Lion. Not so great.

The Apple doesn’t like it.
And neither do I.
Except the full screen switching. That’s pretty cool…

Seems that Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) doesn’t play nicely on the wifi network. I have two Macs (my MacBook Air and my work MacBook Pro) and I updated them both to Lion earlier this week. Since then we have been experiencing problems with our home network. We eventually noticed that it only occurs when I have either one of my Mac computers open and connected to the wifi.

It would knock Duncan’s laptop and the wireless bridge for the Bluray player off the wifi network. Strangely, my phone and PC stayed on. Close my Mac, reset the WAP, and all was well again. The moment my Mac connected to the wifi again, everything off.

I deleted my Mac’s wireless networks both in the wireless settings and from Keychain. Not fixed.

I disabled AirDrop. Apparently not the problem.

So then while Duncan set up a second WAP at our place for his laptop, phone and the wifi bridge for Bluray player, I kept looking.

I have now actually reverted my MacBook Air’s wireless driver back to the Snow Leopard version. I am connected, and even with my Mac connected Duncan seems to be able to connect back to the same network I am on.

But seriously?

Lion. If I’d have known, I would never have upgraded.

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