Egg hacks

I just had to post this somewhere I wouldn’t lose it. It’d eventually vanish in my Facebook feed, so here it is instead!

So many delicious ways to prepare eggs. I’m going to try so many of these!

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First bike mishap

On Friday, on my way to work at Waitakere Hospital, I came off my bike. It was wet, and there was more traffic than usual. So when, on Central Park Drive, I reached the point where it asks bikes to mount the pavement and use the cycle lane there, I thought I’d actually do that. Normally I just stick to the road, as I keep going past the point where the footpath cycle lane ends again anyway.


So I made an error and tried to mount the footpath in the red circled area, rather than the nice smooth ramp just one section on. I saw the smooth ramp just as I hit the lovely lip of this driveway at not enough of an angle to actually mount, but for my front wheel to divert and slide along it instead. I went flying sideways (and still travelling forwards) off my bike, leaving it behind at the edge of the road as I slid and tumbled across the footpath.

I didn’t hit my head (though I was wearing a helmet so it would have been protected), but I came down hard on my arm/shoulder, skinned both knees rather thoroughly, and bruised the inside of my thigh against the bar of my bike apparently. Bike itself is relatively unscathed. I broke my headlight, I think, and that’s it.

A lovely lady named Kerry stopped to check that I was ok, and give me a ride to work (ironically, the hospital). My boss came in two and a half hours later and made me go to the emergency department. For some reason she was concerned that I wasn’t able to move my left arm without intense pain. Silly, huh? Nothing broken, just pulled a muscle. See, nothing to worry about.

I have a range of pain meds, which seem to be upsetting my stomach so I’m not going to take them this evening because I’ve been putting up with stomach pains since around lunchtime, which has not been pleasant. They did knock me out, however, so I’ve also slept most of the day. Monday I have a doctor’s appointment and will be working from home.

The joys of cycling. Hope to be back on my bike next week.

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Obligatory update

Well, not obligatory, really. No one is making me do this update, but I looked at my blog for the first time in ages and thought I should.

I’ve finished the Zombies, Run! 5K training and have worked my way through Season 1 of the main Zombies, Run! app and most of Season 2. I haven’t run much in the last two months because of a) bad weather and b) going skiing reasonably regularly instead. Today was a bad weather day – I was meant to go out for a run but stormy conditions have kept me inside.

Last time I mentioned that I had started a Tumblr for my Zombies, Run! stuff. That’s still going over here, but I’ve also made another Tumblr for Good Omens, a novel by Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman. I read the novel many years ago (it celebrated its 20th anniversary not that long ago) but recently stumbled across some art on DeviantART, which prompted me to look on Tumblr. Lo and behold, there was a fandom. And lots more art. And a SHITTONNE of fanfiction.

Oh. Perhaps I should add c) too busy reading fanfiction to the list of reasons I haven’t been running lately? Hehe.

And maybe d) too busy drawing fanart. Which can be seen over at my art blog here.

Other than that, I’ve taken up knitting (yeah yeah, I know, because I need another hobby) though I have yet to finish a project. I have a couple of scarves and a hat in progress.

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I drew a thing. I wrote a thing.

I drew the picture you see to the top right of this page (and if I ever change the theme/layout of this blog, here’s a link to the tumblr of that picture). Runner 5 from Zombies, Run! Of course.

And I made a Tumblr blog thingee.

Run day today. Yay!

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Zombies, Run! 5K training week 6 about to start

Today I’m starting week 6 of my 5K training. Though I’m going to start calling it my 10K training or something because I have already covered 7K in the time allocated for a training run… My longest run has been 7.41KM in 53:11 minutes. Though I also covered 7.37km in 51:58 minutes. I can’t be bothered doing the math to find out which was faster.

Today’s run looks a notch more challenging again, but I’m back to familiar territory running the streets around home. The last two runs were over the Easter break, I was visiting mum on the farm and running along a country road. In the rain. Hair-raising. I had to run during the day because there are no street lights (heck, it’s not a street), and between the rain, narrow road, humidity, and the fact that mum lives on the side of a mountain so it’s ALL UPHILL IN ONE DIRECTION, I was exhausted. Thankfully she has a swimming pool, which I plunged into the moment I got back.

Here is my profile on Zombies, Run! if anyone actually reads this and is interested.

I am thinking that once I complete the 8 week 5K training programme, I’m going to start the Zombies, Run! main missions from the start. I only got up to mission 3 anyway, and missions 1 and 2 were a long time ago, so would be good to have the storyline be all cohesive and stuff.

