A Voice in the Dark

A scene from right after Mission 9: A Voice in the Dark (Zombies, Run!) Done in ArtRage 4. Only references used were for the shoes. OMG I am so using pose references next time. There is so much wrong with this anatomy I can’t even… But hey, it was an interesting experiement. I normally use …


No, you’re mistaken, this is my sweater…

Runner 5 may or may not have stolen a certain radio controller’s orange sweater. Do you think he’ll notice? Good luck getting it back, Sam. Done in ArtRage 4, border and drop shadow in Photoshop. Wacom Bamboo. Photo of me (taken by me – self-timer how I love you) as reference.

I am Runner 5

I say “I am Runner 5” rather than just “Runner 5” because everyone who plays Zombies, Run! is Runner 5, so he/she looks different for everyone. This is about as close to me as I could get, braid and all. Except that I don’t actually run with a backpack (and if I do it’s my …


WIP: Priya Golaniecki

Work In Progress: Priya Golaniecki, a character from my story. The jaguar is mostly done now, background to come, then touch-ups. Using ArtRage 4 and my Wacom Bamboo on a MacBook Air.