Pyjama Cuddles

This was meant to be a sketch and then it got out of hand. Except I didn’t tidy up the lines… Made with Mischief and Wacom Cintiq. Ellie with bunny PJs and Azi with duckling PJs. This is entirely Sam’s fault.

Cheshire Cat

Another prompt by Sam. I think I was pretty well in need of a break by this time because meh. I may attempt this prompt again some other time. Made with Mischief and Wacom Cintiq. No real reference image used.


Sam prompted jellyfish, so have a jellyfish. Made with Mischief and Wacom Cintiq, reference image used. Video of process:


Kaytara requested rats. So have some rats. 🙂 Reference image used. Made with Mischief and Wacom Cintiq. Video of drawing process here: YouTube link may not work as it’s stuck on processing the video.  

Cuddly Kittens

Some more art from me because I can. Cuddly kittens, using this as a reference image. Made with Mischief and Wacom Cintiq. Video below:

He smiled like a snake

So this came from a quote from Good Omens by Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman, where Crowley (one of the main characters, a demon, and the serpent of Eden) “smiled like a snake”. Now, snake smiles are hilarious things, and not at all sinister, as you can see here. Reference image used. I wasn’t feeling …



And since I did some fluffy bunnies I had to do something else cute so here, have some ducklings. Made with Mischief and Wacom Cintiq. Reference image used.


And then I decided to do something a little more serious. BUNNIES. CUTE BUNNIES. Reference image. Wacom Cintiq and Mischief.