Cats on a fence

I looked online to find some examples of cats, and then altered the pictures I found slightly. I made the tails fluffier, and added the eyes, and the ears bigger. I used a ruler for the fence, and I think I free-handed the moon. Once I’d sketched (and then rubbed off most the of the …


Using masking fluid: Wolves

After New Years away, we got back in town on the 3rd, and on the 4th I picked up the paintbrush and the masking fluid again with a new idea. Wolves! I just looked at various silhouette pictures from a Google search to get the pose and proportions right for the adult wolf, then winged …


Using masking fluid: Reindeer

This was actually done on my birthday, 29th December 2016. Hence the signature still has 2016 in it, the last one signed this way. I was looking up some tutorials for watercolour on YouTube and I came across the following two videos. In this first one I liked the look of the gradient with the …


Purple and green turtle in ink

This one was a bit of an experiment. I have a ring from DragonCon that’s a mix of purple and green, and it matches my Dungeons and Dragons dice. How anyone who is a Terry Pratchett fan also knows that the colour of magic is described as a greenish purple, and that the Discworld floats …


Green turtle in ink

Liquitex ink, FW pearlescent liquid acrylic on 300gsm watercolour paper. The shell was done in turquoise, and then I did a wash of green over the body before doing the painstaking work of painting in each little circle… I had to fill in piece by piece, starting with non-adjacent circles, and then coming back to …


Pukeko in ink

I did this for a Christmas present. It was a little rushed, and I’m not entirely happy with how it turned out. It definitely looked different in my head! I started with the pencil sketch on 300gsm watercolour paper. Quite frankly, I think it looked best like this. From here on in it went downhill. …


Jellyfish pink

Another jellyfish, this one entirely with FW liquid acrylic. I bought a magenta and a pearlescent pink to try out these acrylics (which are cheaper than the Liquitex inks). It seemed to work okay, but I think for the regular colours I prefer the Liquitex, but for the pearlescent colours the FW liquid acrylics are …


Jellyfish blue

Using Liquitex ink, FW liquid acrylic, and plenty of water, I played with making some jellyfish. 300gsm watercolour paper. The finished piece, photographed on my phone. There’s a shimmer, using the FW pearlescent ink, which doesn’t scan well but can be photographed at certain angles, and is quite pretty in real life. Here is the …


Butterfly in Orange

This one I didn’t take any progress shots of, but it’s interesting to see the difference between a photo on my camera… And the scan… Which changed the colours quite dramatically. It’s definitely more orange than yellow, but the scanner really blew out the colours. Done with liquitex ink and india ink.

Ink fish

I’m a bit behind in posting pictures. I did this fish with just blue ink and water. I was experimenting with doing panels that weren’t touching, letting them completely dry, then filling in the panels in between so I could get everything touching.  Started with a sketch on 300gsm watercolour paper.  Filled out the body …


Ink butterfly

I quite enjoyed doing the seahorse, and I was in Warehouse Stationery looking for more ink colours when I saw the different pouring mediums and various bits for mixing with paints (I don’t pretend to know what any of these are!). I bought two – Liquitex pouring medium, and Atelier clear painting medium.  I experimented …


Seahorse in ink

Yesterday I was at a loose end at Sylvia Park. I should never be allowed near art supplies stores unsupervised lol.  I picked up two pots of Liquitex ink – dioxazine purple and iridescent bright silver. I then went home and tried some wet on wet techniques.  I found that the silver was lumpy and …


Interlocking feathers

I did this one a while ago but apparently forgot to post about it! These are coloured according to our three RP characters, which can be found in other artworks on this site.  Green for Ellie, yellow for Crowley, blue for Aziraphale. 


Using a wet-on-wet technique, I had some fun with these mermaids. I would paint a section (like the tail) with just water to wet the paper, being careful about my outline. Then I would load up my brush with plenty of wet pigment and touch the edges of the wet area. The ink spreads out …



I was looking to do something different, and something other than just circles. Superheroes! And of course Superman came to mind. I drew the outline of the logo, and wondered how I was going to do this. I wanted to have the right colours, and at first I considered just doing the red bit… but …


Galaxies and other stuff

Tonight’s efforts include some galaxies and the start of a galaxy Pokémon teams set. I hope. This time done using 300gsm TAD watercolour paper. Still a little bit of curling. I’ve tried soaking and stretching one bit, waiting for that to dry, but I need to get some gummed paper tape because the masking tape …



I did this just because I could. I have made the sketch as the featured image because I prefer it over the version I block coloured. Tried a new colouring technique with a limited palette and just using solid colours and… I’m not sure. I think it lost some of its flow in the coloured …


WIP: Heartbroken

Another scribbly one that will probably be cleaned up at some point, but you get the idea. Azi discovers the two demons and is… somewhat heartbroken. From the start of It Hits the Fan.

WIP: Candlelit Dinner

A series of pictures incoming with excerpts from our RP, which we realise was dumped in rather long chunks. (this is the least finished of the pictures, and I may update it if I get around to finishing it, but I’ve run out of steam for now). Ellie and Azi go on a lovely romantic …


New Rising Comic – a start

Nearly forgot about this! The first post of New Rising Comic, and the related banner. I still haven’t made any more strips, but there are some planned out in a Mischief document. Made with Mischief and Clip Studio Paint (because I needed to show a friend how to use the program, but I’d never used …


Wings of angels and demons

“Contrary to popular belief, the wings of demons are the same as the wings of angels, although they’re often better groomed.” – Good Omens by Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman. Made with Mischief and Wacom Cintiq.

Ellie hair styles

I watched the first part of a tutorial on how to draw cartoon hair styles for women, and then decided to try it out myself. Of course Ellie ended up being the model. Detailed shots below:

Little Notes

From the end of this thread (It Hits the Fan) on Sanctuary Averra, the notes that Ellie leaves for the other three as she scarpers off back to Hell to lick her metaphorical wounds. Quickly thrown together in Mischief.