Cats on a fence

I looked online to find some examples of cats, and then altered the pictures I found slightly. I made the tails fluffier, and added the eyes, and the ears bigger. I used a ruler for the fence, and I think I free-handed the moon.

Once I’d sketched (and then rubbed off most the of the sketch to lighten the lines), I went over the outline with a fountain pen and masking fluid (shown pictured below).

This time I filled in the rest using the wide tipped fountain pen instead of a brush. I don’t like using my brushes with the masking fluid because it dries so quickly and messes up the brushes. I think using the wide pen nib worked quite well.

When the masking fluid dried, I used a new brush of mine (seen pictured below) which you can fill with liquid and then paint with. This brush uses natural fibres (I have several brushes like this that use synthetic fibres). One thing I learned about this brush – I cannot store it with water in it, or put the lid back on with the bristles wet! It will start growing mold! Oops!

Anyway, once I’d wet the paper, I then took my size 11 brush and put washes of colour over to make the gradient.

Once the watercolour was dry, I took white acrylic paint and my stiff bristled brush and sprayed on stars, then went along with my fine tipped brush and added in some larger stars and star bursts.

Peeling this stuff off is so satisfying…

And you end up with this little ball of rubbery stuff, and hopefully a lovely white background. It was interesting to see that even though I thought I’d covered everything fairly well with the masking fluid, that there were gaps still.

But that’s easily cleaned up in something like Photoshop, using the lasso tool and content-aware delete.