Request: CosmicRose1

Request for CosmicRose1 based on this picture and without the moustache (she said I could choose whether to include it lol). Made with Mischief and Wacom Intuos 5. Approximately 1 hour.

Request: Steve & Mitsuru

A while ago SteveAnime asked me if I would draw his OC (Steve) with Mitsuru from Persona 3. At the time I wasn’t taking requests. But I was staring at my art program today and thought “why not?” – so here you go, Steve. Made with Mischief (a really awesome drawing program), and Wacom Intuos 5


Whenever I read a certain sentence in Irisbleufic’s story Crown of Thorns (Good Omens fanfiction), I get this mental image. From Chapter 10: The Beach Botanist’s Survival Guide, Uriel says to Raphael, “Your hair looks great on fire, and I should know.” 😉

Girl 003

After failing at drawing using MyPaint, I got out the good old ArtRage 4 again and sighed in relief because YES I CAN STILL PAINT. Except that I failed at the whole resolution thing, because I didn’t make the image large enough and then I ran out of zoom, and the final image ended up …


NaNo Day 8 – baby

I may come back and colour this one, but I’m three days behind with the illustrations so I’m just gonna hammer out the next three first and then think about revisiting others later. Baby Anna. Made with Mischief & Wacom Intuos 5.

NaNo Day 7 – Ellie

This one was just a sketch initially, and I revisited it today to colour it. Does that mean I can use it for two of the days? Hmmm… 😀 Made with Mischief & Wacom Intuos 5. Elisheva looking in the mirror. It goes with this excerpt: A public bathroom, presently empty, but containing the thing …


NaNo Day 4 – bottle

Probably my least favourite illustration so far. This belongs to a part of the story where two characters are getting drunk together (as they are wont to do on a regular basis). In My Paintbrush Pro for Mac with Wacom Bamboo again.

NaNo Day 3 – feather

Ok, I got a bit behind in posting these here. Oops. Day 3’s picture (or as I’m calling them now, Illustration 3) was just a simple blood-soaked feather. Done in My Paintbrush Pro for Mac with the Wacom Bamboo (I think, yeah, pretty sure I used the Bamboo).

NaNo Day 1 – Anna

I’m doing NaNoWriMo this month, and I thought it would be a good idea to do an illustration every day based on something I had written that day. This is Anna (Anahera), one of the main characters in my NaNoWriMo 2013 story. She’s playing the guitar in a bar. Made with Mischief and Wacom Intuos …