I did this just because I could. I have made the sketch as the featured image because I prefer it over the version I block coloured. Tried a new colouring technique with a limited palette and just using solid colours and… I’m not sure. I think it lost some of its flow in the coloured …


Cheshire Cat

Another prompt by Sam. I think I was pretty well in need of a break by this time because meh. I may attempt this prompt again some other time. Made with Mischief and Wacom Cintiq. No real reference image used.


Sam prompted jellyfish, so have a jellyfish. Made with Mischief and Wacom Cintiq, reference image used. Video of process:


Kaytara requested rats. So have some rats. 🙂 Reference image used. Made with Mischief and Wacom Cintiq. Video of drawing process here: YouTube link may not work as it’s stuck on processing the video.  

Cuddly Kittens

Some more art from me because I can. Cuddly kittens, using this as a reference image. Made with Mischief and Wacom Cintiq. Video below:

He smiled like a snake

So this came from a quote from Good Omens by Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman, where Crowley (one of the main characters, a demon, and the serpent of Eden) “smiled like a snake”. Now, snake smiles are hilarious things, and not at all sinister, as you can see here. Reference image used. I wasn’t feeling …



And since I did some fluffy bunnies I had to do something else cute so here, have some ducklings. Made with Mischief and Wacom Cintiq. Reference image used.


And then I decided to do something a little more serious. BUNNIES. CUTE BUNNIES. Reference image. Wacom Cintiq and Mischief.

Modern Mythology

I came across this competition by ~miayan a while ago and nothing immediately jumped out at me. When the reminder came that it was just over a week left, I looked at it again and and image started forming in my head. Here are the work-in-progress shots: WIP 1 WIP 2 WIP 3 WIP 4 …


Character Contest: Sora

I decided to join this character contest by Griffin-Kitten on deviantART for the character Sora –> [link] . I liked the look of the cat, and thought it would be fun to draw. Trawled Google for pose references for a stalking cat, because I wanted to have a fun pose. Done in Photoshop CS6 for …


Character Competition: Cat

I came across this contest and it tickled my fancy. Contest by/for Mspugluver Brief: Large cat (this is based on a bobcat reference image) Headphones or earbuds (cat has earbuds with an iPod lol) Interesting, creative, but not too difficult design (I mixed this with a later specification about art) Something glowing (earrings – though …


WIP: Rhya

This is a character from a story from years and years ago – a dragon character. Just the other day I tried finding the story again, and I found the book it had been written in… But it’s one of those books with perforated pages, and the story had been removed at some point and …



Image created in MyPaint, except I kinda copped out on the background. I was going to do something really detailed and had taken some screenshots in some pretty places in World of Warcraft as inspiration, but when I saw the detail I just… couldn’t be bothered lol. So I made some swirly patterns on a …


Welcome to Dragonslair Blog

Hello and welcome to the blog. This is more of a gallery than a blog, really. I will be posting artwork here. All art will be watermarked with the logo found in this post (or variation thereof), and I do not give permission for my art to be used anywhere for any purpose. A link …