Blast from the Past

An illustration to go with this RP thread on Sanctuary Averra. Crowley belongs to Launchy. Ellie belongs to me. PaintTool SAI for the smooth outlines, Photoshop for everything else. Wacom Intuos 5. Some close-ups at full resolution:  

Ellie freshly Fallen

Freshly Fallen and wandering around Hell. Just a quick sketch. Technically she should be covered in blood splatter, and I may fix that at a later date, but for now this is it. Elisheva is my RP character on Sanctuary Averra roleplay group. Done in Photoshop CS5 for PC and Wacom Intuos 5.

Birdie Omens

Bird Good Omens? I don’t even know. Aziraphale the snowy owl is not amused. Crowley the magpie is at least seeing the funny side of things. (I actually drew this Dec 22nd but forgot to upload it here. Oops.)