Badass Ellie

Wanted to draw my Elisheva in a more badass position. Not sure how well I managed. Once again tried colouring using Mischief and failed, I think. Must figure out how to use that program properly. Made with Mischief & Wacom Intuos 5.

Lipstick attack

More fluff. I have a good excuse (kinda) for this one, though, as it’s a scene from some fluffy RP. Yeah, that’s not really an excuse, is it? Azi & Ellie being stupid, adorable dorks. Outline in Mischief, colouring in Photoshop. Wacom Intuos 5. Close up:

Sad Ellie

Not sad for any particular reason. I did have this as a whole body sketch with background, and it was called “Seaside” but the anatomy went all wrong so I cut it down to just portrait. Original sketch:

Embrace Your Demons

Title courtesty of Sam haha. I had to draw these three doing WING CUDDLES. Because WINGS. I have no other excuse for this gratuitous fluff. Made with Mischief & Wacom Intuos 5. Closeups:


Once again, this is Sam’s fault. She suggested that Ellie had some Build-A-Bears back at her place that are Aziraphale and Crowley and she cuddles them when she gets home. Haha. Oh dear. Fluff. —– And a quick drabble to go with the picture… —- Ellie had walked past the store quite a few times, …


Sketch: Spaghetti Silliness

Sam and I were having discussions about possible threads for Azi/Ellie, and we thought about them cooking spaghetti together, and then the scene from Lady and the Tramp somehow slipped in there and, well, I had to draw it. So this is all Sam’s fault.