful look* Thanks, Luke. Luke: *leans down to place a kiss on her forehead and stroke her hair* You're welcome. We'll see you at lunch, yeah? Ellie: *nods* Luke: *exits* Azi: *Is relieved with the knowledge that Met was still in the house with them* *Still honestly believes that Luke is only holding back his absolute hatred for him because there are other people around so is immensely grateful when he leaves the kitchen* *Allows himself a relax again and smiles at Ellie* ...So what do you have for breakfast around here? Sleeping through a couple meals can leave someone pretty hungry. Ellie: *leads Azi over to the pantry* Whatever you can find! *gets out some cereal for herself and makes herself a bowl of it* There's lettuce and tomato and cold meats in the fridge if you want to make yourself a sandwich. *saddens her a little that this pregnancy scare has put some sort of strain between Luke and Azi* *hasn't had a chance to talk to Luke yet - resolves to do that as soon as possible* Azi... Azi: *Rummaging through the fridge happily* *Pulls out a few eggs and cheese with the intent to make an egg sandwich* *Is about to offer Ellie one too when she speaks first* Yes dear? *Starts looking for a frying pan to cook the eggs in* Ellie: *sees he has eggs and cheese and goes to a cupboard to pull out a frying pan for him* *places it on the stove top* What happened between you and Luke in his office when you told him about...? Azi: *Freezes when she asked about him and Luke* ....Nothing, h-he was just upset that's all. *Turns on the stove and starts to pull out some spices while it warms up* Would you like a sandwich dear? I'm not the greatest cook but I know how to fry an egg. *Voice full of false cheerfulness* Ellie: *walks towards Azi, concern written on her face* *places a hand gently on his forearm* So upset that every time you see him now you get nervous? Azi... he wouldn't let us keep seeing each other if he didn't approve. *looks at the egg and cheese, then back at her own bowl of cereal* A sandwich sounds good. Azi: R-Right, of course. Don't worry about me darling, I'm fine. *Smiles at her and cracks a few eggs, frying them up in the pan and adding a few spices for flavor* *Grabs a few plates and a loaf of bread while the eggs cook* Ellie: *leans against the counter and folds her arms, looking a lot like Luke at that moment* You're not fine, but I'll play along. *smiles and watches him preparing the food* *intends to interrogate Luke about what he said to Azi later, too* What would you like to do today, then? We can curl up on the couch and relax with a movie marathon, or play some board games. I'm sure Luke would let us play with his game console, and he has a surprising collection of games for it. He says it's research for work, but I don't believe him. *grins* Or we could read, or just hang out and talk... or all of the above. *unfolds her arms and smiles at him with more sincerity* A whole day at home with you. Azi: *His own smile becomes sincere when Ellie drops the subject and starts suggesting some of the ways they can spend the day together* ...All of the above sounds wonderful, but I warn you I'm not the best at video games so there are some pretty good odds that you'll beat me each and every time we play together. *Grins cheerfully and takes two of the now fried eggs and puts them each on a slice of bread with some cheese before topping them off with another slice of bread, making some lovely breakfast sandwiches* *Stares at the sandwiches for a moment before cracking two more eggs and starts frying them in the pan like the first two* ....Would you mind taking those two upstairs to Met and Lu- your uncle? I'll have ours down by the time you get back and I'll be sure to clean up after myself. Ellie: *smiles when she realises he's made breakfast for the other two* *leans in to kiss his cheek* Of course. I'll be right back. *takes the plates and heads upstairs* *realises her dilemma when she reaches the door* *knocks with the side of her foot* Met: *Grudgingly crawls out of Luke's bed and answers the door when he realizes Luke was in the master bathroom and wasn't going to get it* *Runs his eyes sleepily and smiles when he sees Ellie at the door with what appears to be breakfast* Hey there, you bringing is breakfast in bed or are those just here to taunt my appetite? *Grins* Ellie: *smiles brightly* Azi made these for you two! *holds the plates out to him* *can hear the shower running and assumes Luke is occupied* Hungry? Met: *Smiles to himself because of course Azi made them, he used to do things like this all the time when he was younger* Starved. Thanks for bringing them up for us and tell Azi I said thank you too! *Takes the plates from her* Ellie: *nods* I will... and... *hesitates* I know that you probably had a large part to play in Luke being so... lenient. So thank you for that, too. *smiles shyly* Met: *Grins because Azi couldn't have found a sweeter girl to fall for* You're welcome, but give your uncle some credit, he didn't need that much persuading from me for something he already knew was right. Ellie: I give my uncle plenty of credit but... *decides she doesn't want to mention Azi's skittishness around Luke after all* *shakes her head* Never mind. *smiles again* Enjoy your breakfast. *waves and walks back towards the stairs* Met: *Waves her goodbye and closes the bedroom door* *Sets the sandwiches down and plops himself onto the bed, munching on his happily while he waits for Luke to get out of the shower* Ellie: *mouth is watering from the delicious smells by the time she enters the kitchen* *slides her arms around Azi from behind and kisses his shoulder* Met says thank you. Azi: *Hums happily turns in Ellie's arms once the sandwiches are done* *Takes this opportunity to place a proper kiss on her lips* Ellie: *kisses him back rather enthusiastically for a few seconds and then pulls away* Hmmm, if I don't get fed soon I'm going to have to start eating you. *nips playfully at his jaw* Azi: *Chuckles and lifts his jaw up* I don't think I'd mind that too much.... but then sadly our food would go to waste so I guess I'm off the menu today. Ellie: *giggles* What a shame. But that does smell good, so I guess it's ok. *grins and lets him go with one last kiss on his jaw* *makes grabby hands at the food, laughing* Azi: *Pecks her lips before handing Ellie her plate and grabbing his own* Come on, let's scarf these down that way we can spend the rest of the morning doing absolutely nothing productive. Ellie: *happily takes her plate to the kitchen table and sits down, biting into it before it has a chance to cool* *waves frantically at her mouth while trying to breathe cool air onto the hot food within* *eventually manages to chew and swallow* Oh man, so worth the burnt tongue! *grins at Azi* Azi: *Laughs and sits down across from her* I'm glad you approve of it dear. *Waits a moment for his food to cool off before taking a bite* Ellie: *wants to talk to Azi about so many things, but also thinks they both need a day to just relax* *internal sigh and just contents herself with watching him while she eats* *isn't long until she's polished off the sandwich and is picking crumbs off her plate* What would you like to do first? I feel like I'm still waking up, so nothing too intellectually stimulating would be good. *smiles* Azi: Television it is then! *Smiles at his own joke and finishes off his sandwich before getting up and collecting his and plates* I'll wash these up for us and then we can snuggle up on the couch together, okay? Ellie: You cooked, I wash. *grins* Easy offer to make when you have a dishwasher anyway. *goes to take the plates off Azi* Azi: *Smiles and doesn't argue* Thank you dear.... you think the others are done with their food yet? *Glances at the stairs* Ellie: *loads the dishes into the dishwasher* They're grown men and can take care of their own dishes. *smiles and leads Azi into the living room where she can snuggle with him on the couch* *reaches for the remote* Azi: *Grateful for Ellie dragging him away before he decided to go upstairs and gather the other plates* *Snuggles up next to Ellie on the couch and hands her the remote* Ellie: *finds something mind-numbing but entertaining and relaxes against Azi* *can't stop her brain from thinking, though* What would I have done if... *stops* *shakes her head* Never mind. Sorry. Watching the TV. *bites her lip and snuggles in closer* Azi: *Both arms wrapped tightly around her* *Nuzzles into her hair* What is it love? Ellie: *sighs* I just... I don't know what I would have done. If it hadn't all been just a false positive and all that, you know? I still don't know what my decision would have been. I mean, I know what I /should/ decide should that ever happen, but I don't know if I could, and that scares me more than anything... The thought of being pregnant frightens me, the thought of terminating frightens me. I'm so, so, /so/ glad I never had to decide. *pause* I'm sorry, I should stop talking about it... Azi: *Kisses her cheek and gently shushed her* It's okay to talk about it darling. To be honest I don't know what I would have wanted you to do either. On one hand the thought of us becoming parents at such a young age is terrifying and I definitely don't feel that either of us are ready for that sort of responsibility.... but on hand if you /did/ choose to have a child I would have loved and cherished that adorable little mistake for the rest of my life. *Sighs* I guess we should grateful that that decision won't have to be made. Ellie: That pretty much sums up my feelings on the matter, too. *watches the TV without seeing it* *lost in thoughts of trying to imagine what life would be like with a baby and only succeeds in scaring herself more* *tries to think of something... anything else* Those others are still hassling you, aren't they? Azi: *Stares at the television blankly and doesn't look Ellie in the eye* ....Yes they are. *Tries for a smile* But it's not anything I can't handle. Ellie: *sits up a little and looks at Azi* Sure. Because that bruise on your stomach is handling it, and I see how stiffly you move sometimes… Azi, please don’t lie to me? Azi: *Smiles fondly at her* I'm okay love, honestly! ....I'll admit that I've been sore lately but it's not that bad. Those guys aren't as tough as they think they are. Ellie: A little sore? You were off your food! And when are they doing this, anyway? You're with me most of the time... Azi: *Shrugs and goes back to staring at the television, not really paying attention to it* Sometimes they get me in a hallways between classes or when I go to use the restroom.... other times I just run into them on the streets. I think they're starting to learn my routine. Ellie: *frowns and leans close to Azi again* That's awful. We need to do something about them. Azi: *Turns and gives her a sad sort of look* What do you propose we do love? I'm not going to let you near those guys again.... Ellie: Not going to /let/ me? I can more than hold my own in a fight, thank you, and don't you think two of us together will be more effective than you on your own? Azi: Ellie please! *Pleading look* I don't want you to start getting hurt again, especially after I've worked so hard to- *Shuts up when he realizes what he was about to admit* Ellie: *narrows her eyes suspiciously* Especially when you've worked so hard to /what/, Aziraphale? Azi: *Looks incredibly sheepish* Nothing just.... I may have /convinced/ those jerks to start leaving you alone. Ellie: *voice goes quiet* You what? Azi: *Shrinks away I little* *Wonders vaguely if scary anger runs in her family* I... I gave them a new target. Ellie: You /provoked/ them to target you? You... *wants to hide Azi away, handcuff him to the couch or something to stop him hurting himself any more* You... I... *is speechless, though unclear if it's through anger or worry or shock* Azi: *Blinks at Ellie* *Unsure if he should be hugging her and reassuring her that he's okay or should start running* ....Ellie? Y-You okay? Ellie: *is aware that she probably shouldn't call Azi any names right now, even if she doesn't mean it* *waits until she can articulate what she means* You shouldn't have done that, Azi. We could have done something together... we still /can/ do something together. Please. Don't shut me out of this. It's my problem. Azi: *Sighs in relief since Ellie didn't start yelling at him* *Hugs her close and kisses her forehead* If I hadn't done that than it would have been you that they were hurting. I'm sorry I took the choice away from you but I couldn't stand to watch those jerks make your life miserable. I'll... I'll try to avoid conflict with them but I would really rather we just ignore them from now on okay? Ellie: *rests her head against his neck* If only that would work. Seems that they're hellbent on /not/ ignoring you now. Azi: *Threads his fingers through her hair* It'll be okay love, next week is winter break and without school it's going to be pretty hard for them to get to me. Maybe the break will be enough time for them to get bored. Ellie: *eyes close halfway* *does love it when he plays with her hair like that* I hope so. For your sake! I like the idea of you getting hurt about as much as you like the idea of me getting hurt, got it? Azi: *Nods and kisses her temple* Got it. I'll be more careful from now on. Ellie: *sighs and looks at the TV again* *has no idea what program has stared now* Nearly winter break. That'll be so nice. Azi: *Smiles* We can spend the whole time snuggling and drinking hot chocolate. Ellie: *smiles as well* We can be warm and fat and happy together. Azi: *Giggles* That sounds fantastic. Ellie: *hesitantly* What do your family do for Christmas? Azi: *Shrugs* Nothing much, exchange a few gifts and eat a whole lot of sweets. Ellie: *nods against his neck and watches the TV* *gone silent* Azi: *Rubs her back* Is something wrong love? Ellie: *idly stroking his side while staring blankly at the TV* I've got you, and I've got Luke. And sort of Met, now, if Luke's as serious about him as I think. There's nothing wrong. Azi: *Kisses her cheek* We're all here for you darling, if there's something on your mind please tell us. Ellie: *shakes her head* It's fine. It's just... I don't know what we're doing for Christmas. I should talk to Luke about that. *makes herself smile at him* What do you want for Christmas? Azi: *Pretends to ponder* .....Can I have you? *Grins* Ellie: *chuckles, feeling a little more cheerful already* That's a given, really. With a bow on, even... *remembers something Met had said one time and blushes* Oh! Azi: *Smiles at her curiously* What is it darling? Ellie: *shakes her head and tries to dispel the mental images* Oh no, you don't want to know. *wrinkles her nose* So! Apart from me... *smiles*... is there anything you would like for Christmas? Azi: *Shrugs and figures he can ask her again later* Nothing in particular. What about yourself? Ellie: You mean apart from you? *grins* I'm not that sure, either. You could do my nails for me again? I really liked that. Azi: *Smiles* I can do that for you right now if you'd like? Ellie: Would you? *kisses his chin* *looks down at her chipped, half-chewed fingernails* *bites her lip* There's not a lot there to work with right now. I've been... sort of stress chewing them. Azi: I understand. If you get a a nail file I can fix them up a little before we paint them. *Looks at his own chipped nails* I could use a touch up myself. Ellie: *runs off to get her nail kit and box of nail polish* *thinking it's going to be a pretty good day* ---- Luke: *walks out of the bathroom, towelling his hair dry, second towel slung around his hips* Did I hear Ellie... Oooooh! *has spotted the dishes* Food! Just what a starving body needs. *grins* Met: *Smiles and continues to munch happily* Ellie brought these up but Azi made them for us. Luke: *snags the other plate* *chucks the hair towel through to the bathroom floor and sits on the edge of the bed with his prize* Should I be worried that mine is poisoned? *grins and winks* Met: *Smirks* Maybe. Azi can be a sneaky one, but don't worry, if you die I'll take care of Ellie for you. Luke: *laughs and takes a bit bite of his sandwich* *pretends to die dramatically while making sure that his sandwich remains safely on the plate* Met: *Starts laughing* Oh no! Now I'm going to have to find another boyfriend. Luke: *opens one eye to glare at Met* Don't you dare. *sits up* I'd have to come back from the grave to haunt you, for a while at least. *grins* *takes another bite of the sandwich, which is very nice indeed* My compliments to the chef. Met: *Smiles* I'm sure he'd be pleased to know you like it and that your not angry at him for using your kitchen. *Teases and finishes his sandwich* Luke: *grimaces* I'm going to do my absolute best to reassure the boy, but if you ever see something I can do better, just smack me or something, ok? *is a few bites behind Met* Met: .....Was that suppose to sound kinky or was that just my own dirty mind acting up again? *Grinning* Luke: *finishes off his sandwich and reaches over to place the plate on the table* *faces Met with a matching grin* Oh, and what did your dirty mind supply? I'm most interested. Met: *Chuckles* Down boy, if we start this up again I don't think either of us will be leaving this bedroom for a few hours and I need to go to work this afternoon. *Shuffles closer and nuzzles Luke's neck* But I'll /definitely/ be back tonight to show you just how dirty mind can be. Luke: *low laughter* Promises promises. *tilts his chin to one side and smiles* You sure I can't tempt you? *runs his hand up Met's arm and sighs* Though I really need to get some work done, too. For some reason, bills just don't pay themselves. Met: *His lips find Luke's neck and starts kissing it lazily* No they don't. And you can tempt me all you want but unless you want me to leave here in some of your clothes and bedridden hair then we should probably try and control ourselves. Luke: *regards Met with an amused expression out of the corner of his eyes* Then perhaps you should stop kissing me like that, because right now pinning you to the bed and having my wicked way with you seems like a /really/ good idea. Met: *Quiet laughter and starts to nibble and mark Luke's neck* I was kinda hoping that you'd be the bigger person of the two of us and stop me because.... *Scoots closer and places a hand on the other side of Luke, leaning towards him* I can't seem to get over how fantastic you taste. Luke: *grins* I'll show you how 'big' a person I can be. *grabs Met and pulls him down to the covers and starts playfully nibbling at all the skin he can reach* *laughing* Met: *Giggles and doesn't let up on marking his neck* *One leg thrown over Luke, pulling him closer* I'm a horrible influence on you. Luke: Yes, yes you are. I was a veritable saint until you came along. *still laughing and wondering whether he is going to have to wear a turtle neck for a while to hide the marks that Met is no doubt leaving* *rolls them and pins Met to the bed* *can feel his towel slipping* I think we have a problem. *grinning* Met: *Only just now remembering Luke was only wearing a towel when it starts to slip off of him* *Smirks* I really don't see how this is a problem. *Reaches between them and tugs at the towel still barely covering Luke's waist* Luke: *laughs* The towel wasn't the problem. The problem is that now you've tempted me too much, I'm going to have to taste every inch of you. *leans down to nibble his ear* *breathes into it* And when I say every inch, there are some very specific inches I have in mind. Met: *Makes a little whimpering needy noise and finds his hands feeling up every bit of skin he could reach* God Luke, I don't think I'm going to be leaving this bed any time soon. Luke: *grins against Met's neck* Oh good. That's /just/ what I wanted to hear... ~fade to black~ ---- Met: *Knocks eagerly at Luke's and Ellie's door* *Cuddles into his coat because it's really starting to feel like winter that morning* *Smiles reassuringly at Azi before knocking again* Azi: *Cuddles close to Met and smiles back* *Smile kinda hard to see considering the huge scarf wrapped around his neck and part of his face* *Shivering a little* Ellie: *drops the tinsel she had been hanging on the tree to hurry and answer the door* Luke: *calling from the kitchen* I'll put the kettle on! Ellie: *opens the door and grins at the two bundled up outside* Come in quick! You're letting all the cold air in. Nice and toasty in here. Azi: *Practically throws himself at Ellie* *Wraps himself around her like a koala to steal her warmth* Hi dear. Met: *Chuckles at the sight of them and closes the door behind himself* Where's your uncle? Ellie: *enthusiastically hugging Azi back* Oh my goodness you're cold! Aaaaa. *doesn't stop her hugging* Wait til you see the Christmas tree! We got it first thing this morning and I've been decorating it! Luke: *poking his head out of the kitchen* You mean you've been throwing tinsel up on it. *grins and Met* Hey. Hot coffee in here. *winks* And hot other things, but that's not for young ears. Ellie: *whispers* Gross. *is laughing* Azi: *Smiles at Ellie but pulls away* *Glances over at Luke for a moment before looking up at Met for help because he can't seem to find his voice at the moment* Met: *Sees Azi's pleading look at ruffles his snow covered hair* Actually, I think Azi here wanted to have a word with you Luke before you and I run off together like a couple of kids again. Is that okay? Azi: *Smiles gratefully at his brother* Luke: *comes all the way out of the kitchen to stand in the hallway* Sure, not a problem, Azi. Where would you like to talk? Ellie: *gives Azi a slightly confused look* Everything ok? Azi: *Smiles at Ellie* Everything's fine dear. Would you mind showing Met your amazing tinsel throwing skills while I talk to your uncle in the kitchen? Ellie: *places a kiss on Azi's cold nose and nods* *pulls away from Azi and motions for Met to follow her into the lounge* *shoots Luke a look before she is all the way gone* Luke: *is unsure what to make of Ellie's look* *smiles at Azi and motions into the kitchen* Shall we? *is burning with curiosity* Met: *Gives his brother a reassuring hair ruffle before following Ellie into the living room* *Fully intends to drown that tree in a ridiculous amount of tinsel* Azi: *Gives both Ellie and Met a grateful look* *Follows Luke into the kitchen and takes a calming breath* *Tells himself that he'll be okay and not to panic, Met and Ellie are only a few feet away if he needs them* Um... hi- hello there sir. Ellie: *cheerfully presents her tree to Met* *it's a /mess/ of tinsel* Ta da! Luke: *smiles and tries to look as relaxed as possible* *pours himself a coffee* Hello Azi. Would you like a hot chocolate? *perhaps a hot drink would put the boy at ease* Met: *Puts his hands on his hips and looks at it thoughtfully* .....It needs more tinsel. Azi: *Blinks at Luke before averting his eyes again and playing with the end of sleeves nervously* N-No thank you sir, I-I don't want t-to trouble you. Ellie: *nods seriously* I completely agree. Luke: It's no trouble, Azi. But what did you want to talk to me about? Met: *Grabs a handful of tinsel and starts throwing it onto the tree* Azi: I-It's about Ellie's C-Christmas present..... Ellie: *trying not to laugh because Met's even worse than her* *joins in* Luke: *smiling a little wider* Oh yes? Met: *Pauses once he's used up the tinsel he had grabbed before grabbing more* *Looks at Ellie and figures she is lacking in tinsel* *Starts decorating her in tinsel* Azi: *Glances up at him again* I was w-wondering..... could I-I maybe get her a..... a rabbit? *Kinda shrinks away from him in case he somehow overstepped his boundaries for offering to get Ellie a pet* Ellie: *giggling and trying to get Met back* Luke: *smile softens because this boy really was sweet and knew his niece so well* I think that's a splendid idea. Only reason I haven't got her a pet is... well, actually, not sure. She hasn't asked for one, I suppose. But I think she would definitely love to have a rabbit, and you giving it to her would make it extra special. *wants to go over and give Azi a hug but doesn't know how well that would be received so he stays where he is* Met: *Laughs when Ellie starts putting tinsel on him* This means war! *Begins tinsel battle* Azi: *Looks up at him properly this time* *Stares at him with a curious yet hopeful look* ...Y-You're really okay w-with this? Ellie: *squeals then laughs, trying to get away from Met while still staying close enough to attack back* Luke: *looks up when he hears the squeal, then snorts when it's followed by laughter* Yes, I'm really ok with it. Why wouldn't I be? *cocks his head to one side* Despite how I acted the other day, I'm not generally a tyrant. I want Ellie to be happy. Met: *Laughing and chucking hands full of tinsel at Ellie* Azi: I-I never s-said you were I-I j-just... *Stare becomes a little fearful* *Wonders if he did something wrong and accidentally offended Luke by questioning him* I-I'm sorry. I'm s-so sorry, I-I... Y-You.... *Stares down at his shoes and finds himself leaning against the kitchen counter* *Tells himself to calm down and just breath, breathing is good, breathing keeps the panic at bay* Ellie: *getting breathless and running out of tinsel* Luke: *knows something has gone deeply wrong here* Azi... *takes the few steps between them and hesitantly puts his arms around the boy* God no Azi, /I'm/ the one who's sorry. I never meant to do this to you. Met: *Also feeling a little tired and stops assaulting Ellie with tinsel in favor of catching his breath* Azi: *Stiffened a little when Luke started to hug him* *Awkward hug and the knowledge that Luke actually seemed to be attempting to comfort him was enough for him to lose whatever composure he had left and immediately hug Luke back* I-I'm sorry L-Luke! I- Y-You were r-right about m-me. I-I could h-have messed up E-Ellie's life e-even more than I-I a-already have.... I-I'm sorry I-I r-ruined your t-trust in me. *Totally not sobbing into the shirt of the man he believes hates him* Ellie: I yield? *grinning at Met* *looks at the mess they've made* At least the place looks festive now? Luke: *hugs Azi back tighter, heart aching for the kid* I was not right about you. You have done nothing to ruin Ellie's life, and even if she had been pregnant it would have been far from ruined. What you /have/ done is made her stupidly happy after an event that left her very unhappy, and for that I cannot thank you enough. You have not lost my trust. But I fear I have lost yours. Met: *Looks around them* ....I still say that the place needs more tinsel. *Grins* Azi: *Sniffles and wants to pull away to show that he isn't some little kid who cries and clings to his parents when he's upset* *Realizes that's /exactly/ what he is right now minus the 'parents' part and keeps hugging* .......D-Don't you hat- dislike m-me? *Absolutely hates how small he sounds* Ellie: *laughs* See, Luke just doesn't understand the attraction of tinsel. I'm glad to see his boyfriend has much better taste! *starts to drape tinsel over various surfaces* Luke: *loosens one arm to rub soothingly at Azi's back* Not at all, and I deeply regret saying that I didn't like you. I like you, Azi. You're kind, thoughtful, and very good for my Ellie. I'm very sorry for the hurtful things I said. Can you forgive me? Met: Ellie, I must say I admire your judgement. *Chuckles and helps her spread her tinsel chaos* Azi: *Pulls away enough so that he can look up at Luke* *Eyes a little wet and feeling very confused* ...W-Why would I n-need to forgive you? I-I was never m-mad at you, j-just sad t-that I-I messed up. Ellie: If you help out, we could stage a tinsel rebellion in the rest of the house? Luke /says/ I should confine it to the living room, but we could sneak bits here and there? Met: *Grins wickedly* You take the second floor and I've take the third. We can meet back down here and cover the first floor together when we're done with the other two. *Grabs a container full of tinsel and starts to head for the stairs* Ellie: *grabs another box of tinsel and grins, also heading for the stairs* *Operation Tinsel was underway* Luke: *looks down at Azi and wants to wipe the moisture from his face but isn't sure how familiar he should get just yet* You didn't mess up. *smiles* And anyway I'm pretty sure it takes two to make a baby. Last time I checked anyway. I could be wrong. Dunno what you kids get up to nowadays. Always new ways of doing things. *grins to show he's teasing* *gives Azi another squeeze* You know, I have the perfect cure for sadness? Azi: *Sniffles and pulls away little more so that he can wipe his eyes with his sleeve* *Appreciates that Luke is actually attempting to make peace with him again* W-What is it? Met: *Giggles quietly as he covers Luke's room with tinsel* Luke: *grins* Hugs and hot chocolate. Works on Ellie every time. *pulls away completely and ruffles Azi's hair because he's been wanting to do that for ages* I'll make one for Ellie, too... Actually, speaking of my niece... Is it awfully quiet now? Ellie: *decorates her own room and bathroom in tinsel, grinning widely* Azi: *Smiles a little because the hair ruffle reminded him of his brothers* Hot c-chocolate sounds nice..... I-I don't hear Met e-either now that I'm listening. Met: *Finishes up decorating the third floor and starts heading down stairs, dropping bits of tinsel on them as he goes* Ellie: *meets Met on the stairs again and giggles quietly at the trail of tinsel* *whispers* Not exactly subtle is it? *loving it* *preparing for an attack on the first floor now* Luke: *puts the kettle on again because it's been a while* *places four mugs out and fills two with a generous helping of chocolate powder, one with instant coffee, and hesitates over the fourth* What does your brother drink? *is ashamed he doesn't know* Met: We were going for subtle? *Quiet chuckling and heads down to the first floor with her* Azi: *Heads over to the sink to wash his face off* Met likes s-sweet things like the rest of m-my brothers. Either cocoa or sugar heavy coffee w-will be fine with him. *Dries his face off with a dish towel and feels himself calming down* ....A-Although he would probably love anything y-you made for him. Ellie: *finds herself giggling* *heads into Luke's office* Luke: *piles chocolate powder into the fourth mug with a smile* Hot chocolate it is then. *kettle clicks and he pours the water, stirs, and adds milk* So what do you think those two are up to? Met: *Cheerfully decorates the hallways and is careful not to be noticed when he passes by the kitchen* Azi: Mischief most likely. *Looks a little sheepish at Luke and feels ashamed of how he had acting* Um sir- L-Luke, I'm... I'm sorry for b-breaking down on you like that. Ellie: *carefully closes the office door behind her and sneaks back into the living room, giggling softly* Luke: *reaches out to ruffle Azi's hair again* No worries at all. *changes his mind and pulls him in for a hug instead* Met: *Returns to the living room and smiles proudly at their handy work* *Takes the remainder of the tinsel and goes back to decorating the tree and occasionally Ellie* Azi: *Jumps a little but quickly relaxes into the hug* *Is immensely grateful that Luke didn't hate him* ...Thank you. Ellie: *is happily covered in tinsel and has pretty much run out of tinsel to spread around* *goes and sits in the (very tinselled) bay window and admires their handiwork* The place has never looked better! Luke: *one final squeeze and a pat on the shoulder, he lets Azi go again* Come on, let's go take these drinks and see if we can work out what the others have been up to that started with raucous laughter and ended in ominous silence. *grins* *picks up his and Met's mug and walks out of the kitchen* *sees the tinsel through the hall and up the stairs* What the...? Met: *Grinning madly at the wonderful tinsel chaos they caused* *Plops down next to Ellie when he hears the others coming* Act casual. Azi: *Smiles and grabs his and Ellie's mugs* *Looks at the tinsel covered hallway and thinks maybe leaving Met and Ellie alone together wasn't the best idea* ...Met's a terrible influence. Ellie: *grabs the remote and quickly turns on the TV, putting her feet up on the ottoman as if she's been there the whole time* *schools her expression into something innocent* Luke: *looking around* I don't think this was all Met. I smell an Ellie-shaped rat here. *grins and walks into the living room where the two of them are on the couch* *decides not to mention the tinsel at all* We have hot drinks! Azi: *Follows Luke into the living room and immediately bursts out laughing at the sight of Ellie and Met sitting calmly and watching television while covered in tinsel* *Has to sit the mugs down so that he can support himself from laughing so hard* Met: *Smiles at Azi's mirth* *Looks up at Luke* I take it things are okay now? Luke: *shrugs but smiles* Getting there? *holds out Met's mug* *wonders if he realises he has some tinsel poking out of the back of his shirt* Ellie: *looking up and seeing Azi laughing* *spots her hot chocolate* Hey! How about you stop giggling and get that hot chocolate over here. You /don't/ keep me from my hot chocolate if you know what's good for you. *grinning widely* Met: *Takes his hot chocolate and gives Luke a grateful grin* Thanks darling. Azi: *Gets his laughter under control enough that he could actually function again* *Looks from Ellie to the hot chocolates before smiling wickedly* You want it dear? *Casually picks up the mugs* Then come and get it. *Flees for the stairs* Luke: *sinks into the couch next to Met and grins at the state of him* So what did you and Ellie get up to while we were gone? *as if it weren't blindingly obvious* Ellie: *eyes go wide as Azi takes off with her hot chocolate* Oh no he didn't. *takes off after him* You won't be able to outrun me! Luke: *laughs at the antics* Azi: *Cackles and runs up the stairs and into Ellie's room* *Shuts and locks the door behind him* I don't have to outrun you if I can hide! Met: Oh we just did a little decorating that's all. *Chuckles as the kids go off to play* ....So how'd things go between you and Azi? Ellie: *smacks into the door and tries the handle* *finds it locked* Ohhhhhhhh, now you're in for it. *grins and lowers her voice* I take it from your actions that you never want to get laid again? Luke: Just a little decorating. I see. *smiles and shakes his head* You're crazy. I love it. And the talk between Azi and myself went... well, I think? I hope he's starting to realise and accept that I don't hate him. Still got a bit to go, but he called me Luke again, which is a good sign, right? Azi: *Sits the mugs down safely on Ellie nightstand and leans against the door* *Voice low like hers* I don't know dear, between getting laid and having two whole mugs of hot chocolate to myself it's hard for me to choose which one I like better. *Grinning* Met: *Slips an arm around Luke's waist and gives him a half hug* That's an excellent sign. Let me when he starts calling you 'dear' and I'll add you to the list of people he considers family. Ellie: *makes an O with her mouth and then laughs* Well then, you enjoy those two hot chocolates... /alone/... and I'll go downstairs and make myself another one. *trying not to giggle* And then later, when you're lying in bed by yourself, you can take comfort in the fact that you had those hot chocolates when you could have had me... again, and again, and again. *covers her mouth with her hand to stifle her giggles* Luke: *laughs* Actually, he called me dear quite early on. I look forward to receiving that title again sometime. *slings his arm around Met's shoulder, carefully removing the tinsel from the back of his shirt as he goes* *sips his coffee* Do I dare ask where else this tinsel is? Azi: *Thinks she has a point and almost opens the door for her* *Retracts his hand and figures he can still mess with her a little more before breaking* You know love, if it wasn't for the fact that I know that you enjoyed our time in bed together /just/ as much as I do that little temptation might have actually worked. Met: You'll find out soon enough. Trust me. *Giggles and sips his cocoa* I'm glad you and he are getting along again. Ellie: You know /love/, that if you opened the door right now and gave me my hot chocolate, I'd be /very/ grateful. /So/ grateful that I'd want to do something to reward you. Luke: Me, too. I don't like the idea of him being scared of me, even though I know I'm the one who caused that. *smiles and leans close* But for now, there's a particular Christmas tradition that needs to be observed. *looks upwards pointedly, to where there is a sprig of mistletoe in his hand, which he is holding above their head* Azi: *Considers her offer* Exactly /what/ would my reward be darling? Because I'd /hate/ to just assume something and find out I'd been mislead. Met: *Looks up and starts giggling* You're so corny. *Reaches out and places a hand on the back of Luke's neck* And I absolutely love it. *Pulls him in for a passionate kiss* Ellie: *lowers her voice further because she would be mortified if Luke or Met overheard her* Well, the hot chocolate would get me feeling quite warm, so I think I would need to take off some clothes to start with. And then I'd give you your reward. Which would start with me tasting the cocoa off your lips, just to see if it's different, and then I would remove your clothes, and the rest of mine, and kiss my way all the way from your feet to your head. And I mean /all/ the way. /Everything/ on the way. *grins* Luke: *is grinning widely when Met pull him in for a kiss, and is soon distracted from the mistletoe by Met's tongue and his lips and his hand on the back of his neck* *decides he tastes of cocoa* *realises he has a coffee in his hand still and makes a sound before pulling away* Azi was right. You're definitely a bad influence. Azi: ....You can come in. *Unlocks the door and silently curses her feminine wiles* *How was he supposed to ignore all that? His mind could have definitely made an attempt if it hadn't completely short circuited* *Makes a note to get her back for making him break so easily and opens the door* Met: *Takes Luke's coffee out of his hands and sits is aside along with his cocoa* I know I am. *Throws a leg over Luke's and straddles his lap, arms looped around his neck as he pulls them closer together* But I don't hear you complaining. Ellie: *grins in triumph and opens the door, claiming her hot chocolate with a smile and brief kiss* *sits on her bed to drink it, eyes half closed with pleasure* *incredibly pleased with herself* Luke: *wraps his arms around Met's waist and pulls his hips close* I have nothing to complain about when you're like this. *nibbles under Met's neck* And I'm willing to bet that we won't see the other two for a little while at least so... *scrapes his teeth across the sensitive skin right under his jaw* ... I have you all to myself for the next little while. Azi: *Smiles and closes the door behind her* *Sits down next to her and enjoys his own hot chocolate* Met: *Gasps quietly when Luke's teeth send a jolt of pleasure through him* *Rolls his hip slowly and gently against his partners* I think I'm going to enjoy being all yours. Ellie: *cuddles up against Azi and enjoys her hot chocolate with little humming sounds* *places her free hand on Azi's knee, rubbing ever so slightly* Luke: *groans when Met rolls his hips* *bites into his neck as he tries to get his breath back* Met... *he is definitely trying to say something* Met! Azi: *Leans his head against hers* *Places his free hand on top of hers and rubs it gently with his thumb* *Enjoys this quiet moment together* Met: *Yelps when Luke teeth sink into his flesh and shivers from the pleasure it provided* *Shifts closer and grips the back of his shirt as he continues rolling his hips, dimly aware of his name being called* ...Yes? Ellie: *sips at her hot chocolate and is incredibly happy right now* *if only this moment could last forever* Luke: *can't breathe in the best possible way* We... *moves his own hips* We... *gasps* The kids. We shouldn't... *can't remember what they shouldn't* Azi: *Hums a soft tune* *Sipping his cocoa and cherishing the warmth that is coming from both from his drink and from the girls sitting besides him* Met: *Smiles wickedly when he figures out what Luke is trying to get through to him* Upstairs. They're fine. *Rolls his hips a little rougher into Luke's* Oh god we're fine. *Pulls at his lovers hair, free hand moves to tug at the front of his trousers and undoes the button* Ellie: *finishes off the last of her hot chocolate and cuddles into Azi* Luke: *pushes into Met's hand because he's beyond control now* *incredibly turned on by Met taking control* *grips his hips hard* God Met... I... want you. Azi: *Takes a final sip of his own hot chocolate and puts the mug down* *Takes Ellie's now free hand and holds it along with her other one* *Nuzzles her hair lovingly* Met: *Unzips his jeans and teasingly rubs the heel of his hand against him* *Absolutely loving how turned on Luke's becoming* ...Do you trust me? Ellie: *sighs happily and smiles broadly* *closes her eyes and enjoys just being near Azi, being held by him* Luke: *does he?