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Zombies, Run!

I’ve been rather addicted to a game called Zombies, Run! recently. I started this sometime last year, and while I enjoyed it, I lost interest after only two or three runs. This year I decided to get serious, so I got the Zombies, Run! 5K training app. This has more scheduled runs, and you do interval training that slowly builds you up to being able to actually RUN 5K by doing three runs a week.

I am in week 4 now and still as addicted as I was at the start. Possibly even more so. I actually found myself going “Yes! It’s a run day!” when I was getting my breakfast today. WTF right?

Probably helps that Philip Nightingale (who voice’s Sam Yao in the game) just sounds so damn hot. LOL. And I’m not the only one to have a little crush. See, it’s not just me!

Finally, this comic totally sums up the Zombies, Run! experience.

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Lion. Not so great.

The Apple doesn’t like it.
And neither do I.
Except the full screen switching. That’s pretty cool…

Seems that Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) doesn’t play nicely on the wifi network. I have two Macs (my MacBook Air and my work MacBook Pro) and I updated them both to Lion earlier this week. Since then we have been experiencing problems with our home network. We eventually noticed that it only occurs when I have either one of my Mac computers open and connected to the wifi.

It would knock Duncan’s laptop and the wireless bridge for the Bluray player off the wifi network. Strangely, my phone and PC stayed on. Close my Mac, reset the WAP, and all was well again. The moment my Mac connected to the wifi again, everything off.

I deleted my Mac’s wireless networks both in the wireless settings and from Keychain. Not fixed.

I disabled AirDrop. Apparently not the problem.

So then while Duncan set up a second WAP at our place for his laptop, phone and the wifi bridge for Bluray player, I kept looking.

I have now actually reverted my MacBook Air’s wireless driver back to the Snow Leopard version. I am connected, and even with my Mac connected Duncan seems to be able to connect back to the same network I am on.

But seriously?

Lion. If I’d have known, I would never have upgraded.

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This year in bullet points

The function of this blog seems somewhat irrelevant when I’m on Twitter and Facebook, but here we go.

What has been happening?


  • Got a permanent position at Unitec for two days a week.
  • We have just completed a Moodle 1.9 to 2.2 upgrade at our large tertiary institute, which has been insanely stressful.
  • Presented at the iMoot 2012 about getting started with Moodle 2 theme design.
  • Got PHM (Particularly Helpful Moodler) status on You get this by having your posts voted as helpful by the community.
  • Was made co-moderator of the Themes Forum on o.O
  • Learned how to use GIT.


  • Put off my writing under the workload. Just getting back into it now.
  • Bought a Wii and have been having a ball with that. When I can find time/motivation.
  • Got myself a guitar and am learning to play. The tip of my left middle finger is slightly numb from pushing the strings down. C kills me. Getting the hang of G.
  • Been reading a bit on my Kindle, random stuff, but enjoyed Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and A Midsummer Night’s Dream.
  • Danced at Government House in Wellington. Stunning.
  • Cycled a bit, mainly along the waterfront between Mission Bay and Auckland Central.
  • Looked after some Monarch caterpillars.
  • Renovated a room.
  • Went dairy-free. May be revising that after the doctor visit tomorrow.
  • Dyed my hair brown. May also be revising this and either letting it grow out dark blonde (and grey), or dye it back to blonde.

So there we go. This year in bullet points. 😀

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Broke the other blog

Ok, so I broke the other blog (the one with the art on it). After struggling to get this WordPress site updated because the updates kept failing, I finally got it done. Unfortunately, while updating the other site, it appears to have permanently gone into maintenance mode and I can’t even log in.

So, rather than dealing with the headache and wasting a whole bunch of time, I’m just gonna scrap that one. I wasn’t really using it anyway. Art can be found on DeviantART, if and when I ever get around to uploading stuff there again.

Been busy with other stuff like work, writing, been doing some art still, and building up some other business. Secret Squirrel (unless you know).

If I ever get my A into G, I should use this blog more for updating things about our garden and house renovations. I do have a WordPress app on my phone, I should use it.

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NaNoWriMo done

My NaNoWriMo adventure is over until next year. 29 days, 50,136 words. I will be adding more to the story, don’t get me wrong, and I will be taking a shitloads of crap out, oh yes, but for tonight I can rest.

And really, I’ve written enough words today. This is all I’m writing. 😀

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