First bike mishap

On Friday, on my way to work at Waitakere Hospital, I came off my bike. It was wet, and there was more traffic than usual. So when, on Central Park Drive, I reached the point where it asks bikes to mount the pavement and use the cycle lane there, I thought I’d actually do that. Normally I just stick to the road, as I keep going past the point where the footpath cycle lane ends again anyway.


So I made an error and tried to mount the footpath in the red circled area, rather than the nice smooth ramp just one section on. I saw the smooth ramp just as I hit the lovely lip of this driveway at not enough of an angle to actually mount, but for my front wheel to divert and slide along it instead. I went flying sideways (and still travelling forwards) off my bike, leaving it behind at the edge of the road as I slid and tumbled across the footpath.

I didn’t hit my head (though I was wearing a helmet so it would have been protected), but I came down hard on my arm/shoulder, skinned both knees rather thoroughly, and bruised the inside of my thigh against the bar of my bike apparently. Bike itself is relatively unscathed. I broke my headlight, I think, and that’s it.

A lovely lady named Kerry stopped to check that I was ok, and give me a ride to work (ironically, the hospital). My boss came in two and a half hours later and made me go to the emergency department. For some reason she was concerned that I wasn’t able to move my left arm without intense pain. Silly, huh? Nothing broken, just pulled a muscle. See, nothing to worry about.

I have a range of pain meds, which seem to be upsetting my stomach so I’m not going to take them this evening because I’ve been putting up with stomach pains since around lunchtime, which has not been pleasant. They did knock me out, however, so I’ve also slept most of the day. Monday I have a doctor’s appointment and will be working from home.

The joys of cycling. Hope to be back on my bike next week.

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