* *really, what else is he going to say in this situation* *gasps* Yes! I trust you... I... *bucks his hips* Yes. Azi: *Frees one hand to slip it snugly around Ellie* *Presses a chaste kiss to her temple* *Is immensely grateful that they are able to have moments like this together* Met: *Mischievous grin* Perfect. *Slides off his lap and drops down onto his knees in front of him* *Hooks his fingers into the edge of Luke's trousers and begins to pull them down* ....Lift up your hips, it'll make getting these off so much easier. Ellie: *is feeling loved* *smiles thinking about the Christmas present she has arranged for Azi* *hopes he likes it* Luke: *swallows and looks down at Met* What are... what are you doing? *lifts his hips anyway because disobeying direct commands is a little beyond his brainpower at the moment* *all the blood has rushed elsewhere* Azi: *Wonders how he ever got so lucky to have met Ellie* *Curls his feet up onto her bed and snuggles her closer* ....I love you. Met: *Raises an eyebrow and smirks* Isn't it obvious? *Tugs his trousers and underwear down to his ankles and is pleased to see the sort of effect he is having on his partner* *Gently spreads Luke's legs apart and leans in, starts leaving a trail of kisses up his inner thigh* Ellie: *coaxes him towards the head of the bed where they can snuggle and lean against the headboard instead* I love you, too. *looks at the bright, cheerful tinsel around her room and is content* Luke: *lets his head roll back and moans* *wants to watch Met, so rolls his head forward again and watches his lover through half-closed eyelids* Yes... *hips thrust in an involuntary movement as Met kisses his inner thigh... so close...* *reaches down to bury his fingers in Met's hair* Met: *Looks up at Luke and bites teasingly at the soft flesh so close to wear he wants him but not quite there* *Decides that this is the perfect time get him back for previous intimate meetings and wants to hear Luke beg for it* ....Tell me how much you want this. Luke: *can't think for a moment when Met bites him, he's flooded with pleasant sensations and tries to move his hips some more* *then sees where Met is going with this and smiles* Have I told you lately that... *closes his eyes and tries not to just tug Met to where he wants him by the hair* *opens his eyes again* That I love the way you operate? Met: *Loves the feeling of Luke's self control being put to the test* It couldn't hurt to hear that from you more often. *Gripping at his thighs and moves close enough that Luke could feel his hot breath on him while he spoke* Now tell me.... *Eyes flicker up and a flirtatious grin graces his lips* How much do you want me to use my mouth on you? Luke: *can feel even more blood rushing south as Met's breath ghosts across him* *groans and tries to pull Met's head closer* P... please, Met, oh god please. I... I need you. *doesn't even know if he's answering a question right now* Met: *Traces a finger lightly over the much neglected area* I guess that'll work for now... but next time I'm not going to so easy on you, understand? *Chuckling to himself because he can already imagine the 'next time'* Luke: *gasps as Met's finger leaves a trail of fire along him* I... yes. Understand, yes. *has no idea what he just agreed to* Please, Met... *fingers tighten in his hair* Met: *Figures he's tortured him enough.... for now* *Licks his lips and lowers his head, finally taking Luke with his mouth like he had said he would* Luke: *is quivering with the effort of keeping his hips still because while he /is/ rather far gone, doesn't mean he isn't still a gentleman* *and a gentleman does not thrust himself down his lover's throat* *breathing out Met's name like a prayer* *the thrill of doing this in a 'public' space is heightening his awareness of everything* *has no words right now* Met: *Admires Luke's control of his own urges and rewards him for it by taking him deeper* *Relaxes his throat to help keep this comfortable for the both of them as he slowly bobs his head up and down* *Alternating between how much pressure he is put on him* Luke: *lets out a long, low groan* *tightens his fingers in Met's hair then loosens them again* *unravelling faster than he'd like to admit* God Met... you're... yes... *feels himself pulled painfully fast and close to the edge* *tries to breathe through it* *hyper aware of Met's lips and tongue and fingers on him* Met: *Mouth smirks around Luke and a low grown leaves his throat* *Takes him deeper and pulls back slowly, letting his teeth scrap across his lover gently enough that he'll feel it but not enough for it to cause any pain, just pleasure* *Vaguely wonders how loud he can get Luke to to moan and say his name before he reaches his limit* Luke: *obliges by moaning loudly when Met does, the vibrations of his lover's throat around him too much* Oh god... Met! *the teeth add a whole new level of pleasure and he lets his head fall back against the couch* I'm... not going... to last long... if you... Met: *Fully intends to make controlling himself as difficult as possible for him* *Scraps his teeth painful slowly over Luke and pulls back from him completely, taking a moment to catch his breath and tease Luke mercilessly by allowing only his tongue to glide across the length of him* Don't worry about holding back for me. *Admires the look of pleasure on his lover before taking him again* Luke: *whimpers when Met pulls off and tries to catch his breath* *breath leaves him in a rush again when Met takes him in* *is vaguely aware that he's making little helpless noises* Met... *is losing the battle to keep his hips still* Met: *Is getting incredibly turned on by needy whimpers Luke was making and resists the urge to touch himself* *Instead doubles his efforts to send Luke over the edge by relaxing his throat and taking him deeper and faster* *Fingers Gripping at him hips to keep him in place* Luke: *doesn't take more than that and he is tumbling over that edge* *pulsing and crying out Met's name* *fingers clenched hard in Met's hair* *head thrown back and eyes squeezed shut* Met: *Tastes him come in his mouth and doesn't really mind (this isn't the first time he's done this after all)* *Helps Luke ride through his orgasm and uses his tongue to clean up whatever mess there was left over before pulling away completely* *Panting slightly from the excitement of it all* .....So I take it you enjoyed yourself? *Grins* Luke: *panting and laying boneless against the couch* *lets his hands fall to his sides* *lifts his head enough so he can look at Met through slitted eyes* *grins back* You're a terrible influence. *lifts his hand to stroke Met's cheek* I can't get enough of it. Of you. Come here. Met: *Smiles tenderly and leans into Luke's hand* *Adoring how he can go from orgasmic to loving so quickly* You're fantastic. *Sit up and grabs the labels of Luke's shirt, pulling him down and himself up so that their lips can meet halfway* Luke: *melts into the kiss for a few long moments* *puts his hands under Met's elbows to lift him up* *pulls away and grins* I think a performance like that deserves a reward. Once my pants are up again. *laughs* So what would you like, lover? Met: *Crawls up and straddles Luke's lap once again* *Hands Gently gripping at the front of his shirt and chases his lips when he pulls away* Would just saying 'you' be a sufficient answer? Luke: *kisses him again because how can he not?* I think we should move this somewhere more private. We don't have to go all the way up to my room, though. *grins* My office door has a lock... *running his hands up and down Met's thighs* Met: *Hums appreciatively at the hands teasing his thighs* Your office hmm? I don't think I've been in there yet. Luke: *nips at Met's jaw* There's a nice desk in there. *nibbles at his ear* I've had fantasies... Met: Fantasies? *Smirks and lifts his jaw up to give Luke better access to his neck* Mind telling me exactly what sort of things you've been fantasizing about while you were supposed to be working? Luke: *mouths at Met's neck, sucking a little to leave a red mark* *smiles and runs the tip of his tongue over the mark* Sometimes when I work late my mind wanders... *noses up right under his chin and kisses there* I think about you coming around to surprise me, and what it would be like if you took me right there over my desk... Met: *His eyes flutter shut as he imagines do just that* *Sneaking in one night and sweeping his desk clean, pinning Luke to it and climbing on top of him, their clothes getting scattered across his office as Luke moans and begs for him to take him and-* How fast do you think it will take for us to get in there and get you on that desk? Luke: *is already trying to get his trousers back up his legs with Met on his lap* *grinning madly* Come on before I let you take me right here and we end up with some pretty traumatised kids. They've been through enough. *chuckles and shoves at Met a little so that he can get his trousers up the rest of the way* Met: *Slides off of his lap and waits until Luke is no longer exposed before grabbing him and dragging them both to his office* Luke: *laughing a little as he's dragged, then stops as he sees the tinsel throughout his office* Oh, really... *exasperated, but amused* Met: Ellie covered your office, I got the hallways. *Kicks the door shut and immediately pins Luke against the nearest wall to snog him senseless* Luke: *reaches across and fumbles for the key in the door* *gets it locked, then has both hands on Met, undressing him as quickly as he can* Met: *Pulls away enough to yank of both his and Luke's shirts before attacking his lips again* *Hands roaming across his exposed chest* Luke: *makes short work of Met's trouser fastenings and gets his hand in there* *discovers that he needs very little encouragement and hums with pleasure as his hand moves* *is getting pretty turned on again himself* Desk! *panting and kissing* Met: *Whimpers and bucks into his hand, body buzzing with sensations* Right. *Breathing heavily and drags Luke over to his desk* Luke: *as carefully as possible clearing a space on his desk with one hand while fondling Met with the other* *working his trousers open further to get them down over his hips* *space cleared* *uses both hands to get Met's underwear down* How... how do you want me? *god, even asking that turned him on* Met: *Gasping and completely forgetting that they probably should be attempting to be quiet right now* Desk... on your back.... clothes off. *Kicks his clothes away and hands are frantically trying to get Luke's jeans off* Luke: *gets his back on the desk and lifts his feet up so he can take his jeans and underwear the rest of the way off* *scoots his position around a little and wraps his legs around Met's waist, pulling him in close* *squirms as he feels Met pressed against him* *takes himself in his own hand* Met... please... *tightens his legs* Met: *Drinks in the image of his lover touching himself beneath him, begging to be taken* *He leans over to press his lips to his jaw and neck, one hand spreading his legs as the other takes over touching and stroking him* ...Please tell me you have something in here so that I don't have to take you dry? Luke: *tries to think but it's hard when Met has started stroking him* Oh god, I don't know... I... *tightens his legs to grind Met against him* I... Maybe? *panting* Try the bottom drawer of the desk? Met: *Bites back a moan and grind against Luke* God I hope you do. *Extracting himself from his lovers embrace he opens up the drawer he had indicated and starts searching wildly through it* Luke: *stares at the ceiling and breathes, bereft of his lover's touch and presence right now* *can hear him searching through the drawer* God, at this point Met I don't care... I just need you. *know he'd care later, but right now...* *is touching himself again, impatient* Met: *The idea that Luke was willing to let him take him as is turns him on even farther and he quickens his search* *Finds a nearly empty bottle of lube near the bottom of the drawer and grin, it's not much but it will work* Victory. *Stands back up and pours what he can of the lubricant into his hand, getting as much as he could from the small nearly empty bottle before preparing Luke* Luke: *gasps as Met's hands are back and slick* *squirms on the desk and watches his lover* I've... I've dreamed of... this... *hitches his legs back further* Please Met, now... Met: *Pupils blown with want as Luke squirms beneath him* Dammit Luke... I love it when you beg. *Pulls his fingers away once Luke has been prepared enough and uses the remainder of the lubricant to ready himself* Luke: Yes, I'll beg all you like... *lifts himself a little so he can snag a hand around the back of Met's neck and drag him down for a kiss* *pulls back to look him in the eyes* Just please, please take me now. Met: *Grins into the kiss and grips Luke's hips* God yes. *Lines himself up with Luke and slowly enters him, gasping at how fantastic he felt around him* Luke: *lets himself fall back to the table* *uses the leverage of his heels against the tabletop to lift his hips into a better position* *moans as Met stretches and fills him* *his head bumps against something, and he shoves the pen holder onto the floor, scattering its contents* Met: *Takes every ounce of his will power to keep things slow and to not accidentally hurt Luke by going too hard too quickly* *Heart is racing as he moves inside him to find the spot he knows will drive Luke to the edge* Luke: *is unbelievably turned on by the smooth wood of his desk against his bare back and the feel of his lover moving inside him* *takes himself in hand again and moves in time to Met's thrusts* *gasps and bangs his head on the table when Met hits a /very/ specific spot* Met: *Would probably be concerned with how Luke seems to be doing a good job of hurting himself anyway if it wasn't for the fact that he had just found his sweet spot and was busy hitting it over and over again* *Sees that Luke is touching himself again through half lided eyes and decides that that wouldn't do at all* *Uses the hand that wasn't busy gripping his thigh to take over for him* Luke: *free hand now scrabbles uselessly against the tabletop in desperate search of some sort of purchase* *settles on gripping Met's hand on his thigh, the only part of his lover he can easily reach from his position* *can't believe how quickly he's rushing to a second orgasm* *moans and gasps with every thrust* G... Met! Ohhhh Met! Yes, please, yes... *continues to beg as he is stimulated to the very edge* Met: *Body trembling with how good Luke feels around him and how quickly he was losing control* *Takes the hand gripping his entwines their fingers, gently pinning it against the desk as he leans forward to get better leverage* Luke. Damn- Luke! You... fuck you feel so good! *Shallow breaths, already nearing the edge and fully intending to take Luke with him* Luke: *puts his hand up to grip the side of Met's neck now that he's closer* *watches his lover at he trembles and pants* *is only a few strokes, a few thrusts away from...* *arches his back a little and cries out as he's pushed to an almost painful - but exquisite - orgasm* *clenching everything tightly* Met: *Body feels like it's on fire* *With Luke crying out and clenching around him he couldn't hold on any longer* *Feels himself shake and tremble as he reaches his climax* *Making noises of pleasure that are sure to have been heard no matter where you were in the house before laying bonelessly against Luke, exhausted* Luke: *lets his heels slide off the desk to dangle over the edge* *combs his fingers through Met's hair and tries to remember how breathing works* *decides it's going to be a while before he will be able to concentrate in this room now* *resigns himself to several days... weeks?... of reduced productivity* That was... better than I could have imagined. Met: *Panting and manages to prop himself up on his elbows so that he wasn't crushing Luke* *Makes a note to stop in for more surprise visits when he knows Luke would be in here* Glad I could.... surpass your expectation. *Smirks* Luke: *runs his hands up Met's arms to his shoulders, then hooks them around his neck* Hmmmm, definitely an A for Effort and Execution. *grins and drags him down again for a lazy kiss* Met: *Crawls up onto the desk and knees above him, enjoying the lazy kiss* We... we should probably get cleaned up. Luke: *feeling very sated and exhausted* *hums in agreement* Sure. There's a box of... *reaches up for the facial tissues and manages to knock them off the desk* *giggles* Oops? Met: *Chuckles* *Kisses his lover's collar bone* I was thinking maybe we could take a shower.... together? Luke: *shivers pleasantly at the thought* *is way too spent for another round himself, but Met may be 'up' for something...* *the mental images are enough to have him grinning like a fool* Yes, please. Still need to get cleaned up enough to get upstairs for said shower. *looks at his own chest, and at Met's, and grimaces* *sex is fun but also messy and sticky* *doesn't want to speculate what got on his desk* Met: *Smiles* Right right.... *Climbs off of him and manages to retrieve the tissues that Luke knocked over* *Takes a few to clean himself off before handing them to Luke* I think I may need to borrow some clothes after this. Luke: *cleaning himself up* Wouldn't it be easier for everyone involved if you just left a few changes here? I mean, not that I mind you borrowing my clothes. *grins* *stands up when he's done and gives the table a few swipes, too* *starts to search for his clothes* Met: *Is pulling on his trousers* *Blinks at Luke's suggestion* ....I guess. I mean.... would that be okay? Luke: *smiles at having surprised Met* Of course. *pulling on his own trousers and searching for his shirt* *spots it near the door, along with Met's* *picks both up and tosses Met's one to him* It would be much more practical, don't you think? Met: *Catches his shirt and pulls it on* *Tries to hide his blush at Luke sort of suggesting that he kinda start moving some of his things in* Yeah... sounds good. Maybe... maybe you can leave a few things to my place too? Luke: *is dressed again and goes over and slings his arms around Met's waist, grinning at him* Sounds like a fair trade. *kisses his forehead, then nose, then lips* Shower? Met: *Smiles and still can't help but feel a little flustered* *Cuddles close* Shower sounds good. Luke: *wraps his arms more firmly around Met, since he seemed to be in cuddle mode* *gently* Come on then. Oh man, I bet you've tinselled my room, haven't you? You and Ellie are a pair of terrors. Met: *Grins playfully and nuzzles under his chin* Yes we are, but you love us anyway. Luke: *actually pauses at that and considers the sentence* *blinks as he realises it's true* *is unsure what to do with this information* *grabs Met's hand and leads him to the door, which he unlocks* *runs his thumb over Met's knuckles as he considers this revelation and leads them up the stairs to his room* Met: *Squeezes Luke's hand as he leads them upstairs, adoring the tender way he was holding it* *Couldn't wait until they got to his room and in the shower together, not for the possibility of sex (they had just covered that pretty thoroughly) but from the knowledge that he'll be close to him* *Feeling incredibly warm and cuddly at the moment* Luke: *closes his door behind them and, still without speaking, leads Met into the bathroom and finally stops* *turns to his lover... love?... and brushes tender fingers across his cheek before leaning down for a gentle press of lips against his* *reaches in to turn the shower on to get warmed up* Met: *Feels a little breathless with how tender Luke's become* *Eyes close and leans into the fingers stroking his cheek* *Smiles fondly* Luke... Luke: *gently lifts Met's shirt* *speaks quietly* You said it as a joke, but I do, you know. Met: *Blinks, a little confused but allows Luke to undress him* *Just as quietly* You do what? Luke: *smiles and gets Met's trousers undone again, pushing them down* *raises his hand to Met's cheek again and cups it* Love you. *hopes he hasn't overstepped some bounds but if there's one thing he's learned from losing his sister is that you /tell/ people when you love them* Met: *Heart rate jumps* *Feels his cheeks flush and the smile that was already on his lips become softer and more sincere* *Well, this was an unexpected but not unwelcome turn of events now wasn't it?* *Without thinking his lips find Luke's for a gentle kiss* I.... I love you too. *Muttered quietly against his mouth* Luke: *grins with relief against Met's mouth* Oh good. *kisses him* *pulls away to quickly dispose of his own shirt and trousers* *holds his hand under the stream of water and feels that it is warm* *is breathless and can't stop smiling* *takes both of Met's hands and steps backwards into the shower, pulling his lover along with him* *closes the shower door behind them and wraps his arms around Met under the warm shower stream* Met: *Giggles, feeling giddy by just how much he realizes he loves this man in front of him* *Isn't sure whether the warm comfortable sensation is coming from the shower or the knowledge that he's fallen hard for someone as wonderful as Luke* *Arms snake around his lovers waist and nuzzles his shoulder, not exactly bothering with the actual cleaning part of the shower rather than the closeness it's provided* Luke: *just holds Met, breathing in their combined scent, for a while* *then starts to move his hands, gently following the path of the water, down along his spine, over the curve of his ass* *stroking not with the intention of turning on, but to learn his man's body, feel the slick skin beneath his fingers and palm* *up and down, brushing along different curves* Met: *Presses closer, matching his breathing with Luke's and shutting his eyes, just focusing on the sensation of Luke touching and mapping his body* *Completely blaming the heat from the water washing over them for why he was turning red* Luke: *trails both hands up Met's spine, thumbs counting ribs as he goes* *moves around to his chest, up his neck* *cups his face and leaves some kisses across his cheeks and nose* *hands trail into his hair, brushing the damp strands away from his forehead* *kisses that, too* *doing his best to breathe evenly because every time he thinks about how far he's fallen for this man his breath catches again* Met: *Okay he admits it, he's blushing like a child right after they've admitted to having a crush on someone and he couldn't do anything to stop it* *Every time this man touches him makes him feel so loved and adored that it was almost overwhelming* *All he could do to keep himself from saying something impossibly sappy was bury his face into the crook of Luke's neck and embrace him tightly* Luke: *smiles at the way Met is clinging to him* *wraps his arms back around his lover and rests his cheek against the side of his head* Any chance you two could come over Christmas day when you're done with whatever family stuff you do? Or we could come to you... *thumbs still stroking against Met's skin, unable to stop* Met: *Is feeling so impossibly warm* I... I was actually thinking of inviting you and Ellie over Christmas eve to spend the night with us. That way we could all be together in the morning. Luke: *takes a deep breath and somehow manages a broader smile* I'd like that. And I think the kids would, too. Met: *Nuzzles his shoulder* I had hoped you would say that. Luke: *quietly again* It'll be Ellie's first Christmas without her mother, so it may not be all smiles and laughter... just thought I'd better warn you. Met: *Gently combs his fingers through Luke's wet hair and kissing his shoulder, understanding that this wasn't going to be easy for him after losing his sister either* ....It'll be alright, the chaos that is my family should provide you two with plenty of distractions. Luke: *smiles* I look forward to it. *grabs the shampoo* Well, since we're here, we may as well do this properly. *puts some in his palm then massages it into Met's head* *finding it novel doing this to someone else* *manoeuvres him under the spray to rinse out* Met: *Purrs in delight and leans into the massage* ...I should warn you, Mike isn't exactly going to be that friendly. Luke: *grins at how much Met is enjoying this and finishes rinsing out the shampoo* *leans in to leave a kiss on his forehead* He can be as uncivil as he likes to me, so long as you're there to protect me. *laughs* And I'm sure Azi is more than capable of keeping Ellie out of his way and distracted. Met: *Closes his eyes as the shampoo is rinsed from his hair* He doesn't have an ill feeling towards Ellie..... he just, well.... he wasn't exactly happy when he found out all the factors to Azi's little breakdown last week. Luke: Ah, I see. *feels guilty all over again* Well, hopefully if he sees that Azi and I have started mending things between us, that might help smooth things over. *grabs the soap off the rack and starts sliding it over Met's shoulders* Met: *Leans into his touch, eyes still closed so that he can just focus on the sensation of Luke's hands on him* ....On the bright side the other two seemed to still be okay with you, of course it helped that I explained your side in all of this. Luke: Thank you, though I really was out of line with some of the things I said. *glides the soap over Met's back* *smiles cheekily as he lingers a little longer on his bottom than he really needs to* Met: *Chuckles because Luke is obviously enjoying putting his hands on him like this* It's okay. From what I'm seeing you and Azi are making up fine.... although the kid has been acting jumpy lately but I don't think that's because of you. Luke: *frowns as he moves around to Met's front* I noticed him jump a bit when you touched his shoulder at the clinic, but I thought it was just part of being uncomfortable around me. He's been like that... longer than this whole scare thing? *tries to think whether he'd noticed anything before last week, but can't place anything* Met: *Takes some shampoo and starts massaging it into Luke's hair* I'm.... I'm not entirely sure. I mean ever since he's started dating Ellie I've been seeing less of him.... well that is until /we/ started dating in which case I get to see him more than ever but... I don't know, lately he's just been acting different. Luke: *closes his own eyes as Met massages the shampoo into his hair* *soap paused against Met's side* Could it just be... no, scratch that. If it was just him maturing, surely he'd be getting more confident and self-assured and not less. I didn't know him before Ellie, so I can't really tell, but if you say he's changed, then it's something we should probably keep an eye on? Met: *Gently guides him under the stream of water* That sounds good to me. You don't mind keeping a closer eye on him when I'm not around? Luke: *waits until the water's not pouring over his face before replying* Of course not. I'll also have a talk to Ellie. If anyone would know what's going on with him, it'd be her. Met: *Threads his fingers through Luke's hair to insure that all the shampoo was out* Those two really have become quite close haven't they. Luke: *fondly* Yes, they have. *opens his eyes again and smiles at Met* It's taken me some time to get used to it, but I have to say I approve whole heartedly. Met: *Pecks his lips* Have I told you lately that you're a sweet old sap? Luke: *grins* I don't think you've ever called me that, specifically. Not sure I quite approve of /that/. *kisses him* But from you, I'm just about love-struck enough to put up with anything. Met: Oh? /Anything/? *Grins wickedly* *Absently washing Luke's chest and shoulders* Luke: *laughs and tangles his arms with Met trying to finish washing him back* You've already tinsel bombed my room, don't push it. I said /just about/. *winks* Met: *Chuckles and presses his chest against Luke's as he washes his back* You love the tinsel, and if you mean /just about anything/ then would you mind telling me what your limit is? Luke: *smiles and puts the soap away, using his hands to help sluice off any remaining soap* How about you tell me what you had in mind, and I'll let you know whether it comes into that category? Keep in mind you wore me out pretty well already. I might require sleep and sustenance before you get too much more out of me. *chuckles* Met: *Smiles* As much as I'd love to take you in several different and creative ways right now I think it would be healthy for the both of us to control ourselves and return to the outside world before the kids start to wonder what we've been up to this whole time..... But I'll be sure to share any ideas I've been having with you later tonight. *Nips playfully at Luke's lips* Luke: *cuts the water* *reaches out for two towels from the rack and hands one to Met* *uses the one he's holding to actually dry Met, starting with his hair* *grins and dumps the towel right over his head and then rubs it roughly* Met: *Giggles at Luke's playfulness and attempts to dry him off with the towel he handed him* Luke: *rubs a bit rougher to try and disorientate him, then lifts the towel to look underneath* Ok under there? *is grinning* Met: *Playful glare and attacks him with his towel* Luke: *laughs and attacks back, trying to dry as much of Met as he can reach* *is aware they're acting like a pair of children and doesn't care* Met: *Surrenders and collapses against Luke in a fit of giggles* ...God I love you. Luke: *ceases his attack and proceeds to dry Met properly* *smiles at the admission, still thrilled by it* *kisses the side of his head as he slings the towel around Met's waist and does it up before grabbing his own out of Met's hands* Love you too, you wonderful fool. Met: *Slips his hands around Luke's waist and pulls him closer for a proper kiss* Oh but I'm /your/ fool. Luke: Yes you are. *laughs* God, listen to us. *kisses him and then steps away, towelling himself dry and getting the towel around his waist as well* So, you're going to need to borrow some clothes, right? *amused* Met: Well unless you want me walking around without anything to wear clothes would be most appreciated. *Grins and does the same with his towel* Luke: *pretends to consider the idea of Met walking around without any clothes on, then laughs and goes into his room to find some clothes* *puts out a selection of things that should fit and gets dressed himself* Met: *Follows Luke into his room and picks up the clothes he had set out for him* Thanks darling! *Shamelessly removes his towel and starts getting dressed in front of him* Luke: *watches Met get dressed even as he pulls on his own clothes* Damn, man, I got lucky. *grins and winks* Met: *Chuckles and eyes Luke as he dresses as well* Trust me when I say I'm the lucky one here. Luke: *pulls Met in for a quick kiss when they're dressed* Flatterer. Come on, let's go see if the kids have emerged in search of food yet. Met: *Smiles into the kiss and follows Luke out the door to go check on their little family* Luke: *walks into the kitchen to see the two of them already raiding the pantry and refrigerator* *overly cheerful* Heyyyy there. Ellie: *shoots Azi a look, not sure whether to be amused or die of embarrassment* *settles for blushing red and smiling at her uncle* Uh, hey. Met: *Comes in after Luke and slings an arm around him* Hi kids! *Also sounding way too cheerful* Azi: *Ducks his head and to try and hide his embarrassment* Hi. Luke: *grins at Met and slides his arm around his shoulders, pressing a kiss to his temple* So what's for lunch? Ellie: *averts her eyes because she's heard things over the last couple of hours or so she would rather forget, and seeing them snuggling isn't helping* *coughs to cover her laughter* Um... Luke: *starting to realise that something is off here* *looks from one to the other* Everything ok? Azi: *Realizes that things will be a whole lot easier if they just come out and say something* We're fine, just a tad bit traumatized by some of the things we ended up hearing these last few hours that's all. Met: *Blinks at his brother before bursting out laughing* *Remembers that he and Luke weren't exactly being quiet earlier* Luke: *blushes and grins, embarrassed now* Ah. Yes. Sorry about that. Ellie: *shrugs and continues looking in the pantry* Like we can talk, really. Luke: *attempts to look at Met sternly but is still grinning too wide* Yes well, we /should/ be setting you kids a good example... Azi: Judging by what we were hearing maybe it should be Ellie and I setting the examples. Met: *Gets his giggles under control enough to respond* Hey now, Luke and I are responsible adults who know how to control ourselves just fine. Azi: *Gives his brother a look* Met: ....Well, Luke is anyway. Luke: *gives Met an astonished look* Ellie: *rolls her eyes* Oh god, can we just end this conversation now, please? Met: Aww, and here I thought everyone was enjoying hearing about Luke's and my bedroom activities. Azi: *Sighs and casually glares at him brother* You're terrible. Met: I love you too little brother. Luke: *untangles himself from Met and joins Ellie by the pantry* *nudges her shoulder* Sorry? Ellie: *snorts softly* It's ok. *hands him some bread* Go make sandwiches. Make yourself useful. Luke: *gives Met an amused look at and takes the bread over to the bench, gets out plates, and starts to assemble some sandwiches for them all* Met: *Ruffles his little brother's hair and goes to assist Luke in his sandwich making* *Stops momentarily to ruffle Ellie's hair too* *Grinning like a child* Azi: *Makes a sad attempt to fix his messy curls* *To Ellie* Well at least they are in good moods. Ellie: *just has to run her hand once through her hair and it's lying flat again* *goes over to help Azi with his, because it's a good excuse to run her fingers through his hair anyway* That they are. Are we that bad? Luke: *over his shoulder* Yes, you are. *grins at Met* Met: *Grins back* Worse actually, you two are sweeter than any pastry that Remy has ever stolen from me. Azi: *Hums happily from having his hair played with* In my defense most of that sweetness comes from Ellie. Ellie: *finishes with Azi's hair - it's as tidy as it's going to get* *places a quick kiss on his lips* What a load of-- Luke: Ellie! Language. *trying not to laugh* Ellie: *grins, unrepentant* Luke: Oh, and by the way, Met has invited us around for Christmas Eve to stay overnight and spend Christmas with his family. Ellie: *lights up* Really? Met: *Smiles* Yup! I figured that it would be much easier to convince you two to spend the night rather than spend half of Christmas day at my house and half of it at yours. Azi: *Snuggles his girlfriend* That sound good for you love? Ellie: *snuggles back and is grinning widely* That sounds wonderful! Luke: Good, settled then. And sandwiches for all! *snags Met around the waist for a quick snuggle, too* ---- Ellie: *closing the door to her room after a nice sit-down dinner* *turns to Azi with a smile and a certain look in her eye* *moves close to him, hands snaking around his waist* Alone at last. Azi: S-So we are. *Places his hands safely on her shoulders* *Knows exactly what that look means and although he usually was all for what usually followed there were a few things he'd rather not have her see* Ellie: *hesitates for a moment because he seems more nervous than usual, but then buries her face in the crook of his neck and starts kissing the skin there* *hands travelling up his back* So, whatever can we do to entertain ourselves? *amused tone* Azi: *Tries not to let on just how much he is already enjoying this* W-Well you know, we c-could always play a card game or watch a movie or s-something like that.... Ellie: *decides that something is definitely off here* *looks up at him, confused* If... if that's what you'd rather... rather do? *raises a hand to his face and cups his cheek, leaning in for a kiss* Azi: I um, I-I... *Sighs to himself and leans in to capture her lips, unwilling to deny her something so simple that they both thoroughly enjoy* Ellie: *is relieved when he kisses her and returns it with interest* *presses her body against his and deepens the kiss* *this is what she had been angling for, and she isn't sure why Azi is so hesitant* *hands start roaming again, enjoying the feel of him* Azi: *Makes the attempt to keep things slow and simple but Ellie seems to have other ideas* *Can't deny how his body is reacting to have her pressed up against him and if fully aware that he's going to be in trouble if he doesn't resist his urges* *Pulls away enough to speak again* E-Ellie wait. A-Are you sure you don't want t-to take things slow? I-I mean I know last week's scare effected both of us p-pretty badly… Ellie: *a little confused again* *thinks perhaps Azi is just concerned for her...