Ink fish

I’m a bit behind in posting pictures. I did this fish with just blue ink and water. I was experimenting with doing panels that weren’t touching, letting them completely dry, then filling in the panels in between so I could get everything touching.  Started with a sketch on 300gsm watercolour paper.  Filled out the body …


Ink butterfly

I quite enjoyed doing the seahorse, and I was in Warehouse Stationery looking for more ink colours when I saw the different pouring mediums and various bits for mixing with paints (I don’t pretend to know what any of these are!). I bought two – Liquitex pouring medium, and Atelier clear painting medium.  I experimented …


Seahorse in ink

Yesterday I was at a loose end at Sylvia Park. I should never be allowed near art supplies stores unsupervised lol.  I picked up two pots of Liquitex ink – dioxazine purple and iridescent bright silver. I then went home and tried some wet on wet techniques.  I found that the silver was lumpy and …


Interlocking feathers

I did this one a while ago but apparently forgot to post about it! These are coloured according to our three RP characters, which can be found in other artworks on this site.  Green for Ellie, yellow for Crowley, blue for Aziraphale.