Jellyfish pink

Another jellyfish, this one entirely with FW liquid acrylic. I bought a magenta and a pearlescent pink to try out these acrylics (which are cheaper than the Liquitex inks). It seemed to work okay, but I think for the regular colours I prefer the Liquitex, but for the pearlescent colours the FW liquid acrylics are …


Jellyfish blue

Using Liquitex ink, FW liquid acrylic, and plenty of water, I played with making some jellyfish. 300gsm watercolour paper. The finished piece, photographed on my phone. There’s a shimmer, using the FW pearlescent ink, which doesn’t scan well but can be photographed at certain angles, and is quite pretty in real life. Here is the …


Butterfly in Orange

This one I didn’t take any progress shots of, but it’s interesting to see the difference between a photo on my camera… And the scan… Which changed the colours quite dramatically. It’s definitely more orange than yellow, but the scanner really blew out the colours. Done with liquitex ink and india ink.