* I've been on the Pill for seven days now, and if we use a condom, too, there's nothing to worry about... *bites her lip* Unless... you don't want... *hadn't occurred to her that he may not want her as much as she wants him* Azi: *Oh dear, he had wanted to prevent Ellie from seeing how badly those jerks had got him last time but he didn't want to mess with her self esteem or anything like that* *Scolds himself* No no no no no! I-I want to, I really do! I mean how couldn't I? *Smiles a little* You're gorgeous love and we both always enjoy our.... time spent together but... c-could we perhaps, well, take it slow for now? Ellie: *searches his face and then nods* *cuddles into him to hide her own face and the frown that's worked its way there* *attempts to get past the hurt of being partially turned down to try and think what could be causing it* *was he just afraid of getting her pregnant?* *had he actually lost interest in her, despite what he'd said?* *was there...* *she pulls away and places her hands on either side of his face* *gives him a hard look* What are you hiding from me? Azi: *Unable to look away* *Cursing himself for not being more subtle and already dreading how she is going to react to seeing the state his last little run in with the bullies had left him* *Gently he takes her hands away from his face and places a kiss on each one of her knuckles* I.... I don't want you to worry. Ellie: *exasperated snort* I'm /already/ worried, so spit it out. Azi: *Smiles a little at her exasperation* *Pulls her close so that he could wrap his arms around her and hide his face into the crook of her neck* ....I had another run in with those jerks a few days ago. Ellie: *more weary than angry* God damn it Azi, why don't you tell me these things? I thought we'd agreed to do this /together/? *hugs him tight and buries her face in his neck, too* *whispers* How bad is it? Azi: *Feeling incredibly guilty* *Voice quiet* Bad enough that I was afraid to let you see me because I didn't want you to worry..... Ellie: *pulls away far enough that she can grab his face and make him look at her* Oh my god, Azi... how bad is it?! Azi: *There's no point to even try and hide it anymore... and frankly he didn't want to hide anything for Ellie* *Steps away from her so that he could tug off his sweater* *Chest covered in wide ugly purple bruises and smile cuts and scratches scattered across his arms and mainly his joints* *Glances sheepishly away and decides to stare at Ellie's bunny slippers rather than at Ellie* Ellie: *hand flies to her mouth as her eyes scan the various injuries* *vision blurs as tears start to form* Oh... Azi... *voice shaky* *takes a step towards him again and hesitantly reaches out her fingers to brush gently, barely touching, down his chest* This... this is way beyond just bullying. They're... *bites her lip because it's quivering* *can't look away from all those bruises and cuts* *whispers* Does Met know? Azi: *Heart ached when he sees how much he's upset Ellie with these injuries* *Steps forward and pulls her into a proper hug, uncaring if she's pressed up against his bruises* No... no he doesn't know, a-and I'd rather he didn't. Ellie: *sniffles a little against his neck* *annoyed at herself for crying so easily* *arms around him and holding him as gently as she can* Azi, they're not giving up. What are we going to do? Azi: *Rubbing her back and kissing her temple in an attempt to soothe her* *Scolding himself for getting hurt so easily, absolutely hating that his loved ones are crying over him* ...I don't know dear. But... but at least we're away from them for winter break. They caught me on the last day of school but I doubt they're going to find me again, especially considering I'm going to be spending almost all my time with you and the rest of my family. Ellie: And when we're back at school? What then? *leans back again and looks down at the bruises, frowning* Some of these look quite nasty. Azi: *Sighs and goes to sit down on Ellie's bed* I... I don't know what I'm going to do. Ellie: *sits down near the head of the bed and beckons to him* *puts on a brave face* We'll think of something. We've got the winter break, as you said, and that should give you a bit of a chance to heal. We just have to think. Maybe we can find something on the Internet to help. In the meantime, come here and snuggle. *smiles shyly* And maybe something more if you're feeling up to it? Azi: *Fondly smiles at Ellie and wonders how he got so lucky* *Crawls over to her side and pulls her into his lap, gently kisses her cheek to her jaw* I always feel up to doing a little something /more/ with you. Ellie: *smiles with relief and hums with pleasure* *wraps her arms around his neck and leans into his kisses* I'm glad you said that because it's been over a week, and I have a bit of extra energy I need to work off. *grins* I think I know just the way... ~fade to black~ ---- Met: *Bustling around the kitchen, making sure all of the Christmas treats around still there* *Already had to chase Remy off twice when he caught him trying to steal a plate of cookies* *Smiles, satisfied that everything is still there before heading into the living room* *Finds Mike in a Santa hat directing Azi and Uriel (both of whom seem to have been cursed with the elf hates this year) on how they should be placing the presents under the tree* *Laughs a little to himself and looks around for Remy, suspicious as to where the little sneak has wandered off to* *Trust that Mike has everything handled in the living room and figures he might as well go put on some corny holiday music* *Grabs a little Frosty the Snowman top hat as he goes and places it on his head* *Smiles giddy because he loves the holiday season* Luke: *grins at Ellie as they arrive outside Met's house* *has a bag of gifts in one hand and Ellie has the rest* *each are carrying an overnight bag* *bundled up against the cold* Ellie: *smiles back at Luke, though it's hidden behind her scarf* *nervous and excited* *eyes a little red-rimmed, could be from the cold or could be from a little crying session before they left* *raises her hand to ring the doorbell* Met: *Jumps excitedly when he hears the door bell ring and goes to answer it before one of the others can* I got it! *Calls out just in case someone was going to beat him there* *Is relieved when he sees that no one else was and smiles brightly when he opens the door to see Luke and Ellie standing with arms full of presents* Hi! Come in come in! You must be freezing out here. *Waves them inside and takes some of the gifts for Ellie* *Calls towards the living room* Hey Mike, I hope we've still got some room underneath the tree! Mike: We will once we get rid of your presents! *Chuckles goodnaturedly because no matter how annoyed he and Met got with each other he loved the jerk* Ellie: *grins shyly at Met as she comes inside, where it is indeed a lot warmer* *immediately starts looking around for Azi, but sticks close to Luke* *clutches her overnight bag to her* *starts unravelling the scarf now that she's inside* Luke: *sees Met and grins back at him* *steps inside to where it's warm and quickly closes the door again* Most of ours are small, so there shouldn't be too much trouble getting them under the tree. *smiles again at Met because his arms are still too full for a hug* Good to see you. Met: *Pecks his lovers lips* Fantastic to see you too. Azi: *Appears around the corner once Mike has allowed him to abandon his present placing duty (well, more like sent him out to retrieve the gifts Luke and Ellie brought but he wasn't exactly planning on returning to his little holiday job) and glomps Ellie* Hi there love! Welcome to holiday hell! Mike: *Calls from the living room* Aziraphale! Language! Azi: *Calls back* Well it's true! Ellie: *drops her bag and gives Azi a hug back* *whispers* Holiday hell sounds festive. *winks and grins at him* Love the hat. *giggles* Luke: So what do you want done with our loot? *eyes up the little top hat that Met is wearing with some amusement* Met: Well Mike is handling present placement in the living room with Uriel, I'm sure he'll be happy to- Remy: *Dashes out of the kitchen and up the stairs with a plate of cookies, freshly stolen* *Cackles wildly* *Wearing reindeer antlers all the while* Met: *Blinks and shoves the presents he took from Ellie into Azi's arms* Excuse me for a moment. *Smiles politely before giving chase* Come back here you deranged cookie monster! Azi: *Giggles quietly, vaguely wondering if he could convince Remy to share his stolen goods with him and Ellie later* Come on, presents this way. *Waves them towards the living room* Ellie: *giggles at Remy's antics, too, and at Met chasing him* *picks up her bag again and follows Azi into the living room* Luke: *follows the two youngsters with a bemused smile on his face* *decides this family is crazy, and he loves it* *sees the loot beneath the tree and blinks* Wow. Ellie: *also stunned* Yeah... Azi: *Doesn't bat an eye because it's like this every year, although smiles at their reactions* There's six of us, of course there's going to be a lot. Uriel: Not that more is always a good thing.... *Stands up and takes the presents from Luke to add them to the loot* Especially when you're one of the people organizing them. Mike: We all have to do our parts Uriel, at least you didn't have to put up the lights outside on the roof. Azi: I would've done it if you had let me! Ellie: *exchanges a glance with Luke* *has never had a Christmas like this* Luke: *mouths 'you ok?' at Ellie* Ellie: *nods and steps closer to Luke again, slightly overwhelmed by family interactions* Luke: *puts an arm around Ellie's shoulders and gives her a reassuring squeeze* Anything we can do to help? Azi: *Blinks, having forgotten they were there for a moment* Oh no need to trouble yourselves! We're nearly done here anyway. How about I show you two the upstairs that way you can both put your stuff down? Mike: *Mumbles something about wanting them to stay in the guest room because Ellie and Azi are too young to be sharing a room together* Uriel: *Glances up at Mike* Met told you to be nice. Mike: I am being nice. Uriel: *Gives him a 'sure you are' look and goes back to arranging the last of the presents* Ellie: *leans into Luke, slightly intimidated by Mike* *nods at Azi, giving him a grateful look* Luke: *seeing that Ellie is getting overwhelmed, also nods gratefully at Azi* Upstairs sounds good. *ignores comments about Ellie and Azi sharing a room because while, technically, he'd like to agree, he knows that keeping them apart won't work and has come to peace with it* Azi: *Hands Uriel the last of the presents and smiles at Ellie and Luke* Follow me then. *Takes Ellie's hand and leads them to the stairs* Met: *Wandering back downstair after losing the battle for the cookies... as per usual* *Muttering to himself* And this is way we always make so many extra... *Smiles when he sees Luke* Ellie: *holding Azi's hand tight, her bag in her other hand, follows him up the stairs* Luke: *grins at Met* No luck, then? Met: I don't know way I try, once Remy gets to his room the sweets are never seen again. *Leans forward and takes Luke's things from him* So I'll assume since we're heading upstairs we're getting settled in? Azi: Yup! *Grins and quickly starts dragging Ellie past Met so that they could get upstairs and to his room* Ellie: *smiles and follows Azi, eager to get away from the craziness and get a chance to breathe* Luke: *watches the kids go, smiling* *steps up to the same level as Met and gives him a quick kiss* This is nice, but Ellie's a bit overwhelmed by your family, I think. We never had more than the three of us for as long as she can remember, and sometimes it was only her and her mother. Met: *Glances up at the two kids and smiles softly* Sorry about that, big family equals a whole lot of chaos around the holidays.... and we're still missing a person. *Takes Luke's hand* ...Did Mike behave for the few minutes I was gone? Azi: *Drags her up to the second floor and stops momentarily to knock on Remy's door* Psst Remy, it's me and Ellie. *Door opens a crack and a hand gives Azi a half a dozen cookies before closing the door again* Azi: *Whispers* Thank you! *Takes Ellie to his room* Ellie: *giggles softly when Remy's hand produces the cookies without even asking* *quietly* Now Remy I like! Luke: *gives Met's hand a squeeze and continues up the stairs* Yeah, he was fine. Doesn't approve of Ellie and Azi sharing a room, but that's sort of expected. *chuckles lightly* Not sure /I/ still approve, but I'm rolling with it. Azi: *Smiles and closes the door behind them* Yeah, he may steal every sweet in the house but at least he shares his spoils. Met: *Reaches the second floor just as Azi shut his door* *Chuckles softly* Good, I had a long talk with him before you got here about playing nice so hopefully you won't be dealing with any hostilities while you're here. *Leans Luke to the room on the exact opposite side of the hallway from Azi's* Ellie: *puts her bag on the floor and gives Azi another hug* *lays her head on his shoulder* *is hoping for a few minutes of solitude so she can prepare herself for going back and facing the family chaos* Merry Christmas, Azi. *smiles into his shoulder* Luke: *notices the door opposite Met's close and smiles* *also chucks his bag on the floor when they get into Met's room and sighs* Well, hoping for the best, then. Ellie had a little melt-down before we left, so if she's quieter than normal that might be why. Now that she's with Azi she should be fine. *snags Met around the waist and brings him closer for a more thorough kiss* And now that I'm with you, I'm very fine. *grins* Azi: *Hugs Ellie tightly and places a kiss to the top of her head* Merry Christmas to you too darling. Want to sit down for a moment to catch your breath? I know that having so many people running around can be a little overwhelming.... plus we're going to have to eat these cookies before we go back out there. Met: *Arms loop around Luke's neck and leans into him* *Smirking* I'll say you're fine... [28/03/14 2:42:12 pm] Miri: Ellie: *nods and sits down on the bed* *still quiet* Your family is nice, don't get me wrong. *holds her hand out for a cookie and smiles* And when we head down again I'll actually say hello. *blushes a little when she realises that she hadn't said a word to any of them* Luke: *laughing* Now now, don't start with that. We'll give your family all the wrong ideas about what it is we're like... *pauses* Ok, well, all the right ideas. But we should at least /pretend/ that we're able to restrain ourselves, though. *nuzzles his nose* Come on, we should head down again. If for no other reason than to stop Remy stealing the /rest/ of the sweets from the kitchen. *grinning* Met: *Pecks his lips* The sweets are safe for now. The one good thing about Remy winning at his little sweet swiping game is that once he has some it'll be an hour or two before he tries to get some more. *Kisses Luke's chin* Besides.... don't you want to take a moment to become familiar with my room? You /are/ going to be spending all night in it after all. Azi: *Hands her some cookies* It's fine darling, everyone was a little busy that they forgot to say hello themselves. We can go back down when you're ready. Ellie: *munches happily on her share of the cookies* I'll be good in a minute. *smiles* Besides, I'd like to properly meet the rest of your family. Luke: *chuckles* Well, if I'm going to be spending all night here, then I'll have plenty of time to familiarise myself later, won't I? *teasing* Met: *Nips playfully at Luke's jaw* You're such a tease and I love you so damn much. Azi: *Munches on a cookie* I'm sure you and them will get along just fine. *Knock on Azi's door* Azi: *Looks up and immediately hides the cookies before answering it* Mike *Revealed behind the door carrying a tray a number of tea cups on it* ....I made tea for everyone. Luke: *captures Met's lips with his in a brief, passionate kiss* I love you too. *grins* *hears knocking across the hall and turns his head* Ellie: *hastily wipes any biscuit crumbs off her lips and smiles shyly at Mike* Thanks... *stands to approach the door and eye up the tea* What sort of tea? Luke: *pokes his head out of Met's door* Did someone say tea? Mike: Chamomile tea with a touch of vanilla. *Offers her and Azi a cup* Azi: *Happily takes a cup from the tray* Thank you Mike! *Sips his tea and turns to Ellie* Mike makes the best tea. Mike: *Is pleased by the compliment* You're welcome. *Glances over his shoulder at Luke* I'll be with you two in a second. Met: *Giggles* We have to wait our turn. Luke: *grins* Sorry! *retreats and smothers a giggle* *whispers* Oh my... Ellie: *gingerly takes a cup and smiles at Mike* Thank you... *takes a sip* *blinks at her tea and takes another* *quietly* This is lovely. Met: *Giggles alongside Luke* Mike: *Smiles a little at Ellie* Thank you, I'm glad you enjoy it. Welcome to our home. *Turns and heads towards Met's door* *Knocks softly* Azi: *Smiles and closes the door once Mike leaves* ...He likes making tea. Luke: *getting his giggles under control, opens the door again* Oh, hello Mike. What a lovely surprise. Oh look, Met, tea! Ellie: *cradling her tea and sipping* He's very /good/ at making tea. *smiles at Azi* It was nice of him to welcome me. Met: Tea! Well who would have ever expected our grumpy little Mikey would grace us with his wondrous tea?! *Giggling* Mike: *Glares and wholes out the tray* ...I'm not sure which one of you are worse. Azi: *Nibbles on a cookie and sips his tea* The holidays put him in a pretty good mood. Luke: *takes two cups of tea and smiles at Mike* Thank you very much for the tea. *ignoring the other comment and his lover giggling in the background* We'll be down shortly. Ellie: *finishes off her tea and cookies and relaxes back on the bed* I feel guilty for not helping out. Are you sure there's nothing we can do? Mike: *Nods and leaves to go find Remy* Met: *Takes a cup from Luke* Aww... I think you two might actually be able to get along. Azi: *Sits his and Ellie's now empty cups aside and snuggles up next to her* It's Christmas Eve love, all the big stuff has already been taken care of. Just take this day to relax and ponder over what I got for you. *Grins* Luke: *chuckles* We'll see, early days yet. *sips at his tea* Hey, this is quite nice. I'm not usually a huge tea fan but... *takes another sip* I could be a convert. Ellie: *smiles and wraps her arms around Azi* Hmmm, well I only have to wait until tomorrow to find out, I suppose. *nuzzles into his chest* I got you something, too. Met: *Sips tea* Mike has a bit of a talent for tea.... well, more like a passion. He'd probably be happy to hear that he's successfully converted you. *Smiles* Azi: *Strokes her hair lovingly* *Free hand gently rubbing her back* ...Is there anyway I could /persuade/ you into telling me what it is? Luke: *smiles back* I said could be. I may need a few more cups to persuade me. Ellie: *laughs quietly* No way, and spoil the surprise? You'll just have to wait. Met: *Chuckles* I'm sure Mike will be happy to make you a few more cups... well maybe not happy, but he'll do it anyway. Azi: *Puts on his most adorable pout* Pwease? Luke: *finishes off his tea* Come on, lover boy. Time to be sociable. And let's drag the kids out, too. We are here to spend time with your family, not hide out in our rooms. *grins* Ellie: *fond smile* Absolutely not. *kisses his nose* Met: Fine fine.... but you get the job of dragging the kids out. I'd hate to be the one to break up whatever adorably sappy love fest they are having. *Grins* Azi: *Snuggles closely and nuzzles her neck* Are you sure? Luke: *rolls his eyes but goes to the door, leaving Met to take care of their empty cups* Ellie: Hmmmm. *lifts her chin and presses closer* Still no. *smiles* Luke: *knocks loudly on the door* You have five seconds to get decent and then I'm coming in! Ellie: *chuckles and briefly nuzzles Azi back before pushing away* We're decent! Met: *Collects their empty cups and follows Luke out* *Laughs when he hears his little announcement* Azi: *Scrambles back into an upright position* C-Come in! Luke: *opens the door and pops his head around* *grins when he sees the two of them on the bed, thankfully fully dressed* Time to be sociable, kids! Plenty of time for that later. Downstairs now! Ellie: *blushes but is smiling* Ok... *is nervous about going back down into the fray but knows she has to face Azi's brothers again sometime* Luke: *gives her an understanding look* You'll be fine. I'll be there, and so will Azi. If you're not down in two minutes I'm coming back up to carry you down... *winks and retreats* *to Met* That should about do it. Didn't say which one of them I'd be carrying. *grins* Met: *Laughs even harder than before and has to lean against Luke for support* Oh god please choose Azi! The sight of you carrying him around will bring me joy to no end. Azi: *Hears Met's laughter and gets the distinct feeling he should be weary of it* ...If things get to be too much down there remember I'm a master at break out of my own house. Luke: *chuckles* I'd rather not have to carry either of them. Ellie's gotten damn tall and Azi's even taller. I'd probably fall down the stairs. *nudges Met towards said stairs* Ellie: *slides out of the bed and smiles at Azi* I'm sure it'll be fine. *sounding more confident than she is* *holds out her hand for Azi, needing that much support to get up the courage to go outside* Met: *Moves towards said stairs* Oh alright, the last thing I need is you tumbling down my stairs... although the thought of me nursing you back to health is kinda interesting. Azi: *Stands up and takes her hand* Okay, but remember I'm here for you darling. Your wish is my command. Luke: *heads downstairs and back into the fray* Ellie: *squeezes his hand and pushes the door open, heading to the stairs* I might hold you to that. Later. *grins and looks at him out of the corner of her eye* *takes a deep breath and heads downstairs after the other two* --- Ellie: *wakes up and is disoriented for a moment before she realises she's in Azi's bed and pressed up against him* *nuzzles gently and places a small kiss against his jaw* Azi: *Feeling cuddly and comfortable and doesn't wanna get up yet* *Snuggles the warm Ellie pressing against him and buries his face into her soft bed messy locks, breathing in her sent* Ellie: * smiles when she realises Azi must be awake too* Merry Christmas! *stretches a little, trying to relieve cramped muscles* Azi: *Blinks* *Oh right! Today was Christmas!* *Child like excitement filled him and he felt a huge grin tug at his lips* Merry Christmas darling! Ellie: *opens her eyes when she hears his enthusiasm* *grins at him, infected with it too* Feel like going and jumping on a certain brother and uncle's bed like a couple of five year olds demanding presents? Azi: *Giggles and nuzzles her cheek* Definitely.... but only if they are descent. Ellie: *giggles too* Hmm it was too cold last night to sleep naked, even pressed against a warm body. Still we can sneak in and if we see pyjamas we pounce? Azi: *Grins* Sounds good to me darling! *Hops out of bed and offers Ellie a hand* Ellie: *grabs his hand, quickly slides into her bunny slippers, then sneaks across the hall with him* *pauses at Met's door, listening* *whispers* Don't hear anything. You? *grinning* Azi: *Shakes his head, whispers back* Nothing, let's check and see if it's safe. *Gently tries the door and finds it unlocked* *Peers inside* Ellie: *trying her best not to giggle* *peeks in with Azi and sees the two figures tangled together in the bed* *spots an arm that's definitely covered by pyjamas* *quietly* Yesssss! *sneaks in the rest of the way and positions herself at the foot of the bed on Luke's side* *looks at Azi* *mouths* Ready? Azi: *Covering his mouth to try and stifle his giggles and nods* *Holds up three fingers and slowly counts down to one before leading on Met* Merry Christmas!! Ellie: *leaps on the count and hug attacks Luke* Wakey wakey it's Christmas! Luke: *is rudely awoken by the two enthusiastic teenagers* *has no idea what's going on* What--? Met: *Yelps and attempts to bury himself against Luke to escape Azi's attack* Oh lord they're awake.... *Vaguely imagines that this is how normal parents feel on Christmas morning* Azi: *Roughly shaking his brother to get him up* Get up get up! Christmas morning is here! Luke: *brain has caught up with what is going on* *laughing now* Rascal. *grabs Ellie and starts tickling her, knowing her weakness* Ellie: *starts squealing and laughing* No fair! Luke: Who said anything about fair? You attacked first. *continues tickling* Met: *Shoves Azi back* Get off me you little maniac. *Chuckling* *Glances over at Ellie's and Luke's little tickle war going on* Azi: *Rights himself and laughs at Luke attacking Ellie* Come on! Get up you two! Luke: *stops attacking and hugs a still giggling Ellie right to him* *whispers* Merry Christmas sweetheart. Love you. *is glad to see her happy for now* Ellie: *happily burrows in for a moment* Love you too. *shifts away and starts tugging at his arm* Now get up get up! It's presents time! *grins* *dares to grab Met's hand, too, to tug on* Met: *Delightfully surprised by Ellie grabbing his hand and squeezes it* Alright alright, we're getting up. Remy: *Pokes his head in, antlers in place* Need any help getting them up? *Grinning* Azi: *Waves him off* We got them. Ellie: *lets them both go and scrambles off the bed* *starts tugging at the blankets* Come on come on! Luke: *has never seen Ellie like this and decides Azi has definitely had a positive influence on her* Ok! Look! *swings his legs out of bed* I'm getting out of bed! Now shoo. We'll be down in a minute. Azi: *Hops out of the bed and grabs Ellie's hand* If you're not we'll send Remy up to get you! *Giggles and drags Ellie out the door* Met: *Laughs* *Throws his arms around Luke and pulls him in for a passionate kiss once the kids are gone* ....Merry Christmas. Luke: *responds with enthusiasm* Merry Christmas yourself. *grins* We'd better not get into anything too intimate or we'll have Remy, or god forbid Ellie and Azi, interrupting us. *nuzzles* But later you're fair game. Anyway... *wry smile* I'll admit a certain keenness to get to the presents, too. Ellie: *is giggling with Azi all the way down the stairs* I can't wait to give you my gift! I do hope you'll like it... Met: *Nips at his lovers lips playfully* Let's go open presents like a couple of children before I decided to jump you. *Smiles and slips out of bed* *Tugs Luke out the door with him* Azi: The feelings mutual love. *Jumps the last step and dashes into the living room* Uriel: *Already casually waiting in the living room sipping a hot chocolate* *Gestures towards a tray full of hot chocolate filled mugs for Azi and Ellie* Morning. Luke: *chuckling, lets himself be led* Ellie: *close on Azi's heels* *smiles shyly at Uriel and goes to get a mug of hot chocolate because it smells oh so good* *quietly from behind her cup* Morning. Merry Christmas. Luke: *wanders in with Met* Good morning and Merry Christmas. Still a couple missing, I see? Are the sweets all locked up, or will we find Remy in the kitchen? Uriel: Merry Christmas. *Sips quietly at his hot chocolate* Azi: If I were to guess Remy went to go wake up Mike and Sunny's gonna be here later this afternoon. *Grabs some cocoa and drags Ellie over to sit down next to the present covered tree. *Distant sounds of Remy banging on Mike's door* Luke: *snags a hot chocolate for himself and goes to sit down on a couch* Ellie: *carefully balances her hot chocolate and sits as close as she can to Azi, snuggled up against his side* *eyes up the presents* *spots her one for Azi and smiles* *whispers to him* So do we have to wait until Sunny is here? Azi: *Speaks softly back* No, we already did our gifts exchange with her a few days ago in case she gets held up at the hospital today. Remy: *Comes flying into the room and immediately takes a seat next to Azi and Ellie* Mike: *Slinks in after Remy* *Obviously just woken up* *Yawns* ....Merry Christmas. Met: *Snuggles next to Luke* Morning Mikey! Ellie: *shrinks a little into Azi as the room fills with people, but is still smiling, if a bit more tentatively now* *is feeling /very/ outnumbered* *couldn't Azi have had more sisters?* Luke: *sees Ellie make herself a little smaller and wonders whether this was a good idea after all* *she's still smiling so he figures she's ok for now* Good morning Michael, Merry Christmas. Ellie: *tugs a little on Azi's arm and smiles at him* *whispers* Presents? Mike: *Takes a seat next to Uriel* *Sips a hot chocolate* Azi: *Grins and places a quick kiss to her cheek* Do you want yours now or would you rather have it be a last minute surprise? Ellie: *sips her hot chocolate and snuggles close* I want to say now, because I'm curious, but I also like the anticipation of waiting... Which one is it? *looks at the presents under the tree* Luke: *slides his arm behind Met and tugs him in close* *whispers* I presume you know what Azi got Ellie? *grins* Azi: *Grins* You're not gonna find it under there love. Met: *Turns and smiles knowingly at Luke* *Whispers* He's keeping it in Remy's room. Ellie: *intrigued* It's not? *dips her hand into the pile as she spots her gift for Azi* *it's a box, small enough to fit in the palm of her hand, wrapped in blue paper* *she tucks is away and smiles at Azi* You get yours when I get mine then. We can exchange. Luke: How about you warn me when you give Azi his so I can give Met mine at the same time, since they're of similar nature? *winks at Met* Ellie: *grins and pokes around the presents until she finds Luke's one for Met* *places it with Azi's one* Met: Aww... well then in that case you have to wait for yours too. *Sticks his tongue out at Luke* But until then at least we can give you two the one that's from all of us. Remy: *Reaches under the tree and finds two flat rectangular boxes* *Hands one to Luke and one to Ellie* Merry Christmas from everyone. Ellie: *accepts the box from Remy* Thank you. *waits until Luke has his before starting to tear at the paper* Luke: *pokes his tongue back at Met, then also accepts the gift* Thanks. *tears into it* Mike-Remy-Uriel: *Pick up the presents that Luke and Ellie brought for them and begin to open them. Met-Azi: *Looks between the two groups opening presents eagerly* Ellie: *opens the box inside the wrapping and sees that it's a... * *pulls it out, confused for a moment, then amused* *grins and pulls the sweater on over her pyjama top* *hugs Azi and giggles* *looks at the rest of his family* Thank you! Luke: *has a similarly silly sweater and also puts it on* I'll wear this on our next date, shall I? *winks at Met and strikes a pose* Met: *Chuckles* You had better! *Whispers quietly to Luke* I think I'll have fun taking that off of you... Azi: *Pointedly ignores Met's obvious seductive comments towards Luke and snuggles Ellie* Now we can both wear ridiculous sweaters! *Giggles and goes to open a gift from one of his brothers* Mike-Remy-Uriel: *Open gifts from Luke and Ellie to reveal that they are boxes of expensive chocolates* Mike: *Smiles a little* Thank you for this. *Sets chocolate aside for later* Uriel: Yes thank you. *Also smiles and studies the box for a moment to see what sort of chocolates they were* Remy: *Already has several chocolates in his mouth* *Nods and makes a 'what they said' motion* Luke: *quietly back* I look forward to it. Ellie: *rummages around until she sees her gift for Luke* *brings it over to him and hands it over with a kiss on the cheek* Merry Christmas. Luke: *smiles at his niece and starts opening the package* *inside is a book on how to train your dog* *looks at Ellie, confused* Ellie: *smiles* No, I didn't get you a dog. I believe you should be picking one out for yourself. The book is just a hint. Luke: *grins* I see. Thank you, love. Azi: *Opens last present (excluding the one Ellie got him) and adds the book to his growing collection* *Looks up to make sure that everyone else has opened their things* Uriel: *Fiddling with some of his new art supplies* Remy: *Munching on his sweets and playing with some of his gag gifts* Mike: *Admiring his new tea set and book of laws* Met: *Organizing a number of classic records* *Looks at the little present that Luke got him* So can Azi and I open our gifts now or do you two want yours first? Ellie: Open them! *grinning and still cuddled up to Azi* *hands him his gift and tosses Met's one to Luke* Luke: *laughs and catches* What she said. *hands it to Met with a little flourish* Met: *Takes the gift with a smile and tears it open* *Finds a key inside and raises a curious eyebrow at Luke* Azi: *Is holding an identical key in his hand once he had opened his own gift* What do these go to? Luke: *answering for both of them* Our house. There's a note in there as well. Azi: *Looks back inside the box and finds the note* *Reads it* ....It says we have to use the keys to acquire our other gifts. Met: *Playful smirk at Luke* Well that's just unfair, hiding our gifts like that. How would you like it if I did the same with yours? *Holds up an envelope that is addressed to Luke* Luke: To be fair, the house key /is/ the gift, but we had to give you a reason to come over and use them. *winks* *eyes up the envelope* Is that mine, then? Ellie: *whispering to Azi* Luke says our home is your home. *smiling and cuddling* I've been very patient. May I have my gift now? Azi: *Cuddles back* Hmm.... I guess so. Wait here and see what Met got Luke while I go get it. *Kisses her cheek and pulls away from her, running up the stairs* Met: Why yes, yes it is. *Grins and hands him the envelope* Luke: *takes the envelope with a smile and opens it* *raises his eyebrows at the tickets inside* Romantic weekend away? *leans into Met's shoulder* Ellie: What is it? Luke: Plane tickets. *gives Met a kiss* Thank you. Met: *Smiles and kisses him back* You're welcome darling. Azi: *Sneaking quietly back downstairs* *Tiny fuzzy creature snuggling in his arms* *Peeks around the corner and waits until Ellie isn't looking before sneaking up next to her* Merry Christmas. Ellie: *turns to see Azi with his arms full of bunny and her eyes widen* Is that... *looks to Luke for permission even as her arms are reaching for the small fluffy animal* Luke: *smiles and nods* Been cleared by me, go on. Ellie: *takes the bunny into her arms and snuggles it carefully* *looks up at Azi with suspiciously shiny eyes* Thank you it's gorgeous! *strokes the soft fur* Azi: *Leans over and plants a kiss to her forehead* I'm glad you like it love. *Scratches the little rabbits head* Remy: What are you going to name it? Ellie: Is it a boy or a girl? *looks at Azi briefly but her eyes keep going back to the little rabbit* Azi: *Pets it's long bunny ears* It's a boy. Ellie: *holds the bunny up to look him in his twitchy little face* I name thee... Bugs. Luke: *looks at the rabbit dubiously* Bugs? Ellie: *beams at him* Bugs Bunny! Luke: *laughs* My niece is a dork. Ellie: *pokes her tongue out at her uncle and cuddles Bugs* Azi: *Laughs and cuddles both Ellie and Bugs* You're both adorable. Met: *Chuckles* Alright, now that everyone is done opening presents how about we get some breakfast going? Ellie: Can I keep cuddling Bugs? Luke: Normally I would say no, but so long as no one else objects I'm ok with it. This once. Ellie: *cuddles into her bunny and boyfriend, feeling insanely happy* ---- Azi: *Bouncing in his seat a little* *Excited because today was the first day the fair was in town and he was going with Ellie and Met and Luke and is was like a little family outing* *Hand clenching Ellie's in the back seat as the first of the rides come into view from the car window* We're almost there! Ellie: *grins and leans her chin on Azi's shoulder to get a good look at the rides as well* *it had been hard to leave Bugs behind this morning, but the sight of the fair was getting her enthusiastic about the day* It'll be hard to know where to start. Luke: *grins at the enthusiasm of the two kids in the back* *guides the car into the rather crowded parking lot and after some swearing manages to secure a park* All out! Met: *Chuckles at Luke's swearing from the passenger seat* *Climbs out and stretches him limbs* So what should we all do first? Are we even going to pretend that we are intending to stick together or should we all just go ahead and split off from here? Azi: *Bouncing on the balls of his heels as he looks up at the ferris wheel* I'm fine either way as long as we get in there soon! Ellie: *is grinning widely and trying to see all the rides* *gripping Azi's hand* Oh look, they've got that one with the two arms that swing all the way around! Luke: *gets out and grumbles about idiots who can't park their cars properly* I'd say let the kids have their fun, meet back here in four hours? That enough time? Azi: Not nearly enough but we'll make do! *Drags Ellie towards the entrance and waves goodbye to Luke and Met* Met: *Laughs as they go* *Walks around the car and slips an arm around Luke* So what do you feel like riding? Luke: *nuzzles Met's ear* Well, you. But this is hardly the place. *grins* So if we're talking fairground rides, we'll just have to see what's available first. *guides Met towards the fairground entrance* Ellie: *once they have their tickets and are inside, looks around* This way! *pulls him off to the left and the first set of rides* Azi: *Gladly allows Ellie to drag him to a ride* Oh