This year in bullet points

The function of this blog seems somewhat irrelevant when I’m on Twitter and Facebook, but here we go.

What has been happening?


  • Got a permanent position at Unitec for two days a week.
  • We have just completed a Moodle 1.9 to 2.2 upgrade at our large tertiary institute, which has been insanely stressful.
  • Presented at the iMoot 2012 about getting started with Moodle 2 theme design.
  • Got PHM (Particularly Helpful Moodler) status on You get this by having your posts voted as helpful by the community.
  • Was made co-moderator of the Themes Forum on o.O
  • Learned how to use GIT.


  • Put off my writing under the workload. Just getting back into it now.
  • Bought a Wii and have been having a ball with that. When I can find time/motivation.
  • Got myself a guitar and am learning to play. The tip of my left middle finger is slightly numb from pushing the strings down. C kills me. Getting the hang of G.
  • Been reading a bit on my Kindle, random stuff, but enjoyed Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and A Midsummer Night’s Dream.
  • Danced at Government House in Wellington. Stunning.
  • Cycled a bit, mainly along the waterfront between Mission Bay and Auckland Central.
  • Looked after some Monarch caterpillars.
  • Renovated a room.
  • Went dairy-free. May be revising that after the doctor visit tomorrow.
  • Dyed my hair brown. May also be revising this and either letting it grow out dark blonde (and grey), or dye it back to blonde.

So there we go. This year in bullet points. 😀

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