Lena Duchannes

This is Lena Duchannes from the Casters Chronicles by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. I tried to take the descriptions from the books rather than the movie. This is after her sixteenth moon, when she is neither Light nor Dark, one eye green and one gold. Her long, black hair is curling in the caster breeze created when she’s casting some spell. The necklace around her neck contains various bits and pieces that mean things to her. The crescent moon birthmark is under her eye.

The dress is not from any reference, in the book or a picture. It’s just… something I thought would look good. I don’t recall her wearing a green dress like this at any point, but it’s the colour I chose.

I drew this primarily because I was trying to think of something green to draw for this competition.

I am reading the books right now, and so the characters were at the forefront of my mind. Green is such a huge theme in the books, because of the eyes, so it was as good an idea as any.

Pose reference.

Done in ArtRage 4 with Wacom Bamboo and my MacBook Air.
Border added in Photoshop.


  1. Awesome! Hey, about the neck, you could always paint the neck a little bit skinnier which would do the same thing, kind of give her a longer shoulder line 🙂

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