which one are we doing first?! Ellie: *smiling* If we do this systematically, we can get through all the rides! *points at a little rollercoaster* *shuffles her sweater sleeve up so that her wristband is showing* We can work out way around the outside, then back through the middle. Azi: *Grins* Sounds good love! *Pulls up his sleeve as well and follows her onto the ride* Ellie: *several rides later they're standing in the queue for the ferris wheel* *cuddles against Azi's side* I love this ride. *smiles widely at him* Azi: *Arms around her* So do I! I used to ride it all the time with Crowley and Bentley... I also used to always wonder what it would be like to climb it. Ellie: *laughs* You're such a monkey. *places a kiss on his nose* My monkey man. Azi: *Chuckles* I'm not a monkey, if anything I'm a koala. *Snuggles* Ellie: *giggles* My koala man doesn't have quite the same ring to it. *they move up in the line, nearly at the front* I hope we get to stop at the top at least once. Azi: So do I! Judging by this thing's height we may even be able to see our houses from up there. Oh, and if you're going to start calling me a Monkey Man than I'm going to be forced to call you my Bunny Girl. *Smirks* Ellie: *wrinkles her nose at the nickname* No thanks. *moves to sit in one of the gondolas of the ferris wheel when they're ushered forward* *cuddles back into Azi's side when the bar is lowered in front of them* *bounces a little* Here we go! Azi: *Laughs* Then don't call me a monkey. *Takes a seat next to her* *Hangs onto the bar because if he remembers right this ride moves a little fast at first when it is loading everyone on* Ellie: *follows Azi's example and frees a hand to grab the bar* *is glad she did when the gondola moves rather suddenly* *laughs as they swing a little and pause again to load the next one* Alright, I won't call you a monkey. *grins cheekily at him* You're my honey bunch sweetie pie koala teddy bear. Is that better? Azi: *Serious face* Much better. Being your honey bunch sweetie pie koala teddy bear suits me just fine *Attempts not to grin and grips the bar again when they swing forward to load some more people on* Ellie: *laughs, delighted* Oh good, I'll have to remember to call you that as often as possible, especially when Luke or Met are around. Azi: *Brakes out into giggles* Please do! I can't wait to see their faces when they hear you call me something that sappy. Ellie: Maybe I should add a few more words to it, just to make sure they drown in sap? *grips the bar tightly as they surge forward and up again* Though the two of them are just about as bad, really. Azi: I actually imagine that they are worse than we are. It's kinda funny how quickly they got together isn't it? Ellie: I did /not/ see it coming, I have to say. Azi: *Moves forward to load on the last group of people* Honestly, I don't think Met or Luke did either. Ellie: Once I got over the ick-factor, it's kind of sweet. *lets go of the bar and wraps her arms around Azi when the ferris wheel starts moving properly* I like Met. Azi: *Snuggles her as much as the ferris wheel seat would allow him to* And I like Luke.... when he's not angry. Do you think those two will last? Ellie: God I hope so. Can you imagine what it would be like for us if they had a falling out? No thank you. Azi: *Sighs* I guess the only option for those two is for them to continue dating until one of them pops the question and we get to attend their wedding. *Smiles a little, amused* Ellie: *chuckles* Wouldn't that make us technically related? Azi: *Blinks* *Ponders over this* Well.... since Met is technically only my half brother if he were to marry Luke then I suppose that would him my half brother in law. And since you're Luke's niece I'm not sure what that would make you.... Is there an actual title for someone's half brother in law's niece? Ellie: *laughing* I have no idea! It's hurting my brain just to think about it. *nuzzles* Azi: *Nuzzles back and notes that they are nearing the top of the ferris wheel* All the better that there's no title. It'd make dating a little awkward if we were actually related. Ellie: *looking out at the view* This is lovely. *takes a deep breath* Sometimes I wish I had wings. Azi: *Gently rests his head against hers* So do I. Could you imagine us, soaring through the skies together? Reaching the highest reaches of the world, being on top of it all? Ellie: *smiling* I can. It would be perfect. *watches the town below them* Azi: *Enjoys the view quietly for a moment* ....Ever heard of Mt. Chumborazo? Ellie: *turns her head slightly so that she can look at his face* No? Azi: *Grins* It's peek is known to be the highest land based point in the whole world! I think it'd be kinda of neat to climb to the top on day... Ellie: Ohh, nice! Yes, that would be lovely. Take me with you? Azi: Of course! *Hugs her* I'm planning to take you on all my future adventures around the world. You and Crowley and Bentley and maybe Crowley's boyfriend Leo.... Ellie: *smiles and snuggles in close* I'd like to meet Crowley and Bentley. Azi: How about I introduced you to them this summer? Or if you really want we can video chat them together on Skype sometime? Ellie: I like the idea of video chat. It's somehow less scary than meeting in person...? *gives him a shy smile* Azi: Trust me, Crowley tries to pretend he's all suave and cool but in reality he's just as much a cuddler as I am, and Bentley's an absolute sweetheart. Ellie: *tucks her face into his shoulder* They've known you for ages though. What if they don't approve of me? Azi: Well let's see. I love you, you love me, they love me, and I love them.... all the math points to them loving you darling. Ellie: *smiles and looks back down at the crowd below* *thinks she spots Luke and Met, then loses sight of them* Well, I hope you're right. I'd prefer it if your friends like me. *fingers sliding through his* My mother would have liked you. Azi: *Squeezes her hand* *Smiles softly* And I'm positive I would have loved her. She made someone incredibly precious to me so I don't see how I couldn't like her. Ellie: *sighs* I miss her, but I'm so lucky and thankful to have you and Luke. *pauses and smiles a little* And Bugs. Azi: *Snuggles* And Luke and Met and Bugs and myself are all some thankful to have you in our lives. Ellie: Oh I'm sorry, I didn't mean to leave out Met. *hugs Azi tight* I do mean him, too. And Remy and Uriel and Mike. It's like I've suddenly got all these brothers or uncles and I don't know what to do with them all. And Sunny, too. Azi: They're all a bit overwhelming aren't they? Ellie: *nervous laugh* That's one way of putting it. I... I like them. I'm just not used to it all. Azi: It's fine darling... To be honest I'm don't think I've ever spent this much time with them since I was very young. I used to spend all my time with Crowley and Bentley. Ellie: *looks at him curiously* So what did you do after Crowley and Bentley moved away but before I came along? Azi: *Shrugged* It was weird with them gone. I was so used to being out of my own house that it didn't feel right for me to spend most of time there. Usually I'd visit a library or feed the ducks in the park or just wander around all day and night.... the sort of things I used to do with them. Ellie: *can't imagine wanting to spend so much time away from home* *softly* It must have been lonely. Azi: *Gently kicking his feet back and forth as they dangle over the edge* ...It was. Ellie: *gives his hand a squeeze* Not lonely now... Azi: *Smiles at her* No I'm not. I've got you and Luke and even my own brothers are spending more time with me lately. Ellie: Good. *swings her own feet* Too bad the holidays have to end. I'm going to have to give Bugs plenty of cuddles in the mornings to tide him through the day. Or tide me through. Not sure which. Azi: *Grins myschevieously* We could always try and sneak him to school with us. Get him a tiny backpack and fill it with carrots... Ellie: *giggles* He'd probably be better than me at history. Azi: You think so? Well maybe he can start helping you with your homework instead of me. *Chuckles* Ellie: Hey, I thought you /liked/ helping me with my history. *grins* Azi: I do! I just don't see how I could compete with someone so adorable that's all. Ellie: *nods sagely* True. Bugs is so much more adorable than you. And if he can help me with my history then that makes you rather redundant. Azi: *Sighs* I guess I shouldn't be surprised that you'd replace me as soon as someone cuter hops into your life. Ellie: *giggles again* To be fair, this one you sort of brought on yourself since Bugs was /your/ gift to me. *squeezes him* And I love him so much thank you! Azi: *Squeezes back and kisses her temple* I'm happy to know the you love the gift that you're going to replace me with. Ellie: Hey at least I'm not replacing you with an inanimate object. *winks* Azi: *Blinks and looks at her curiously* ...What inanimate object could you replace me with? Ellie: *covers her face and giggles uncontrollably* Azi: *Blinks again* *Pokes her* Hey, what is it that you find so funny? Ellie: *continues to giggle softly against his shoulder* Nothing nothing. I'll explain one day. *looks up at him, eyes bright* Don't worry, I'll never replace you. Azi: *Still feeling rather confused but smiled anyway* And I'll stay with you for as long as you'll have me. Ellie: Forever then. Just as well. My honey bunch sweetie pie koala teddy bear. *grins* Azi: You know that I'm going to have to come up with some overly sweet nick name for you too? Ellie: I look forward to it. *feels the Ferris wheel slow* Oh! It's finishing! *disappointed* Azi: We can always go again if you would like. We're almost through with all the rides anyway. Ellie: We'll have to queue again but I don't mind if you don't? Azi: *Grins* It gives me an excuse to get stuck in a high place with you my dear. Ellie: Then let's go again! ---- Ellie: *waiting for Azi outside the school gates* *looks at her watch and wonders what's keeping him* *wants to get home to cuddle Bugs then cuddle Azi* *smiles and looks towards the school entrance again* Azi: *Keeps his head down and one of his arms close to him as he approached Ellie* *Knows just how badly he must look considering he had just returned from the bathroom after washing dirt and a little blood off of his face* *Body aches painfully from his most recent run in with the bullies* *Looks up momentarily to see Ellie only a few feet away and is filed with dread for how she is going to react to seeing him like this* ...Hi dear. Ellie: *feels her stomach drop down through her feet* *anger and concern vying for attention* What-- are you ok? *hands reaching out to touch him but hesitating, not sure where is safe to do so* Azi: *Slumps against her and rests the uninjured side of his face onto her shoulder* Can... can we just go home? Ellie: *voice shaking with suppressed anger* Are they still around? Where did this happen? Because I swear to god-- Azi: *Wraps the arm that didn't get awkwardly twisted around her shoulders and gives her a weak squeeze* Ellie please... I just want to go home. Ellie: *swallows down her anger and carefully wraps an arm around him to try and support his weight* My home or yours? *fiddles with her pocket to get her phone out* Azi: *Mumbles tiredly* Your house is closer... What are you doing? *Eyes her pocket fiddling* Ellie: *looks at him like he's daft* Calling Luke to come get us. He's going to see you anyway, and it'll be easier than walking. *unlocks her phone and presses contacts* Azi: *Groans and hides what he could of his face against her shoulder* I didn't want him to find out.... Ellie: Azi... We can walk back if you like but Luke /is/ going to see you. What do you want me to do? Azi: Hide me in your room from the world and feed my cookies? *Attempts a smile* Ellie: *kisses his cheek* I'll try, ok? *slips her phone away and does her best to support him* No promises. *frowns* I don't like this. Azi: I would be surprised if you did. *Attempts to stand up a little straighter that way Ellie didn't have to support him so much* ...What do you think the odds are that Luke won't notice? Ellie: Slim to none. You know how he likes to greet us when we get home. *tries to at least take his bag off him if he wasn't going to lean on her for support* Azi: *Allows her to take his bag because quite honestly it wasn't doing his shoulder and favors* And I guess climbing in through your window is out of the question. *Looks dejected at the arm that he was currently cradling* Ellie: *sternly* Most definitely out of the question. Do... Are you sure you don't need a doctor? *bites her lip* Azi: *Shakes his head* It's just some bruising and strained muscles, they hurt but nothing is broken so that's a plus. Ellie: *still struggling with her anger* *is making plans herself because this can't go on* *carries both bags and tries to still support Azi as much as possible* I... wish you'd tell someone about this. It's getting really serious. Azi: *Quietly* I know, but what would they do? If someone tries to stop them from hurting me then those jerks will just turn around and start hurting you again.... only this time they might that and more. Ellie: *knows what he means by more* *shudders when she remembers what they tried to do when there were three of them* There has to be something! This can't go on. They're going to seriously hurt you. I don't want that. I don't want that at all. Azi... *looks at him with pleading eyes* And what is Met going to say when he sees you? You can't avoid your whole family! Azi: *Mumbles 'I've done it before' but gently loops his uninjured arm with Ellie's* Are you going to tell them when we get home? Ellie: *wants to* I... Not if you don't want me to. Azi: *Rests his forehead against hers* I won't stop you if you want to tell them... but I know I won't be telling them myself. Ellie: *is very worried for him* I... I don't know. I want to tell Luke because I feel like we need an adult to at least /know/ but he'll tell Met and... *tries not to think of the respect she'll lose by not telling Luke when he does eventually find out* *is torn* Azi: *Sighs and absolutely hates the inner turmoil he is putting her through* Then tell them darling, I know it's not fair of me to expect you to keep this a secret. Ellie: We're nearly there. *helps him up the stairs* Ready? Azi: No but we're going in there away so might as well get it over with. *Takes his backpack back from Ellie* Ellie: *reluctantly gives up the backpack and sneaks in the door* *doesn't call out like she usually does* *thinks maybe they can get upstairs unseen* Luke: *wanders through from the kitchen tapping at his phone* *looks up* Hey was just texting... *sees Azi* *tucks his phone in his pocket and rushes forward* Oh my god, are you ok? Azi: *Nods and keeps his head down, attempting to at least prevent Luke from seeing the worst of it* I'm fine, although I could probably use a nap later. Luke: *bites down on any lectures because Azi looks like that's the last thing he needs* *gently* How about you head upstairs and let Ellie tuck you into bed. I'll bring you up some ice packs, a hot drink and some food. I won't call Met, no use bothering him at work, but he's coming over later so I'll prepare him before sending him up to see you, ok? Ellie: *gently rubbing Azi's back* *is very glad that Luke is being reasonable and not flying off the handle* *decides Met isn't being just a /bad/ influence* Thanks Luke. Come on, Azi. Azi: *Relaxes a little and leans against Ellie again* *Is incredibly grateful that Luke isn't demanding to know what happened or who did this to him* *Decides that maybe he was too quick to judge when he was afraid of Luke seeing him like this* That sounds.... bloody wonderful right now. Thank you Luke. *Smiles tiredly and allows Ellie to take him to her room* Ellie: *bundles him off to her room* *takes his bag, sweater, shoes, and tucks him into bed* *sits on the covers next to him and frowns down at him, stroking his hair* I hate that school. Luke: *watches them go with a frown* *wonders what the hell he's going to tell Met when he arrives later* *goes to make some food and hot drinks* Azi: *Reaches out and takes her hand into his* Don't blame the school darling, blame the idiots who go to it. *Smiles a little* ....Why don't you go get Bugs that way we can snuggle him together? Ellie: *is reluctant to leave him* Ok, but I'll be /right/ back. *leans down and kisses his nose* *takes off out of the room to return a minute later with the bunny in her arms* *deposits him on the bed next to Azi and climbs on as well, Bugs between them* *pets the bunny, watches Azi* Azi: *Scratches the little rabbits ears* So Luke seems to be taking this all incredibly well now isn't he? Ellie: *nods and brushes her fingers against Azi's as she pets Bugs* He really regrets how he reacted to the whole pregnancy scare and I think he's trying really hard not to do that again. Also, I think Met has mellowed him a lot. *smiles at Azi* Azi: *Smiling, rubs his fingers against Ellie's* Yeah, he can have that effect on people. I think it has something to do with his voice.... Ellie: Well, whatever it is, I'm thankful. Luke: *knocks quietly on the door and pokes his head in* I come bearing gifts... Ellie: *waves him in with a smile* Luke: *comes in with a tray containing sandwiches and two steaming mugs of cocoa* *brings it over to the bedside table and sits down next to Ellie* *looks at Azi* Do I even bother asking who, why, how? Azi: *Looks down at Bugs, purposely avoiding eye contact with Luke because despite how kind he was being he just couldn't bring himself to tell him what was going on with him and the bullies at school* *Feels a little guilty* You could ask but.... *Isn't sure how to finish the sentence* *Gives Ellie a pleading look* Ellie: *takes Azi's hand and gives it a squeeze* *looks at Luke* It's just some stupid kids. They'll get bored. Luke: *puts a finger under Azi's chin to raise his head and get a better look* *softly* It doesn't look like they're getting bored. Ellie: *takes Luke's hand in her other one* Please, Luke? Luke: *sighs and lets go of Azi's chin* *wraps an arm around his niece* *is totally out of his depth* I just don't like to see either of you hurt. Ellie: *leans into her uncle* *looks sadly at Azi* I know. Azi: *Is relieved that it looks like Luke isn't going to press them for answers and gives Ellie's hand a squeeze in thanks* *Tries for a reassuring look when he addresses Luke again* I'm okay, it probably looks a whole lot worse than it actually feels and nothing's broken. Odds are that the bruising with go away in a few days and then everything will be fine again. Don't worry. Luke: *presses a kiss to Ellie's temple* There are some ice packs under the dish towels on the tray if you need them. Otherwise, I'll leave you in peace. Met will be up when he gets here. Ellie: *nods again and lets go of Luke's hand* Luke: *stands up and reluctantly leaves the room, closing the door softly behind him* Ellie: Do you need an ice pack anywhere? *grabs Bugs and puts him back between them as he'd started wandering off* Azi: *Chuckles and the curious little rabbit and sits up a little straighter so that he could drink that hot chocolate that was teasing him with it's delightful aroma* I think one for my arm and for my side would work for now. I'll put one on my eye later once we are done eating. Could you please pass me a cocoa? Ellie: *passes him the ice packs first and then the cocoa* *grabs her own and sits next to Azi with her back against the headboard* *places Bugs firmly between them, making a barrier with her leg so he can't get away* What do you think Met's going to do when he sees you? *looks at Azi sideways* You do look a fright. Azi: *Sips cocoa gratefully and watches Bugs out of the corner of his eye in case he decides to start hopping* I'm not entirely sure. The last time I went home looking like this they did pretty much what Luke is doing now.... only I also got a lecture from Mike about fighting. My best guess would be that Met would want to call the school and report this but without any actual proof it's just my word against theirs. Ellie: And all your bruises! They can't deny that you /are/ being bullied! *hunches down and pets Bugs rather furiously* Azi: Well no they can't, but just because I'm being bullied doesn't mean I can just point at someone and say they did it. The school is going to want proof that it was them or else I could be just saying someone else did this to me from fear of what my actual attackers would do if I turned them in. Ellie: *sulks* Such a ridiculous system. *Bugs sniffs at her fingers with his twitchy little nose and even that isn't enough to raise her mood* It's stupid. I hate it. I just want to kick all their teeth in. Azi: *Gets a mental image of Ellie doing just that* *Chuckles* I can't say I don't approve of the idea, but we really shouldn't resort to violence dear. *Sips cocoa and then hands her the cup to sit back on the tray* *Makes grabby hand at the sandwiches* Ellie: *makes herself relax and smile* *hands over a sandwich for Azi, leaving the other on the tray for now* I know, I know. Moral high ground and all that. But boy was it satisfying when I broke that arm... Azi: *Smiles and takes the sandwich* I imagine it was, to be honest the knowledge that you've caused those jerks some serious damage comes as a bit of a comfort. Ellie: *looks pleased with herself and relaxes back against the headboard again* *picks up Bugs and cuddles him in her arms* I wish I could keep you safe. I feel so useless because they pick times when I'm not there, and I can't be there because I have other classes... Azi: *Shifts and snuggles up next to her* You're not useless at all darling, I don't think I'd be able to get through those unpleasant meetings if it wasn't for the fact that I get to be cared by you afterwards. Ellie: *brushes his hair back from his forehead and places a kiss there* I'd rather you didn't have those 'unpleasant' meetings at all. Eat up, you need your strength. Then I don't mind if you need to nap. Bugs and I will watch over you. Azi: Well with Bugs watching over me then I know I'll be safe. *Grins and noms on his sandwich* Ellie: *laughs and kisses his hair* *her own cocoa placed back on the tray, only half finished* *cuddles her two boys* ---- Met: *Returns home after a pretty pleasant day of work* Honey I'm home! *Kicks off his shoes at the door and starts looking around for Luke and the others* Luke: *emerges from his office and greets Met with a smile and open arms* Hey there. Welcome back. How was work? *is stalling* Met: *Hugs and pecks him on the lips* Work was fine, how was your day? And where are the kids? Luke: *internal sigh even as he wraps his arms around Met* /My/ day was fine, the kids are upstairs... *hesitates* Azi came back looking a bit worse for wear again. Met: *Pulls back a little* *Concerned* How worse for wear are we talking about? Luke: Enough that I gave him some ice packs and sent him straight to bed? Last I checked he was asleep and Ellie and Bugs were watching him. Met: Wha- *Glances to the stairs and resists the urge to go running up them* What happened to him? Does he need a doctor? Luke: *shakes his head* No, if he did I'd have called you at work. But this is getting more and more out of hand. Seems the school can't do jack shit about it, so I just don't know where to go next. *slides his hand into Met's* I think he'd appreciate seeing his brother, though. Met: *Nods and quietly starts to sneak up the stairs with Luke* Are you sure it's those same guys from before? Luke: I'm not sure of anything, but that would be the logical assumption. *quietly knocks on Ellie's door and peeks inside* Ellie: *sitting at her desk doing her homework with Bugs asleep on the bed next to Azi* *looks up and sees Luke and Met at the door* *places her finger to her lips and indicates the sleeping occupants of the bed* Luke: *nods and enters silently* *steps aside so that Met can get to Azi* Met: *Eyes widen when he takes in the sight of his little brother and moves to his side as quickly and as quietly as he could* *Reaches out but hesitates, not wanting to hurt him* *Very carefully sits down on the bed next to him and Bugs, stroking some hair out of his sleeping face* *Looks over at Ellie* What can you tell me about what happened to him? Ellie: *puts her pencil down and bites her lip* *speaks quietly* Not a lot, really. He's not talking about it, and it all happens when I'm not around. It's the same lot who were harassing me, from what I can tell, and he did something to shift their attention away from me and to him... But they're catching him in between classes and in the bathroom. *looks away again or she's going to cry with frustration* *the desire to tear out throats has only gotten worse as she's been sitting there* Luke: *moves over and silently puts a hand on Ellie's shoulder* Met: *Feels his heart drop* You mean to tell me Azi's been provoking a group of bullies on purpose?! *Looks from him to Ellie, feeling both incredibly angry and concerned for his brother* ....How long has this been going on? This is the first time he's come home like this since I first spoke to you two. Ellie: *shrinks away from Met a little* I... I don't know? I suppose... since they stopped picking on me? I... I'm sorry. He didn't want... didn't want anyone to worry. I tried to tell him... to do something about it... but he wouldn't... *the frustration and anger that has been boiling just below the surface finally breaks the dam and she buries her face in her hands* He kept saying it was ok! Then he came back like this and I... Met: *Realizes that he may have come off a little harsh and immediately softens his expression and hugs the girl apologetically* *Ellie is probably having an even harder time with seeing Azi like this than he was* It's okay kid, I'm not mad at you. I'm just worried about Azi that's all... Ellie: *nods and leans into Luke's hand* Is there /anything/ you can do? Azi says I'm not allowed to kick their teeth in. Luke: *smiles a little because Ellie still has some fight in her* We can talk to the school again? They must surely have some policies in place to deal with this level of bullying... *looks at Met questioningly* Met: *Let's go of Ellie and sighs sadly* I sure hope they do or else I don't know what I'm going to do with the kid. I can't just take him out of school, he'd throw a fit and none of are home often enough to homeschool him. What do you think we should do? Azi: *Stirring quietly and is vaguely aware that he is surrounded by voices at the moment* Luke: *looks at Met sympathetically* Perhaps if we both go and talk to the school? Really try and impress upon them the severity of the situation. I'll try not to shout /too/ much. *wry smile* Ellie: *isn't sure that's going to work, but doesn't know what else will* *notices Azi stirring and stands to go to the bed and sit down on the edge of it* *Bugs is disturbed by her sitting on the bed and lifts his head to sniff disapprovingly at her* *she pets his ears and he settles down again* *watches Azi* Met: *Smiles back* By all means shout and yell at them until you're hearts content. I'll make me look like the reasonable one. *Chuckles a little* Azi: *Notices the bed shift and buries his face into the pillow, not wanting to wake up* *Immediately regrets his decision when he is painfully reminded of the bruising on his face and groans, propping himself up on an eyebrow as he blinks awake and tries to take in his surroundings* Luke: Good cop, bad cop. I like it. Maybe I could demonstrate on them the sorts of bruising the kids have been coming back with? *looks entirely too gleeful about this idea* Ellie: *ignores Luke's silly threats and leans over Azi* Good morning sunshine. *smiles and carefully brushes some hair off his face* Your brother's here to see you. Met: *Loves the idea of Luke demonstration* And people say /I'm/ the bad influence. Azi: *Feels incredibly drowsy and attempts to sit up a little* Morning Ellie.... what's going on? Met: *Notices Azi's awake and immediately helps him sit up* Hey little brother, how are you feeling? Azi: *Leans against Met and rubs his eyes with his good arm* *Still feeling out of it* Tired... Ellie: *also helping to support Azi* *is concerned about how tired he is* Maybe he has a concussion. I didn't think about that. *voice slightly panicked* What if he has a concussion? Luke: *places a hand on Ellie's head* We'll keep an eye on him, don't worry. Ellie: *bites her lip and fusses over Azi* *Bugs has gotten annoyed with all the jostling and hopped to the far end of the bed to glare at them all* Azi: *Blinking slowly, incredibly confused at the moment* Wha- *Looks between everyone* ...I have a concussion? Met: *Chuckles a bit even though he is also pretty concerned by how out of it his brother is* *Gently pats his head* Hopefully not kid, but how about you try to stay awake for the next few hours okay? Azi: *Leaning heavily against Met and Ellie* Alright... *Notes that Bugs is on the far end of the bed and reaches for him* Ellie: *picks up Bugs and hands him to Azi* I'm sorry, I didn't mean to panic. Luke: *figures it's getting pretty crowded in here* Does anyone need or want anything? I'll head down to make some more hot drinks. *picks up the tray with the half eaten sandwich and used mugs* Ellie: *shakes her head, too busy watching Azi* *trying to remember the signs of concussion* Azi: *Puts Bugs in his lap and gently pets the little ball of fluff* *Looks up at Luke when he offers to get something while he's downstairs* ....Can I have some tea? *Rests his head on Met's shoulder, eyes shut* Mikey likes to make me tea when my head hurts like this... Met: *Feels his own concern grow for his brother* *Nudges his gently with his shoulder* Stay awake kid. Luke: *frowns and looks at Azi, then at Met* I'll get some tea. *vanishes out the door* Ellie: *pets Bugs, too* *looks up at Met* Do we need to go see a doctor? Azi: *Lazily plays with Bugs* *Finds himself nodding off against Met again* Met: *Tries not to panic because Azi isn't even making an attempt to keep himself awake* *Snaps his fingers in front of Azi's face to keep him awake* ....We might. I'm going to call Sunny when Luke gets back up here. She's a nurse so she'll know what to do. Ellie: *puts her hand against Azi's face* Azi... Azi look at me. Stay awake. I know you're tired but stay awake, ok? Azi, do you hear me? *is hoping that the panic isn't evident in her voice* *heart is racing* Azi: *Looks up at Ellie and smiles even though she is sort of out of focus* I'm awake darling. I'm.... *Head nods forward but catches him himself before he falls* ....I'm a little dizzy. Met: *Puts a hand on Ellie's shoulder to help keep both himself and her from panicking* Ellie, please calmly go get Luke. Ellie: *is completely panicking anyway* *stares at Met with wide eyes, registers what he said, and takes off out of the room* *nearly runs Luke down on the stairs* Luke: Woah! Ellie... are you... is Azi ok? Ellie: *grabs his hand and, uncaring of the tray he's holding, drags him up the stairs and back into her room* Luke: *puts the tray down because the tea has spilled all over it anyway* What's wrong... *notices Azi's listlessness* *gets out his phone and hands it to Met* I think you should call his doctor. Azi: *Frowns when Ellie goes tearing out of the room* *Reaches for her even though she's already gone* Ellie- Met: *Gently shushes his brother* It's okay, Ellie will be right back, just relax and try to stay awake for us okay? Azi: ...Okay. *Goes back to lazily playing with Bugs, eyes feeling droopy* Met: *Is relieved when Luke gets back and takes his phone* Stay with him while I give Sunny a call. *Motions for Luke to take his spot on the bed* Ellie: *plasters herself to Azi's side and watches him like a hawk* Luke: Of course. *slides into the spot Met had occupied, supporting Azi* Right, kid, you need to stay awake for us. How about you tell us a story. What's your favourite book? Tell us about it. Ellie: *quietly worries* Met: *Dials Sunny's number and leaves the room, praying that she wasn't at work today* Azi: *Feels a little confused with Luke takes Met's place but leans on him just the same* *Takes a few moments to think of a book* ...I really like Hamlet. Luke: *nods encouragingly* Good, Hamlet is good. That'll keep you talking a while. Tell us about Hamlet. Azi: *Tries to remember how it goes but everything is all fuzzy* I... I can't think of it. I'm... my head hurts Luke. Ellie: *quietly continues panicking* *looks at Luke with wide eyes, then back at Azi* Met's calling someone. We'll get you some help. You just have to stay awake. Luke: *notes the growing panic in his niece and puts his arm around Azi to tug Ellie in close as well* *keeps his own voice calm, even though he is not* Yes, stay awake. We'll stop your head hurting soon. *feels how Ellie is shaking and wonders if she even notices* Azi: O-Okay. *What was wrong with him? And why was everything spinning? He really wished things would stop spinning, it was making him dizzy and nauseous* L-Luke.... I don't feel so good.... Luke: *sees how white Azi is and looks around* Ellie, get me the waste bin now please. Ellie: *about to ask why but she sees how Azi looks and dives for it* *quickly brings it back and places it in front of Azi* *it's not completely solid, but will do a better job of containing things than him throwing up on the bedclothes* Azi: *Carefully moves Bugs into Luke's lap and takes the waste bucket from Ellie* *Holds it in front of himself and promptly throws up* Luke: *holds Bugs secure with one hand and rubs Azi's back with the other* Ellie: *holding Azi's hair back and stroking his forehead* It's ok, it's ok... *isn't sure who she's talking to* Azi: *Finishes throwing up everything he ate that day and spits out the disgusting take in his mouth before pulling away from the waste bin* *Body shaking and head pounding* I-I'm s-sorry... *Eyes screwed shut and tears threatening to break through* Luke: *lowers the basket to the floor* *will deal with the mess later* It's ok, there's nothing for you to apologise for. *rubs Azi's back* Ellie: *brushing his sweat-drenched hair back from his face* How are you feeling now? *voice is shaking a little* Luke: *wants to comfort his niece but Azi is the one in real need here* Azi: *Pulls his knees to his chest and curls into himself* I-I feel... I w-want my h-head to stop p-pounding. *Shivering* Met: *Walks back in and notes the smell and Azi's trembling* What happened? Ellie: *curls herself tightly around Azi, shivering almost as much as he is for a different reason* Luke: Azi threw up. What did Sunny say? Met: She's on her way over but we have to do what we can to keep him awake until then. *Gently leans over towards Azi and speaks softly* Hey kid, how about we get you in the shower? I'm sure I'll help you feel better and we can also get you cleaned up that way alright? Azi: *Glances up at Met and nods* *Makes an attempt to get up but has to hang onto Ellie because the room was still spinning and out of focus* Ellie & Luke: *support Azi to stand up* Ellie: *looking at Met* Do you... are you going to... or shall I? I... I don't know if I can keep him upright, is all... Luke: *makes sure Ellie is firmly supporting Azi before letting go* I'll go put Bugs away. *picks up the rabbit and exits the room again* Azi: *Gets his feet under himself and manages to stand on his own, although is still using Ellie for balance* I... I can s-shower on my o-own... I-I'm okay. Met: Know your not and Sunny's on her way to prove it. *Gently pats the poor kids head and looks at Ellie* Do you want to try and help him with his shower? The water should help keep him awake but if you're unsure I can take over for you. Ellie: *nods* I... I can try. *gently guiding Azi towards the door* *is thankful that the bathroom is right next to her room* Come on, just through here. *to Met* Could... could you go through and turn the water on so it gets a chance to heat, please? *back to Azi* I'll get you undressed. *tries a joke* The lengths you go to to get me to take your clothes off, huh? Met: Sure thing, thanks for helping him Ellie. *Goes to turn on the water for them before leaving to give Azi some privacy* Azi: *Smiles and attempts to not lean against her too much* Right... you k-know me a-all t-to well m-my dear. *Let's Ellie help him as he pulls off his shirt* Ellie: *with some creative juggling and balancing, manages to get Azi undressed* *bites her lip and tries not to whimper when she sees the damage spread across his body* *strips down to her t-shirt and trousers because if she does need Met's help she doesn't want to be naked* *bundles Azi into the now steaming shower* Here we go, this should help. Is the temperature ok? *rubs at his arms* Azi: *Moans a little and closes his eyes when the warm water washing over him and soothes his aching body* It... it's fine. *Focuses on the water and Ellie's voice, willing himself not to get sick again and for the drumming in his head to stop* Ellie: *clothes are soaking wet now but she doesn't care* *continues to rub Azi down, being careful to rinse out any open wounds with gentle fingers* *massages shampoo into his hair and manoeuvres him under the shower head to rinse it out* *talks quietly and in a soothing cadence* I love you, Azi, and we've let this go way too far. Look at you, you're a mess and I just can't have that. I know you say you'd rather it be you than me, and I get that, I really do, but I can't go on seeing you get hurt and do nothing. You'd better not be nodding off on me again, Azi. Are you? Do you hear me? Azi: *Is hearing her voice but not so much her words* *His stomach seems to have settled down but his head was still jumbled all over the place* *Finds that he can't exactly remember why his head feels this way* *Barely even remembers that he went to school today... or was it yesterday? He knows winter break ended and he is pretty sure he walked home with Ellie today... or whenever he walked home* *He at least remembered waking up in Ellie's bed surrounded by voices he knew only a few minutes ago... or hours, everything was getting mixed up and the more he tried to think about it the worst his head felt* *Ends up leaning heavily against the shower wall only to pull away from it when he accidentally leans against his injured arm... which he doesn't remember hurting* *It vaguely aware that something is probably wrong with him* ....Ellie? Ellie: *does her best to steady him when he's swaying all over the place* I'm here, Azi. Come on, let's get you out and dried off. *turns off the shower head* Out here, Azi, step out of the shower. Yes, that's it. *grabs a towel and wraps him in it* *grabs a second one and starts rubbing him dry wherever wasn't covered by the first towel, talking all the while* I'm here, I love you. Just lift your arm a little for me, that's it... Azi: *Ellie is saying something again* *Barely registers exactly /what/ it was she was saying but she sounds worried* *Blinks slowly a few times before his vision evens out enough for him to navigate his hand to her shoulder* Ellie... p-please calm down. *Smiles tiredly, hoping it reassures her from whatever is was that was bothering her* Ellie: *can't help but smile* I'll calm down when you're well again. *rubs at him vigorously and has him pretty well dried off and wrapped in a fresh, dry towel* *she's leaving a growing puddle on the floor, however, from her dripping wet clothes* *shuffles Azi off towards the door and opens it* Met? Azi: *Blinks again* *Confused and mumbles* ...I'm not well? Met: *Just got through cleaning up the mess is Ellie's room and the tea Luke spilt before asking that he make another cup for Azi in hopes that it'll settle his stomach* *Smiles when he sees Ellie* Yes? Ellie: No, you're not well, but you will be. *gives Azi a kiss on the cheek, then gently pushes him out of the bathroom towards his brother* *to Met* There's a spare set of clothes for him in my room, bottom drawer of the dresser. *her teeth have started chattering* I need to get dry myself. You can watch him? Luke: *has come back upstairs minus one bunny and with a new lot of tea instead* I thought he could use one that I haven't spilled all over the place? *sees his niece* *points into the bathroom* Get in there, warm up and dry off, young lady. One sick kid is enough. Ellie: *vanishes into the bathroom to do as she's told* Met: *Smiles at Luke* Thanks, I'll have him drink it as soon as he's dressed. Azi: *Watches Ellie disappear and immediately wants her back* *Wants her to tell him why he wasn't well* *Reaches towards the door* Ellie? Met: *Gently guides his brother away and into Ellie's room* *Not liking how his brother sounds so small and confused* Ellie will be right back Azi, just relax and let me help you until she gets back okay? Azi: *Oh, Met was here... When did that happen?