Broke the other blog

Ok, so I broke the other blog (the one with the art on it). After struggling to get this WordPress site updated because the updates kept failing, I finally got it done. Unfortunately, while updating the other site, it appears to have permanently gone into maintenance mode and I can’t even log in.

So, rather than dealing with the headache and wasting a whole bunch of time, I’m just gonna scrap that one. I wasn’t really using it anyway. Art can be found on DeviantART, if and when I ever get around to uploading stuff there again.

Been busy with other stuff like work, writing, been doing some art still, and building up some other business. Secret Squirrel (unless you know).

If I ever get my A into G, I should use this blog more for updating things about our garden and house renovations. I do have a WordPress app on my phone, I should use it.

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One Response to Broke the other blog

  1. Dragon Lady says:

    Yay, turns out the other blog is ok after all. It fixed itself, got out of maintenance mode and is all updated now. Phew!