WIP: Character Portrait: Parla Sorkany-Lee

I did some more on the portrait of Parla Sorkany-Lee today. Keep in mind this is a work in progress, and I am aware of the fact that the lips need more work because right now they look like they’re floating above the face. *sigh* I hate lips.

But I’m going to have to take a break for a little bit on this one. I’ll come back to it sometime. 🙂


  1. Notes to self: Her right eye needs heavier makeup as it is in shadow. There is a glow around her jaw under her ear, remove. Nostril needs to be not so round, look back at reference image. Second nostril needs to be there, see reference image. Fix those lips. Look at reference image for the ear, it’s not right.

  2. Looks nice :-).

    I would say that the lips look fine, but what makes them look like they’re floating is that they are more detailed than the surrounding regions… if you add some soft lines between the middle of the top lip and the nose and maybe some extra creases around the corners of her mouth, then I think they’ll look like they fit better.

    • Thanks for those suggestions! I have already made more progress on this picture than is shown here, and I have done a little of that around the lips, but I think I will revisit with a really fine brush and find those details that will make it look less blurry around there. Same with the nose, actually. 🙂

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