* Okay? *He had so many questions right now* Met: *Gently pats his brothers head and finds the clothes Ellie had indicated* *Starts helping Azi into them* Luke: *gives Met and Azi privacy by waiting outside the bathroom door* Ellie: *emerges quickly wrapped in a large fluffy towel and shaking less* Azi? Luke: *indicates her bedroom* In there getting dressed. Met's with him. Ellie: *nods and slips into her room* Met: *Has Azi fully dressed once Ellie comes in* *Politely leaves the room so that she could get dressed and joins Luke in the hallway* Azi: *Smiles when he sees Ellie again* *Is safely sitting on her bed so that he doesn't fall over* Hi dear! Ellie: *is glad to see Azi smiling, but he looks pretty out-of-it still* *goes over to place a kiss on the top of his head* Hi love. I'm just going to get dressed, ok? Not going anywhere. *rummages around in her drawers and quickly pulls out some clothes* *drops the towel and gets dressed efficiently* *crawls onto the bed with Azi when she's done and wraps her arms around him* Love you, love you, love you. *isn't panicking, nope* Luke: *looks at Met apologetically* I'm so sorry, Met. He didn't seem this bad when he first came home or I'd have taken him to a doctor immediately and called you. Met: *Sighs and hugs Luke* It's not your fault, sometimes things like this don't show up at first. I just hope Sunny gets here soon and tells us that he's going to be okay. *Doorbell rings* Met: Speak of the angel! You give Azi his tea and I'll be back up in a second with Sunny. *Pecks Luke's cheek and dashes down the stairs* Azi: *Snuggles Ellie, is happy she's back in his arms and not wherever she was a moment ago* I love you too. Luke: *knocks gently on the door and enters* *sees the two snuggling on the bed and has to smile a little at Ellie's protectiveness* I've brought tea, and this time it's still all in the mug. Ellie: *gives Luke a grateful smile and takes the tea* *tests the temperature by sipping it herself and, satisfied, holds it up to Azi's lips* Drink. Azi: *Obeys and sips the liquid gratefully* *Notices his stomach feels incredibly empty* *Blinks and looks up at Luke* ....I'm hungry. Luke: That's a good sign, right? *looks to Ellie* Ellie: *shrugs* Haven't the foggiest. *rubs Azi's back* Drink the tea for now, if you keep it down then maybe you can have some food? Did I hear the doorbell before? Luke: *nods* Met's gone to let Sunny in. Azi: *Blinks again* Why wouldn't I be able to keep it down? Met: *Downstairs, explaining Azi's symptoms to Sunny before she goes up to see him so that she'll have an idea of what's wrong with him* Ellie: *as gently as possible* You're sick, love. You don't remember throwing up before, do you? It's ok, Sunny's here and she'll know what to do. *looks up at Luke to check that she's doing the right thing* Luke: *nods encouragingly at her* *thinks she's doing just fine* Ellie: And I'm going to stay with you the whole time, ok? *clings* Azi: *Nods, head feels like it was in a fog* Okay.... what happened to me? Met: *Knocks to make sure it's safe for him and Sunny to come in* Luke: *lets the other two in* Ellie: We're not sure, but Sunny's here now. *looks up at Azi's sister hopefully* Sunny: *Thanks Luke for letting them in* *Smiles kindly at Ellie and moves to kneel in front of her little brother* *Tilts his head towards herself and starts with something simple* ...Hello Aziraphale, do you remember who I am? Azi: *Stares at the woman in front of him and blinks away the fog clouding his vision* ....Sunny? Sunny: *Smiles and nods* Very good, and can you tell me where you are and what day it is? Azi: *Thinks for a moment* I'm.... *Looks around, sees Ellie sitting next to him and points at her* Her room. I'm in her room and.... and what was the other question? Ellie: *bites her lip and watches Azi with worried eyes* *clutches at his hand* Luke: *looks at Met and moves closer to him* *doesn't like how vague Azi is* Sunny: *Digs through her bag and pulls out a small torch* What day is it? Azi: ....Monday or.... or it might be Tuesday. *Rubs his eyes, feeling tired again* I-I think I walked home with Ellie today... Ellie: *nods and speaks quietly* Yes, you did. Luke: *steps in close to Met and threads their fingers together* Met: *Hugs Luke close and tries to swallow his panic* Sunny: *Shinning the light in Azi's eyes* ....Only one of his pupils are dilated. Azi: *Doesn't like the light* *Making his head hurt again* Ellie: *rubbing at Azi's back* What does that mean? Luke: *wraps his arms around Met to try and comfort him* Sunny: *Sighs and puts the light away* It means he has a concussion. Could you perhaps tell me what happened to him and /exactly/ how he was acting before he fell asleep? *Gently starts moving Azi's head back and forth, checking for any further damage* Ellie: He... he's been having some run-ins with some other kids who were harassing me at school. I don't know exactly what they've been doing, but he's come back with some nasty bruises. *casts an apologetic look at Met and Luke* Today he met me after school and he was really badly hurt. We walked home, and Luke got him ice packs and cocoa. He was acting normally, but was in pain. He was tired, though, so I let him sleep. I'm sorry, was that wrong? I didn't mean to do anything wrong... *clings to Azi's hand* Luke: *nods to confirm everything Ellie said* Sunny: *Puts a calming hand on Ellie's* It's fine, although you shouldn't let someone sleep off a head injury the fact that he is awake now is a good sign. He'll be okay and you didn't hurt him any. *Looks at her little brother again* Aziraphale, do remember what happened that caused your head to hurt? Azi: *Thinks back, Ellie's description of what happened to helping with his confusion* I... It was after school and... and someone jumped me. My... my head hit something hard and- *Grips his curls because him headache was getting worse* Ellie: *bites her lip hard and isn't reassured* *wants to explain that she didn't know it was a head injury, but that wouldn't matter if Azi hadn't ever woken up* *breathes in shakily and tells herself firmly that she isn't to cry* Met: *Notices Ellie's distress and is feeling pretty shaken up by all this himself* *Grips Luke's hand and moves them to stand by Ellie* Sunny: *Reaches into her bag and pulls out a bottle of pain pills* *Hands Azi two* Take these, they'll help with the pain in your head. Azi: *Nods and swallows them with his tea* Luke: *squeezes Met's hand back and positions himself so that he can put his other hand on Ellie's shoulder* Ellie: *barely feels the reassuring hand as she is focusing on Azi* *heart is hammering hard with her worry* *whispers* What else... what else can we do? Sunny: *Absently lifts Azi's shirt to check his other injuries* Nothing much really. He is going to need a whole lot of rest and shouldn't do anything too strenuous for a few weeks but for the most part unless he starts having seizures or his headaches get even worse the best thing for him is to just let him heal. *Frowns at the healing bruises and wonders just how much this kid has been going through* I'll be sure to check in on him regularly. Met: *Is feeling better knowing that it's not too serious but still isn't entirely reassured* What about his confusion and odd behavior? Azi: *Tilts his head* ...I've been acting odd? *Vaguely wondering when Met and Luke got there* Ellie: *leans in close to wrap her arms around him* A little odd, yes. Mostly vague, like you can't remember things. *looks to Sunny* Does this mean he gets to stay home from school for a while? *can't help but be hopeful* Sunny: *Treating some his wounds* Definitely. I'd say he shouldn't go back for at least three weeks.... longer if he is still suffering from headaches and confusion like this, but with any luck he'll be alright in a day or two. It's difficult to try and guess how long these things will last... Ellie: *sags with relief* *if Azi couldn't go to school, he couldn't be beaten up* *weakly* Good. Luke: *completely understands her relief* *doesn't want /her/ going back to school, though, but is unsure how he can keep her out for that length of time* Ellie: *looks up at Luke* Can he stay here? Or I stay with him? I don't... don't want to leave him until I know he's better. *clings to Azi* Sunny: *Puts his shirt back down and examines his head just incase she missed something* As long as /someone/ is with him home can stay wherever he likes. Met: I'm okay with it. *Looks at Luke* Luke: I'd certainly be happier not to have Ellie go back to that school for a little while. I'm sure we can get them to send the work home. *looks at Ellie* So long as you promise to do your school work, I don't see why you can't stay with Azi while he recovers. Ellie: *nods vigorously* Yes, of course. And when Azi's feeling up to it, he can easily catch up. He's much better at everything than I am. *turns to her boyfriend* Right, Azi? You're clever, you'll easily catch up and won't let me fall behind. *strokes his hair* Azi: *Smiles brightly* Right! *Has no idea what he just agreed to because everything was foggy again but he's pretty sure it was something he would approve of if it was making Ellie happy* Sunny: *Putting her things away* I'd suggest you read his assignments for him. Reading, texting, video games, things like that aren't good for him while he's still recovering. *Strokes her brothers hair* Ellie: What about sleeping? He's going to want to sleep again... is... is he allowed to? *doesn't want to do /anything/ wrong again* Sunny: *Nods* Yes but your going to have to wake him up every hour or so to make sure he is alright. Azi: *Sleep sounded very good at the moment and he let his eyes fall shut* Met: *Notices Azi nodding off and snaps his fingers in front of his face* Not just yet kid, you can sleep when Sunny leaves. Azi: *Blinks his eyes open and glances towards where his brothers voice was coming from* ....Sunny's home? Ellie: *frowns and cuddles Azi* *doesn't know what to say because that memory loss can't be a good sign and just wants Azi to be better again* Luke: *takes the mug out of Azi's hands because he suspects the kid has completely forgotten about it* Is that normal? He can't seem to remember things from one moment to the next. Sunny: *Reaches up and hugs her little brother now that she's done examining him* Amnesia and confused can be come for people who are suffering from a concussion. Odds are he's remembering things but he's mixing up the time and place they are happening. Azi: *Snuggles happily into Ellie's and Sunny's arms* I love you both! Sunny: ....He may also be suffering from mood swings. Luke: *sighs a little in relief* *hopes for Ellie and Azi's sake that he gets better very soon* Ellie: *snuggles Azi, not seeing anything to complain about with this particular mood swing* I love you, too. *not caring who hears* *to Sunny* So when can he sleep? I can wake him every hour, I'll set alarms on my phone, not a problem... Sunny: Personally I would want to try and keep him awake a little longer but since he's already gone to sleep once I'd say it's safe to let him sleep whenever he likes. Azi: *Nuzzles Ellie's shoulder and is already nodding off again* Ellie: Which looks like it's now... *guides Azi into lying down and tugs the blankets around him* *reaches to the bedside table for her phone and starts programming in an alarm for every hour* Luke: *nudging at Met* We'll be just downstairs, ok? We'll come up and check on you regularly, too. Sunny: *Tucks her littlest brother in and strokes his hair* I'll be back to check on you later once I'm done at the hospital. Get some rest little one. *Smiles kindly again and gets up to leave with Luke and Met* Azi: *Yawns and snuggles into the blankets* *Mumbles* Night sissy... Ellie: *finishes programming her phone with all the alarms through to the next day and snuggles down with Azi under the blankets, wrapping herself tight around him* Will you bring us some dinner later? Luke: *strokes Ellie's hair* Of course, love. *makes his way towards the door* Met: *Pats his now sleeping brother's head and follows Luke out the door, closing it quietly behind him* We should call the school as soon as possible to let them know about the situation. *Smiles at his sister* Thanks for coming down on such short notice sis. Sunny: *Hugs her twin* No problem. Anything for family. Ellie: *now that all the adults are out of the way and Azi is unconscious again, she lets her tears flow* *sniffles against his shoulder to muffle her crying* *is incredibly shaken up* Luke: *smiles gratefully at Sunny* Yes, thank you. We'll definitely be in contact with the school. *voice goes hard* The idiots let our kids get hurt and they better bloody well do something about it this time. Sunny: I wish you two the best of luck. *Looking at her watch* I've got to get back to the hospital now, I had another girl cover for me when I said it was a family emergency but now that Azi's been checked out I need to get going. *Smiles at the two of them* Take care of them. Met: *Hugs his sister* We will. Love you sis. Sunny: Love you too dear. *Pulls away and politely nods goodbye to Luke before taking her leave* Luke: *wraps himself around Met similar to how Ellie had wrapped herself around Azi* *whispers into his hair* First thing tomorrow we'll go to the school, ok? Tonight we have a long night. At least I'll be appropriately grouchy by the time morning rolls around. *kisses Met's ear* I love you. Met: *Pulls Luke closer and finally let's the weight of what everyone's been through today hit him* Luke... what if-... how couldn't I have noticed sooner? Luke: *strokes his head and back* Azi's good at hiding things, and seems Ellie has been as well. I'm asking myself the same thing, but it's useless. We didn't, and we're dealing with it now. It's done. He'll be spoiled rotten by the time Ellie's done looking after him. *hugs tight because the thought of Ellie in a similar situation makes him want to break things, preferably necks* I'm sorry, love. Met: I just... *Pressing close to Luke and resting his head on his shoulder* I'm worried for him. What... what if he doesn't get better or if those jerks hit him hard enough to cause some serious damage? He could barely remember that we were there... Luke: *stroking his hair and shoulders soothingly* Shhh, let's not get into what-ifs, that way lies madness. You heard Sunny, amnesia and confusion and mood swings are all par for the course when it comes to a big knock to the head. Met: I know I just... I don't know what I would do if Azi was ever hurt like that again. *Trembling a little and clinging to his Luke* Luke: *as calmly as possible* Come on, love. Let's get some hot cocoa or coffee into you, and some food. *stroking Met's sides to try and calm the trembling* Met: Okay... *Looks up at Luke and kisses his cheek* I love you. Luke: *frames Met's face* That's better. *kisses his nose* *takes them into the kitchen to get fed* ---- Ellie: *cuddling with Bugs and Azi on the couch watching a movie, but not really watching it* *is tired because waking up your boyfriend every hour to make sure he's fine is exhausting* *not sleeping in between the alarms is even more exhausting* How you feeling? *asking for the millionth time that day* Azi: *Squinting his eyes at the bright colorful lights coming from the television, not liking what they are doing to his head* *Feels incredibly tired but can't quite remember why... or how he even ended up on the couch with Ellie for that matter* *Is about to ask her when she asks him a question first* I'm feeling okay love.... when did we get home? Ellie: *notices that the TV is causing him some discomfort and reaches for the remote to turn it off* *reaches for another remote to put some music on very quietly in the background* We got home a while ago. *is just about past panicking about his loss of memory* Luke and Met will be home soon, too. *she hopes* Azi: Oh... *Is grateful that the bright dancing colors are gone* Where are Met and Luke? *Wasn't Luke always home after they got back from school.... if they even went to school today that is.... or wait, was it a weekend? That would explain why Luke was gone or... or would it?* Ellie: *places the equally tired Bugs in Azi's lap* *strokes Azi's hair* Met and Luke have gone to the school to talk about the bullies. You're not well, remember? *doesn't know why she's trying to remind him since he can't seem to remember anything from one minute to the next* *but feels it's important to be honest even if he can't remember* Azi: *Stares at her, down at Bugs, and back up at her again* I'm not well... *He repeats this with a hollow voice, words sounding familiar but still fuzzy* ...How am I not well? Ellie: *strokes his hair some more* You've had a head injury. You'll get better soon. *smiles at him* Azi: *Smiles and pecks her lips* Okay, I trust you. *Plays with Bugs fluffy little tail* Ellie: *plays with Azi's hair* *watches Bugs nibble at his sleeve and smiles* Are you hungry? Thirsty? *also something she's been asking a lot* Azi: *Looks up from his aimless tail fluffing* *Eyes focus on Ellie and probably would have forgotten that she was with him if it wasn't for the fact that she was always with him* I'm fine. Are you? I could go fetch you something! Ellie: *smiles reassuringly and places a hand on his arm* No, I'm fine thank you. *doesn't want him near hot surfaces right now* *stops herself from asking again how he is, not that he would remember* Stay here with me and Bugs. Azi: *Smiles and slips a arm around Ellie* *Would have done the same with the other one but for some reason it was feeling horribly sore* I'll always be here with you and Bugs darling. Ellie: *snuggles into him, careful not to crush Bugs* I hope so. Azi: *Kisses her temple* I love you. Ellie: *nuzzles under his chin* I love you, too. *also feels like the millionth time she's said that today* How is your arm? *is a broken record* Azi: It's feels a little odd but it's okay. *Snuggles and quietly listening to the music she put on* Ellie: *rests her head on Azi's shoulder and listens to the music, too* *absently pets Bugs* *wonders how the meeting with the principal is going* *the thought of Azi going back to school makes her feel anxious* *hopes that Azi starts remembering things again soon* *is content for now just to be there with him* *mumbles* I hope they get expelled and are forced to move to a different city. Azi: *Wants to ask who she was talking about but he gets the feeling that the more questions he asks her the more distressed she will become* *Settles for simply nodding in agreement and pressing his lips to her temple* Ellie: *leans her face into his kiss and tries to relax* *turns her head and catches his lips for a brief kiss* What /can/ you remember? Azi: *Takes a moment to focus on his thoughts, doing what he could to recall the last few days* I... I think I remember Sunny. She came over to check on me, right? Ellie: *lets her hands trail into his hair again because it's far too tempting not to* Yes, she did. But before that? Azi: *Leans into her hand, loving the soothing feeling it provided* ....I remember snuggling Bugs. Ellie: *presses her forehead to his* Ok, I'll stop pushing. You'll remember soon. *Bugs has wormed his way behind Ellie on the couch and is investigating the far cushion* *can feel where he hit his head and makes sure to avoid the area with her fingers* *sighs and waits for the others to get home* Met: *Sits fuming in the passenger seat while Luke drives them home* *Can't believe the school had dared imply that perhaps Azi had just had an accident and that they weren't somehow responsible for his bullying* *Not even comforted by the fact that they had agreed to look into the situation and promised that the little jerks that had hurt his brother would most likely be expelled if it /appeared/ that what Luke and himself had told them was the truth* Luke: *has gone through anger right out the other side into some super calm no-mans land* *there would be hell to pay, and he'll start with the board of trustees* *if the principal wouldn't listen, then the board could certainly be swayed with some good old threats of bad publicity* *pulls into his driveway and throws the car into park* *turns to Met and grabs his hand before he can get out* *speaks quietly* We good to go in or do you need a few minutes? Met: *Anger subsides slightly when Luke's hand finds his own* *Forces himself to take a calming breath and speaks just as softly* I'll be fine. I may be pissed off at the school but I'm not going to go and redirect that anger towards the kids.... Besides, I want to see how Azi's doing. Luke: *nods and leans over to brush a quick kiss against Met's cheek* Out we get then. *slides away and out the driver's door* *a few more seconds and he's at the door* *opens and holds it for Met* After you. Met: *Manages a smile* Well aren't you sweet. *Walks inside and immediately starts to look for the kids* *Spots them snuggling on the couch together in the living room* Hey... how are you two doing? Azi: *Looks up when Met enters the room, surprised to see him there* ....Ellie said I'm having trouble remembering stuff. Have you been here the whole time? Ellie: *giving Met and Luke a questioning look* *wanting to know the news* Luke: *walks in behind met and smiles at Azi* *at least the boy was forming proper sentences* No, we've been out speaking to the school about your injuries. Ellie: And...? *sits up impatiently, gripping Azi's leg* Luke: *looks at Met* *hasn't had enough time to decide what to tell them, and it's mostly his brother affected by this* Met: *Hands curl into fists, fighting back the anger* Things are... complicated. *Not entirely sure how to tell them what happened without going into a whole rant about how the school official's are a group of idiots who obviously know nothing about kids or how to take care of them* Azi: *Not really paying attention, instead trying to figure out if either Luke and Met have just gotten home or if they've been here for a while and he simply forgot* Ellie: *looks from one to the other* Complicated how? *can feel the stirrings of anger* Luke: *speaking in a quiet, soothing tone* They're going to look into it-- Ellie: *shouting* Look into it!? /Look into it/? What is there to look into! Azi's been beaten to the point where he's lucky to remember his own fucking name-- Luke: Language... *half-hearted* Ellie: *grits her teeth and leans back into the couch, fuming now* Azi: *Jumps and shrinks away from Ellie's outburst* *Pulls his knees to his chest and curls up into himself* *Again, not sure what is going on but did hear the part about him having trouble remembering things and believes that perhaps he's upset the others* *Mumbles an 'I'm sorry' and then remains quiet, not wanting to upset them all farther* Met: *Probably would have gladly jumped in and joined Ellie in her shouting if it wasn't for the fact that his little brother just made himself a whole lot littler* *Any anger inside him is gone in a second and is just as quickly replaced with concern* *Takes a step towards his brother* Azi? Ellie: *doesn't know whether to go running from the room because obviously she's not doing this right, or wrap herself around Azi* *decides on wrap as a first resort, with a possible option of run later if that doesn't work* *gently cradles Azi to her and whispers in his ear* I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to shout. I'm just worried for you. Luke: *frowns, not liking how timid Azi is* *goes and collects Bugs before the bunny can fall off the couch* You just focus on getting better, Azi. That's all you need to do. We're all here to help. Ellie: *nods and presses a kiss to Azi's hair* *continues to whisper* I'll look after you and I won't let anyone hurt you. Met: *Takes a seat next to them on the couch and joins in on the hug, hoping that the physical contact will help sooth his frightened little brother* We're all going to look after you.... both of you. None of us want to see either of you kids hurt ever again. Azi: *Feels himself wrapped up in a tangle of limbs and immediately settles down* *Smiles a bit in the snuggles because he was surrounded by loving people whom obviously cared for him* ....I won't let anything bad happen to any of you either. Luke: *sitting down on the couch next to Ellie and cradling Bugs in his lap* I'll be doing everything I can to make sure that the kids who did this won't get away with it, ok? Ellie: *nods again and hugs Azi tighter, comforted by Met's hug and by her uncle next to her* *they'd make sure it was all ok* Luke: *places a hand on Ellie's head* *wishes he could spare them all of this* How has Azi been today? Any improvement? Ellie: *shakes her head and strokes Azi's hair* Met: *Frowns, not liking the idea that Azi wasn't getting any better* Azi: *Also frowns, but not because he was afraid of never getting better, but because he thought he /was/ getting better* I've improved! I remember Sunny coming over yesterday and I remember snuggling Bugs! *Smiles proudly* See, I can still remember things. Met: *Gently pats his brothers head, a grin tugging at the edge of his lips* That's great kid. Ellie: *nerves are still a little frayed from not sleeping at all last night* *offers a shaky smile and has to swallow a few times and blink rapidly* Luke: *really /looks/ at his niece and sees the shadows under her eyes, her paler-than-normal complexion, and the fact that she looks like she's on the verge of tears* *strokes her hair* Miss, I think you're going to bed right now. Ellie: *clings tighter to Azi and looks at Luke* I... I'd rather stay here. Luke: *looks at her sceptically* We're here now, you can get some rest. Ellie: *shakes her head stubbornly* I'm fine. I'd rather be with Azi and see, he is getting better after all. Met: *Feels terrible for how much Ellie was pushing herself through this difficult situation* *Quickly thinks up a way for the poor girl to get a little rest and a brake from all the craziness of the last few days* ...How about you take Azi with you and you can both get some sleep? Sunny said that he would need plenty of rest anyway. Azi: *Smiles brightly, always loving the idea of curling up next to his girlfriend and having her snugly in his arms* I'm okay with it! *Hugs Ellie* How could I ever pass up the chance to lay down besides the love of my life? Met: *Actually feels himself grinning a little* No idea. Luke: *finds himself giving Met a soft smile* *would love nothing more than to curl up next to him right now, too* *has too much other stuff to plan for right now, like contacting the board of trustees...* Why don't you two head up to bed, then? And this time, Elisheva, you try to actually /sleep/. Ellie: *smiles sheepishly* To be fair, I did /try/ last night. Luke: *leans forward and kisses her on the top of the head* I know, but perhaps now you /can/. Ellie: *nods and drags herself off the couch, trying to drag Azi with her* *to Luke* Will you please put Bugs away for me? Luke: *cuddling the rabbit* Sure, when I'm done with my own cuddles, I will. Ellie: *smiles and shakes her head at her uncle's humour* Azi: *Is dragged off the couch* *Has a bit of a head rush from getting up too fast but manages to steady himself* *Smiles again once he is no longer about to fall over and waves goodbye to Luke and Met* Goodnight dears! Met: *Chuckles a little and waves back* Goodnight to you too kid. Azi: *Offers his brother one last smile* *Gets his bearings and leads Ellie towards the stairs* Met: *Watches them go, making sure that Azi isn't stumbling, and slides over next to Luke* *Waits until the kids are gone* ....So, do I get cuddles too? Ellie: *gets both of them up the stairs and into her room* *takes off her belt and bra - using the magical means of getting it off without taking her top off - and otherwise climbing under the covers fully dressed* *waits for Azi to join her, already yawning* Luke: *slides one arm around Met and pulls him in close, holding Bugs securely with his other* Always. *smiles and nuzzles his jaw even as Bugs tries to get onto Met's lap to explore* I'm going to get a hold of some people I've done business with. People who also happen to be on the school board. Going to go higher than the principal. I'm going where the money is. If you want something done, you go where the money is. Azi: *Sees Ellie stripping down so that she'll be more comfortable* *Looks himself over and finds that he isn't exactly wearing anything extra so simply climbs under the covers after her* *Arms slip around her middle and pulls her close, pressing a kiss to her cheek* ...I'm sorry that I've been forgetting things. Met: *Returns the half hug and pets Bugs when he hops onto his lap* *Leaning against Luke* I envy how much better you are at handling these sort of things. Ellie: *turns her head to give him a proper kiss, then turns her body so that she can hug him back* No need to apologise. You're unwell, and you'll be better really soon. *smiles and nuzzles him* And I'll be here the whole time. *yawns again* Maybe not /awake/, but here. *blinks blearily at him* Luke: *smiling down at the rabbit sniffing at Met's sweater* If I was better at 'these things', I'd have noticed Azi wasn't well when he got home. Business I can do, and I know how to tear a company down, and what is a school but a kind of company? Kids, however... kids I'm hopeless with. *turns his smile on Met* You're really good with Azi, and with Ellie. Azi: *Places a hand to her cheek, staring at her sleepy eyes and ensuring that he will never forget this moment or any other moments shared with her* Just having you by my side is enough for me darling. Met: Don't blame yourself for not noticing Azi was suffering from a concussion, blame the bastards that gave it to him. *Forces his voice to take on a gentle tone before he works himself up again* And being able to destroy a company to help defend your kid is just as important as getting along with them. *Rests his head against Luke's shoulder* *Doesn't notice Bugs nibbling at his sweater* I guess between the two of us we can actually make a couple of descent parents huh? Ellie: *smiles fondly even as she closes her eyes* You're such a sap. *nuzzles into his hand and sighs deeply* Luke: *gently extracts Met's jumper from Bugs' teeth* *picks up Bugs again* *smiles at Met* I hope so, for their sakes. *places a kiss on Met's nose* For now, though, I should put this little rascal away. Then it's down to business. *smile is just a /little/ bit nasty as he thinks of pulling in some favours* Azi: Oh but I'm /your/ sap. *Presses a chastised kiss to her lips and closes his own eyes, allowing sleep to take him* Met: *Observers the tiny hole Bugs nibbled into his sweater, noting that it was an easy fix* I suppose while you play the big hero and tear down the school board I can at least be a decent side kick and make you a cup of coffee. *Stands up and pulls Luke in for one more kiss* Give them hell. ---- Azi: *Mulling around in the kitchen in search of something quick and easy he could make for breakfast* *The others don't like it when he tries to use the stove so he settles for cold cereal* *Takes a seat and begins to eat quietly* *Left Ellie upstairs alone when he woke up, figuring the poor girl needed the extra rest after having to deal with his content question and confusion* *Hasn't seen Met or Luke this morning so they are probably at the school again 'giving them hell' as Met had put it* Ellie: *panics when she wakes up and Azi is gone* *launches herself out of bed and checks the bathroom first, then the other rooms on the second level, runs to the third and checks her old room, then all the way downstairs* *catches herself on the kitchen doorway, panting slightly* *nearly passes out with relief to see Azi there* *rushes to him and proceeds to squeeze the life out of him* Good morning! *giddy* Azi: *Heard the commotion coming from upstairs so wasn't entirely surprised when Ellie came flying around the corner and proceeded to hug attack him* *Was thrown only slightly off balance but manages to steady himself by wrapping his arms around her* Morning love, how are you feeling? Ellie: *laughs and snuggles, not caring about the awkward position* How am /I/ feeling? Who /cares/ how I'm feeling! How are /you/ feeling? Azi: *Shifts in his seat and pulls Ellie into a less awkward hug* /I/ care how you're feeling. And to answer your question I'm fine. Ellie: *buries her nose into the crook of his neck* If you're fine then I'm fine. *pulls back and frames his face with her hands so that she can inspect him* So you're feeling a bit better? Starting to remember things? Azi: *Nods and leans into her touch* A few things are still a little jumbled, but I'm not forgetting things every five minutes anymore. Ellie: *nods and places a kiss on his nose* Good. You had me really worried there for a bit, but this is a good sign, I think. *smiles* Would you like something a bit warmer than cereal for breakfast? Azi: *Looks at his finished bowl of cereal and decides it wasn't /nearly/ enough to fill him up* Yes please. Would you like my help in making whatever it is you're making? Ellie: *grins* I think I can just about trust you with the kettle for now, so how about you put that on and get our hot drinks while I fire up the stove and make some eggs? *goes off to the refrigerator for some eggs* Azi: Alright love, but I swear as soon as you people give me the okay you're going to get the greatest breakfast in bed that you've ever known! *Goes to boil water* Ellie: *smiles as she puts the frying pan on the stove and breaks some eggs into it* I look forward to it. *her eggs aren't quite as nice as the ones Azi made, but they're passable* *slides them onto a couple of plates with some fresh bread when they're done* *brings them over to the kitchen bench* *sits down and curls her toes onto the stool under her because they're getting cold from the kitchen tiles* *left her slippers upstairs in her hurry* Azi: *Boils water and makes their warm drinks in no time flat* *Brings them over to the kitchen bench and takes a seat besides Ellie* *Smiles at the meal she made for them* Thank you darling. Ellie: *smiles back* I'm not sure how much you really took in these last couple of days? *takes a sip of her hot cocoa and sighs contentedly* Azi: Considering how hungry I feel even after that bowl of cereal, probably not a whole lot. *Happily consumes his meal* Ellie: *giggles* I meant from our conversations. Though I'm glad to see you've got your appetite back, too. Azi: *Sips cocoa* As am I, but I'm not entirely sure if I remember a number of our conversations or not. Everything is still pretty mixed up. Ellie: *bumps her foot against his and smiles as she takes a bite of her food* Met and Luke have been speaking a lot with the school, and with the board that runs the school, and with the local paper, and from what I gather they've got people scrambling now to make this right. *grins* *checks her watch* They should be at a meeting now, actually. Luke was looking rather pleased with himself last night, so I hope it goes as well as he planned. Azi: The local paper?! I didn't think that this would get that big. *Food gone* *Stares at empty plate returning to his cocoa* Ellie: He's very careful with what he told them. Just enough of a scandal to get some media pressure. Local school has let bullying get out of hand sort of thing. *looks at Azi's empty plate as well* Would you like some more? Azi: *Shakes his head* I'm fine for now, pretty sure I won't starve to death before lunch. Ellie: You might, and then where would I be? Nursing you to health only to have you starve to death. *pops the last of her own breakfast in her mouth and stands up* *clears the plates after a quick kiss to Azi's cheek* Azi: *Finishes his cocoa and goes to wrap his arms around Ellie's waist* I promise I won't starve to death, because if I did you would no longer be able to take care of me and I would miss that dearly. *Nuzzles her cheek* Ellie: *puts the plates down again and wraps her arms around Azi's neck* *nuzzles back* I'm just so happy you're starting to feel better. You're still off school for a while, Sunny's orders, but we can start studying from home now that you can remember what I said five minutes ago. Azi: Studying sounds swell and all but can we do that a little later? I hate to admit it but reading has actually been giving me headaches lately. Ellie: *hugs him tighter* Sunny said something like that is normal. I can read for you, you know... out loud. *smiles* But yes, it can definitely wait until later. What do you feel up to doing in the meantime? Azi: *Kisses and nuzzles at her jaws* Anything is fine as long as I don't have to let you go anytime soon. Ellie: *smile widens and she blushes a little* I can think of one thing in particular that doesn't require letting me go. Quite the opposite in fact. Azi: *Grins against her jaw as he starts to get an idea of what she felt like /doing/ today* Oh? Care to elaborate for me love? *Lips kiss the underside of her jaw teasingly* Ellie: *breath hitches as he kisses under her jaw* More of that. A /lot/ more of that, and a lot less clothes. *runs her fingers up his neck to bury them in his hair* *lets her eyes drift shut to enjoy the feel of him* Azi: *Gently pins her against the counter* *Nibbling on her neck and is pretty positive it's been awhile since they've done this judging by how quickly they are both getting turned on by this* Ellie: *already making little sounds and unable to remember why this may be a bad idea* *lets one hand trail down to hook around his waist and pull his hips flush against hers* *turns her head and catches his lips for a kiss* Azi: *Vaguely aware that the kitchen is /not/ the proper place for these sort of activities* *Any care he had about where they were goes flying out the window when Ellie is pressed flush against his* *Gasps pleasantly and scraps his teeth along her lips to deepen the kiss* Ellie: *is suddenly very impatient for more* *is also aware that they're in the kitchen* *Pulls away from his kiss and presses her forehead to his shoulder, even as her hips make small movements* Azi... are you... are you well enough? Azi: *Chuckles lightly and is slowly moving his hips with hers* I'm... I'm fine darling. Ellie: *takes a few moments to enjoy the feel of their hips moving* Oh... good. *kisses the side of his neck and then bites it* We should... *the underside of his jaw*... go upstairs. Azi: *Moan and bucks his hips* R-Right.... upstairs. *Hands slip under her shirt teases the skin underneath* Ellie: *forgets what she had been suggesting and her own hand seeks skin under his clothes* *other hand moving down the front of him* *lips latch back onto his in a hungry kiss* Azi: *Arches against her touch presses closer* Tongue expertly exploring his mouth and doesn't seem to remember where they are anymore* Ellie: *is about to slip her hand into the front of his pyjama bottoms when she /does/ remember where they are* God damn it. *panting against his lips, hand paused at his waistband* Upstairs. Now. Azi: *Whimpers when her hand stops and only just barely understands her demand* O-Okay... *Pulls away just enough so that Ellie's no longer pinned* Ellie: *holds herself upright against the counter for a moment, waiting for the room to come back into focus* *grabs Azi's hand and drags him upstairs to test just /how/ well his recovery is going* ~fade to black~ ---- Luke: *is somewhat calmer behind the steering wheel today* *still not entirely happy, but pleased enough with the outcome of today's meeting* *glances at Met beside him to try and gauge his mood* What do you think? Expulsion is a good start, banned from school grounds. School having to go through a review of their policies. Only thing is they weren't nearly apologetic enough for my taste...? Met: It's the kids they should've been apologizing to, not the parents who were going to get them fired. *Is actually feeling better knowing that those little jerks won't be in the same school as his brother and Ellie any more* *Doesn't mean that he has to feel better about the crappy people running the school* Luke: *hand resting briefly on Met's knee before returning to the wheel* I know. *pulls into their driveway...