Thank You!

After some runs, this is what I want to do. Just give Sam a big hug and say, “Thank you for getting me back safely!” Um… I don’t know why both look so sad. Maybe it’s after S1M9? Or S2M4? 😀 Also, light source? What is light source? Oh man I really need to work …



I am apparently only able to draw these two right now. Just a sketchy-type drawing that I may do something more with someday, but maybe not. FRECKLES! Jack and Eugene. Again. (Zombies, Run!) Yes, Eugene is missing a leg.

He Ain’t Heavy

Spent the whole day backing up, wiping and then reinstalling everything on my computer. This has fixed my tablet problem, so I had to celebrate by drawing two of my favourite people. Jack carries Eugene. Tried to make Eugene’s foot look swollen, I think I could have done it more. And I’m sure Jack should …



This is for the Jack/Bella tag over on Tumblr, and seriously, this is as far as I’m willing to ship these two lol. My brain can’t handle Bella/Jack as anything more than buddies.So a scene from Season 2 Side-mission 2 where Beatrix refers to Jack and Bella as “lovebirds”. Runner Five’s expression here… was pretty …


If Del were Runner 5

“If Del were Runner 5”My friend Del was over today and I got her hooked on Zombies, Run! Then we discovered that her Android OS wouldn’t upgrade past Gingerbread, so she can’t get it installed. We were sad. But when I played her the mission where Runner Five meets Ed and Molly, and Ed handed …


Archie, TMI

During Season 2, Mission 6 (All Together Now) of Zombies, Run! Archie introduces Pieter to Runner 5 (you) and Runner 3 (Simon Lauchlan). She’s such a matter-of-fact person, and has a big case of verbal diarrhea, so you often end up hearing things you don’t really need to know. Like this little gem. Thanks, Archie. …


Meet Cute (completed)

Completed picture. Eugene stumbles over Jack in the woods, threatens him with a length of steel pipe, before realising that he isn’t a zombie. Follow the line, “Come with me if you want to live.” 😀 As usual I totally copped out on the background. Yes, it’s meant to be a forest. It’s a one-tree …


WIP: Meet Cute – Jack and Eugene

Jack and Eugene (from Zombies, Run!) tell the story of how they meet. Eugene stumbles over Jack, sleeping in the woods after wandering away from a rave, and nearly beats his head in with a lead pipe (I think that was canon? I need to listen to this again). Following this scene is the legendary …


Radio Boyfriends

Oh wow, I’ve finally caught up on the backlog of stuff I haven’t posted on here yet. Woops! 😀 So this one is titled Radio Boyfriends, because Zombies, Run! Jack and Eugene! Oh my goodness they’re just too damn cute together, and they completely fall apart when they’re separated, so THEY MUST NEVER BE SEPARATED …


Leap (Completed)

This is the final picture. I put two slightly different versions of this on Tumblr and asked for opinions, this is the one that got the unanimous vote for better (the other had a drop shadow added in Photoshop). See previous picture for scene description. Zombies, Run! Season 2, Mission 1. Runner 5. Zombies. ArtRage …


WIP: Leap

This is a scene from Season 2, Mission 1 of Zombies, Run! It is meant to be where Runner Five has to jump off a gantry that reaches almost the whole way between two buildings, barring a six-foot gap. Sketched out in ArtRage 4, references used for all the people. Because anatomy is hard.

Contest Prize: SavyIrie

I had some overdue contest prizes that I thought I should get out of the way. I’m not posting the other one here because… well… what they asked me to draw was just not something I even want to associate with me. It’ll be going to scraps on dA in a month or so. But …