Vector: Janey

Reference photograph taken by me, subject is Janey my little sister. She was helping me out with a photography assignment and this shot was actually taken by accident, while I was fiddling with camera settings to get the lighting right. It ended up one of the better photographs, so I wanted to turn it into …


Vector: Elven Magic

Used a picture of my friend Lily as a reference for this – photograph taken by me. She was wearing one of my dresses: a pale pink strapless. We were doing photo shoots for my photography assignments, and Lily was a willing subject. 🙂 In the photo she was holding a lit candle in her …


Vector: Steph

My sister Steph. Photograph taken by my friend Damelza at my wedding – Steph was my matron of honour. Used the photo as a reference and created the image in Inkscape. This was probably my third vector portrait.

Vector: Tiggr

My friend Jane. The photograph that I used as a reference was taken by me at a dancing event. Image created in Inkscape. This was my very first vector portrait, and the colours went through three different ‘generations’. My original was quite dark, making Jane look really brown. I then changed it to more realistic …


Vector: Sultry

I used a picture of my friend, looking all sultry, as a reference for this image. Created in Inkscape, an open-source vector image program. This is one of my earlier images.