* *when did he start thinking of it as 'theirs' and not just 'his'?* *interesting* Unfortunately neither Azi nor Ellie, but especially Azi, were in a state to be going out. *shoves the car into park and turns it off* Hopefully they're up and about by now. They've both been sleeping an awful lot. Met: You can't really blame them, Azi has to get a lot of rest in order to get better and Ellie's been worrying herself sick over him. Kids deserve the sleep. *Climbs out of the car* Luke: *reaches back and grabs the food they'd picked up on the way home from the back seat before getting out* *walks around and slides his arm through Met's* Hopefully Azi gets better soon or we'll have two unwell kids. *leads Met to the door and walks him in, holding his arm tight* *calling out* Hey kids! We're home! Met: *Smiles a little at their linked arms and leans into Luke* *Calls out after him* We have food and good news! Stop making out and come greet us! Azi: *Upstairs fixing his clothes with Ellie when he hears the two adults* *Sighs at Met's antics* Luke: *rolls his eyes and grins at Met, dragging him towards the kitchen* *finally lets him go so that he can get out some plates for their lunch* Ellie: *giggles softly as she puts on her slippers* We'd better head down, then, before they come up to get us. Azi: Fine fine. *Pulls Ellie in for one more kiss before tugging his shirt back on* Let's go darling. *Runs a hand through his messy curls and heads out the door with her* Met: *Leans against the counter and starts rummaging through the bags* Need my help with anything? Ellie: *happy now that things look like they're getting back to normal* *basking in the afterglow of their recent activities as well* Luke: *smiles* If you can remember what I got for whom, that might be useful? Wait... *holds up a burger and squints at the wrapper*... was the satay chicken burger yours or mine? Ellie: *wandering into the kitchen with Azi* If there's a satay chicken burger, I'm calling dibs on it. Azi: Hey I'm the one with the head trauma, shouldn't I get first dibs? *Grins* Met: *Smiles to see his little brother doing better* Well we would give you first pick but since the odds are that you'll forget exactly /what/ you picked in five seconds we really don't see the point. Azi: *Blinks at Met* ....Who are you and what are you doing in my home. Met: *Chuckles a little* You're not funny. Azi: I'm hilarious. Ellie: *moves swiftly to claim the satay chicken burger for herself and retreats to the far end of the bench* When it comes to satay chicken, it's everyone for themselves sorry. *pokes her tongue out at Azi* Luke: *sighs and lays out the other three burgers* Fine, I'll take whatever's left after you two fight over these... Azi: *Voice playful* Betrayed by for a burger, terrific job in breaking my heart darling. *Looks at the other three burgers before looking up at Luke and Met* You two can pick first, you both deserve first choice. Met: *Ruffles his brothers messy curls* Stop not being a selfish teenager, it's weird. Luke: *steps back from the burgers* Unlike my niece... *glares at Ellie, who pokes her tongue back*... I won't take food from an invalid. *winks at Azi* Ellie: *munching happily on her satay chicken burger* Azi: *Makes a face* I'm not invalid.... I had a couple of very confusing days. *Looks at the burgers, then at the adults, then back at the burgers again before hesitantly taking one random* Met: *Smiles when Azi finally takes one and looks at Luke, gesturing at the last two* Age before beauty. Azi: *Snorts at the 'beauty' comment* Met: Hush you. Luke: *grins and doesn't dispute the 'age before beauty' comment* *takes the burger labelled 'cajun' and sits down with it* Ellie: *swallows her mouthful and looks over at Luke and Met* Did I hear something about good news? Luke: *also looks at Met* Did you want to tell them? Met: *Takes the last burger and begins to unwrap it* Why don't you since you're the one that properly threatened the school board. Azi: *Settles down next to Ellie and noms on his burger quietly* Luke: I didn't /threaten/ the board... *grins* I made promises. There's a difference. Ellie: *rolls her eyes and nudges Azi, grinning at him as she chews* Luke: I won't bore you with the details, but it basically comes down to this: the three main perpetrators of this bullying have been expelled from the school and banned from the grounds. The parents of the kids weren't happy, but they were mostly unhappy with their kids. One of the three admitted to nothing, but the other two were more than willing to throw him under the bus so that was fine, they corroborated your story, Azi, or as much of it as we could piece together. *takes a breath* Also, the school policies are under external review. As are some members of the management. *looks pleased* Met: *Smiling proudly because his boyfriend's awesome and knows how to tear down corrupt systems* Azi: *Blinks* So... so they're gone? I mean, they won't be bothering Ellie or myself anymore? Luke: *nods* That's right, they should be out of your hair now. Just... stay clear of the park, maybe? They're not allowed on school grounds, but there's no guarantee that they won't try something elsewhere. Though I'm pretty confident that they're reasonably cowed now... *well, two of them anyway* *he wasn't so sure about the third* Ellie: *reaches for Azi's arm and gives it a squeeze* That's good, though? They can't bother us at school? And if we stick together outside of school, we'll be just fine. *smiles reassuringly* I'm sure sticking close to you isn't going to be too much of a hardship. Met: *Laughs* I bet it won't. Even with the both of you practically living in the same house together we can't seem to separate you two. Azi: *Stops eating and goes quiet for a moment* *The idea of after months of torture and resigning himself to excepting school equaled pain he would actually be able to attend classes with getting hurt in the process was a odd thing to process* *He could still feel the bruises from his last encounter... but according to Luke the was going to be his /last/ encounter* *Dimly he was aware that there was something wet running down one of his cheeks but he didn't care, those bloody bastards were gone* Ellie: *puts down her burger and scoots closer to Azi* *wipes at the tears on his face and places a kiss against his cheek* Luke: *goes from proud to concerned in no time flat* Azi, are you ok? Met: *Frowns when he sees the state his brother was in and immediately worries that something is wrong* *Quickly moves to his side* Azi? Azi: *Squeezes his eyes shut, willing himself to calm down* I-I'm... I'm fine. *Sniffles and looks up at Luke shyly* *Not exactly proud that he was shedding tears over such a thing but couldn't stop himself* Th-Thank you. Luke: *heart goes out to the boy* No need to thank me, but you're very welcome. Ellie: *hugs Azi tight and has to swallow a few times so she doesn't cry, too* *speaking softly* You're still on bed rest for the next couple of weeks, but after that we can go back to school and not worry. *isn't particularly attached to the school but she knows Azi is, and that it means something to him to be able to go back* Luke: *clears his throat and blinks a few times* *picks up his burger and takes a big bite* Azi: *Nods at Ellie's words and clings to the loving girl besides him* Met: *Gently ruffles his brother's curls with a soft smile, relieved that those were happy tears he was seeing* *Leaves Ellie to handle hugging Azi while he went to wrap his arms around his obviously choked up Luke* *Speaks softly* You make a wonderful parent. Ellie: *rubs Azi's back and pulls away a little* Keep eating. *drags his burger closer to him* Gotta build up your strength. *smiles and leaves a few kisses on his cheek* *whispers* I love you. *one last kiss and then she's eating her own burger again, but sitting very close to Azi* Luke: Gonna get sauce on your shirt. *joking around to try and lighten the mood* *has already pulled himself together, but leans into the hug anyway* And so do you, by the way. Make a good parent, that is. Azi: *Is grateful that Ellie was sticking close and leans against her* I-I love you too. *Forces himself to finish the burger, sniffling occasionally* Met: Damn right I do. *Bites his own burger happily* ---- Met: *Rummaging through Luke's movie collection in search of /something/ to settle down on the couch with and watch on his day off* ....Do you have a particular genre in mind or am I picking something at random and hoping for the best? Luke: *opening a bag of chips and sitting back on the couch* *places his feet up on the ottoman* Something light-hearted. Romance, comedy, action. *admiring his partner with a small smile* Met: *Scanning through the DVDs, muttering to himself* Light-hearted, light-hearted.... *Pulls out a movie at random and reads the back of it* *Decides it sounded light-hearted enough and pops it into the DVD player* *Joins Luke on the couch and steals a chip* Luke: *grins and pops a chip into his mouth* *leans against Met's shoulder as the starting credits roll* This is nice. Met: *Nuzzles his cheek and steals another chip* We should try and do this more often. Luke: Agreed. *places the bag of chips in Met's lap since he's apparently determined to eat most of them* Not like I don't have enough movies to keep us going for a while. *slides down a bit and leans his head against Met's shoulder* Met: And when we run out here we can always go through the collection at my place... Considering the number of people living there odds are we'll have a pretty wide variety. *Stretches his arm around Luke's shoulders and encourages him to lean on him* *Munches on chip* Luke: Perfect. *shifts slightly so that he's leaning comfortably against Met's side* *shoves a couple of chips in his mouth* Kids are safely upstairs, got a good movie playing, and one very hot, very sweet man on the couch with me. Life is good. Met: *Chuckles and brushes his knee with Lukes* Trust me when I say I know /exactly/ how you feel. Luke: *sighs and settles down to watch the movie* Ellie: *peeks around the corner of the lounge and grins* *turns to look at Azi* *whispers, barely audible* Movie... Met: *Kisses Luke's temple before turning back to the screen* *Let's himself get lost in the story* Azi: *Smiling mischievously and whispers back* Whatever should we do about that? Ellie: *grins wider* I think we should join them... Just sort of pounce? Azi: *Nods* Works for me darling. *Begins to creep forward* Ellie: *sneaks forward too* *gets around one side of the couch and waits for Azi to be in position* Azi: *Gets in position and silently counts down from three with his fingers* Ellie: *trying not to giggle, waits for the countdown and then pounces* *lands on Met and hugs* Movie night! Azi: *Also pounces but quietly lets go of Luke once he has given him his hug* Met: *Yelps* Ah! Teenagers! Luke: *barely has time to register the hug before Azi is gone again* *doesn't force it and smiles at the boy* Hello there! Are you joining us? Ellie: *climbs over Met into Luke's lap* Yes! *cuddles her uncle then climbs over him to slide in between him and Azi* Met: *Looks at the kids on the other side of Luke, one of which just climbed over him like a little monkey* Oh I see, you guys like Luke better than your dear big brother Met? Azi: *Cuddling up to Ellie* Yup! Ellie: *giggles and gives Azi a kiss, extracting herself again* *climbs back over Luke and slides in between the two men* Better? *beckons for Azi to join her* Luke: *makes an oof sound as he is once again climbed over by bony knees and elbows* I'm not a climbing frame, you know. *is amused by her antics* Ellie: Sure you are! Azi, climb on over. *grins* Met: *Pipes in cheerfully* Yeah Azi, climb over uncle Luke! Azi: *Looks at them* *Looks at Luke* *Carefully inches around Luke and seats himself next to Ellie* Luke: *snorts and reaches his arms around the two kids, squeezing them tight and hoping he's not making Azi too uncomfortable* *just wants to show that hugs are ok with him* Welcome to the movie night, then. *mostly lets go but keeps one arm around the two of them* *can't quite reach Met any more but doesn't mind so much if he has the kids to cuddle* Ellie: *links her arm through Met's to show that he's part of the cuddle chain* *smiles up at him, then at Azi* Got all my boys here. Well, almost all. Bugs is missing. Azi: *Blinks and hesitantly leans into Luke's hug* Doesn't mind the cuddles but still giving Luke a questioning look, unsure whether or not he was okay with this or if Luke would rather be sitting next to Ellie so that he wasn't in the way* Met: *Ruffles Ellie's hair, smiling and grateful that she included him* Since I'm the only one not trapped in Luke's death grip want me to go get are fluffy little friend? Ellie: *shakes her head* He'll be sleeping, it's ok. *hugs his arm tighter so that he doesn't go anywhere* Luke: *is starting to wonder if Azi is uncomfortable with this level of intimacy and loosens his arm a little* I'm sorry, if you'd rather I didn't...? Ellie: *looks questioningly at Luke and Azi, wondering what's going on* Azi: *Looks confused because why would /he/ have a problem with it?* *Luke's the one who's expressed a dislike of him getting to familiar with each other before* Wha-? Met: *Snuggling Ellie when he notices the two confused individuals sitting on the other side of her and sighs* *Reaches over and stops Luke's hand receding* I'm not an expert on reading people or anything, but judging by what I know about you two your probably both sharing the same concerns about a simple hug. Ellie: *looks from Met back to Azi and Luke* What concerns? Luke: *looks over at Met, also trying to figure out what he means* Yes, what concerns? I'm not concerned about the hug, I just don't want to make Azi uncomfortable... *grins at Azi a little uncertainly* I /like/ hugs. Azi: *Blinks* I like hugs too, love them in fact. I just didn't want you to feel uncomfortable.... *Trails off as it clicks in his head what Met meant* Oh. Met: *Smiles proudly* Looks like at least one of you got it. Luke: *laughs and squeezes Azi* So I can hug you and it's ok? Ellie: *relaxes again and leans into Met, smiling at the other two* Azi: *Hugs back, only hesitating for a moment* As long as you're okay with it than so am I. Met: *Snuggling Ellie* *Cheers* Yay! Are boyfriends are finally moving past their intimacy issues with one another! Luke: *smiling and cuddles Azi like he would Ellie* You're both my kids, as far as I'm concerned, so yes, I'm ok with it. Always. Ellie: Good. *tucks her feet up on the couch, brushing her toes against Azi's calf* Now that's sorted, any chance we could restart the movie? I've quite lost track of the plot. *smiles and reaches for the chip packet she somewhat crushed in Met's lap* Azi: *Is actually a little surprised by Luke's statement, smiling a little bashfully and hiding his face by returning the cuddles* ...Th-Thank you. Met: Well we probably wouldn't have lost track of the story line if we haven't gotten attacked by a couple of hyperactive teenagers. *Smiles teasingly and hands her the slightly crushed chips* Luke: *looks over at Met and gives him a surprised but happy smile* *uses the remote to skip the movie back to the start* Ellie: Sshhhhhh. *munches contentedly on some chips, head resting on Met's shoulder, watching the TV* Azi: *Settles against Luke once he's calmed down and pulls Ellie closer, squishing himself in between their cuddles* Met: *Scoots over so that he can actually reach Luke* *Arm around both Ellie and Azi as he rests his hand on Luke's arm* Ellie: *is squished between Azi and Met* *cuddles down happily* Luke: *smiles at Met and brushes his fingers against Met's side* Ellie: *squirms a little as Luke's hand movement tickles her* Luke: *looks at the three of them instead of the movie and is content* *mouths 'I love you' at Met* Azi: *Relaxed in the many limbs around him* *Feeling incredibly warm and safe and content* *Pleased that the movie wasn't giving him a headache but can already tell that with the amount of comfort he was feeling odds were he wasn't going to be able to keep his eyes open through the whole film* Met: *Smiling fondly at the little family he has with Luke and mouths the words right back at him* *Hopes that all of this, their relationships and love for each other, will last* *Rests his head on top of Ellie and returns his attention to the screen* Ellie: *closes her eyes* *lets the sound of the movie and the warmth wash over her* Luke: *looks back at the movie and echoes Met's pose, head resting against Azi's* *watches the screen and hears Ellie's breathing eventually even out into a sleep pattern* *smiles to himself* Azi: *Barely aware that Ellie has fallen asleep because his own eyes are drooping shut* *Slumps against Luke once sleep takes him* Met: *Eyes the two sleeping kids, an amused grin on his lips* Luke: *watches the rest of the movie with the sleeping kids* *looks over at Met when it's finished* *whispers* Do we wake them or try and get them upstairs like this? *is reluctant to wake them* Met: *Combing Ellie's hair with his fingers* *Whispers just as quietly* We could just let them sleep down here for the night. To be honest I think we would have a little trouble attempting to carry two nearly full grown young adults upstairs. Luke: True. *attempts to ease out from under Azi but the kid has him pretty well pinned* *huffs out a quiet laugh* I may be stuck here. I don't want to wake him... Met: *Chuckles softly* I guess that means I get the bed to myself tonight? Luke: *glares playfully* Not a chance. If I'm stuck here so are you. Met: *Grinning* I don't think so. *Manages to wiggle out of Ellie's grip and smiles triumphantly* Luke: *sighs* *gently pushes Azi so that he's leaning on Ellie and not on him* *checks the boy is still asleep before sliding away* *looks down at the two of them slumped against each other and smiles fondly* God they're adorable. Met: *Slips an arm around Luke's waist and steals a kiss* Sap. *Looks at the kids and silently agrees that they look pretty cute together* Luke: *turns to Met and slides his arms around him* *quietly* I know someone else who's adorable. Ellie: *shifts slightly so that she wraps her arms around Azi and is in a more comfortable position* *mumbles* Get a room. *settles back down to sleep* Met: *Bites his lip to stifle his laughter* That sounds like a good idea actually.... Azi: *Curls around Ellie and falls back onto the couch in sleepy cuddles* Luke: *smothers his own laughter in Met's shoulder* Right. We've been told. *leads him upstairs to 'get a room'* ~Fade to black~ ---- A few weeks later… Luke: *walks into the living room with Ellie tucked under his arm after a private talk with her in his office* Ellie: *clinging to Luke with red-rimmed eyes and still sniffling slightly* Luke: *realises this looks awful and attempts to smile at the other two* Sorry I had to borrow her, we have something we need to do this weekend, and we're going out of town. Met: *Laziness around on the couch with Azi when the others walk in* *Immediately forgets about whatever show they had been watching once he sees the state Luke and Ellie are in* Azi: *Is concerned with how red Ellie's eyes are* *Gets up and goes to her side* Darling? Met: *Also stands and moves closer* Want to tell us what's going on? Ellie: *transfers her clinging from Luke to Azi* Luke: *feels suddenly alone without Ellie and reaches for Met's hand* We're going to the next town over, where Ellie used to live. It's where... *swallows* her mother is buried. Ellie: *wraps her arms around Azi and buries her face in his shirt, fresh tears leaking* Luke: It's... on Saturday it's a year. Azi: *Heart goes out to the crying girl and the uncle trying to keep it together* *Holds Ellie tight against his chest and mutters sweet and soothing things to try and calm her down* Met: *Gives Luke his hand and steps closer* I'm... I'm so sorry. *Places a hand to Luke's cheek, stroking it lovingly with his thumb* Would you like it if we came along? Ellie: *tries to relax and calm down* Luke: *wide-eyed looking at Met* *has to swallow again* I... didn't think you'd... I mean... Ellie: *whispers* Yes please. *clings tighter* Luke: *nods* If... if you don't mind? I think... Ellie would appreciate it. Met: *Smiles and takes another step forward* *Brings Luke in for a fierce hug* Alright then, for Ellie's sake. Azi: *Muttering and rubbing soothingly at her back* It's okay, it's okay. We'll be there for you through all of this. Luke: *wraps himself around Met* *breath not unsteady at all, oh no* Thank you. Ellie: *echoes* Thank you. *pulls away a little and wipes at her eyes with her sleeve* Sorry. Met: *Nuzzles Luke's shoulder and runs his fingers through his hair* No need for thanks, I love you. Azi: *Leans in and kisses the tears from her cheeks* Don't be love, there's nothing to be sorry about. Met: *Eyes the two kids and wholes out an arm, inviting them to join the hug* Ellie: *pulls Azi in to join the hug Met has invited them to without hesitation* *wraps her arms around Luke and Azi* Luke: *squeezes the whole lot of them* *is feeling so lucky to have such a loving family* *in a low, only slightly-wrecked voice* We were planning on heading off first thing in the morning. It's not a long drive, but we wanted to visit some of the places we used to go together as well as the grave... Azi: *Hears the pain in Luke's voice and hugs him just as tightly as he was hugging Ellie* Met: *One arm around Ellie and Azi, the other tucked behind Luke, stroking his hair* Azi and I are completely fine with wherever you might need to go. Tomorrow morning works for us. Luke: *surrenders himself to the hugs and sighs* Tomorrow morning. Ellie: *is bundled so tightly into the hug* *hard to feel alone when you have three pairs of arms wrapped around you* *has no words, just more tears* *can't believe it's been one whole year* Luke: *clears his throat and strokes Ellie's hair like Met is stroking his* Do you think this date night we could stay in? *looks at Met* Met: *Gentle smile and presses a kiss to his cheek* Of course. I doubt any of us are up for a night out anyway. Azi: *Hugging Ellie and never intending to let her go* ...Maybe we should all sit down for a while? Luke: *ruffles Azi's hair* What a good idea. *extracts himself from the hug so that he can walk - a little shakily - to the couch and sink down into it* Ellie: *remains clinging tightly to Azi for a bit longer* *eventually nods and releases her death grip so that they can move, too* Met: *Curls up next to and cuddles him shamelessly* Azi: *Squishes Ellie between himself and Luke* *Speaks softly* Do you need anything? Ellie: *shakes her head and huddles down between the two* Luke: *strokes her hair again* Give her a moment. Once she's calmed down again I'm sure she wouldn't say no to a hot chocolate. *voice is still a little rough but sounding a bit better again* Anyway, miss, we agreed this weekend we would do all the things she /loved/ and try to remember her happily. This doesn't look happy to me. *gently teasing* Ellie: *nods but can't speak right now around the lump in her throat* Azi: *Kisses and nuzzles her cheeks* Happy sounds good to me. Met: *Smiles kindly at Ellie* How about I go make us those hot chocolates and when I get back we can all do something ridiculously sappy? Luke: *smiles at Met gratefully* Thanks love. Ellie: *burrows against Azi* *whispers* Thank you. ---- Met: *Feels a little tense as he pulls into the parking space at the graveyard Luke directed him to* *The drive there had been mostly silent and considering what day it was he could hardly blame anyone for not keeping up conversations* *Takes a deep breath when he turns off the car and offers Luke a weary smile, not entirely sure how he should be acting in this situation* ...We're here. Azi: *Looks curiously out the window from the backseat at all the graves and wonders which one is the one they're visiting today* *His hand finds Ellie's once Met makes his announcement* Luke: *nods and exits the car* *looks around at the graves and bites the inside of his cheek* *opens the car door for Ellie and Azi to climb out of the back* Ellie: *gives Azi's hand a squeeze and makes no move to open the door and get out* *when Luke opens the door she gives a little sigh and climbs out* Luke: *pulls his niece into a hug* Come on, love, let's go visit your mother. *is managing to hold it together for now* Ellie: *in a quiet, broken voice* She's not there. *is also still dry-eyed for now, but only just* Luke: *sighs* It's the closest we'll get. *beckons for Azi to come take Ellie again and looks over at Met* This way. Met: *Pockets the car keys and climbs out* *Takes in the graveyard and notes that there wasn't anyone else there today* Azi: *Follows Ellie out of the back seat and gives her and Luke a moment together* *Heart absolutely brakes for them when Ellie clams that her not here* *Doesn't think he would ever even begin to imagine the pain she must be going through after losing a parent* *Goes to her and puts his arm around her waist, ready to walk with her but not going to force her to go unless she wants to* Met: *Reaches out and takes Luke's hand, allowing him to lead the way* Luke: *nods and squeezes Met's hand* *glances at Ellie and Azi, then leads the way along paths and then rows until he pauses before a small headstone with a dove on top* *inscription reads her name and dates of birth and death, with 'beloved mother of Elisheva and sister of Luke'* *parents are not mentioned* *swallows a few times* Ellie: *looks upon the headstone and feels numb* *can't imagine her mother is in that tiny little hole* *doesn't read the inscription or she's going to lose it* *stares blindly at the little dove at the top* *unaware that she's trying to crush Azi's hand* Luke: *kneels down and places the single lily in front of the headstone* *wants to say some things but not in front of the others, so places a hand on the headstone and just thinks them very loudly* ~Wish you were here~ ~I miss you~ ~I'm trying not to mess Ellie up too badly, not sure how well I'm doing~ ~Why...?~ Azi: *Looks at the grave and decides it's a pretty one* *Is very aware that Ellie is attempting to break all the bones in his hand but doesn't mind, he can always wrap it later* Met: *Places a hand on Luke's shoulder but remains silent, giving him a moment with his sister but still wanting him to know that he's here for him* Luke: *reaches a hand up to cover Met's and realises he doesn't have to be strong today because it isn't just him and Ellie* *he doesn't have to drive, or comfort her, Met and Azi are here to do that* *finally lets his tears fall* *shoulders shaking with his silent sobs* Ellie: *becomes aware that Luke hasn't moved in a while and tears her gaze from the dove to him* *sees him crying and that is enough to penetrate her numb haze* *forces her hand to let go of Azi and kneels down, plastering herself against Luke's back and wrapping her arms around him* *lip quivering but still keeping her tears in check* It's ok, I love you. Met: *Squeezes Luke's shoulder and becomes aware that Luke's crying* *Is about to drop down and wrap his arms around the man but his niece beats him to it* Azi: *Is surprised when Ellie let's him go but understands fully once he sees the state Luke is in* *Exchanges a 'what should we do' look with Met because he wasn't sure if they should try and help comfort the two of them or if they should let them have this moment to themselves* Met: *Decides for him and Azi by dropping to the ground and hugging both Luke and Ellie* We all love you. You're not alone. Azi: *Joins the hug when Met gives them the okay* *Snuggling the two of them the best he could* Luke: *feels the weight of the three of them plastered against him and is comforted by it* *it also prompts more tears at the same time* Ellie: *Met and Azi's kindness is enough to break her composure and she starts crying, too* *wants her mother back* Luke: *eventually the tears stop and he wipes at his eyes* *throat feels raw and thick* *shifts around a little so that he can get an arm around his niece and Azi* *threads the fingers of his other hand with Met's* *kisses Ellie's cheek* Ellie: *sniffles back the last of her own tears and leans heavily into Azi* I would like to go now, please. Luke: Ok love. *clears his throat because his voice doesn't sound anything like his* *isn't sure he can get to his feet, though* Met: *Arms wrapped firmly around his loved ones* *Wishes that there was more he could do but knows that he can't give them back what they lost* *Hopes this hug is enough to remind them that they haven't lost everything* Azi: *Nods gently when Ellie asks to leave and kisses her temple* *Begins to help her up and looks to Met to handle Luke* Met: *Sees Azi's look and understands* *Puts an arm around his waist and gently helps his lover to his feet* Luke: *gives Met a little squeeze to show that he's grateful for the support* *walks with him back to the car in silence and stands listlessly by the passenger door, waiting for Met to go around and unlock the car* Ellie: *has to keep drying her eyes on Azi's shirt as they follow the other two back to the car* *has pretty much stopped crying by the time they reach it and feels about as numb as Luke looks* *hollow voice* Can we go to the bakery near... near... where we lived? We used to go there… Met: *Unlocks the car and offers Ellie a kind smile* It's fine with me, we can go wherever you want today. Azi: *Opens the car door for Ellie and gently helps her inside* Luke: *just nods and gets in, doing up the seatbelt automatically and then sitting back, staring out of the front windscreen* Ellie: *is bundled into the back seat and latches back onto Azi the moment her belt is done up* The bakery, then. *looks at Luke, but he isn't responding* *gives Met directions to the bakery* Met: *Thanks Ellie for the directions and gives Luke a worried look* *Reaches for him and places a hand to cheek, thumb stroking it lovingly* We're here for you. Azi: *Arms snugly around Ellie, holding her close* *Softly adds to Mets statement* Both of you. Luke: *closes his eyes and leans into the touch* *opens his eyes, straightens, and looks out the side window with a frown* *wants to reassure Met that he's ok, but is afraid that if he speaks it will shatter his fragile equillibrium* Ellie: *nods into Azi's neck* Thank you, we really appreciate it. Luke: *nods his agreement but keeps looking out the window* *needs a few more minutes, preferably away from the graveyard, to pull himself together* Ellie: *manages a shaky smile at Azi* The bakery has the best cream buns. They were... her favourites. Azi: *Smiles a warm and hopefully comforting smile* I look forward to trying them. *Places a kiss to her temple once again* Met: *Pulls his hand away so that he could start the car and pull out of the parking lot* *Figures Luke will need a moment so speaks to Ellie* What else does this bakery have? Ellie: *looks at the back of Met's head* Sugar donuts, apple slice, chocolate eclairs, all sorts of biscuits and cakes, and savory stuff as well... *goes on to list all the things she can remember, voice getting less hesitant* Luke: *listens passively to Ellie's description for a while but the passing scenery is soothing him and he turns his head to look at Met again* I seem to recall they do a mean tripple chocolate muffin. Ellie: *smiles because Luke has spoken again and is sounding more normal* *gives Azi's hand a gentle squeeze* Yes! Met: *Grinning widely* Well that all sounds fantastic. By the time we are done there I doubt that there will be a pastry left. Azi: *Happy to see that the mood is lightening and returns the gentle squeeze* We should try and at least save some of the sweets for later. We'll need something to snack on tonight. Ellie: Sounds good. And... *bites her lip* Luke: *gets himself out of his funk enough to turn around and look at Ellie questioningly* Yes, love? Ellie: I sort of have a list of places I'd like to go...? Luke: *nods and smiles* Of course. It's what we agreed. Ellie: *relaxes against Azi and smiles back* ---- A week or two later… Ellie: *arrives home from swimming and tosses her bag on the floor by her shoes at the front door* HELLOOOOO! I'm home! *skips through to the living room, but it's empty* *checks the kitchen* Hello? Luke: *pops out of his office* Hey love, how was swimming? Ellie: *smiles* Good. My times are getting better again. *looks towards the stairs* Is Azi around? Luke: *frowns* Not as far as I know, but he may be upstairs... Ellie: *takes off upstairs to her room* *doesn't find Azi* *checks the bathroom, the rumpus, and even her old room on the third floor* *frowning and walking slowly down the stairs again, she sends a text to Azi* [From Ellie to Azi: Hey, where are you? Missing you. xxx] Ellie: *waits fifteen minutes before she tries calling him instead* *phone goes straight to voicemail* *chews her lip* *knocks on Luke's office door* Luke: Come in! Ellie: *peeks in* I'm sorry to bother you... Luke: *smiling* No bother. What is it? Ellie: I... uh... can't get hold of Azi. He... doesn't normally ignore my calls... Can you check with Met whether he's at home, please? Luke: *takes out his own phone* Sure, love. His phone is probably just flat and he hasn't noticed. Buried in some book at the library or something. *smiles reassuringly as he types out a message* [From Luke to Met: Hey is Azi there? Ellie's worried he's not answering his phone.] Met: *Spending some time at home for the day so that he could see his brothers and give Luke a chance to get some work done when he receives the text* *Quickly answers* [From Met to Luke: I thought he was at your place but I might have been wrong. Give me a sec to check.] Met: *Extracts himself from the living room couch and enters the kitchen* *Finds Mike making tea* Hey, you see little Azi around here? Mike: *Stirring his cup* Not since this morning. Why? Is something wrong? Met: No no, just wondering. *Leaves to check upstairs* *Doesn't find him in his room* *Knocks on Remy's door instead* Remy: *Peers out through the ajar door and spies Met* Yes? Met: You know where Azi is? Remy: *Shrugs* Talked to him earlier today during breakfast but I haven't seen him since. Kid in trouble again? Met: *Chuckles* I hope not. His girlfriend couldn't get a hold of him. Remy: Hmm... it's unlike him to ignore her, I'll try and phone him to see what sort of mischief he is up to. Met: Thanks, let me know when you get a hold of him. *Heads back downstairs and runs into Uriel as he is heading back to the living room* Hey! You know where Aziraphale