Elisheva (Ellie) – Sanctuary Averra

I decided to use the character I’d created in my NaNoWriMo novel for an RP group called Sanctuary Averra. This picture happened. Turns out my little MacBook Air does not cope when Photoshop files start getting over 500MB in size. Hah. Formatted hard drive and reinstalled whole operating system today to improve performance… just because …


D&D Dragon 2

I made another one because apparently I can’t stop now. She’s actually smaller than the last one. The mini D20 fits in that little loop there. Need to find a way of making better wings. I have some ideas, will try them out with the next one.

D&D Dragon

I’ve never worked with modelling clay before but I found some cheap stuff at the $2 Shop (Craft Workshop Make and Bake Modelling Material) so I thought I’d give it a go. Based on this design by Dragons and Beasties on DeviantART because when learning to use a new material / medium, I find copying …


With This Ring

A sketchy fan art of some Good Omens fan fiction. Based on “With This Ring” by Daegaer, a fic I find absolutely hilarious. You should read it. The description is as follows: Over on CA someone asked for suggestions on how Aziraphale and Crowley would go about getting married. Sheesh. They wouldn’t, you know. And …