Zombies, Run! 5K training week 6 about to start

Today I’m starting week 6 of my 5K training. Though I’m going to start calling it my 10K training or something because I have already covered 7K in the time allocated for a training run… My longest run has been 7.41KM in 53:11 minutes. Though I also covered 7.37km in 51:58 minutes. I can’t be bothered doing the math to find out which was faster.

Today’s run looks a notch more challenging again, but I’m back to familiar territory running the streets around home. The last two runs were over the Easter break, I was visiting mum on the farm and running along a country road. In the rain. Hair-raising. I had to run during the day because there are no street lights (heck, it’s not a street), and between the rain, narrow road, humidity, and the fact that mum lives on the side of a mountain so it’s ALL UPHILL IN ONE DIRECTION, I was exhausted. Thankfully she has a swimming pool, which I plunged into the moment I got back.

Here is my profile on Zombies, Run! if anyone actually reads this and is interested.

I am thinking that once I complete the 8 week 5K training programme, I’m going to start the Zombies, Run! main missions from the start. I only got up to mission 3 anyway, and missions 1 and 2 were a long time ago, so would be good to have the storyline be all cohesive and stuff.

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