went? Uriel: Does anyone know what that kid gets up to? Last I saw of him he was eating breakfast with Remy. Why do you need him? Met: *Sighs* I don't, just wondering where he is that's all. Thanks anyway. *Plops down on the couch in the living room and picks up his phone to tell Luke about his lack of findings* [From Met to Luke: Sorry, no one has seen or heard from him since this morning. Remy is attempting to phone him. Will let you know if we find him.] Ellie: *is anxiously scanning the books in Luke's office waiting for the response* *wonders what's taking Met so long* Luke: *checks his phone when it plays the message notification and frowns* Hmm. Ellie: *hovering next to Luke trying to see the message* Is he there? Luke: *rolls his eyes and smiles up at her* They'll find him soon. Stop pacing a hole in my carpet. Ellie: *pokes her tongue out at him* You don't have carpet in here. Luke: My floors then. Sit down, or go make a pest of yourself elsewhere. Ellie: *goes to the living room to wait* *does not do so patiently* Met: *Pondering over where his little brother had gone off to* *Hopes he didn't run away again (although that isn't unlikely)* *Settles back against the couch and is about to try and text him when Remy comes into the room* Find him? *Sounds hopeful* Remy: *Shakes his head and feels a tad bit nervous* No, he isn't answering either my texts or my calls... Met: *Sighs mournfully* The kids probably off hiding somewhere again. Hopefully he'll return before tomorrow or else Mike is going to give him one of his famous scoldings. *Grins jokingly* Remy: *Doesn't smile back* I... I don't think so. Azi and I have a deal that whenever he runs off he has to let me know where he is and in exchange I don't rat him out to you guys. He understands that I just don't want to have to worry about him. But... *Looks down at the phone in his hand, uneasy* ...He isn't answering. He /never/ ignores me, even when he wants to be alone because he knows I'll just try and find him..... I'm worried. Met: *Frowns, not liking how this sounds* ...Maybe you should go get the others. Remy: *Nods and runs off* Met: *Pulls out his phone again* [From Met to Luke: Hey, Remy can't reach him and things are getting a little tense around here. You or Ellie have any ideas what Azi could be up to?] Luke: *frowns at his phone* *really doesn't like how this is sounding* [From Luke to Met: I'll check with Ellie, but she was expecting him here. So what are we doing? Searching his usual haunts?] Luke: *gets up and goes to find Ellie* *finds her reorganising the DVDs in the living room* *at least he assumes so because they're spread all over the floor* Ellie: *looks up at Luke when he walks in, hopeful expression on her face* So? Luke: *shakes his head* Any idea where he could be? Ellie: *leaves the DVDs and stands up to go to Luke* I don't know? The library? The graveyard? The park? Could he have gone to the pool to find me? Luke: *slides an arm around Ellie's shoulders and is texting with his other* We'll find him. He'll just have lost track of time somewhere, you'll see. *is not sure he believes it* [From Luke to Met: Ellie has a few suggestions for places to look for him. We'll try the graveyard since it's right by us. I found him there one time.] Met: *Reads the message and is only vaguely confused why Azi would visit a graveyard when the others walk in* Uriel: What's going on? Is Aziraphale missing? Met: *Attempts to sound calm* Possibly. No one can get a hold of him so where going to see if we can locate and ground him for making us worry. Mike: *Nods in approval at the grounding suggestion* Remy: Where should we start? *Feeling anxious* Met: *Ponders for a moment, considering his options* ....How about this. Mike, you check out the police station in case he got himself into some trouble and just hasn't contacted us yet. If you don't find him ask some of your cop buddies to keep an eye out for him on their patrol. Remy, I know you know most if not all of Azi's little hide aways so I ask you check those out while I hit the library. Uriel, you get the fun job of staying here in case he comes back. I'll ask Luke to check the park and Ellie to keep an eye out for him since she's the one he will most likely go to. If anyone finds him call me immediately that way we aren't still running around looking for him afterwards, alright? *Collective head nods from the three brothers* Met: Good, then off with you lot. *Waves them out while he starts texting Luke* *Three brothers scramble away (well two of them do anyway while Uriel finds a comfortable spot to wait incase Azi came home)* [From Met to Luke: Okay so I sent out a mini search party. Mike has the police station, Remy has Azi's favorite hiding holes, I'll check the library, and Uriel is waiting at home just in case. Could you check the park since you're closest to it and maybe Ellie could keep an eye out for him at your place once you two are done with the graveyard?] Luke: *reads the text out to Ellie* Ellie: *chews her lip for a moment* *is trying not to worry too much* *Azi will be in so much trouble when he surfaces, she tells herself* Ok, let's get the graveyard done and then you can head off to the park. He likes to feed the ducks, so check around the pond first. *is already grabbing her coat and heading out the door* Luke: *scrambles to follow and text Met back at the same time* [From Luke to Met: Checking the graveyard then will head to the park.] *doesn't take Luke and Ellie long to establish that the graveyard is an Azi-free zone* Luke: Head back to the house and stay there. One missing kid is enough. If he surfaces, text Met immediately. Then me. I'm sending you his number now. *ruffles her hair* We'll find the little rascal, ok? Ellie: *is feeling less confident about the whole situation but nods* *checks her phone and finds Met's contact details have been sent to her* *heads back to the house* [From Luke to Met: Heading to the park now. Graveyard was clear.] Met: *Has just arrived at the library when his phone goes off* *Gives the librarian an apologetic look and answers the text* [From Met to Luke: Alright thanks, I'll let the others know.] [From Met to Mike, Remy, Uriel: Graveyard is empty. Updates?] [From Remy to Met, Mike, Uriel: Still looking, so far no sign of him.] [From Mike to Met, Remy, Uriel: Hasn't been arrested (thank god) Talking with the sheriff now about keeping an eye out for him.] [From Uriel to Met, Mike, Remy: Still just me here.] Met: *Has used this whole time to search the library and hasn't found any trace of Azi* [From Met to Luke, Mike, Remy, Uriel: He's not in the library. I'm going to drive by the school and see if he ended up there for some reason or another. Keep me posted.] Luke: *gets out of his car and checks his phone to find several messages* *one from Met, two from Ellie* [From Ellie to Luke: There's a place near the lake that's a bit sheltered with trees. Try there. It's where we first kissed.] [From Ellie to Luke: Sorry, probably TMI. Found anything?] Luke: *breathes out a sigh and types out a reply as he makes his way towards the lake* [From Luke to Ellie: Just got here, give me a chance. And yes, TMI.] Luke: *concentrates on looking around* *calls out* Azi! Azi? *scans the undergrowth* *the park is pretty empty* *gets a curious look from one lone couple wandering through* [From Ellie to Luke: Anything?] [From Luke to Ellie: Maybe if you stopped texting me?] Luke: *is rewarded by text silence* *gets around a bend and sees something on the ground* *something body-shaped and bloodied...* Oh shit... *runs* *throws himself down by Azi and doesn't know what to touch as it's all blood and bruises* *checks his pulse and finds it there* Azi, Azi can you hear me? *fumbles his phone out again, drops it, picks it up* *considers whether to call Met first, but that would take explaining* *fires off a quick text* [From Luke to Met: Found. Park duck pond. Calling ambulance. Don't call. Come.] Luke: *calls the emergency services* Met: *Has just arrived at the school when he gets the text and feels his heart drop* *Why on earth did he need an ambulance?* *Fearing the worst, he sends off a quick mass text and turns the car around, heading for the park* [From Met to Mike, Remy, Uriel: Azi's found but he might be hurt, don't know the details yet. Will call when I know more.] Met: *Arrives at the park just before an ambulance does* *Starts searching for Azi and Luke* Aziraphale! Luke! *Heads towards the duck pond* Luke: *hears Met calling out but can't see him* Over here! Met! *has found some of Azi's wounds and is applying pressure, as instructed by the emergency operator* Over here! *hopes like hell Met finds them quickly* *can hear the sirens getting closer* Met: *Follows Luke's voice but freezes when he sees the limp and bloody form of his baby brother in the grass* *Swears his heart stopped for a moment before jumping into high gear* AZIRAPHALE! *Runs and drops to his knees besides him and Luke* *Hand finds Azi's shoulder but resists the urge to shake him, afraid he might hurt him farther* Aziraphale! Azi! What happened?! Oh god please wake up little brother! *Feels tears on the edge of his eyes but doesn't care, his baby brother was hurt and he was all that mattered* Luke: *wants to comfort Met but doesn't want to let up on the wounds he is holding closed* Met... Met! Did the paramedics... *is interrupted by them arriving* *tries to answer their questions even as he is gently pushed out of the way as they take over* His name is Aziraphale, that's his brother Met. I'm Luke, I'm the one who called. No, we don't know what happened. No, he hasn't been conscious. No, we don't know how long he's been here... *slides an arm around Met, grimacing because both his hands are covered in Azi's blood* Met: *Is shell shocked, not hearing the questions* *Doesn't want to let go of his brother but is forced to when a paramedic gently pries him away so that they could load Azi onto a stretcher* *Luke's arms around him are the only thing keeping him from snatching Azi from the strangers taking him away* *Just keeps muttering to himself* Oh god, oh please dear god not Azi. Oh no no no this can't be happening. Not him, please god not him. Don't take him from me, please god please. *Tears rushing down his cheeks* Luke: *heart breaking for Met* *worried sick about Azi* Shhhh shhh, it's ok, he'll be ok. *empty words, he knows they are, but it's all he's got* *something occurs to him and he takes his phone out* *it also has blood on it but he will deal with that later* *no messages* [From Luke to Ellie: I'll be coming home for you soon. We found Azi. I'll explain when I get there.] Luke: *guiding Met towards the ambulance where they are loading Azi* You should go with him, Met. I know it's hard but you have to be strong. Azi will need you. *kisses at his tears rather than wiping them away because he doesn't want to leave blood smears* He needs you, love. I'll bring Ellie to the hospital and let the others know. [From Ellie to Luke: What do you mean you'll explain when you get here? What's happened? You can't just say something like that!] [From Ellie to Luke: Answer me.] [Missed call from Ellie] [Missed call from Ellie] Met: *Numb all over* *Barely registers Luke is there with him until he is kissing his tears away, and only then does he understand* R-Right.... I... I have to go with him. *Stares at Luke with frightened eyes* I... I-I don't think I'm going to be able- *Feels himself get get choked up and starts following the paramedics* ....Come soon. Luke: I will. *watches Met go for a second, then springs into action* [From Luke to Mike, Uriel, Remy: Azi's hurt. He and Met are on the way to the hospital in an ambulance. I'm heading home to get Ellie then going to the hospital.] Luke: *bites his lip at the missed call notifications from Ellie* *returns her call* Ellie: What took you so long? When are you getting here? What happened? Luke: *getting into his car and putting the phone onto speaker as he pulls out of the park* I'm two minutes away, be ready to go. Azi has been taken to the hospital by the ambulance, Met is with him. Ellie: *faintly* Oh my god. Is... is he ok? Luke: *sighs* Hopefully. I don't want you to panic when you see me. I found Azi so I have a bit of blood on me. Ellie: BLOOD?! *sound of a door slamming* Luke: *winces* Just be out the front waiting. Ellie: I already am. Hurry up. *hangs up* Luke: *pulls into the driveway only to have Ellie basically leap into the car before it has stopped moving* *pulls out again and heads towards the hospital* Ellie: *looking at him with wide eyes* You weren't kidding about the blood... *is doing her absolute best not to panic because Luke isn't panicking* Luke: *gives Ellie a quick rundown on the way to the hospital* *when they get there, they're not allowed in to see Azi* *both nervously start to pace the waiting room instead* *A few minutes pass before a bundle of brothers come flying into the waiting room* Mike: *To Luke* What happened?! Remy: Is Azi okay?! *Looks like a nervous wreck* Uriel: *Already talking to the front desk about seeing their little brother* Ellie: *bites her lip and makes herself small in one of the waiting room chairs* Luke: *to Mike and Remy* I don't know what happened. I found Azi in the park, bloodied and bruised and unconscious. I called the ambulance and they arrived at the same time as Met. I haven't been able to get past the front desk because we're not family. Met needs support, though. He was pretty torn up when he went off with Azi… Uriel: *Returns from the front desk with a look of irritation* It's no good. Family or not they're only letting one person in at a time and Azi's heading into surgery. They.... *Worried* they wouldn't tell me any more than that. Mike: *Lets loose a string of curses that even he didn't realize he knew and storms over to give the front desk a piece of his mind* Remy: *Telling himself not to panic* *Quietly panicking anyway* *Staring at Luke's hands* .....You've got red on you. Luke: *is liking the news less and less* I... uh... *looks down at his hands* I was the first one there. They... the people on the phone... emergency services... they told me to try and stop the bleeding. Ellie: *curls her legs up on the chair with her and hugs them when she hears that Azi is going into surgery* *bites her lip and hides the lower half of her face behind her knees* *watches the Azi's brothers and her uncle with wide eyes* Remy: *Swallows dryly* Oh... *Keeps staring at Luke's hands. Luke's hands that are covered in blood. /Azi's/ blood* *Feels like he is going to be sick and forces himself to look at something else* *Sees Ellie curled up on a chair and decides he would much rather be in her company rather than Luke's at the moment. Luke and his bloody hands* *Moves to sit next to the girl* Uriel: *Note what seeing Azi's blood is doing to Remy and can't really blame him* *Now feeling quite well himself but someone has to keep it together here and by the looks of things he's the only candidate* *Careful to avoid the blood, he takes Luke's elbow and steers him towards where he saw the bathrooms were* Come on, we should get that off you before it stains. Luke: *lets himself be led* *Ellie has company now so he can leave her* Yes, of course. I just didn't want to leave Ellie by herself. *checks over his shoulder before they're out of sight and sees that she's ok* Ellie: *looks at Remy approaching but doesn't uncurl from her position, hiding behind her own knees* *whispers* I want to see Azi. *fingers clutching at her own legs* Remy: *Sits down next to Ellie* *Reaches out and takes the poor girls hand, this was hard on all of them* So do I Ellie, so do I. ~time warp: a few hours later~ Met: *Wanders into the waiting room after just witnessing Azi's surgery* *Feeling incredibly tired and just wants to rest but knows his mind would never let him* *Sees his family in the waiting room and gives them a weary wave* Remy: *Is half asleep by Ellie's side when he notices Met walk in* *Snaps awake instantly* Is he okay? Mike: *Hears Remy's question and sees that Met has finally joined them* *Abandons his chat with the police (because this was obviously no accident) and moves to hear Met's answer* Uriel: *Oh the phone with Sunny* *Stops mid conversation and mutters to her to wait a moment, Met was back* Well? Met: *Sighs as if he has the weight of the world on his shoulders but slowly nods* He's stable, but the doctors don't think he'll be waking up soon. With the shock his system took they figure he'll need the rest anyway. Ellie: *is dozing and also wakes up the moment Remy asks a question* *blinks up at Met* Luke: *is sitting in the other chair next to Ellie when Met comes in* *leaps to his feet to approach his lover* *places his hand gently on Met's arm, glad that he managed to get most of the blood off himself* Will they let someone stay with him? We could take it in shifts... Ellie: *quietly to Remy, still groggy from sleep* Stable means he's ok, right? Remy: *Nods and gently pulls Ellie into a semi happy hug* It means he's okay, yes. Met: *Practically collapses into Luke's arms and buries his face into his partners shoulder* Visiting hours have long been over so we can't go in right now, Azi needs his rest after all. But we can all visit him tomorrow morning. Uriel: *Is relaying all this information back to Sunny over the phone* Mike: *Angry that he can't see his little brother but is also incredibly relieved that he is okay* Ellie: *nods back and leans into Remy's hug* *pulls in a shaky breath but manages not to cry with relief* Luke: *holds Met tight* *breathes out a 'thank god' and rubs his back* First thing in the morning, then. How about we head back to yours so we can all be together? Met: That sounds good to me.... *Exhaustion of the day finally taking him as he feels himself falling asleep on Luke's shoulder* Uriel: *Ends his phone call and turns to the rest of the group* Sunny said that she'll be over tomorrow morning to see Azi with us. Met: *Nods sleepily into Luke's shoulder* Okay Uriel… Luke: *doesn't fancy the idea of having to carry Met out of here* *coaxes him back to standing on his own two feet* Come on, love. Let's get you home. Ellie? Ellie: *pushes herself out of the chair to follow her uncle and Met in a sleepy sort of haze* *at least she can sleep in Azi's bed and feel closer to him* *wants to see him but understands that she has to wait until the morning* Luke: *tucks Ellie under his other arm when she catches up* Met: *Mumbles a sleepy 'okay' and lean against Luke as they leave* Remy: *Sticks close to Ellie's side and places a comforting hand on her shoulder, knowing that Azi would want as many people possible looking out for her* Mike: *Bids the cops goodbye and promises to call them once they get some answers* Uriel: *Sighs and trails behind the group, eager for the day to be over* ---- Ellie: *travelled to the hospital with everyone else* *had tried to get in to see Azi the moment visiting hours started but had been waylaid by the police for an hour-long interview where they asked her everything she knew about previous beatings, the ongoing bullying, who may have been responsible, his movements in the days leading up to yesterday, and so on and so forth* *has come out of the interview feeling shaky and desperate to see Azi* Luke: *wraps his arms around his niece* *had offered to go in with her but the police had wanted to talk to her without her guardian present* *as if that would make any difference* *offers a half-hearted glare at the social worker who had been there instead of him* *receives a shrug and a smile in response* Come on, love, let's go see him now. Ellie: *nods and lets herself be led to where Azi is* *The morning had been long and stressful so far* *As soon as everyone reached the hospital the police had insisted on talking to them all again* *Everyone of Azi's siblings had been pulled aside for questioning and released at different times to see the still unconscious teenager* *Sunny had finished her interview first, having not seen her youngest brother as often as the others so she didn't have much information to offer* *Next out was Uriel, having kept his answers quick and to the point, joining Sunny in her visit to Azi's bedside shortly after* *Then Mike, knowing exactly what the police would want to know and giving it to them in great detail before being released to joining his brother and sister in Azi's hospital room* *Remy took nearly the longest, seeing as he wasn't exactly as helpful and straight forward as the others but still remembered to give the cops any info that he thought would help his littlest brother, rush to him and the others once he was free* *Finally Met, who being the guardian and one of the ones to find Azi, naturally got the most questions and took the longest* *After going through hell in the form of a police interview, Met was allowed to leave about the same time as Ellie, running into her and her uncle actually on his way to Azi's room* Ellie: *wordlessly latches onto Met's arm to walk with him* Luke: *goes to the other side and slides an arm loosely around Met's waist* How you holding up? Met: *Already feeling worn out just from the interview but still manages a smile for them* I guess I'm doing as well as anyone who is about to see their youngest in a hospital bed would be doing. Luke: *gives Met a brief squeeze* We're here with you, as is everyone else. Azi will be fine. *hopes he's not lying* Ellie: *nods her agreement though she's not sure of the truth of it either* *eyes up the door they're approaching and starts chewing her lip* *doesn't know what to expect but is imagining some awful things* Luke: *pauses with his hand on the door* Ready? Met: *Nods and squeezes Luke* Yeah. *Watches him open the door* *Inside the crowded room* *Sunny is looking over Azi's charts and explaining them to the group* *Uriel is pretty much the only one paying full attention* *Mike nodding along with whatever Sunny is saying but is lost in thought, instead staring at Azi's injuries with a hard look on his face* *Remy isn't even pretending to pay attention as he sits in the only chair by Azi's bed and keeps whispering little things to him in hopes that his little brother will wake up* Ellie: *lets go of Met and rushes to Azi's side, eyes scanning over his injuries and the monitors attached to him and the IV drip going into his arm* *moves close to Remy and hesitantly reaches out one trembling hand to touch Azi as the other rests on Remy's shoulder* Oh my god, Azi... *can't say any more* Luke: *hangs back near the door because there's a lot of family in there and they should be close to Azi* *tries to listen to what Sunny is saying* Remy: *Tries to smile reassuringly at Ellie* Sunny said that he'll heal up fine but.... Sunny: *Picks up where Remy is trailing off* But it is going to be a while before he wakes up. The head trauma he took a few weeks ago left him pretty vulnerable. Remy: He /will/ wake up though. *Takes Ellie's hand and holds it with his and Azi's* I'm sure of it* Met: *Moves besides his sister and starts reading over her shoulder* Ellie: *nods and keeps her eyes glued on Azi, scanning the damage on his face and knowing that there is much more she can't see* *squeezes Remy's hand back* *anger building because she had a fair idea who was responsible for this and she wanted him to /pay/* Luke: *moves close to Met* *speaks quietly* I'll leave Ellie here if that's ok with you. She'll be less than useless anywhere else right now. There are enough people here for Azi right now. I'm gonna go harass some people and do some research and see what else we can do, try and get some work done and some rest. Did you want to stay a while? I can come by and pick you up later...? Met: *Looks back and forth from his unconscious bother to his partners, unsure as to what he should do* I.... Mike: Can I go with you? *He interrupted, having heard that Luke was planning* There isn't much I can do here but I don't want to do nothing. Met: *Is honestly a little surprised by Mike's offer* Luke: *nods at Mike* Sure. Ellie: *looks up at her uncle, looking a little lost* Where are you going? Luke: Home, but you can stay here. I'll be back later. *smiles reassuringly at her before turning to Met* Staying or coming, love? Met: *Bites his lip, eyes trailing back to Azi* ....I think I should stay with him for a while. I'll see you afterwards, okay? Mike: *Busy saying goodbye to Azi before he leaves* Luke: *kisses Met's cheek* Of course. If anything changes call. Otherwise I'll be back in a few hours. *goes to Ellie and strokes her head* Take care of him for us. *smiles down at her then turns towards the door* Ellie: *is already focussed back on Azi* Met: *Smiles and mutters goodbye to Luke before taking a spot by Azi's bedside* Mike: *Has said his goodbyes and was waiting for Luke so that they could leave* *Follows Luke out the door* Sunny: *Returns the chart back to where is belonged and looks at the remaining faces in the room* .....Well seeing as we are all probably going to be here awhile, why don't Uri and I go run a fetch us something to eat? Luke: *as he is walking out with Mike* To be honest I don't really know what else I /can/ do. I just feel useless standing around in the room when Azi already has so much of his family there. Figured I could go home and google 'how to cope with abuse' or 'what to do when a loved one has been beaten to a pulp' or something. *grimaces* Other than the obvious 'beat the perpetrator to a pulp' which, I know I know, won't really solve anything, but it would help /me/ feel a damn lot better. Ellie: *sits and stares mournfully at Azi* *isn't listening to anything around her* Mike: Really? Because 'beating the perpetrator to a pulp' sounds like something we should at least give a chance and consider it properly. *Still has a hard look about him but tone has lightened* Met: *Smiles gratefully at his sister* Food would probably do us all some good. *Sees Ellie isn't paying attention* ...Ellie? Remy: *Squeezes the girls hand* Luke: *grins at Mike but there's no humour in it* Thought you were all about following the rules? Good to see there's a mean streak in there, too. Ellie: *looks up, vague expression, and tries to replay the conversation leading up to her name from her memory* I'm not hungry, thanks. *looks back at Azi* Mike: My baby brother is in the hospital after having been assaulted yet /again/ by some punk with a knife. If the police ask I'll just explain that I was emotionally compromised. I doubt they would blame me for snapping. *Smiles an evil smile* Met: *Frowns and wants to persuade Ellie into eating something but also understands that she needs some time* *To Sunny* ....Why don't you just get us some snacks and a couple of burgers just incase? Sunny: *Nods and smiles at Met* *Silently drags Uriel out the door with her* Luke: *tells himself to never get on the bad side of Mike as he unlocks the car and gets inside* Back to my place or you want me to take you back to yours? Ellie: *lays her head down against the covers and watches the monitors rather than Azi* *holds his hand tight* Mike: *Climbs into the passenger seat* Yours is fine. You said you were going to do some research and I could use a productive distraction. Remy: *Removes himself from the only chair near Azi and offers it to Ellie* Sit. Luke: *nods and drives them back to his place* *walks them up to the front door and unlocks it* Welcome. My office and computer are through that way, should still be open, just ignore the programs full of code there'll be a browser open somewhere. Can I get you a hot drink? Ellie: *is embarrassed that Remy is giving up his seat for her* *lifts her head and shakes it, perching carefully on the edge of the bed by Azi's feet* I'm fine here. *eyes return to her bruised and battered boyfriend* *hand rests on his foot under the covers* *sad look back on her face* Mike: *Follows Luke inside, vaguely remembering the only other time he had been there* *Thoughts bring him back to Azi and he starts to feel angry and upset all over again* *Mutters a 'No, thank you' to Luke and heads into his office* Remy: *Sighs* Would you sit down over here if I said 'Pretty please?' *Attempting for a smile* Met: *Takes a seat on the far side of the room and watches the youngsters* Luke: *shrugs and goes to make himself a coffee* *returns to his office after a few minutes, steaming cup in hand* Any luck? Ellie: *slinks over to the seat and places herself right on the edge of it* *takes Azi's hand again and brings it up to tuck it under her chin* *whispers* I love you. Mike: *Is searching 'Can I start homeschooling a child when he is about to enter his senior year and of so how?'* Nothing much so far. Remy: *Fondly ruffles Azi's curls* He'll be okay. He's probably just taking his time waking up so that he can avoid getting scolded for scaring us all. Luke: *drags his spare chair around to Mike's side of the desk and sits down, watching the screen and sipping his coffee* *notes what Mike had been searching and raises his eyebrow* I have to admit I'd entertained the idea of pulling Ellie back out of school, too, but it doesn't account for the weekends. And Azi was attacked on a Saturday. You gonna cuff him to his desk and bar his windows? No, we need to deal with the one or ones who did this, /then/ they'll both be safe. Ellie: *nods and continues to cuddle Azi's hand* Mike: *Sighs and rolls his chair to the side away from the computer* Then you come up with something to search because so far I'm liking the idea of putting bars on his window. Remy: *Doesn't like that that last comment didn't even get a chuckle out of her* *Tries a different tactic to get her talking* ....Can you tell me how you calm to befriending my little brother? I've heard his side of the story but not yours. Luke: *scoots forward and opens a new tab* *searches for coping with abuse and bullying, is dissatisfied with the results, tries to find information on juvenile sentencing for causing bodily harm or attacking others...* *goes through various searches and is just frustrated with the results* *resorts to searching for how to get bars put on windows, only half-joking* Ellie: *blinks and tries to remember* His side of the story is probably accurate. *hasn't looked away from Azi* Mike: *Actually smiles a little at Luke's last search, amused* I know I said I liked the option but odds are even with bars on his window he'll still find a way to sneak out. Remy: *Doesn't want to give up* *Pushes forward with his question* I know how you met but not what you first thought of him. Luke: *opens another tab and does a search for ankle tracking bracelets, like the sort worn by criminals on home arrest* Ever considered this then? *smiles a little* Could set it to text you every time he tries to leave the house. *sighs and slumps back in his chair* I just... I don't know what to do. At this point, do you think the police and justice system will do enough? Or are we still going to have the bastard running around terrorising our kids? Ellie: Honestly? *smiles a fond little smile at Azi* At first I thought he was a little creepy, but in a harmless sort of way. He lurked over my shoulder reading my book then demanded that I turn the page when I stopped. And he kept popping out of absolutely nowhere whenever I entered the library. *those first days at school she had been so lucky to run into Azi* *she kisses his hand and watches for any sort of response* Mike: Honestly? I'm not going to pretend that the system doesn't have it's flaws, but I'd say that the odds are pretty good that once they catch the bastard who did this he's going to prison. They're not exactly going to be winning and sympathy in court after stabbing a minor. Remy: *Chuckles and smiles proudly, taking full credit in teaching Azi all of his best lurking skills* He does that.... So if you found him a little creepy then what prompted you to befriend him? Luke: Even if he's a minor himself? Because I have a pretty good idea who did this. Ellie: *still watching Azi* He was creepy, but he was kind. *smiles a little as she remembers* And he gave me chocolate. Mike: So do I, and if it /is/ him then I don't believe he is going to win any cases against him with his history of harassment. Remy: Chocolate? Is that all it takes to win your friendship? In that case I guess we've been friends ever since I first caught you and Azi sneaking around that night awhile back. Met: *Blinks and looks surprised from his chair* You /knew/ that Ellie was sneaking in? Remy: *Ignores Met's question and smiles innocently* Luke: *rubs at his eyes and then looks at Mike again* God I hope you're right. If he walks free I won't be responsible for my actions. Ellie: *glares a little at Remy* Chocolate /and/ discretion win my friendship. Too bad, huh? *lips twitch a little* *brushes Azi's hair back from his forehead* I had to convince him that I liked him. He was so sure that I didn't want to be around him. Mike: Neither will I... *Staring at the computer screen and wondering if Azi would be able to get out of an ankle bracelet* Remy: Hey I /was/ discreet about your late night visits, you two were the ones who blew it and got caught. *Is happy to see that Ellie is opening up more* *Continues questioning* How did you convince him of that? Luke: *stands up* Well, I feel like this is futile. I'm going to... go... *what was he going to go do?*... find something to keep busy. Do you need a ride anywhere? Welcome to stay here, I'll probably head back to the hospital in two hours or so... Ellie: *is still a little distracted and it takes her a moment to process the question* I... um... I tried giving him some chocolate back, but he just gave it back to me. Mike: *Waves him off* I'm fine. Probably catch a ride with you back to the hospital but for now I think I'll take a walk through that park nearby and see if I don't /accidentally/ run into some punk with a knife there. *Gets up* Remy: *Looks surprised* Really? Little Azi refusing a treat, why ever would he do that? Luke: *snorts* Good luck with that. *leaves his office to go do something productive like clean the bathrooms* Ellie: I guess he didn't want to take pity chocolate? I don't know, you'll have to ask him yourself. But I did eventually manage to convince him that I /did/ want to hang out with him. He even lent me Paradise Lost. Remy: *Mock gasps* Paradise Lost! Well then it must have been love at first sight! Ellie: *smiles at Azi* Maybe not first sight. I think it was his cuddles that won me over. Remy: *Smiling because those two are absolutely adorable* Which one of you were the first to start flirting if you don't mind me asking? Azi can be a shy one. Ellie: *shoots Remy an amused look because she knows she is pretty shy as well* I... don't remember, actually. Could have been me? *smiles and looks back at Azi* The first time we kissed he threw himself into the lake clothes and all. *and then she'd had her own little encounter with their violent friends on the way home...