Obligatory update

Well, not obligatory, really. No one is making me do this update, but I looked at my blog for the first time in ages and thought I should.

I’ve finished the Zombies, Run! 5K training and have worked my way through Season 1 of the main Zombies, Run! app and most of Season 2. I haven’t run much in the last two months because of a) bad weather and b) going skiing reasonably regularly instead. Today was a bad weather day – I was meant to go out for a run but stormy conditions have kept me inside.

Last time I mentioned that I had started a Tumblr for my Zombies, Run! stuff. That’s still going over here, but I’ve also made another Tumblr for Good Omens, a novel by Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman. I read the novel many years ago (it celebrated its 20th anniversary not that long ago) but recently stumbled across some art on DeviantART, which prompted me to look on Tumblr. Lo and behold, there was a fandom. And lots more art. And a SHITTONNE of fanfiction.

Oh. Perhaps I should add c) too busy reading fanfiction to the list of reasons I haven’t been running lately? Hehe.

And maybe d) too busy drawing fanart. Which can be seen over at my art blog here.

Other than that, I’ve taken up knitting (yeah yeah, I know, because I need another hobby) though I have yet to finish a project. I have a couple of scarves and a hat in progress.

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