Happy Halloween

A quick scribble I chucked together because I don’t have the time / energy for something more involved. Don’t even have energy for basic shading, sorry. Crowley enjoys Halloween because he can go out and not have to disguise his eyes, and he gets to cause untold amounts of mischief while kids are trick or …


Demon & Angel

Yeah, Crowley and Aziraphale again. Because these two dorks are in my brain at the moment. Trying out an over-the-shoulder look, though I still seem to have trouble with positioning of the eyes so that they look like they’re looking at the ‘camera’. Once again, Mischief is my friend. Definitely buying this program. Omg, I …


Swan Song

I was re-reading Swan Song by Jane Potter over on AO3 and really wanted to draw the heart-breaking scene where Aziraphale has to run Crowley through with his sword. Sketchy drawing and made-up impractical armour (and bare feet? Yeah, bare feet. My drawing ability fails completely at footwear.) Made with Mischief and Wacom Intuos 5. Tumblr post …



Apparently I’m in an artistic mood today? Here, have a sketch of Crowley right after the Fall. Done in Mischief, finished in Adobe Photoshop (because Mischief doesn’t have proper transformation tools and I’d made his head too small), with Wacom Intuos 5.

What you reading, Angel?

My first attempt at a comic strip, and my second time using Mischief. I thought this program would be good for things like this because I don’t have to worry about how long the strip gets. Crowley sneaks up on Aziraphale while he’s reading and snatches his book.  (Characters from Good Omens, a book by Terry …


Girl: Messing with Mischief

Just messing around with Mischief, a new drawing program I’m using the trial version of right now. But I’m really liking it and I think I may buy it when the trial expires. Endless zoom FOR THE WIN! Detail of eyes on the tumblr post for this picture. Or below for those viewing this on my …


Jody in a Flower Crown

This is for facingthenorthwind from Tumblr. Yep, she has four-leafed clovers in her flower crown. (Jody/Runner 4 from Zombies, Run!) Ugh, did this on FireAlpaca on the Mac, which crashed several times, undoing work I thought I’d saved. I’m sure this program was much more stable when I used it on the PC.

Gaby WIP

My current WIP. I need to take a break because my chest hurts because I’m coughing too much. Ugh, being sick sucks big time. More practice doing poses and faces etc without actual references. She doesn’t look too twisted, so doing ok I think. Gaby Montegreau is the captain of the Pearl Star. She is …



I don’t know where I was going with this picture. It was an exercise in getting a profile right without references, and then I was like “how do you draw hair?!” I may revisit this at some later date and try to fix it, or more likely I’ll just start again. Perhaps I should make …


Boy Blue (Fables)

This one was the request from ixris for Boy Blue from Fables. Google was not very helpful, so my references for the outfit are loosely based on the bottom picture here dc.wikia.com/wiki/Boy_Blue_(Fa… and whatever else Google threw up. Mostly, I guess, it’s my interpretation since I know nothing about this character.  Hope I didn’t mess it up too badly. …



This was meant to be an outline that I then coloured in, and it turned into a black-and-white drawing instead. Oh well. Parla, heavy use of a reference image I never kept the source of. PaintTool SAI + Wacom Intuos 5.

Two Consenting Cycle Repairmen

Um. Yeah. So this happened. Really basic shading only. PaintTool SAI + Wacom Intuos 5. Aziraphale and Crowley from Good Omens (by Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman) I wasn’t even sure it warranted the ‘mature’ tag but I guess they are technically naked, even though you can’t see anything important, so yeah. Please reblog on …



I’m trying to get Mana (and her sister Parla) from my story right. I drew her and Rahmen a while ago, and I used a reference photo where the girl was Asian. So, because I relied too heavily on the reference image, Mana turned out looking Asian. I decided I liked it, and since then …


Jody & Simon

(Runners 4 and 3) from Zombies, Run! Quick sketch in a program I installed the other day called FireAlpaca, which seems like a neat little free program for drawing. Pose reference from Senshi Stock on DeviantART. Wacom Intuos 5 + FireAlpaca on PC.

Why Demons’ Wings Are So Well Groomed

Messed around with this some more and got to the point where I have decided I’m not doing more on it. Even though Crowley’s head shape still bugs me. Slashy Aziraphale/Crowley from Good Omens (by Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman). MyPaint + Wacom Intuos 5 Please reblog on Tumblr from this link here Retweetable here

Quiet Time

This was my Zombies Run Art Exchange fill for Novena, who requested some Sam/Five. Chillin’ out together after a particularly harrowing run, perhaps?

Sharing a Bottle

My entry for this contest. Creating something from one of my favourite a/c scenes in the book (Good Omens). Sharing a bottle after the not-apocalypse. Aziraphale and Crowley and text belong to Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman. Done with ArtRage 4 + Wacom Intuos 3