* *smile fades a little* Remy: *Laughing* Well I'm not entirely sure if I want to know /why/ my sweet innocent little brother felt the need to cool off after kissing you so I'll ask a different question. Who initiated it? *Sounds like a curious little gossip* Ellie: *finally blushes* Uh... he did, technically. Remy: Oh? Our shy little Azi made the first move? I wouldn't have ever guessed. *Makes a note to pay Uriel later since he won the bet* Ellie: *blushes redder but smiles at Azi, avoiding Remy or Met's eyes* Technically. He did chicken out. Remy: *Giggling at the cute couple* If he chickened out does that mean you took control of the situation? Ellie: I may have told him... to get on with it... *laughs nervously and ducks her head* Remy: *Amused and attempts not to burst out laughing* How romantic. Met: *Snicker in the corner* Ellie: *now that she has gotten started it is easy to keep talking* That night he... he climbed back into my room and... I'd had a run-in on the way home, my second one with this lot *she indicates Azi's condition with a wave of her hand* and he stayed with me and comforted me. He's... he's so sweet and they've done this to him and... *has gone from happy back to sad in no time flat* *closes her eyes and presses her face into his hand* Remy: *Amusement gone, only sympathy for the girl was left* *Tenderly he places his hand to her shoulder* And now you get to stay and comfort him. Ellie: *opens her eyes and bursts out angrily* I shouldn't have to! This should never have happened! *sags and closes her eyes again* I'm sorry. *silence for a moment, then very quietly* They wouldn't stop harassing me so he made sure they would. Remy: *Doesn't blame her for getting angry, he was pretty angry himself when he first saw Azi like this* Yeah, he can be pretty selfish like that sometimes. We should probably scold him for it as soon as he is awake. Ellie: *nods her agreement and leans over to rest her cheek against Azi's shoulder, face turned away from the other two so they can't see that she's desperately blinking away tears of frustration and anger* *wants the one responsible to pay* Remy: *Squeezes her shoulder, unsure of what else to do* He's going to be okay Ellie, and then you two will finish school and get married and travel all around the world together before settling down and maybe having some nieces and nephews I can spoil rotten since obviously I'm not going to get any of those from Met and your uncle. Met: Hey! Ellie: *sniffs and raises her head again, rubbing quickly at her eyes to get rid of any moisture* Sounds like you have it all planned out. *gives Remy a shaky smile* Remy: *Grin and plops himself down on the side of the bed* Oh of course I do! A few of the details are flexible but ultimately it all leads up to you two becoming a grumpy old married couple who yell at youngest and secretly giggling when they flee. Ellie: *smile softens and relaxes a little* That sounds nice. Remy: *Relieved that Ellie is calming down again* ....Although you won't be /nearly/ as grumpy as Met and Luke. Met: HEY! Ellie: *nods seriously* I think you're right there. No one is as grumpy as my uncle. Met: Oh well if it's just Luke we're talking about.... Remy: No no, you're just as grumpy as he is. Met: I am not! Ellie: *smiles as she watches the two of them* *squeezes Azi's hand* *thinks loudly at him that he has such a wonderful family so he'd better wake up soon to appreciate them* Well then you're perfectly suited for each other, aren't you? Remy: *Nods enthusiastically* She has a point! Met: *Sighs and rubs his temple* I'll be sure to tell Luke what you two think of us. Ellie: I'm sure he already knows. *looks down at Azi and strokes his fingers absently* So you've asked about me and Azi... What about you and Luke? Never did hear details of how your first date that wasn't a date but then was went... Remy: *Turns and grins at Met* Yes Met, tell us about your love life with little Ellie's here uncle. Met: *Glares at Remy* ...Well it all started when your uncle made the mistake of kinda asking me out so that we could discuss a couple of brats... Ellie: Can't think which brats those would be. *grins* And we can be spared the gory details. But who cracked and flirted first? Met: That would be me. *Smiles proudly* Though to be fair I was mostly just teasing him at first. Ellie: I'm surprised. Luke must be mellowing in his old age. Or you're an even faster worker than he is. Met: Ellie dear, it's probably best that you don't know /exactly/ how fast a work. Ellie: *blushing* You're probably right about that. Met: *Chuckles* I /will/ tell you though that when the flirting got serious your uncle did seem a little shy. Ellie: *is surprised* That's strange. *something occurs to her* Though I've also never heard him use the L word with any of his other partners, so maybe it was just because he /really/ liked you. *smiles because that's really quite sweet* Met: *Feels himself blushing at this new information* ...Really? He's never said it to anyone else before me? Ellie: *cocks her head and regards Met, intrigued by seeing him blushing* Not that I knew of. He's said it to me, and to my mother, but I'd never heard him say it to anyone else. *smiles* Remy: *Grins and speaks in a sing songy voice* Met's got a boyfriend~ Met: *Blushes harder and sticks his tongue out at Remy* You're just jealous. Ellie: *smiles at the antics of the other two, then down at Azi again* Your older brothers, Azi, are silly men. Sunny: Yes they are. *Returns with Uriel and a couple of bags full of fast food and snacks* Ellie: *smiles a little shyly at Sunny and Uriel because she hasn't had as much time to get to know them as Remy and Met* *eyes up the bags of food, feeling hungrier now that she wasn't quite so upset and in shock from seeing Azi lying on the bed unconscious* Uriel: *Starts handing out burgers to everyone, including offering one to Ellie* Did you change your mind about not being hungry? *In the background* *Remy bouncing around like a toddler as Sunny hands him a box of cookies* Ellie: *blushes a little and takes the offered burger* I... yeah. Thanks. *sees Remy's excitement about his own haul and can't help but smile* *wonders if Remy lives off anything /other/ than sweets* Remy: *Noming on the cookies like there's no tomorrow* Sunny: *Gently scolded her brother* Remy if you don't eat something besides sweets I'm going to be forced to take those away from you. Remy: *Pouts and takes a burger from Uriel* *Bites into it* Met: *Snickering and gives his chair to Sunny* Ellie: *hides her own laughter behind her burger* *gets up so she can offer her seat to Uriel* Uriel: *Waves her off* I'm fine. I can just sit on the other side of the bed and keep Remy from sneaking cookies* Remy: *Snorts and mutters to himself* Good luck with that. Ellie: *sits back down again and eats her burger, watching the others silently* ---- Azi: *Eyes are closed* *Head feels like it's swimming as he struggles for consciousness* *Thinks he must not have gotten a lot of sleep judging by how tired his body is* *Slowly he starts to make out the sound of gentle beeping and someone nearby* *Also becomes horribly aware of aching pain his abdomen is in* *Wants to go back to sleep but knows he can't now that he is awake, instead carefully blinks his eyes open* Luke: *is sitting in the chair by Azi's bed, idly flicking through a magazine he's sure he must have read three times by now* *notices the beeping change slightly and looks at the boy to see him blinking his eyes* *discards the magazine and leans over so that he's in Azi's vision* *gently and smiling* Good morning, sleepyhead. *already reaching for his phone to send out a text* Azi: *Has to blink a couple of times in order for his eyes to adjust to the light* *Registers Luke was there and that he was talking to him* Good morning... *Throat feels dry and scratchy* Luke: *has fumbled his phone out and written out a quick, two-word message* [From Luke to Ellie, Met, Mike, Remy, Uriel, Sunny: He's awake!] Luke: *pours Azi a bit of water into a plastic cup* Would you like something to drink? *is prepared to help prop the boy up if need be* Ellie: *sitting in the living room of Azi's house playing on her phone when the text message comes through* *jumps up and shouts* HE'S AWAKE! HE'S AWAKE! Azi: *Nods tiredly* Yes please. *Attempts to prop himself up on his elbows but finds he is having some difficulties* Remy: *Got the same message and runs down the stairs to join in Ellie's shouting* HE'S AWAKE! HE'S AWAKE! Met: *Rushing by the living room* Quit your shouting and get in the car! Luke: *gets an arm behind Azi to help him sit up and holds the cup to his lips* No doubt everyone else is on their way. How are you feeling? Ellie: *doesn't need telling twice and runs for the car, getting in the moment she can* Azi: *Drinks from the cup greedily, not minding that Luke was helping him* Tired and sore all over. Where am I? Luke: *shifts a few pillows around behind Azi once he's drained the cup so that he can sit up on his own* *refills the cup and holds it out* You're in the hospital. You've... been very unwell. Azi: *Gazes around the room and note that it was, indeed, a hospital* *Takes the offered cup with a shaky hand* Unwell.... what happened to me? How long have I been out? Luke: You've been out for nearly a week, and as to what happened... well... we were hoping you'd be able to shed some light on that. We're making a lot of assumptions in the meantime. I found you in the park, bloodied and beaten. Azi: The park... right. I went to the park to feed the ducks like I always do but... I-I ran into someone there... *Head is pounding, drains the cup of water in hopes that it will clear his head* Luke: *places his hand against Azi's forehead* Don't push yourself to remember. Just relax. You've just woken up, there's time. *takes the empty cup off him and refills it, but leaves it on the bedside table for now* All you need to worry about is getting better. Azi: But... but I remember. Everything is a little hazy and jumbled around but I remember I... I saw that one jerk there, the one that the other two gave up. He... he wasn't happy to see me. Luke: *sits on the edge of the bed and lets Azi talk, since he seems determined to get this out* Ok... go on? Azi: *Rubbing his temple to try and sooth his headache* I recall trying to just walk away when he saw me.... He wouldn't let me though. He started hitting me again but since it was only him I fought back.... Luke: *hasn't seen the other kid so doesn't know if there was any obvious damage from Azi fighting back, but the testimony should seal the deal* Leave anything on him that could be used as evidence? *wonders if he should be calling in the police* And you'll probably need to tell all of this to the police, too. Azi: *Considers his question* ...I gave him what should be a pretty obvious black eye before he pulled out his knife. *Realizes something* Oh god he stabbed me! *Starts scrambling to undo his hospital shirt to inspect himself* Luke: *grimaces and reaches out to put a comforting hand on Azi's arm* I noticed. You've been patched up, don't worry. They didn't even have to put any robot parts in you, but it still gave us all a bit of a scare. Azi: *Stops trying to take off him shirt and calms down a little* ....How bad did it look when I was found? Luke: *swallows* Bad enough that I thought we'd lost you. There was... a fair amount of blood. I held you together until the paramedics got there and you were rushed straight into surgery when you got here. Azi: *Frowns and feels a little shaken at the thought of what could have happened if he hadn't been found* I.... thank you Luke. Luke: You're very, very welcome. *smiles* Any time you need your intestines held in, I'm your man. *grimaces because that was an awful joke* Azi: *Feels a little sick but attempts a smile anyway* Good to know. I be sure to return the favor if I ever have to. Luke: God I hope not. *grins* Do you want some more water? Anything else? Should I call a nurse? *wonders how long it'll take the others to get here as he has no doubt in his mind that they are on the way* Ellie will be so pleased to see you sitting up. Azi: Ellie.... is she okay? Is /everyone/ okay? Judging by how bad you said I was I think I can understand them being a little shooken up by all this. Luke: *smiles at his concern* Everyone is fine. We were all a bit shocked at first, but remember we've had a few days of watching you breathe and being assured by the doctors and nurses that everything is ok and you will be waking up sometime. *doesn't mention that Ellie has been prone to mood swings and bouts of crying this week* Azi: Thank goodness. *Relaxes back against the pillows* I hope I won't have to stay here long. If I still have to recover I would like for it to be at home surrounded by family. *Stomach makes a grumble* ...and snacks. Luke: We should probably check what you're allowed before we feed you. *is about to press the nurse call button when he's interrupted by the door being flung open* Ellie: *throws herself towards Azi's bed* Azi! *expression somewhere between happiness and tears* Azi: *Jumps when Ellie bursts in but holds out his arms for her* Ellie! Ellie: *slows down before she just lands on him and carefully folds herself into his arms, avoiding the area of his abdomen where the stitches are* Hello! Oh my god, it's so good to see you awake! How are you? I've missed you! Azi: *Snuggles her closely, not minding the slight ache from his abdomen* I'm fine love, ecstatic to see you again. How have you been holding up? Remy: *Comes running in, having only been a few paces behind Ellie but still ahead of Met* I call dibs on hugging him next! Luke: *looks at how tightly the two of them are holding each other and smiles at Remy* You might have a bit of a wait. Ellie: *is not feeling at all guilty about being greedy with Azi's hug* I'm fine, I'm fine. I'm so happy you're awake... *is /not/ crying, no sir* Azi: *Scoots over, careful of his wounds, and pulls Ellie onto the bed next to him* I'm sorry if I scared you darling. Remy: *Pouts* I dislike waiting. Met: *Finally caught up, a little out of breath* ...Hey. Ellie: *settles onto the narrow bed as best she can* *dries her stupid, betraying eyes on his shoulder* Luke: *looks at Ellie with concern for a moment but tears were pretty common at the moment* *rises out of his seat and beckons Met over to take it instead* *smiles at his partner, pleased to have something positive for them to celebrate* Azi: *Kisses her temple and keeps muttering that he was okay and that everything was fine* Remy: *Takes a seat on the edge of the bed but doesn't interrupt the two younger ones on the bed* Met: *Sees he can't hug Azi at the moment* *Hugs Luke instead and whispers in his ear* How is he doing? Ellie: *nods against Azi's shoulder* Yes, now that you're awake everything is fine. Luke: *wraps his arms around Met and hugs him tight* Doing fine. Woke up thirsty and a little disoriented but remembers the attack and can identify his attacker, which should speed everything along. *strokes Met's back* He's going to be ok. Azi: *Nuzzles her hair and can't imagine what she must have been going through these last few days* ...I love you darling. Met: Thank goodness. *Rests against Luke's shoulder* Was it the same little bastard we thought it was? Ellie: *whispering* Love you too. *sighs and relaxes* Luke: *stroking Met's hair* Yeah, it was. And now that Azi can testify this he'll be charged for sure. Met: *Sighs in relief* Mike and the others are going to be happy to hear that. Remy: *Is impatient* Okay you two love each other. Can I steal a hug now? Ellie: *chuckles and pushes herself away from Azi so that Remy can give his brother a hug* *remains sitting on the very edge of the bed* Luke: *also lets Met go a little so that they can both look down on Azi* *leaves an arm slung around his waist* Then hopefully we can all put this behind us. Remy: *Practically leaps and gets Azi in a bear hug* Azi! Azi: *Snuggles his older brother* Hi Remy! Met: *Chuckles at his brothers antics* I don't think that will be a problem. Ellie: *smiles at the two brothers embracing* *looks up at Luke, feeling happy for now* Luke: *trying not to grin like an idiot* How about I go and check what you are and aren't allowed to eat now that you're awake and let you all have some time to hug everyone? *gives Met a squeeze before sliding his arm away* Met: *Reluctantly lets him go and moves to sit by his brothers* Azi: *Peeks out from the hug* Thank you Luke! Remy: Bring back sweets! Luke: *ignores Remy's parting shot and slides out to go find a nurse and ask some questions* Ellie: *slips off the bed and onto a chair so that both Met and Remy can be near their brother* Met: *Joins in the hug as soon as he sees an opening* Azi: *Is getting crushed by love* *Waves to Ellie for help* Ellie: *waves back at Azi cheerfully, ignoring his plea for help* Azi: *Glares at Ellie* *Continues to be crushed* Remy: *Nuzzling his little brother* *Fully aware that he's crushing him* Met: *Chuckles and loosens his grip when he sees Remy wasn't going to* Ellie: *smiles back at Azi* *blows him a kiss* Luke: *returns with a cling-film wrapped sandwich in his hand* Good news, he's allowed to eat. *amused to see the hug pile* *to Azi* Though the nurse did recommend something plain to start with and handed me this. *hands it over* She'll send someone in to check on you soon. Azi: *Pulls free from Met and takes the sandwich* *Starts noming on it greedily* Thank you! Remy: *Looks Luke over* ....No sweets? Luke: *rolls his eyes and grins* No sweets. *moves close to Met and places a hand on his shoulder, thumb stroking the back of his neck* Ellie: *watches Azi, happy to see him eating with obvious enthusiasm* Remember to swallow, not inhale. Remy: *Pouts* I wanted sweets.... Met: *Leans back into Luke's touch and practically starts purring* Azi: I'll inhale all I want! *Continues noming food* *Pointedly ignores Luke and Met's little love fest* Luke: *smiles fondly at the top of Met's head and lets his fingers trail up through his hair* If you want sweets, Remy, you have two feet. Go get some. Ellie: *mock-glares at Azi* If you choke, I'm not resuscitating you. Remy: *Sticks his tongue out at Luke* Fine, but you don't get any when I get back. *Scurries out the door* Azi: *Swallows a month full of sandwich* That's fine darling, I'm sure either Met or Luke will save me. Luke: *looks down at Azi with a grin* Don't count on it, buddy. Ellie: *covers her mouth with her hand and tries not to giggle* Azi: *Pouts at Luke* ....You'll hold my intestines in but you won't save me if I'm choking? Met: *Chuckling* Luke: *gives Azi an innocent look* Wouldn't you rather have an attractive young nurse come rushing in to save you than your girlfriend's uncle? Ellie: *is losing the fight not to giggle* Azi: *Blinks and holds back a grin* Well when you put it that way then I guess I wouldn't mind you letting me die. Met: *Chuckles turn to full on laughter* *Just then a nurse comes in, a middle-aged lanky man with a kind smile* Ellie: *definitely loses her fight and dissolves into giggles* Luke: *can’t help but laugh a little, too* Azi: *Frowns at there laughter* That's not exactly the joke I was going for* *Returns to sandwich, eating admittedly slower* Met: *Gets giggles under control* Nurse: *is a little confused by the laughter but at least the mood has improved in here* *takes Azi's pulse, temperature, makes a few notes on the chart, and goes* Ellie: *giggles finally subsiding* Oh my goodness, that was a well-timed entry if ever there was one. Luke: *ruffles Met's hair roughly* And the poor confused nurse, he'll be thinking we're all mad. Azi: ....I don't even like nurses like that. *Sandwich gone* *Still hungry but knows he probably shouldn't eat anymore* Met: *Fixing his hair afraid Luke's done messing it up* I'm with you there kid. Ellie: *gets up and gets on the bed with Azi again, lying down against his side and carefully cuddling* Luke: *looks at his niece with some amusement* I don't know, he was ok. You know, a bit older, experienced. Kind face. *winks at Met* Met: Oh well he looked well enough, but it's kinda hard to get into nurses when your sister is one. Azi: *Snuggling Ellie and nods in agreement* Luke: Hmmm, so I should get rid of that nurses outfit I have in the cupboard. *grins* How about firemen? Ellie: *rolls her eye* Gross. Please, I have enough mental scarring without you adding to it. Met: Firemen? *Raises an interested eyebrow, grinning* That sounds like one worth trying. What else do you got? Azi: *Buries his face against Ellie* Oh god stop, I'm still recovering. Luke: *leans close* You'll just have to come around and see, won't you? Ellie: *covers Azi's ears and giggles softly* Oh my god you two. Please! Met: *Brushes his nose with Luke's and takes on a hushed voice* I guess I will, but can promise me one thing? Azi: *Humming show tones and pretending he's not hearing this* Luke: *grins and kisses Met's nose* Hmmm, what's that love? Ellie: *squeezes her eyes shut and keeps giggling quietly* Met: No police costumes, Mike is already on track to being one that it would just make things weird. *Smirks and leans close enough so that his lips are brushing against Luke's* Though we can always still use the handcuffs... Azi: *Wondering how Ellie is finding any of this amusing* Ellie: *moves her hands from covering Azi's ears to covering her own* Oh no I did not just hear that! Luke: *gets a warm feeling in his stomach at the teasing note in Met's voice* Sounds good. Handcuffs it is... *presses his lips to Met's, grinning too much to really kiss him properly* Met: *Slips his arms around Luke's neck and pulls him into the kiss* *Only pulls away once he's had a good taste of Luke's mouth* Perfect, handcuffs will be /so/ much easier than that belt you used on me. Azi: *Covers his own ears now that Ellie has abandoned him* Ellie: *still giggling* Oh no no no no no... nonononono. Luke: *pulls away and grins widely* I think we should stop torturing the kids now. Haven't they been through enough? Azi: Yes we have! *Wondering if waking up had been a good idea* Met: *Chuckles* Oh I guess they have. *Lightly trails a finger down Luke's chest* But remind me to continue this conversation tonight, okay? Luke: *smiles at Met with half-lidded eyes* Most definitely. *straightens up again and grins at the two on the bed* And you two, please, the things I saw when you first started going out made me reach for the mental bleach, too. Call this payback. *winks* Ellie: *pokes her tongue out at Luke* Azi: *Blushes, remembering a few of the things Luke walked in on* I guess he has a point... Met: *Takes his hands off Luke so that he wasn't tempted* Should I ask what sort of things you saw them doing? Luke: *laughs and moves away from Met because the urge to touch him was very strong* Oh just some rather enthusiastic kissing mostly, though I won't ask where hands were at the time. Ellie: Ok! Ok, we get the picture. *is bright red* Azi: Can we move on to a new topic of conversation please? Remy: *Pops back in with a bag full of sweets* What'd I miss? Luke: *shoots an amused look at Met* Nothing at all. Ellie: *hides her bright red face in Azi's shoulder* Yep, nothing. Luke: *looks at the bag of sweets that Remy has* I'm honestly amazed your body hasn't just shut down out of protest with all the sugar you put in it. Remy: *Sticks his tongue out* I eat normal food too and half the time I split it will Azi so it all evens out. Azi: *Nods* I /does share a whole lot of sweets with me. Luke: *mutters* I'm not sure that's better. Ellie: *big eyes at Remy* So do we get some? Remy: *Smiles at Ellie* Of course little sister. Everyone can have some except your uncle unless he stops making fun of my love of sweets. Azi: Sounds fair. Met: *Nods in agreement* Ellie: *sits up a little and does look to Luke for permission first* Luke: *rolls his eyes but smiles, nodding slightly at her* Ellie: *grins* Thank you! Remy: *Hands out sweets to everyone but stops in front of Luke* *Holds up the bag teasingly* You want some? Azi: *Nibbles on a cookie* Luke: *decides to take the high road and set a good example* No thank you. *has some sweet things at home he can have later anyway* Ellie: *nibbles on her own treat and gives Azi an amused look* *is so incredibly happy to have him awake* Remy: *Shrugs* Your loss. *Goes and steals a seat* Met: *Enjoying a cookie* You're missing out. Luke: *grins at the lot of them* My waistline will thank me. Ellie: *licking the last of her cookie off her fingers and leaning against Azi* Pfft, you're so thin you could do with some fattening up. Luke: *holds a hand up* Still no thank you. *smiles* You all enjoy, I'm fine. Ellie: *looks around at the people in the room* So what happens now? Met: *Snickering at the waistline comment* A few cookies aren't going to make you any less attractive. Trust me. Remy: *Noming cookie after cookie, not caring if he gained a little weight* Azi: *Considering Ellie's question as he nibbles on his cookie* ....We could play a card game or something? I really don't feel like going back to sleep yet. Luke: *smirks at Met but doesn't say anything* *is already looking forward to tonight* Ellie: *smiles eagerly* Cards sounds good! Anyone got some cards? And who's in? Luke: I'll pass, I think. Been here for a few hours already. Going to go get some work done. Really good to see you awake, Azi. *smiles* Azi: *Smiles back at Luke* Good to see you too Luke. Thanks for the whole life saving thing. Met: *Steals a kiss from Luke* See you tonight. *Winks so that the others can't see it* Remy: *Busy searching his pockets for a pack of cards* Luke: *leans in to breathe barely audible in Met's ear* Bring cuffs if you have some. *leans away again and grins* *waves at the rest and exits the room with a real spring in his step* Ellie: *eyes Met suspiciously* Please don't share what he said... *mind has already filled in the blanks* *looks at Remy hoping he's found some cards* *cuddles Azi in the meantime* Met: *Laughs* I wasn't planning on telling you anyway. *Sits himself on the edge of the bed* So are we playing something? Remy: *Finds a pack of cards and pulls them out with a victorious smile* Yes! Azi: *Claps for his brother's victory and settles himself comfortably against Ellie, ready to play* ---- Luke: *sitting in his office absorbed in his work* *Ellie chose to stay at Azi's place tonight because "It's enough that I know what will be going on, I don't need to hear it"* *the thought makes him grin and he is distracted from his work long enough to wonder just when Met will be by* *sighs and tells himself to concentrate because he has not gotten nearly enough work done recently and there are some outstanding jobs* *rubs his eyes and looks back at the code on the screen, hunting for the missing semi-colon that's causing an error* Met: *Returning home after spending most of his day at the hospital and it eager to find Luke and jump him* *Kicks off his shoes at the door and begins to silently search of his partner* *Doesn't find him in the living room or the kitchen so heads for his office* *Sees he's working and isn't sure if this was a good time but figures he should at least make his presence known* Honey, I'm home! Luke: *looks up from the screen and still sees code for a moment* *focuses on Met and smiles, standing up and stretching* Hi love. *walks around the desk towards him* How is everyone? How are you? *is finally close enough to wrap his arms around Met's waist and bury his nose in his hair* Met: I'm fine and so is everyone else. *Hugs Luke closer and turns his head so that he could place a small kiss to his jaw* Luke: *tilts his head and hums with pleasure* Good to hear. Not sure if anyone told you but Ellie chose to stay at yours tonight. *smiles and runs his hands up Met's back* We have the house to ourselves. Met: Really? *Voice teasing and grins against Luke's jaw* Then I guess it's a good thing I remembered the handcuffs huh? Luke: *feels a pleasant shiver run down his spine* *threads the fingers of one hand through Met's hair while the other traces back down his ribs to his hip* Indeed. *can't believe how quickly the thought of handcuffs got his blood pumping* *turns his head so he can bite at Met's ear* Met: *Sharp intake of breath and tugs Luke flush against himself, letting him feel just how quickly he was getting turned on* Luke... unless you fancy me cuffing you to your desk and taking you right here and now I'd suggest we get upstairs asap. Luke: *breathing gets a little erratic and he moves his hips against Met's* And what if I /do/ fancy you cuffing me to my desk and taking me right here and now? *bites at Met's neck* *one hand is under his shirt and skirting against his bare skin* Met: *A low moan starts in the back of his throat as he tilts his head back to give Luke better access to his neck* Then.... then I guess I should pull out those handcuffs, shouldn't I? Luke: *kind of pleased at how quickly this has escalated* *figures they both have a bit of tension to release* *walks Met backwards until he has him up against a wall* *pins him there and kisses him, both hands up his shirt and exploring his chest* *pulls away only to grin at him* Yes you should. Met: *A shiver of pleasure runs through he when Luke has him pinned against the wall* *Tongue thoroughly explores his lovers mouth while he hands pull Luke's hips to meet his own* Maybe... maybe I should be the one handcuffed if you're going to start taking control like this. *Grins teasingly* Luke: *smiles and shoves a leg between Met's* *kisses his jaw* You could always take control back? Met: *Gasps and bucks his hips into Luke's* I /could/... if you weren't making submitting to you so damn enjoyable. Luke: *purrs and places his hands on Met's hips, holding them tight as he presses close with his* Well, then how about you hand over those cuffs? *trails his hands back up Met's chest, pulling his shirt up as he goes* *speaks against his neck* I did so enjoy tying you up. Though... this time... *grins and nips at the sensitive skin at the very base of his jaw, by his ear* Met: *Breathing erratically, needy little sounds slipping past his lips* ...My... back pocket. They're... they're in my back pocket. *Hands gripping at Luke's shirt and hair* Luke: *pulls Met's shirt over his head before trailing his hands down his sides to grip his ass* *can feel the cuffs and tucks his hand into Met's back pocket to grab them and slide them out* Good... *licking and nipping his way down Met's neck* *slides the cuffs through so that they're open again* *checks Met's back pocket for the keys and palming those before clicking one cuff around one of Met's wrists* How shall I cuff you, I wonder? *captures his lips in a heated kiss* Met: *Lifts his arms up to make it easier for Luke to strip off his shirt, biting back another needy little moan when was on him again* *Heart racing like mad once the first cuff was around his wrist and focuses on Luke's lips currently ravishing his as his excitement grows* Luke: *grins into the kiss, loving how Met is unravelling under his attention* *holds the already-cuffed wrist behind Met's back and grabs the other one to join it* Would like this be ok? *kisses across his cheekbone and back to his ear* *bites his earlobe* Met: Yes... oh god yes, Luke. *Arches against Luke's body, wanting to rip his closes off but also loving being able to submit to this man* Luke: *is thoroughly enjoying being in control* *gently closes the other cuff around Met's other wrist, meaning they're now pinned behind him* *stands back a little and trails a finger down Met's bare chest* Come here, love. *walks backwards towards his desk, beckoning with his finger* Met: *Tests the cuffs, finding them tight enough that he couldn't pull free but not painful to the point that he won't enjoy this* *Smiling slyly, he did as Luke commanded and moved forward, eager to be pressed flush up against his partner again* Luke: *pulls Met in by the back of the neck when he's at the desk and turns him around so that Met's seated on the wooden surface* Now this is interesting. *runs his hands over Met's chest and abdomen* Because I can do whatever I like here... *starts to undo Met's belt*... and there's something erotic about getting you undressed... *gets it open and lets it hang, starts on the button of his jeans*... while I remain fully clothed. *pushes the zip down and slides his hand inside* Met: *A cry passes his lips once Luke has his hand on him and he quickly starts rocking into it, desperate for the friction* Luke.... oh god please Luke. Luke: *removes his hand so that he can push Met's trousers down, followed by his underwear* *places his hand against Met's cheek and kisses him* You know I love it when you beg. *looks down at his lover's obvious arousal, then back up at his eyes* *smiles* Do you want me to taste you? *runs his tongue teasingly down Met's throat* Met: *Realises a desperate yet embarrassing little sound but was far too turned on to care* *Voice was trembling with need* Please... please Luke. *Tilts his head to look at his lover with lustful eyes* I'll beg... oh Luke I'll beg all you want just please.... Luke: *shifts a little to relieve some of the pressure in his own trousers, but smiles as he continues to kiss and lick his way down Met's chest, then his stomach* Doing well there, love. Very well. *kisses his belly button* *is so close to what he wants now* *gets down on his knees and looks up at Met* *hands braced against Met's thighs, rubbing up and down* *smiles* You're gorgeous. Met: *His face grows flush from both the compliment and from just how warm his body felt from the anticipation of it all* ....And you're a beautiful tease. Luke: *grins and winks* Why yes I am. *blows gently along Met's length and pauses, poised near the tip* What's the magic word? Met: *Bites back a sarcastic comment because /god/ did he want Luke* ...Please love? Luke: *smiles, satisfied, and slides his lips over Met, taking him in* *is listening for those gorgeous sounds he makes as he slowly moves, pressing his tongue against the underside* *hands gripping his hips tight* Met: *Is, in fact, making /many/ breathless little sounds as Luke expertly takes him with his mouth* *His hands itch to bury themselves in his lovers hair and tug on those beautiful locks but instead they remain trapped behind him* Luke: *with his hands, urges Met to move his hips as he moves his head* *relaxes his throat* *grabs Met's ass hard, just to then slide his hands down the backs of his thighs and up again* Met: *Doesn't need any more encouraging then that and slowly begins to rock his hips forward into Luke* *Moaning at the wonderful wet hot heat coming from his lovers mouth* Luke: *pulls off to catch his breath but keeps the rhythm going with his hand* *shifts slightly because his trousers are definitely too tight right now* *slides his lips back over and sucks... hard* Met: *Whimpers when Luke's hot throat was gone, still enjoying the rhythm he was keeping with his hand but desperately wishing to have that heat around him again* *Wish granted but moments later when his pleasure was increased dramatically and he nearly comes then and there* Oh /god/ Luke! Luke: *hums so that the vibration of his throat would be felt in the best possible way by Met* *pushes deep again, then pulls off most of the way, just to push deep a second later* Met: *Hands balled up into fists behind his back as he both curses and praises Luke for binding him like this* *All he can do to remember not to thrust into his partners wonderful mouth to hard unless he risks hurting him* Luke: *carefully controlling how deep Met gets* *easier when his head isn't being held* *(benefits of tying his lover's hands up...)* *pulls off again because his little trick earlier seemed to have excellent results* *uses his hand while he again catches his breath and smiles up at Met* God I love having you inside me. Any way inside me. *slides his lips back over, but very slowly* *gets all the way in as far as he can, then off* *then back on to suck, even harder than before* Met: *Is too far in a lust filled haze to form a proper response but does manage to smile down at his lover before he gets his mouth on him again, thus stopping any farther thought process as he chooses to only focus on that sweet warm feeling around him that was quickly leading him towards an orgasm* Luke: *can feel from the slight trembling and tightness that Met is close* *hums and sucks and scrapes his teeth a little, too* *uses his tongue to massage Met* *urging him closer and closer* *wants to feel and taste his lover's release* *wants to hear him cry out* Met: *The heat of his mouth and the friction of his tongue on him and and the teasing jolts of pleasure that runs through his system every time Luke uses his teeth was more than enough to send him hurling over the edge and orgasm into his lovers mouth* *His body shaking and crying out Luke's name the whole time* Luke: *rides out Met's orgasm, swallowing and then licking off the last bits when the throbbing stops* *leans breathless against Met's hip, grinning and feeling like he's throbbing a little himself* *can't think for the rush blood* God, Met. *kisses his hip* Met: *'Deep breaths, deep breaths and the you'll clear this pleasure induced haze and be able to form coherent thoughts again'* ....Get up here and uncuff me.... I need my hands. Luke: *pulls himself to his feet by holding the desk either side of Met's hips* *feels light-headed and a little shaky* *is very uncomfortable in his trousers now and it takes him several tries to get the keys out and then into the lock on the handcuffs* *gets one undone and sags against Met, desperate now for his own release* *presses against his hip* Met: *Tells himself to remain patient and gently takes the key from Luke to unlock the other wrist, attempting not to get too distracted by how ready his partner feels against him* Just a sec... *Unlocks the other wrist* *Drops the handcuffs behind and leaps into action* *Drags Luke into a heated kiss and pulls him into his lap, already working on removing his belt* Luke: *kisses Met back so hungrily it's like he's trying to devour him* *his lover's hands at his belt are pushing him into overdrive* *whines a little and clutches the back of Met's head, other hand wrapped around his waist and holding him close* Met: *Slip off his belt and tosses it carelessly to the side* *Pulls back from the kiss long enough to tug his shirt over his head before leaving a trail of nibbles and kisses across his chest* *His hands now teasingly undoing Luke's jeans* Luke: *feels so good to finally have his shirt off and feel Met's skin against his* *presses into the kisses and nibbles* *hips are rocking just a little already* *knows he isn't going to last long but hopes he at least lasts long enough for Met to undress him the rest of the way* *panting and moaning* Met: *Gets his jeans undone and slips his hand inside them* *Gently grips Luke's erection and slowly begins to pump his hand* *His lips find Luke's ear and speaks seductively into it* ...Tell me what you want. Luke: *feels his vision grey-out as Met's hand wraps around him* *gasping, he thrusts in to the hand* Oh god... Met... I'm not going to... I... this. This. I'm so... close... already. Please. *latches onto his lover, fingernails digging into shoulders and back* Met: *Smirks and teasingly bites the sensitive flesh below his ear* *Leaves a trail of open mouth kisses and love bites down his neck as his hand alternate between loose to tight grips, rhythm increasing with Luke's need* Luke: *can't take it any more* *doesn't care that his jeans are still pretty much on* *all that matters is Met's hand on him, and his lips on his neck* *tenses and shakes and comes apart with a shout and Met's name on his own lips* *groans* Oh god... Met: *Feels warm sticky sign that Luke just came on his hand but doesn't mind* *Instead helps his lover ride out his orgasm and places a sweet kiss to his lips* Luke: *smiles giddily into the kiss* *a bit breathless* At this rate I'm going to have to move my office to another room or I won't ever get any work done in here. *nuzzles at Met's nose* Met: *Wipes his hand off on Luke's jeans since they're going to need a good wash anyway* It won't work. *Lazily kissing Luke's jaw* Because the second I find you working in another room I'm afraid I'm going to have to take you on this desk again. Luke: *grins* We'll soon run out of rooms in the house if you do that. *something occurs to him and he pulls away a little to look at Met* Hmm... rooms in the house. *slides off Met's lap and quickly discards his jeans and underwear, kicking them off to one side* With only us in the house we don't need clothes. *appreciative leer at Met's body* And after we've had a rest and maybe some food, we could find another room in the house to... uh... break in? Met: *Pupils widen at the sight of Luke's stripped down in front of him and he gingerly hops off the desk* That sounds..... like a /fantastic/ idea. *Grabs a hold of Luke's waist and teasingly pushing against him* Which room would you like to "break in" first? Luke: *smiles at Met and enjoys the feeling of so much skin-on-skin contact* Keen already, huh? *pecks his lips* *goes back for a second, longer kiss* *runs a hand up Met's side, chest, then neck to cup his face* I was thinking the lounge. There's always that slight risk that someone will see through the window. *grins* Met: Oh then we should be sure to leave the window wide open. If we're going to give them a show it might as well be a good one. *Winks* Luke: *throws his head back and laughs* Have I told you lately how much I love you? Because I really do. Met: *Heart flutters at those words and remembers how Ellie had said he was the first partner he had ever said that to* *A fond smile graces his lips* ....I love you too. Luke: Come on, lover, let's feed you. And me. For some reason I seem to have worked up an appetite. *untangles himself from Met and strolls out of his office stark naked* *casts a smirk over his shoulder at Met before vanishing, heading towards the kitchen* ----

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